Entre Dos Amores Thursday 12/13/18 #37

Gulter tries to convince Zehra to calm down, but she’s upset about the neighbors gossiping again. She’s also upset that Neriman and Fahriye aren’t there and Gulter’s making excuses. She blames what happened to Asli on “too much freedom.”

Asli comes out of her bedroom and says she doesn’t want to have this baby and Zehra drops her thread in alarm.

Kader hassles Emre for “letting” himself get scratched and not hitting “her” back. He’s more worried about his court date, but she’s sure Asli will come crawling back before then. Once she starts showing, her mother will kick her out.

Zehra begs Asli not to abort. She raised Asli alone. She didn’t know she was pregnant when Asli’s dad died. They’ll raise the baby together.

I get that everyone respects Faiz, but it’s almost scary how much influence he has. He’s at the backgammon hall with Ismail, telling him to talk to his son and it’s also his business to protect his daughter in-law. Emre comes in and tells his dad they’re going to go get Asli.

“And drag her home by force?! No, son!”

Emre keeps insisting and saying his father has to go with him. He’s angry at Faiz for interfering, but Faiz just stares at him…and Ismail’s eyes keep getting bigger, like he’s panicking. He tells Emre to go back to work and nowhere else.

Neriman ran into Macit at the studio and somehow this led to her getting into his car and driving somewhere with a higher elevation where it’s snowing. I’m a sucker for snow ’cause I’ve never lived anywhere you had to shovel it. So to me this is all “Ooh romantic!”

Nobody at the company knows where Macit is. Pelin tells Sahika to find out, but aw darn. She’s not answering. Nah, she wouldn’t be with Macit–she was furious with him over last night.

And now, through the magic of snow, Neriman has a poofy knit hat, a scarf, and a coat. Macit found himself a hat too. Macit tells Neriman everything starts with this…when there’s snow…there can be an avalanche. (OK…I guess that’s…a good metaphor.)

Neriman tells Macit she’s afraid of falling. So is he. He proposes holding hands while they walk. And they can just pretend it never happened tomorrow.

Neriman passes at first and then catches up to him. (Where did she get the gloves?)

Back at the café, Rüya and Sinasi have gotten some work done. He asks her advice on forgetting someone, but she says you never forget. You just accept.

Back to the snow: And now there’s hot chocolate and a picnic table where the snow is nearly up to their butts. And Neriman and Macit are communicating by metaphor and mental telepathy. OK, yes, the now is neither the past nor the future–that part I get.

Sahika and Cihan flirt. Um, no dude, she’s not gonna put out your fire. He’ll buy her knives–it’ll hurt less.

Neriman’s not answering anyone’s calls and no one knows where she is. Faiz is angry and Gulter is worried. But Fahriye figures she’s with Macit.

Oops. I guess they didn’t head back yet. They stop to listen to some musicians playing and Macit asks Neriman to dance. (It’s Sezen Aksu, Ben Sende Tutuklu Kaldım.)

When they get back to Neriman’s street, Sinasi sees Macit dropping her off. Macit’s getting all smushy about being Neriman’s novio.

Fahriye calls while she’s still in the street and tells her not to go inside her house and her dad and Gulter are freaking out. Neriman says Fahriye’s never going to believe it–they WALKED and DANCED and there was hand-holding. Fahriye reminds Neriman she wrote this.

When Neriman gets in, she says after the studio she went out with friends. She says she’ll never do it again and Faiz tells her she’s never going back to the studio.

When Macit gets home, he finds Pelin, Onur, and Duygu waiting for him. Pelin asks where he’s been and he reminds her they’re not together anymore. He says something about being in charge of the company and what they’ll do without him.

Gulter keeps trying to get an answer out of Neriman, but she won’t say anything. Why should she if Gulter’s not going to be happy for her for having a good day? If she’d had an accident, they’d all be gathered around her feeling sorry for her, right? Gulter decides she try again tomorrow.

“Sure. I’ll be home all day.” I tried not to laugh…I really did!

With Gulter out of the room, Sahika wants all the juicy Macit gossip. Oh look, he’s calling now and Sahika won’t let her have the phone until Neriman tells her just how close they got. Again…I should feel great offense as a person of smaller stature, but I don’t. Neriman admits they danced and Sahika gives her the phone.

It’s Fahriye on the other end…heh. “Uh, why are you flirting with me? What happened with Macit?” Neriman hangs up on her and tells Sahika she’s really mean.

The phone rings again and Neriman says “We danced, Fahriye, that was all!”

Welll, Macit thought it was more than that.

Neriman explains she was answering Fahriye. And now she feels stupid.

And he feels like he’s in love…but she doesn’t have to say it. He wants her to tell Fahriye one thing tomorrow when she asks: “That wasn’t all.”

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