La Sultana Monday 12/17/18 #33

A visit from Auntie H

Safiye’s daughter, Sultana Hümaşa arrives. Bringing it with the sparkle.

Was that Gurbuz Ağa delivering Safiye’s lunch? She rips apart the bread looking for her note, but one of the guards has it. Her bread’s getting checked for notes from now on and she won’t get news from the outside. But he figures it’s OK to tell her that Sultana Hümaşa has arrived.

Ahmed’s happy to see her. And she’s happy to see him as sultan. She knows about everything that’s been going on and she hopes for happiness after this.

Handan says her rooms are ready and if Hümaşa needs anything Handan will take care of it personally.


Iskender tells Zülfikar about the bread trick. He tried asking the guys who bring the bread about the notes, but none of them knew anything. For all he knows someone could have swapped loaves on them. But he’s taken precautions.

Kösem seems to have adopted Melecki (yay!). The two of them catch up to Iskender in a hallway. Kösem heard about his new post.

He tells her not to worry, with him on watch Safiye will be bien resguardada (well protected).


Kösem saunters into Hümaşa’s room to introduce herself. She would have welcomed her earlier, but the princes were inquietos (restless).

Sounds reasonable to Hümaşa. After all, the well-being of the princes is more important than anything else. She thought Kösem only had one prince.

Kösem explains that Osman’s mother, Mahfiruz, is dead and Ahmed has given permission for Kösem to be Osman’s mother.

Hümaşa says that’s noble as if she doesn’t mean it. She wants to meet the princes, at a more convenient hour.

Kösem agrees. And now she’ll let Hümaşa get some rest after her long trip. (Yep. Hümaşa hates her already.)


Handan found out about Halime visiting Mustafá in secret. She and Kösem are going to face punishment for disobeying the Sultan’s orders. Halime tries to say Kösem had nothing to do with it, but the guards told Haci she had arranged it all.

Haci comes looking for Kösem. She says she hasn’t heard from the Sultana Madre all day–is Haci bringing her bad news?

That’s for her to decide–they’re waiting for her.

Handan can’t wait to see how Kösem explains this.

“What have I done now?”

Disobeyed the Sultan’s orders. Handan wants an explanation.

I pause the recording for a second and catch Kösem mid-eye roll. She says she was keeping a child from suffering because he missed his mother.

“And what did you get in exchange? You’re teaming up against me, right? You’re digging my grave in secret!”

Kösem thinks that sounds a little paranoid, but Handan keeps right on going–she’ll tell her son what Kösem did and he’ll punish her! And it’s about time Halime went to the old palace. She’s sure her son will agree once she tells him.

Kösem heads for her room. She gripes to Eycan and Melecki that Handan sees her as an enemy. She’s constantly attacking her.

Halime joins them and orders the other two out so she can talk to Kösem alone. Kösem doesn’t think they have anything to talk about, but she reluctantly signals to them to go.

Halime says she needs to tell Kösem a huge secret and in exchange she wants to stay in the palace…and keep seeing her son if possible.

Kösem says there’s nothing she can do.

There is if she pays attention. Handan and Derviş have a relationship (talk about overstating it). They’ve been in love for a long time.

Ahmed’s balcony

Sultana Hümaşa tells Ahmed she felt awful when she found out what her mother had done. She wished she could have been there too. Maybe she could have stopped it.

Ahmed says granny’s stabbed him in the back several times. He’s never forgiving her.

Oh, Hümaşa’s not here for that. Safiye deserves what happened. She’s just trying to understand her. She had a hard life. She suffered under Sultana Nurban. And then Mehmed died. And her young prince was also executed (or not). She lost both of her sons. (Uh, and therefore opportunities to manage the empire? ‘Cause she did pretty damn well at that without them.)

Ahmed knows all this. Safiye wasn’t the only victim.

Hümaşa knows. But Safiye’s still her mother and she’d like to visit her if Ahmed will allow it.

The lost prince

Iskender’s back at the place of the guy who made his shirt/protection amulet. The guy’s asking him to be honest about where he got it so he can help him.

Iskender says it’s his. He’s always had it and it’s the only thing he’s had of his family–the people who raised him told him that.

The guy takes a look at the birthmark on Iskender’s shoulder. Iskender’s getting impatient–what does it say? Who is his family?

The guy says he’ll do more than tell him, he’ll take him to his family. Come back tomorrow and they’ll go together.

Maiden’s Tower

We have been watching Safiye sit in that dungeon with her head up and her fresh, dewy glow and her brain running constantly. But when Hümaşa walks into her cell, suddenly Safiye’s all weak and pitiful. She does a huge, overly-dramatic gasp when she pretends to wake up and see her. She practically leaps at her to stretch out the chain on her ankle. And where are her sandals? She hasn’t been barefoot!

The hug, maybe, was genuine.

Everybody knows

Kösem, Eycan, and Cennett (with hat AND staff, congrats on your reinstatement!) confront Haci.

He pretends he has no idea what they’re talking about…the Grand Vizier? The Sultan’s most trusted Pasha? He would never!

Kösem thinks he would, if he was in love with Handan.

“Maybe they did it together. Who knows. His death benefited them both.” I like how the voice actress for Cennett adds just the right touch of innuendo.

Haci cracks…she would never! It’s not even a relationship, just Derviş’s feelings! There’s nothing on Handan’s side!

Well, if he trusts Handan so much, then she wants him to deliver a message and they’ll see what she does. It’s a letter from Derviş where he admits to being the murderer of the old sultan.

Maiden’s Tower

Hümaşa may be happy to see her mom, but she knows Safiye has no one else to blame. Just herself and her unquenchable thirst for power.

“That’s what I’m like. That’s me. The same person I was when your father, Murat, was in power and your brother, Mehmed, was in power. I haven’t changed.”

Hümaşa thinks she’s should have. That’s not her son on the throne anymore, it’s her grandson. She’s not the Madre Sultana anymore (Abüela Sultana?). She can’t treat him like an enemy or try to share his power.

Safiye complains that it wasn’t always like that. Not until Handan and Kösem got involved. They turned Ahmed against her!

Right. Kösem. Safiye handed her an early victory and she’ll never settle for less.

Safiye’s like, “Whatevs. The higher she goes, the harder the fall.”

Hümaşa laughs and points out the same held true for Safiye. She doesn’t know if Safiye’s ever getting out, but Hümaşa’s her daughter and she’ll never bend to their enemy or be on their side. (But which enemy?)

The lost prince

The amulet-maker tracks down Bülbül to tell him that guy with the amulet came back. He said it belonged to him. And he had the birthmark on his shoulder. They’ve found the lost prince!


Haci Ağa breaks it to Handan that Derviş confessed his crime himself. He was responsible for the sultan’s death.

He hands her the scroll, but she throws it in the fire. She tells him they’re taking this secret to the grave.

She knew?

“It’s not what you think. Derviş is the murderer, but he did it for us–for me and my son.”

Haci meets Kösem in a hallway and says she was right. Derviş did it and Handan knew, from the beginning. Haci’s nearly in tears. He agrees to help Kösem.

Now it’s Kösem’s turn to visit Handan. She says she wants the real story told. She hasn’t even said which one and Handan’s already complaining that she never behaves. When is Kösem going to quit playing games?

Oh, she’s totally done. Derviş killed the old sultan and Handan was his accomplice. They have a relationship.

“My son will never believe you!”

Oh yes he will. She has a witness whose word is law.

Handan knocks Kösem out with a scroll…just before Hümaşa comes in. She says Kösem attacked her and was trying to kill her.

When we come back from the commercial break, Handan’s telling Haci that Kösem mentioned a witness and she just flipped out. They have to find that witness and silence them before it’s too late!

Haci says he knows who it is. “It’s me. I’m Kösem’s witness.”

Sultana Hümaşa comes to Ahmed’s room. She says she went to visit Handan and she doesn’t know what happened, but when she came in Kösem was on the floor, unconscious.

Ahmed stands up and Zülfikar gets this look in his eyes like “There goes my morning.” He walks out, leaving Zülfikar, Hümaşa, and Derviş all looking at each other.

When Ahmed gets to the infirmary, Kösem’s still out. The doctor says she has a head wound–either from being hit or falling, but it’s not a serious injury.

Zülfikar brings Derviş to his room and says he knows this is about Derviş’s secret. The one about the crime he committed. He and Kösem both know everything. Zülfikar’s so outraged he’s shaking and turning red when he says Derviş killed Sultan Mehmed.

Derviş figures Mehmed Giray told them. How could Zülfikar believe him? How dare he confront him like this! He’d better have evidence!

Ahmed comes to Handan’s room and she’s got her story ready–Kösem went too far, she insulted Handan, she attacked her and Handan just defended herself.

Ahmed asks why Kösem would do that and Handan literally says “Kösem! Kösem! Kösem!” and a few more for good measure. She’s his mother–why isn’t her word worth anything to him?

Ahmed still wants an answer, so she tells him Kösem organized a visit between Halime and Mustafá. Handan gave Kösem a warning and she went “crazy.” She’s become arrogant and doesn’t respect anyone.

Kösem’s awake now. She says she’s fine other than a slight headache.

Ahmed wants to know what happened and tells her what Handan said happened.

Kösem said Mustafá was upset, she was worried he’d get sick so she let Halime see him a few times a week. But that has nothing to do with today–this happened weeks ago. And she wasn’t the one who attacked Handan. How could she do that?

OK, then what happened?

Kösem’s sorry, but she thinks it’s Handan’s place to tell him. She’s going to tell him sooner or later.

Kösem and Cennet visit Handan’s room.

“Here to threaten me again?”

Kösem says Handan’s secret must have been weighing on her. There’s no excuse for what she did.

Handan tells her to give it up–her son didn’t believe her lies. And she doesn’t have witnesses anymore.

Kösem says she didn’t tell him anything and when she does, Haci Ağa’s on her side.

Haci apologizes.

Maiden’s Tower

ELIZABETH IS BACK! I’m firing that servant who dropped her carrier on the floor and shoved it with her foot. She’ll never scoop poop or serve kibble in this town again!

The servant takes a moment in the hallway to complain that Safiye still doesn’t know where she is.

Iskender gets up in her face and says she’s not to disrespect her again. Regardless of the circumstances, she’s still a sultana.

(Excuse you, Iskender, she disrespected Elizabeth. No warning about not doing that again? Damn, it’s hard for a kitty to get good help these days.)

He peeks through the door to see Elizabeth redistributing her white fur all over Safiye’s black robe. Order has been restored to the universe.

Handan’s room

Handan tells Kösem to get going. She can say whatever she wants. Haci can be her witness and they can dig her grave together.

Kösem says Handan’s going to tell Ahmed herself. She’s going to tell him Derviş is his father’s killer.

Oh, so Kösem wants Derviş dead, is that it?

Yep. It’s the price Handan has to pay. Either she sends Derviş to his death or Kösem and Haci will go to the sultan and tell him Derviş killed his father and is in love with his mother.

Haci begs her to think about it. It’s the only way out. Let Derviş go down and think of herself and the reputation of the dynasty.

Handan snits about Haci not being loyal. His death would have bothered her less than his betrayal.

And there’s Cennet in the background with that smirk–the poster child for Schadenfreude.

Handan agrees to do it, but she needs time. This isn’t easy for her.

Kösem says she has until tomorrow afternoon.

Maiden’s Tower

Iskender’s the one who had Elizabeth brought to Safiye. The Ağas at the old palace said she’d been upset since Safiye left. And now she’s in a good mood. (Or, you know, half-asleep. Same difference.)

But Elizabeth can’t stay. She’ll just be brought over for visitation.

Safiye wants to know where Iskender’s from.


She asks about his family, but he says it’s been so long he doesn’t remember much.

Safiye says she was in Venice once. Echamos raicés (I/we put down roots) where the wind blows, like the seeds of trees. But eventually we/she became the tree from the seed. A plátano oriental (oriental plane tree) is going to be one no matter where it’s planted, doesn’t he think?

Iskender nods.


Handan tells Derviş Haci Ağa is going to be Kösem’s witness.

Derviş says everyone’s against them–Zülfikar knows and he threatened Derviş openly.

Handan says Kösem wants her to betray him. That’s the only way she’ll keep quiet about Derviş’s love for Handan. She agreed to do it to gain time, but she’s not going to do it. She could never betray him!

Derviş knows. But this is his crime and if someone should pay, it’s him. He’ll confess to the sultan.

Handan says he can’t do it. She knows he could do it, but then what? What if they come after her next?

In that case they’ll have to silence every person who knows.

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2 years ago

Thank you! When I saw Elizabeth I couldn’t wait to get to the recap. You didn’t disappoint.

Safiye is evil, but she loves that cat so I can’t completely hate her.

Humasa looks like she’s gonna be trouble.