La Sultana Thursday 12/13/18 #32


Haci asks Eycan about the missing earring and asks her to show him its mate. It matches. He says she probably lost it when she was spying and Eycan gives him a confused look.

Menekşe runs back to Halime to tell her the planted earring worked. Halime figures Handan will hate Kösem more. Let them fight it out.

Handan meets Derviş to tell him *dramatic breath* they have problems. Kösem knows they’re meeting at Incili. She sent Eycan to spy on them. She threatened her!

Saying what?

Well, she left a letter and it was definitely Kösem.

Derviş tells her not to panic–she doesn’t have any evidence. She’s just messing with Handan. Besides, they haven’t done anything wrong. And she won’t find any evidence because it’s impossible to open his heart.

Haci brings Kösem to Handan’s room. Handan heard about her incident today…and it’s all Kösem’s fault. If she follows the rules and obeys, the harem can be a paradise. But she never obeys.

Kösem says if that’s a defect, everyone–including Handan–has survived because of it.

Cennett has been looking for Eycan, who was busy being strangled in the baths. She walks in and finds a body on the floor.

Handan starts accusing Kösem of trying to ruin her and Derviş and get rid of them both.

Um…why would she want to get rid of Handan?

Cennet finds Eycan’s attacker on the floor, dead. Eycan’s hiding in a corner with the candlestick she used as a weapon. (Hm…La Sultana Clue?)

Handan tells Kösem not to test her patience. If Kösem tries to take her down, she’ll put her in her place.

“I really have no idea what you’re talking about. If you asked me here to threaten me, at least tell me what I did.”

Haci comes running in talking about Eycan having just killed someone in the baths. Kösem excuses herself.

Eycan’s outside the baths sobbing that the other woman attacked her. Kösem looks at Cennet, but Cennet just shakes her head.

Haci’s like “Whoops, Eycan defended herself.” Handan says no one can blame them now, but Eycan’s crime is undeniable and she wants her dead.

Kösem walks up to Handan and asks her what she’s doing. Is she trying to scare her? She tried to kill Eycan, sending that girl to kill her. Well, next time Handan can come after her.

Ahmed arrives in time to hear them and asks Kösem to leave him alone with his mom.

Menekşe and Halime were listening from the upstairs balcony, but I guess it’s no fun for them if Kösem’s gone.

Handan tries to tell Ahmed that she was just offering Kösem some advice as the Sultana Madre and Kösem was rude to her!

OK, well, Kösem shouldn’t be rude to her…but Handan shouldn’t be rude to Kösem either.

Handan cries, accusing him of caring more about Kösem than her.

All he wants is a peaceful harem. (Oh, great…the old “I don’t care if you fight, I just don’t want to hear about it.” Works every time.)

Cennet comes to Kösem’s room. Eycan’s been taken to the dungeons and she’ll definitely be killed.

Kösem’s out of patience with Handan. But how did this start?!

Cennet says she can’t tell who’s who anymore. And after what Derviş Pasha said today, she can’t trust anyone.

Kösem knows Derviş has a dark side, but she doesn’t know if he could be the old sultan’s murderer. It could also be a way of turning her against Handan.

Cennet tells her not to meet Mehmet Giray tomorrow. Don’t get involved any further.

Kösem insists she can’t protect people if she’s closing her eyes to reality.


Kösem meets Mehmed at what looks like a building site. The door she opens leads to a room full of junk.

Council meeting

Derviş has got his puffy hat on and he’s ready to meet with the rest of the guys.


Reyhan emerges from behind a dirty curtain. Kösem remembers seeing him with Şahin.

Reyhan’s going to show her the “true face” of Derviş.

Council meeting

Derviş tells them not to compare him to previous Grand Viziers. If anyone accepts bribes, they’ll lose their heads.

Murat Pasha smiles as if he’s thinking “Oh, sure, you think you can keep track of whether these guys are taking bribes or not? Have fun with that.”


Reyhan says Derviş used to be just a guard at the palace, under Şahin’s orders. Reyhan was one of them. Şahin Giray wanted to end the Ottomans and take the throne. Reyhan and Derviş were going to be his Viziers.

They worked together to slowly poison the old sultan. She remembers the doctor discovering everything, right?

Kösem remembers Reyhan stabbing the doctor. She figures Derviş didn’t keep his word?

When Ahmed came to the throne, Derviş had his chance. He turned his back on them and got rid of them the first chance he got.

Mehmed asks Kösem if she still thinks Derviş is innocent.

Instead of an answer, Kösem asks if Reyhan would be willing to testify for the sultan.

Reyhan says he could go now, but he’d get his head cut off. He wants a pardon and some cash first.

Out in the street, Mehmed tells Kösem that Derviş might be loyal today, but who knows about tomorrow.

She definitely thinks Ahmed needs to know.

A spy watches her and her guards head back to the carriage.


Ahmed and Iskender are whacking each other with puffy clubs and shields. For fun.

Ahmed wins and says it’s because they’ve been fighting traitors. Zülfikar agrees traitors are harder to fight–you never know who they are, what weapons they have, how and when they’ll attack.

Ahmed says this is why he needs heroes around. He leaves Zülfikar to give Iskender his new mission.


Cennet comes to Eycan’s cell and has her removed from it.

Maiden’s Tower

Nasuh sent Safiye a note. He’s sorry, but Kösem escaped. He has no explanation.

Safiye sighs and leans her head back against the wall. (I swear she’s still having Pervane Ağa come in every day to do a five-minute no-makeup look.)


Nasuh Ağa shows up, to Derviş’s surprise. He claims he got some news on his way to wherever Ahmed told him to govern and he came back.

Maiden’s Tower

Oh no! Don’t tell me Iskender’s gonna be her new jailer.

Yep, he’s in charge of the guards at the tower. He thinks she might remember him from when he visited the palace to spar with Ahmed. He’ll be responsible for her and he’s the only one she’ll be allowed to talk to.

So, when her daughter shows up, will she be allowed to visit?

If the Sultan finds it acceptable.


Eycan tells Zülfikar she was only defending herself.

But even then, there are no witnesses or evidence. She’s sentenced to death.

Cennet interrupts and says she saw it happen. Eycan was attacked.

She does know giving false testimony is a crime, right?

Cennet says she went into the baths first and informed everyone else as the treasurer of the harem. She’s a witness to Eycan’s innocence.

OK, then Zülfikar’s going to make her swear to that on the Koran.

The spy in town was Derviş’s. He was only looking for Reyhan, but now he knows Kösem met with Reyhan and Mehmed.

Haci tells Handan that Eycan wasn’t executed. She’s with Kösem. Someone testified in her favor–Cennet.

Kösem tells Zülfikar about Derviş. He gets what Mehmed was telling him now. Kösem says they’ll have Reyhan testify in front of Ahmed and Ahmed will make the right decision.

Handan accuses Cennet of being on Kösem’s side the entire time. She threatens to take the seal of Treasurer of the Harem away from her. (But does she get to keep the hat?)

Cennet tells Handan to take what she wants, but her power has limits. Only Ahmed can exile her from the palace.

Handan’s spitting mad. She orders Cennet out of her sight.

Cennet complains to Kösem that she got her post taken away. (Awwwww…but she’s still got the hat!)

Plus she lied on the Koran.

OK, but it wasn’t a lie because Eycan was innocent and Allah knows that. She saved an innocent life. Allah will forgive her.

Secret Hideout

Mehmed brings Zülfikar to the room of construction junk, where there are signs of a struggle.

Mehmed was hoping to hand over Reyhan to make himself look innocent, but instead two other guys brought Reyhan to a room where Derviş is chewing on a piece of straw.

Mehmed is sure Derviş was behind this.

Reyhan tells Derviş Kösem already knows everything. Even if he gets rid of Reyhan, what’s done is done.

Derviş slits his throat after reminding him that it’s “Derviş Pasha.” (I feel like I don’t even know Derviş anymore.)


Halime heard about Cennet saving Eycan. But what is Cennet doing in her room?

Cennet says Kösem is with Prince Mustafá in the Pabellon de Cristál (Glass Pavilion?) and they’re waiting for Halime.

Derviş gets back to the palace and tells Handan he took care of Reyhan.

She was so worried!

Derviş says he’s worried about Kösem now. She was with Reyhan before he died.

Halime and Menekşe go to meet Kösem. She says as soon as they can, the Ağas will let Halime in. But this has to be secret or she’d get in trouble too. She’s just doing this for Mustafá, not for her.

Halime hugs her. That was weird. She says she hopes Kösem is never separated from her children.

Inside the room, Mustafá is sleeping. He wakes up and sees his mom. He thinks he’s dreaming, but she says she’s really there. He wants her to stay.

Zülfikar asks to talk to Kösem. They went looking for Reyhan and he was gone. Maybe he chickened out at the last minute.

Kösem suggests someone might have wanted to keep him quiet.

Ahmed’s poring over maps when Kösem comes to his balcony. She tells him she spent some time with Mustafá.

Ahmed’s worried about a new rebellion in Anatolia. His army is scattered. And the Austrian ambassadors are looking for chances.

Kösem says he needs to end it, sign the peace treaty and scare the rebels.

Ahmed calls that giving away with his hands what his ancestors won with their swords.

Kösem says he knows what’s best. But if his government is in danger, what’s a piece of paper worth?

Derviş and Kösem pass each other in a hallway. He’s been seeing a lot of Zülfikar lately. He hopes there’s no trouble.

Kösem says she was asking him for more security–they can see the faces of traitors, but they don’t know what they’re thinking.

Derviş asks what she’s talking about. Who are these traitors.

Kösem says she doesn’t know, but they attack every time they can. They attacked her closest servant yesterday.

Derviş says the harem isn’t his jurisdiction. The Sultana Madre will be able to clear things up.

Kösem doesn’t know how, since Handan threatened her the same night. First Derviş did, then Handan. Was that a coincidence or did they team up against her?

Derviş tells her not to take warnings as threats or she’ll start thinking the whole world is out to get her.

Well, Kösem’s ready to take on the world, and Derviş, as long as she feels that her sultan and princes aren’t safe.

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Thanks Kat!

La Sultana Clue

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I could use that map game board. I’m always confused about location.

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I can’t even recognize Incili Mansion. Where exactly is it? It’s different from the winter palace, right? (That’s where Sultanas were banished to, right?)