La Mujer del Vendaval #118

Marriage isn’t supposed to be a synonym of slavery. Who didn’t get the memo?

Emiliano explains to Al that he can’t stop seeing Marcela, he’s her eye doctor and she’s got a serious eye condition he’s gotta keep his eyes on.
Al explains to Emiliano that he’s running Marcela’s life for her now and Emiliano can’t be her friend anymore and any medical related visits wil have to be approved and supervised by Al from now on.

Emil tells Al that’s way out of line and not the behaviour of a rational man or a friend.

Al doesn’t care, byee.


Alba wimps out of telling Amadeo how she feels.


Emiliano goes and rants to Val about Al being a giant meanie. Guess whose side Val is on. To be fair though, she is right about Emiliano being in denial about being in love with Marcela. Emiliano admits it, but Val doesn’t want him to stop seeing Marcela, oh no, she’ll help them meet behind Al’s back. Cause she’s a pal like that.


Al informs Marcela he’ gonna be takin her to her eye appointments from now on. He also makes it sound like that Emiliano said its Marcela’s fault her eyes are getting worse because she’s got a short fuse and she’s always stressing over stuff, which I’m pretty sure was the opposite of what Emiliano was trying to tell Al, but whatever dude.

Al says something about her eyes being pretty and Marcela is touched, but Al shuts her out and thinks something rotten about her treachery to himself just to be a jerk.

The Municipal Mansion of Delusions

Timo’s planning to propose to Oct at some big to do. Maybe ML’s presentation?

Anyway Eulogio tries to get Timo to choose July instead, after all she’s only dating that other guy cause Timo hurt her feelings, but Timo thinks July isn’t good enough to be the wife of the mayor, plus Oct has money and contacts and can open a lot of doors for him.


ML shows up in Oct’s office to meet about the upcoming party thing and hand over the documents. Oh also Marcela and Al are coming since ML is doing all this just to get Al’s attention. He’ll surely notice her now, right? And realize he should lover instead? Right? Right? Oct humours her and finally gets her out of the office so she can inspect the documents in peace.

Oct calls Val and invites her and Emiliano to the party tomorrow. Val knows Al and Marcela will be there. Emiliano does not. Val sells the idea to Emiliano as maybe Oct will distract him from Marcela.

ML goes shopping and puts some flashy stuff on layaway for her room

What is this?

Luc tries to give Inez a converting Mauro back to straightness pep talk.

ML interrupts Luc and Inez to greet the man she hopes to make her father in law – Guess what, Oct invited me here and is sponsoring the release of my new calendar, cause I’m important not some nobody like my cousin. Luc is not happy to hear the news or to see ML again. Oct comes to explain and Luc takes her to his office because he doesn’t want to yell at her in public. (he’s never had a problem yelling at people in public before though. )

In his office Oct tells him she’s a partner so she can organize an event if she wants to, plus she even let him know about this ahead of time, so she’s not canceling now. She organized the whole thing because Al asked her to do this and he and his wife will be at the event, so maybe Luc should stay away to avoid a scene and Oct swans out smugly.

Secret Agent Ilse

Ilse calls Roman and updates him re the efforts to liberate Linda. Roman thanks his mom for doing all this for him. She says don’t thank me yet, Linda’s still too scared to leave. Roman has an idea, he’ll dictate a letter to his mom for Linda, tell her every word came from his heart, and then if she still doesn’t want to run away to him then he’ll understand. He’s grateful for all his mom is doing for him and sorry they haven’t gotten along.

The Love Parallelogram

Alba gets home the worse for wear, and Sagrario asks about her torn dress and messed up hair, then Rosa comes in and asks too and tell everyone that btw that hot lawyer called for Alba. Sagrario wants to know why Cris is calling for Alba and Alba says she doesn’t know, probably he really wanted Al. Rosa blows that cover story, saying if he wanted Al he’d have asked for him, but he asked for you-ou.

Selma calls says she wants to come by and see Alba.

Alba can’t handle any more after the day she’s been having and goes away from them all. She’s still wearing that torn pink dress when she swears off men and Cris calls a second later. She asks him not to come to San BP but he’s just gotta look her in the eyes to see if she’s really in love with Amadeo.

Nuria and Silvana talk marriages and their ends.

Nuria appreciates Sil trying to keep Cris around, but its not working and Nuria thinks its about time she gave up on saving her marriage anyway. Sil gives a pep talk so Nuria will stop crying.

Sil takes Nuria to her favorite orphanage to see some abandoned kids. Sil’s a big donor to this place says the very cute orphan director who is very pleased to meet Miss Nuria.

Mayor’s Office, Where No Work Gets Done.

Eulogio tries to talk July out of continuing on with their plans, its really not working he thinks, but can’t /won’t give any specifics so July just thinks he’s wimping out. Timo bellows from his office for July to tell her he’s going out of town this weekend. July says she’s got plans too, with her noovioo and flounces out. Timo bellows for Eulogio and assigns him to tail July on her date this weekend and find out who the guy is. Sure thing boss

Double Entendre Time

ML gets Oct to authorize charging her fripperies to the room account. She really appreciates all that Oct is doing for her, that’s why she’s staying as silent as a tomb. A tomb, says Oct darkly, I certainly hope so.

He’s angry and everybody’s gotta know it

Inez tries to calm Luc down. Of course it doesn’t work and she has to listen to a big rant about how Luc hates Marcela and then she gets roped into Luc’s cunning plan, she’s gotta call all of Al’s exes who are still alive and makes sure they attend the presentation.

Luc interrupts Nuria and Silvana talking about the orphans to yell some more about the presentation, Oct’s colossal nerve, that chick who thinks she’s a model, and Marcela and Al. Something must be done!

Lurve Match

Alba has changed out of the torn dress by the time Selma comes to visit and asks Alba to help her to convince Amadeo to marry her, Selma.  Cause of how Alba is such a good friend to Amadeo and was all sticking up for Selma in the bakery with all those other girls and all.

Marcela and Al visit Mateo in prison.

Mateo is grateful Al is there to look after the womenfolks and the ranch.

Marcela tentatively mentions that Al wants to make some changes to the ranch. Mateo makes a 180 turn from all the other times they’ve discussed this and tells Marcela Als’ a smart guy with good ideas and she needs to go ahead and rely on his brains and let him take over. Marcela looks at them like now she doesn’t know who to trust.

As they leave Mateo sends his good luck wishes for ML’s presentation even though he knows she never liked him.

There is your gold, worse poison to men’s (and women’s) souls

Oct buys a sleep aid from an apothecary that is very dangerous if you use anything more than one single drop! And if you mix it with alcohol it could be fatal!

(Anyone willing to offer odds on how much longer Maria Laura will be alive?)

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2 years ago

Gracias, stealth! It’s amazing how much happened in this episode, but we still didn’t get to the party.

Word on Luc’s sudden reluctance to yell at people in public.

Sounds like the drops Oct got should take care of her ML problem. Or get the wrong person.

Al…I just can’t even with Al.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I’m starting to think that party is never gonna happen.

I think it’s time to change Al for Alessandro to A for ass. I’m so done with him. But I’m a little disappointed in Mateo. He was supposed to be the hard line guy on Marcela’s side and recognize that there’s something wrong with Al

2 years ago

I’m going with possession. Or he’s been replaced by a robot. He was fine one second and then something came over his eyes and suddenly it’s all “Al knows what he’s doing.”