La Sultana Thursday 12/20/18 #36


Halime and Kösem leave Hümaşa’s room and Halime’s complaining that they were nearly free…and now Hümaşa’s “sacrificing her marriage.” She was never in love!

Kösem says if this is what Ahmed wants, this is how it’s going to be. And she has nothing against Hümaşa.

Halime reminds Kösem that Hümaşa is Safiye’s daughter. It would be best for everyone if she went back to Egypt.

Kösem wants no part of this drama.

Hümaşa tells Bülbül, Haci, and Cennet that nothing’s going to change for now. And Bülbül’s going to be her right hand. His punishment is over. And no more “favorites.” (Uh, except for Bülbül?)


Mehmed G hangs out with Ahmed. Iskender’s also with them, but Kösem wants him to come back to Istanbul. Ahmed’s mopey.


Kösem is heading out to Edirne and she doesn’t care if Hümaşa’s ok with it or not.


Ahmed goes riding by himself and walks away from his horse, leaving his turban behind. It looks like the dudes he brought with him all ride out to find him.


Kösem tried to leave, but the guards said she wasn’t allowed to. Hümaşa says it’s nothing personal, they’re just all following the rules now.


Ahmed seems completely disoriented. He comes close enough to attract the attention of three men out roasting something over a fire. They’re guessing he’s a Pasha, from the clothes.


Kösem’s not trying to break the rules. If she has to ask permission, then she’s asking.

Hümaşa won’t grant it. If Ahmed wanted her with him, he would have taken her with him. Did she not think that maybe he was running from her? She cuts Kösem off before she can argue.


One of the guys thinks Ahmed’s sword is pretty. Ahmed whips it out and stabs him. Another comes at him with bare fists, so Ahmed drops the sword.

Mehmed and Iskender find the horse. They leave him with the guards and go off in search of Ahmed.

Ahmed punches out the second guy, but the third guy pulls him off as Ahmed’s grabbing a rock.

Mehmed and Iskender see him bashing the third guy’s head in and pull him away.


Halime tells Zülfikar Kösem’s out of control, as usual.

“What trouble has she gotten in to now?” Zülfikar laughs.

She left the palace. She said she was going to Edirne.

Zülfikar leaves to go after her.

Halime and Menekşe hang out for a bit after he leaves. Halime notices a painted handkerchief in a little box on his desk. They both think it’s too expensive for him.


I love Kösem’s independence, but she’s out there in a carriage with Haci, the driver, and two guards and she insists on taking the shortest road, which also happens to be the most dangerous. Haci’s not happy about this.

They’re being watched.


Bülbül complains to Hümaşa that Halime couldn’t keep her mouth shut and went to Zülfikar. Now their plan is going to be ruined.

Hümaşa tells him to chill. It’s all going to happen the way they want it to. They just have to be patient.

Bülbül mentions Safiye being nervous, but I’m not sure how that’s connected to Kösem’s “escape.”

The plot

Zülfikar comes to the fork in the road and decides Kösem would have been sensible and taken the safer path. I know he knows better than that.

Ahmed finally opens the letter from Kösem.

She’s the muelle (dock) waiting for his arribo (arrival). If he needs consoling he has the smiles of his two sons and the ones yet to be born. He’s the fertile land that makes her germinate. She begs him not to pull her out by the roots. If he doesn’t come home to them, they’ll come to him.

After he reads it he smiles.

This was the short path? Kösem’s carriage has stopped, thanks to a branch in the road. The men who have been watching attack.

Haci runs into the surrounding forest with Kösem. He tries to protect Kösem when a group of attackers surround them, but they knock him out.

Zülfikar gets to the palace in Edirne and asks Mehmed and Iskender if Kösem arrived….

He interrupts a meeting between Ahmed and Murat and says Kösem came out here alone and he tried to catch up to her. She should have been here already.

Ahmed tells him to ready the horses. (Ahmed, Zülfikar, Mehmed, Iskender, AND Murat? Whoever those guys in the woods are, they’re going to be sorry.)

The guys go out to the woods and find the empty carriage and the dead guards. Mehmed spots the trail leading into the woods.

The guys find Haci lying on the ground.

Hümaşa comes to visit Safiye. They have the news she was waiting for. Kösem is somewhere no one can find her and her future is on the tip of Safiye’s tongue.

Safiye praises Hümaşa for a job well done.

Haci’s still alive, but dazed.

Kösem is tied up and gagged in what looks like a storage room or a shed.

Ahmed and the guys come back to Istanbul and go to Maiden’s Tower to ask Safiye where Kösem is.

Safiye says Ahmed’s not going to believe her, but she had nothing to do with Kösem’s disappearance.

Ahmed agrees. He doesn’t believe her. (LOL)

Safiye pouts, but insists she doesn’t know. Ahmed’s about to leave her cell, but she says she can help find Kösem.

Riiight, and in exchange she’ll want to be set free.

Safiye whines about how terrible it is there and how she’d rather be in a place more worthy of her, but it all depends on him.

Yavuz Ağa is the guy in charge of the kidnapping part of this scheme. He warns one of his underlings that nobody’s supposed to touch Kösem or Nasuh Pasha will cut all their heads off. Sure, that guy has an obedient-looking face.

Iskender comes to a fabric shop and says he was sent by Safiye. Kösem was kidnapped on the way to Edirne and Ahmed wants to find her. Safiye said this guy could help.

Fabric guy tells him to come back later. He’s gotta talk to some people.

One of Kösem’s captors brings her bread and water and unties her hands. She immediately starts telling him he’s got a BIG problem. She’s Sultana Kösem, Sultan Ahmed’s favorite.

At the fabric store the guy tells Iskender it was Noman Ağa (the same guy who poisoned the Vizier before Derviş and got Derviş locked up for it) who kidnapped Kosem.

So, now that the guys in the woods know they’ve got Sultana Kösem they’re annoyed they’re getting paid so little. But she offered to protect them if they let her go.

Unfortunately, they don’t believe her, so they’ll hand her over to the Celali.

Kösem listens and determinedly chews her bread.

Ahmed’s in Kösem’s room, smelling her clothes. Haci comes in, out of breath, to say Iskender found out where Kösem is.

Kösem’s been working her way through those ropes on her hands all night and by morning, her hands are free. She makes a run for it, taking an axe with her. She’s got no problem swinging it at the guy who comes after her, but he blocks her. Bummer. (I really think Ahmed should make sure everyone knows how many guys Kösem’s killed just for an added “Seriously, do not mess with her.”)

Anyway, it’s back to the shed she goes. And this guy with the ‘stache looks more like what I remember of Noman.

Kösem tells him to stay away–she’s a sultana and she’s carrying a prince. She begs him not to hand her over. What are the Celali paying? She can make him rich. She swipes his dagger and starts waving it around in front of her, telling him to back off.

Ahmed and his guys are in the woods, riding to meet up with Zülfikar’s guys.

Iskender sneaks up on the bad guys’ camp and starts quietly killing the guys who are farthest away from the building.

Noman slaps Kösem and gets his dagger back, but he hears the sound of swords outside. He runs outside, giving Kösem time to escape, but when Iskender calls to her to run, Noman brings her back, holding a dagger at her through. I’m thinking Iskender has finished off way too many of these guys and Ahmed’s gonna be pissed there was nothing for him to do.

The guys in the woods see the cavalry coming and one of them says they should run.

Ahmed kills the guy holding Kösem and does the classic sword out front “baby get behind me” pose.

Zülfikar has to stop and check on Iskender, but he’s not dead. Ahmed’s relieved to hear it. So that’s Kösem rescued.


Hasan Pasha has come to see Hümaşa. Oops…he’s her husband. And she’s not just “not happy” to see him. She looks scared.

He missed her so much he left right after she did, so he wouldn’t have to wait for her to come home.

Hümaşa’s like “We’re divorced.”


Iskender’s wounded, but it’s not serious. They’ll haul him back to the castle.


Hümaşa says she’s in charge of the harem. She had to divorce him.

He reaches toward her face and Hümaşa flinches. Hasan thinks there’s nobody better than her to do that job.

Well, they can’t very well question the Sultan’s decisions.

“You can’t get rid of me so easily. I don’t accept the divorce. We’re going back to Egypt.”

Hümaşa says she doesn’t need his approval, all she’s gotta do is say it three times. “Divorce, divorce….”

Hasan threatens to tell Ahmed all the things she’s done in Cairo in her mother’s name.

“You can’t prove it!”

Uh, actually, he’s been writing it in the official reports. He’s a cautious man. He’s written down all her sins in his diary day after day.

Hümaşa calls him a bastard. He tells her to pack or he’ll send the diary to the Sultan and she’ll end up sharing a cell with her mother.


Everyone in the harem turned out to welcome Kösem back. But the kids…Cennet says Hümaşa took them to her room.

Hümaşa’s waiting in her room. Kösem checks the babies while Hümaşa gives her a sarcastic welcome. Of course she brought the babies here. No one had any idea whether or not she’d be back. What happened was entirely her fault for not following the rules. She should thank Safiye–it’s thanks to her Kösem was found.

Maiden’s Tower

Gurbuz tells Safiye Kösem was found and she’s safe and back in the palace. Iskender got hurt, though. He doesn’t know how seriously.


How is Bülbül gonna stand here and say they found Kösem thanks to guys loyal to Safiye? He might as well just tell her “Safiye did it!”

So, basically Safiye told them where to find her. And what did she get in return?

Hümaşa doesn’t know, but they definitely shouldn’t ignore her mother’s kindness. Is Kösem well?

Yeah, she’s fine, but Iskender isn’t.

Hümaşa drops the act and asks what happened.

Kösem says he’s with the palace physicians before leaving with the babies.

Hümaşa tells Bülbül she has to go check on Iskender.

Haci tells Ahmed the governor of Egypt showed up. They stuck him in one of the billions of little palaces they’ve got lying around. He asked to see Ahmed as soon as Ahmed considered it appropriate.

Does he know about the divorce?

Yep. Hümaşa told him.

Kösem gets caught up with Halime. Things went quickly once Safiye told them where to find her.

Kösem’s like “Yeah, I know. She’s kissing ass.” But all those “loyal” to Safiye are going to pay.

Halime’s sure this was Hümaşa’s doing. They agree she takes after Safiye.

Halime’s pissed that Mustafá got sick and no one even told her, much less let her see him. He’s weak. She did get to see him for a little while, but she wants to be with him until he’s well.

Kösem doesn’t see how, with Hümaşa in the way.

Halime says her husband showed up and said he’s not leaving without her. And he could take her…if they help him.

Hümaşa sneaks into Zülfikar’s room to see Iskender. He’s sleeping on the couch. She calls him her brother and says with Allah’s grace, he’ll recover. Zülfikar only heard the last part of that.

We’re in Úitimas Semanas when we get our next episode on WEDNESDAY 🙁 Until then…

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2 years ago

Thanks, Kat!

“I love Kösem’s independence… ”

Yeah. I do too but she’s impulsive and it makes me really nervous!

2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

The “some she doesn’t” guards would be more effective. She manages to get around anyone she *knows* is trying to stop her.

2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

*sob* me too!