Entre Dos Amores Friday 12/14/18 #38

Duygu teases Onur about staring at Pelin and Macit. Pelin faux-consoles Macit–once he’s lost his last name, Neriman won’t want him anymore.

Sinasi gets home and finds his mom and sisters having an impromptu party. They’ve got snacks and crochet hats and scarves they’re putting on each other while they laugh.

It’s a lovely morning in the Macit-Neriman bubble this morning. She smiles at the view out her window. He sends her a good morning text. She sends him one.

Sinasi finally tells his mom he’s quitting school. She had just been sitting there, unable to see well enough to thread a needle. What the hell does he think she’s been going blind for? She puts a pin in his hand and says if he doesn’t come home with a diploma she’ll pull out her own eyes and put them in his hand.

Fahriye’s over at Neriman’s early, or at least I’m assuming Gulter was being sarcastic with “We were expecting you earlier–we were going to wait for you and do morning prayers together.” She runs upstairs, chants “Macit! Macit! Macit!” and they hug and giggle.

Macit comes downstairs as his dad is leaving. Inci wants to know where he was last night…and Neriman didn’t make it to the studio so she assumes they were together. She begs him to make up with his dad, but he’s got that intense “Not happening, mom” look on his face.

Neriman is finally willing to admit she gets all melty when she sees Macit. Fahriye’s thrilled/relieved.

Selim’s not answering calls and no one knows where he is. Pelin brags about Kerim threatening to take everything from Macit if he doesn’t stop seeing Neriman. If the two of them want to be together, they’ll be poor.

Neriman explains that she was so worried about hurting Sinasi, but when she saw him with Rüya and he looked happy…. And Macit sent Fahriye a message “That wasn’t all.”

Aha, so there are going to be a lot more days like yesterday! Anyway, it’s time for Neriman to go to the studio–

Um, nope. Because she got home late and her dad said she can’t go back.

Fahriye drags Neriman downstairs, calling out for Tio Faiz. She starts with “That’s enough Tio Faiz!”

The doorbell rings.

“How is she going to have an other opportunity like this in the future?”

The doorbell rings again. Annnnd it’s Selim. There’s poetry:

Water can’t look at itself.
The rose doesn’t get drunk off its own scent.
Oceans can’t drown themselves.
Pain doesn’t end itself.
You should never get used to cleaning the worms off an old grave.
The balance measures time based on force.
When you’ve constructed your life on lies, water evaporates, the oceans go dry, and the past corrodes you.
That’s how fate is.

He asks if he can come in, asks if he can speak to his sister’s daughter. Faiz leaves, but Gulter has to pry Fahriye away. All three of them listen in as Selim explains that he wants to give Neriman all the properties that he and his sister inherited, that Faiz wouldn’t take when Selim offered them before.

Sure. Neriman’s cool with that. She wants everything that was taken from her mother.

Selim’s sure he can call his lawyers and they can come to some arrangement.

He thinks he’s going to fill the hole in her heart with what’s in this envelope? Her mother’s loneliness, tears, pain, dignity…does he think they fit in this envelope.

“Even the walls of this house loved my mother more.”So what will he give in exchange for his cruelty. How many properties is her mother worth? Love was taken from her…but no one can give away what they don’t have. That’s why her mother forgave him.

Neriman is Nazan’s daughter and she’s never going to forget that Selim came to this house to try to pay a debt with an envelope.

Selim leaves and Neriman runs upstairs to her room.

Macit can’t get Neriman to answer her phone, so he’s skipping out on a meeting. Pelin complains to Onur that he’s off to see Neriman. He tries to make a joke–doesn’t that mean Pelin’s going too?

Dude, she did not take that well.

Macit calls and tells Neriman he’ll meet her at the studio, but she has to text him back and say she can’t make it. She and Fahriye try to sneak out, but Gulter stops them and Faiz tells Neriman she should go or she’ll be late for her painting class.

Faiz is in a really good mood. He tells Gulter he remembered that he should trust his daughter. She’s not going to make a mistake or confuse evil for good. He’s not even worried about Selim showing up again.

Macit called while Neriman was downstairs and then sent her a text saying he’d be at her door and he wouldn’t leave without her. Fahriye tells Neriman to get dressed quickly…and put on something red! “A team of Swiss scientists….” OK. Got it.

Macit stopped at that park by the water (not the one with the boats, the one where the big orange cat sleeps under the bench) and Inci calls him. He won’t tell her where he is. She tells him he’s risking his future for Neriman. She’ll be the end of him.

But here comes Neriman and it’s too late for him to give her up. He wants to take her somewhere else before they go to the studio.

And here’s Sinasi, because why would he not show up to interrupt a happy moment? Oh good, he’s walking on.

Sinasi tells Cihan about running into Neriman. Cihan is desperate for Sinasi to finish those songs so he’ll have money to take Sahika out. Sinasi’s off to the studio.

When Selim gets to the office, he finds Duygu and Feyza waiting for him. I thought he’d already told Feyza about giving Neriman her part of the inheritance, but he tells her again and Feyza flips out. Pelin will never forgive him and neither will she! And Duygu just sits there in shock. I was kind of hoping she’d contradict her mom, but oh well.

Pelin talks to Onur and then to herself about how quickly Neriman is going to run off when Macit’s not an Arcaoglu and how much he’s going to hate Neriman.

Macit and Neriman go somewhere with a nice view. He tells her he never lies in here, so he’s going to ask her to only tell the truth. Why does she keep running from him?

Neriman says she’s scared.

Macit says he’ll never abandon her and she agrees, she won’t leave him. They snuggle.

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