La Sultana Wednesday 12/19/18 #35

Yep, it really happened

Kösem’s hanging out with baby Mehmed when Cennet comes in to tell her Derviş was executed by the Sultan himself.

Handan watches his body being carried through the courtyard and weeps. I both feel bad for her and think it was her paranoia that brought it on. And also Derviş’s promotion, ’cause he got a little reckless after that.

Halime comes into the observation tower to taunt her. Why’d she send Derviş to his death? Halime heard he resisted and Ahmed killed Derviş himself. So at least he didn’t suffer. Halime tells Handan that she’s not getting away with this just because Derviş is dead. Ahmed’s going to find out about their “relationship.”

Maiden’s Tower

Hümaşa can’t seem to decide whether to give her mother the message or not.

Safiye wants to know if Hümaşa will help her get out of this place.

She’ll try, but it’s going to take time. See, Hümaşa’s thinking about talking to Ahmed and Safiye’s thinking about escaping. So will Hümaşa help her escape?

Hümaşa doesn’t get to answer before their time is up. She hugs Safiye and whispers to her to be patient.


Ahmed hopes they’re all taking Derviş’s death as a lesson. Anyone who betrays him gets no mercy. Murat seems to be the only one even willing to look in his direction.

Someone’s gotta be Grand Vizier and Ahmed’s picking Murat.

Murat kisses Ahmed’s robes and Ahmed hands over the seal. Murat says it’s the biggest honor in his life.

Halime’s room

Kösem catches up to Halime and begs her not to say anything to Ahmed. Not for Handan’s sake, but for Ahmed’s. Think how he’d feel if he found out about the relationship between Handan and Derviş! Kösem says they have to keep this between themselves.

In exchange for what?

Permission to see Mustafá. Kösem will find a way and Handan’s in no position to oppose her.

Halime agrees, but she’s grouchy that Kösem is protecting Handan.

No, not Handan, Ahmed.

Menekşe wonders if Kösem will come through and Halime thinks so.

Dilruba was listening in and she’s still angry that Handan wanted to kill her brother.


Bülbül asks if Safiye wrote back to him.

Hümaşa shows him the broken seal on the note and asks if it’s the truth.

Ahmed’s room

Dilruba “reluctantly” tells him that Handan and Derviş were in love.

Who told her this lie?!

Dilruba won’t tell him until he yells at her–it was Kösem. Dilruba heard her talking.

On her merry way back down the hallway, Haci asks what she talked to Ahmed about. Because he heard her say it was something about Handan….

Dilruba snaps at him that she doesn’t have to tell him anything!

Haci: “Oh, this does not smell good….”


The day Hümaşa’s brother Mehmed ascended the throne, Safiye begged him to pardon his brother’s life.

Hümaşa remembers that. The executioners went after all of her brothers. 19 coffins went out of the palace that day.

Well, her brother wasn’t in any of those coffins. A child was killed, but it wasn’t her brother.

They killed some other child in place of her brother?

“I know it sounds cruel,” (no shit, Bülbül!) “but the child was gravely ill and didn’t have family.” Plus there was no other way to save the prince. Bülbül took the real prince to Safiye and she put an amulet on him to protect him and left a mark on him. Then Bülbül took him to a family in Austria, but didn’t tell them he was a prince. They sent money every year until they got word that the prince had died. They always thought he just couldn’t escape his destiny.

But then a miracle happened–they found the prince, thanks to the amulet. And it turned out to be Iskender. He has the amulet and a birthmark.

Handan’s room

Haci warns Handan that Ahmed knows that Derviş was in love with her.

Hümaşa’s room

Bülbül tells Hümaşa no one else knows about this.

She tells him they have to keep this a secret between the two of them. They can’t even tell Safiye. Iskender is near her and he’d be a slave to her emotions (I’m not sure I got the pronouns right).

Maiden’s Tower

Iskender takes the shackle off Safiye’s ankle, but only for the night. He also tells her Derviş was executed.


Ahmed comes in to Kösem’s room to ask her if it’s true what they’re saying about his mother and Derviş. What does she know?

Kösem’s not sure what they told him, but she also heard rumors about Handan. It was probably all Derviş’s doing. She has no doubt Handan is innocent.

Ahmed reminds Kösem Handan hit her yesterday…and now she’s saying Handan is innocent?

Well, he knows her, she’s his mother!

Ever since Ahmed found out about Derviş he’s been wondering why Derviş killed his father and why his mother protected him. The idea of “this” never crossed his mind.

Kösem says there’s no way Handan would do anything to dishonor him or end the dynasty.

Well, Ahmad wants to hear it from her. And if he still has any doubts…. He doesn’t finish that sentence.

In Handan’s room, she pours a powder (poison, I’m assuming) into a glass.

Kösem bursts into Halime’s room asking what gives. She wasn’t supposed to tell.

Um…she didn’t.

Dilruba angrily says she did it. What? Since when is it a crime to tell the truth?

Kösem can’t believe there’s such darkness under that innocent face.

“Remember your place! You can’t talk to me like that.”

Halime recovers from her shock first and says Dilruba’s name in Mom Voice.

Kösem says neither of them had better come begging her for favors again. And she won’t be able to see Mustafá again.

Dilruba’s sorry…Halime grabs her by the arm before getting herself under control. She tells Dilruba to get out of her sight.

Haci and Cennet beg Handan to open the door. But she locked it with a fireplace poker and they can’t open it.

She’s contemplating her glass of poison.

Ahmed tries banging on the door and telling her to open it. Now! When it looks like he’s getting close to kicking the door down, Handan downs her glass.

Hümaşa’s walking down the hallway when a gaggle of concubines (I’m guessing) come running up to tell her the Sultana Madre has locked herself in her room and won’t open the door.

Ahmed finally kicks the door down. Handan’s still alive, but she collapses in Ahmed’s arms. He screams for the doctor. Kösem comes in in time to hear Handan asking Ahmed to forgive her.

Maybe Hümaşa needs to hold a workshop on that whole charcoal thing. She comes in and Ahmed asks her to do what she did for Zülfikar, but she checks Handan’s pulse and softly, but firmly tells him she’s sorry for his loss. (I don’t want to like her, but she’s so competent!)

In the hallway, Hümaşa confronts Kösem and accuses her of being behind Derviş and Handan’s deaths. She has a hard time believing it wasn’t Kösem after what she’s seen. Kösem tells her to believe whatever she wants to. Hümaşa gives the camera a dramatic look. (Welcome to the pilot episode of Hümaşa, P.I.)

Ahmed’s in tears on his balcony. Kösem cries with him.

Maiden’s Tower

Safiye hears the chanting and asks Gurbuz why all the mosques are calling out the prayer for the dead.

Gurbuz tells her Handan died last night. They said it was a sudden illness.

Safiye tells an absent Handan that she was always awaiting her death, but she never thought Handan would choose the day. And so soon after Derviş. This can’t be good.


Bülbül meets with Nasuh and tells him Safiye wants them to bust her out. But Hümaşa disagrees and says no one’s to make a move without her.

Nasuh agrees that now is not a good time, what with bodies showing up every day.

Bülbül says they are going to do…something. Hümaşa has orders about Kösem.

Zülfikar’s not dead and he tells Ahmed his mother’s remains are on the way.

Nasuh likes Hümaşa’s orders and tells Bülbül to let her know he’s at her service.

Ahmed voiceovers: “Sad human, don’t be proud. Even if the world is yours, even if you cover it like snow, when the sun shines, you will melt.” He and his advisers are carrying the coffin.

Maiden’s Tower

Murat Pasha visits Safiye, to her surprise. She figures Murat must be happy. Kösem got rid of Handan and he got rid of Derviş and got what he always wanted.


Hümaşa comforts Ahmed. She suggests a vacation. Edirne, maybe. She’ll take care of the palace.

He knows she can. Her presence strengthens him. He wishes someone of his blood would take care of the palace.

Yes…if only that were possible…but her husband is awaiting her return to Cairo. She’ll have to go at some point. And she can’t take care of the palace while he’s married to her.

Well, all she has to do is ask and he’ll work on getting her a divorce. But he doesn’t want to interfere with her happiness.

Hümaşa stops to talk to Zülfikar and Iskender in the hallway. She asks how her mother is doing. He says she’s fine, but she complains all the time. Hümaşa says if she doesn’t, that means something’s wrong. She loves to test people’s patience.

She’s looking at him funny and Iskender notices. And he starts looking at her funny and she notices. I’m taking it for granted Zülfikar noticed all of it, because he’s Zülfikar.

Kösem sees Bülbül in the hallway and asks if he’s in mourning.

No. Well, he has been since Safiye went to prison and his mourning won’t end until she’s free.

Kösem thinks he looks better since Hümaşa arrived.

Well, there’s nothing better than having someone to trust. And by the way, she asked to see Kösem, but he doesn’t know what about, just that it’s important.

Halime’s also being summoned. Menekşe doesn’t think it’s a good sign.

Has Hümaşa taken over Handan’s room? Hümaşa says they’re all mourning after Handan’s death. Especially Ahmed. But, they’ve gotta restore order to the harem.

Halime asks what she and Kösem are doing there–do they disturb that order?

Hümaşa says there’s nothing they need to know. From now on she’ll take over the job of the Sultana Madre. She’ll take charge of the harem.

Kösem asks if the Sultan approved of this.

Of course. Kösem may be used to acting independently, but Hümaşa wouldn’t do it with something so important. Her nephew asked for her personally. He asked her to restore peace and order to the harem, especially in his absence. He’ll be going to Edirne for a while. After everything that happened, he needs to rest.

Halime brings up the husband in Egypt. Technically that disqualifies her from running the harem.

Ahmed’s sending the news to Egypt that she’s divorced now. It’s a difficult time. She had to sacrifice her happiness for the empire.

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