La Sultana Tuesday 12/18/18 #34

Kill ’em all

Haci gets dragged off by two guys in one of the palace hallways.

Mehmed Giray gets shot with an arrow riding out of his house.

A servant poisons Zülfikar’s wine. I’m assuming this is the last few minutes of his life and he’s spending it trying to make sure he looks good for a visit from Sultana Hümaşa. She just stopped by to tell him she wants to visit her mother.

He manages to get out “Derviş, bastardo” as he hits the floor.

Kösem’s puking up a storm. Cennet smells Kösem’s water and says she’s been poisoned.

Hümaşa calls for the guards and then starts preparing a gastric lavage solution with water and coal from the fireplace. That’s pretty damn resourceful.

Halime goes looking for Kösem, but Cennet says she’s kind of busy dying right now.

Halime says they should have been expecting that. Haci got kidnapped.

He’s in Handan’s room, asking why she’d risk the flames of hell by killing him. How does she know Derviş won’t ever go after Ahmed to put a different prince on the throne?

Handan’s like “Oh, I get it, you’re on Kösem’s side now.” She walks out and motions to the guards to kill him. Haci asks for a chance to pray one last time first.

In the hallway Menekşe asks Halime what they’re going to do now.

“What we have to.” She pulls out a dagger.

The doctor has good news for Kösem. She’s not puking because she was poisoned–she’s pregnant again!

Maiden’s Tower

Safiye’s trying to order the angry servant around. When the woman says she’s no longer in the palace, Safiye slaps her. The servant pushes Safiye and Safiye pushes back. The servant hits her head on the wall. Well, I guess that’s why they never bothered giving her a name.


Salahattin, the amulet maker, meets Bülbül. When Iskender arrives, Salahattin says that’s the prince.

Maiden’s Tower

Nope, she wasn’t dead, and Gurbuz interrupts Safiye trying to finish the job.


Salahattin confirms that he hasn’t told anyone about Iskender yet. Bülbül tells his guards to take Salahattin home. Even Salahattin looks like he knows Bülbül means “to his final resting place.”


Ahmed has accepted the terms of the peace treaty and tells Murat to send a messenger. Derviş disagrees–he wants to continue negotiations.

Ahmed says it’s time for them to regroup.

Derviş insists the Austrians need to honor the agreement and pay the 200 florins (for what I have no idea).

Ahmed’s cool with that.

A guard comes in with the news that Zülfikar has been poisoned.

He’s lying on the couch in his room. Sultana Hümaşa explains she came to get permission to visit her mother and interrupted him eating, so she thought he’d been poisoned. She did what she could.

Ahmed can’t believe this is happening in his palace! Derviş says he’ll investigate.

And Hümaşa looks at him like she just figured out Derviş did it. (But is Zülfikar dead or not? I swear I was seeing him breathe.)


Iskender gets to Salahattin’s shop. Salahattin’s dead and nobody knows how. The neighbor found him like this.

Iskender says he was supposed to meet him and he came here when Salahattin didn’t show up.


Kösem comes to Halime’s room, where Haci is alive and hiding out. Kösem thanks Halime for the assist. This is really going to come in handy.

Ahmed has dinner with Handan. She wanted them to be together so Safiye couldn’t take advantage.

And she invited Kösem so they can stop what’s happening between them, but she didn’t show up.

Ahmed says Kösem told him Handan would be the one to tell him the truth about what happened.

“Well, of course she would deny it.”

Kösem arrives. She’s sorry she’s late–she was looking after the princes.

And now Haci arrives.

Kösem says if Handan tells the truth it’s all good. Ahmed’s just cranky that no one will tell him what this “truth” is they’re talking about.

Kösem says there’s something about Derviş that’s being hidden from him. Isn’t that right, Handan?

Handan wants to be alone with Ahmed.

Derviş is having a mansion built for himself. He’s been Grand Vizier a day and a half and he’s a completely different person! The builder says they’ll be done in a few months, but they’re over budget.

Handan tells Ahmed that after his father killed Mahmud she knew he’d be next and so did Derviş. So Derviş…he’d been protecting Ahmed since he was five…he loved Ahmed like she loves Ahmed…so to avoid an attempt on Ahmed’s life, he committed a great sin. He had to do it. He killed Ahmed’s father. He did it for them, so his father wouldn’t kill Ahmed. He had to do it for them.

Ahmed isn’t taking this well. Like, I’m not sure he should be walking unassisted. He just gets up and leaves the room.

Kösem tells Cennet and Eycan it’s all over. Handan is telling Ahmed that Derviş killed his father.

Cennet seems outraged Handan’s not also confessing her “secret” “relationship” with Derviş.

Kösem seems like she agrees, but she thinks maybe it’s better this way, so Ahmed doesn’t suffer more than necessary.

Ahmed’s still walking around, dazed. He ends up in Derviş’s room, pulls out the sword Derviş had on his bedside table and…doesn’t stab him.

The next day, Ahmed’s moping in bed. Kösem says she hates seeing him like this.

“How long have you known.”

She says she just found out and wanted Handan to tell him.

He’s angry his mom was protecting Derviş. He understands everything now. That’s why Zülfikar was poisoned and Mehmed Giray was killed. (So Zülfikar’s not dead then, right? Please?) To keep the secret. “Allah protect me from my friends.”

Well, Kösem didn’t get to tell him this before and maybe it’ll make him feel better…she’s pregnant. They’re having another baby. They’ll have a big family like they dreamed.

Not dead?

Mehmed seems to be doing just fine and I’m not gonna say I’m not relieved.

Murat is at his bedside and congratulating him on his survival. The arrow didn’t make it through his armor.

Mehmed was expecting Derviş to attack, so he took precautions. Mehmed’s sure Derviş is going down this time. There’s no forgiveness possible for this.

But Murat remembers Derviş saving Ahmed in the last campaign. There’s a strong link between the two of them–almost like father and son. It’s difficult to guess whether Ahmed will forgive him or not.

Field Trip

Ahmed, Derviş, and Iskender stop to set up camp. Ahmed shows Derviş the sword Derviş gave him years ago. And hey, they haven’t sparred in a while–should they do it now, for old times’ sake?

Ahmed’s clearly angry and not holding back. His sword ends up at Derviş’s throat and he decides that’s enough.


Hümaşa has had her visit with the princes. Now it’s time for small talk.

Kösem’s from Cephalonia. Her time there seems like a dream now. Her parents loved her.

Where are they now?

Her father died in this palace on Safiye’s orders. She got permission to write to her mother, but she didn’t live much longer either. She wanted to bring her sister here, but she never found her.

(Poor little Mehmed looks like he’s wearing a suit several sizes too big!)

Kösem says she’d love to have a girl this time, a sultana as beautiful as her sister.

Hümaşa hopes that wish is fulfilled. She even seems to mean it, but I’m not ready to trust her yet.


Looking into the fire, Ahmed talks about how he thought his elders were examples for him, but he didn’t want to be like some of them. Especially his father. He swore he’d never be like that, never do anything for power, never kill his own descendants or his brothers. When his father killed Mahmud he knew he would be next.

What would Derviş had done if his father had sent the executioners for Ahmed?

Derviş says he would have tried to stop him, but what the Sultan orders, you’re supposed to obey.

Derviş says if he had to, he would have died for Ahmed and it would have been an honor.

Why would it have been an honor to defy a sultan for a prince? What kind of loyalty is that?

It would have been for love. Love is stronger than loyalty.


Bülbül comes to Hümaşa’s room to bring food for Elizabeth. Livers and codorniz (quail). She won’t eat anything else. He also wrote a note for Safiye. He finds out Iskender is the one who will be escorting her.

Haci and Handan run into each other in a hallway. Ahmed is back, but Haci doesn’t think he forgave Derviş. Handan looks like she’s about to pass out.

Maiden’s Tower

In the boat on the way over, Hümaşa hands over the food for Elizabeth to Iskender. And then she breaks the seal on the note and reads that Bülbül has good news for Safiye–the lost prince is alive and it’s Iskender. (So that would make him Hümaşa’s brother, right?) She stares at Iskender in shock.

When Hümaşa gets there, Safiye’s ready to hear all the gossip. Is Kösem still alive? As they’re hugging, Hümaşa has a stunned look on her face.


Haci tells Kösem that Ahmed is going to use a red tunic for his meeting with the council. Cennet explains that means he’s going to order someone executed.

Haci says Handan knows this and probably went to warn Derviş.

So what now?

Nothing. Kösem says once Ahmed gives the order, they’ll find him.

Handan tells Derviş this is the first and last time she’ll be this honest with him. She can’t help how she feels. She wanted him to know the truth.

Could there have been a kiss if that guard didn’t peek into the hallway and call for Derviş? I guess we’ll never know.

Ahmed enters the council chamber in a red tunic. Really, really red. He tells Derviş he’s heard a lot of accusations against him lately–he’s accepted bribes, he’s unfairly taxed the poor, he’s never paid any of his personal debts nor paid for the jewels he’s bought from the Jews.

Derviş says it’s all a lie. He can explain.

“I know everything, Derviş. I know about your betrayal.” Ahmed calls for the Agas and they come running in.

Two of them grab Derviş by the arms…no, wait, four…they’re having a hard time getting a grip on him. Derviş gets as close as he can to Ahmed and says he would never betray him. He’d die for him.

Ahmed remembers the time Derviş asked Ahmed to be the one to kill him personally, if he had to die.

So Ahmed reaches for a sword…and rams it right through Derviş’s heart.

Well. Damn.

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