Entre Dos Amores Monday 12/17/18 #39

Pelin comes into her dad’s office while Feyza is screaming at him that she doesn’t want Neriman in their lives and she won’t put up with him giving Neriman what should belong to her daughters. Everybody seems really scared of Pelin when they realize what she heard.

Neriman jokes with Macit that she doesn’t want this dream to end. Macit begs her not to think of it as a dream–if they do, then other people won’t believe it’s real. Maybe for other people it would be a dream, but not for them. For them it’s real.

Pelin throws her tantrum. Selim says Neriman is his sister’s daughter and he has responsibilities.

Oh, sure, but he didn’t remember them until Macit fell in love with her! She already can’t get Macit to stay away from her now, while she’s poor.

She’s yelling loud enough that Sahika doesn’t have to make an effort to listen in from Selim’s assistant’s desk. She says she just needed his signature, but asks the assistant to let her know when things have calmed down.

Pelin complains that Neriman’s going to destroy them all and Selim’s abandoning her just like Macit abandoned her. Selim tries to explain that Neriman turned him down, but Pelin doesn’t think she means it.

Macit drops Neriman off at the studio. She’s surprised he’s not staying, but he says he’s a lousy painter. And he only has room for her in his heart now. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and tells her not to pay attention to his mother.

Rüya and Sinasi make plans to record his second song tonight. He asks Nihat for an andvance.

Nihat checks in with his hench, who still hasn’t found “her.” Nihat tells him to keep looking in every house, every luxury hotel, every tea house…she has to eat, she has to sleep somewhere. He wants Sahika back. (Dun, dun, dun!)

Inci watches Neriman sketching a male torso from a mannequin, but tells her to find a better angle. Sometimes it helps to look from the other side.

Those two busybody neighbors are at Zehra’s house again, making judgmental remarks about Asli to her face. I want to revoke their knitting/crochet privileges–they’re making the rest of us look bad. I don’t know why Zehra lets them into the house at all. Nezahat takes Asli shopping to get away from them.

Ismail tells Kader to go to Zehra’s and bring Asli home. Emre wants to do the same, but Kader tells Emre his dad said “no.” Emre’s surprised, but Kader insists his dad doesn’t want Asli back in this house until she repents. And Emre had better not go over there and embarrass himself.

Neriman gets home at a reasonable hour and she and Fahriye rush upstairs to gossip, leaving Gulter to make dinner alone.

Sahika walks by the café and tells Cihan they can go out tomorrow night. Nezahat and Asli are walking in that direction and Asli goes back to the store for a bag they forgot. Nezahat listens to Sahika and Cihan planning their date until Asli comes back.

Neriman fills Fahriye in on this morning’s date. Fahriye thinks she’s in love.

Macit’s in his office thinking about Neriman. He’s avoiding going home. He tells Onur he’s in love. He’s never fought so much for one person. Onur says the bad news is this is just the beginning.

Sinasi and Cihan have dinner at that place by the water. Cihan asks him how it’s going with Rüya, but Sinasi says it’s never gonna happen.

Fahriye tells Neriman she knew she’d end up with Macit because she’s always been different. While the others were playing with dolls, she read. The others would trace lines in the street while Neriman was drawing flowers. She used to end every argument–when they asked her, she always knew the answer. Fahriye learned to bake while Neriman was studying the lives of artists. There’s something different about her and she got it from her mother. Macit’s not just seeing her beauty, he’s sensing this difference. How it’s all going to end depends on Neriman.

Well, Neriman’s scared. She can accept that what they have is love, but she’s not sure it’s enough to keep them together. His family doesn’t like her.

Fahriye says she’s Nazan’s daughter. She and Macit will be equals when she accepts what’s hers.

At home, Pelin complains to her mom that she won’t be able to keep Neriman away from Macit if she has money. Neriman’s taking everything from her. Her dad is trying to make her lose Macit.

When Selim gets home, Pelin leaves the living room. Feyza says they’re going to the winter house for a while. And it’s his fault. When the remodeling’s done in a couple of days, they’re leaving. He can see the girls at work and that way he and Feyza won’t run into each other. And now she’s blaming it all on Neriman.

Neriman and Fahriye are waiting for Macit to call. Sahika comes in after a shower and flings her wet hair everywhere. Hey, she heard about Selim’s visit…and he unleashed hell at the company. Not because of Macit, but because of Neriman.

Pelin’s family were all fighting in Selim’s office.

Neriman explains to Fahriye that Pelin probably thinks Neriman’s going to accept the inheritance.

Sahika’s surprised she isn’t going to accept.

Inci complains to Macit that he could be putting them in danger. He could end up with Neriman and without a cent.

“If my dad disinherits me for being in love with Neriman, tell him to go for it.” Macit’s ready to leave it all behind right now. He can’t get back what his father lost by sacrificing his life and he doesn’t want to be near someone who doesn’t love him like a father. No more threats.

Kerim overhears their conversation and glares at Macit, but he has nothing to say.

At Osman’s place, Sinasi and Cihan have tea. Cihan complains he’s going on his first and last date with Sahika tomorrow. He needs money! At least Sinasi can write songs.

Sinasi hands over half his advance to Cihan, but Cihan is reluctant to accept it. Sinasi tells him to take it and take Sahika on a nice date.

OK, now I’m also annoyed that Macit hasn’t called. It had better be because he shows up in the neighborhood. Neriman won’t call because she’s not sure how she’s supposed to behave.

The doorbell rings and Fahriye goes downstairs. Sahika opens the door for Cihan. She says she’ll call him tomorrow on her way out of work.

Fahriye and Cihan leave the house and Fahriye tells Cihan to stay away from Sahika. Yeah, good luck with that.

Macit texts “I miss you.”

Neriman texts back “Me too.”

Inci frowns and shakes her head in Macit’s general direction.

Sinasi works on his songs, but he finds a picture of him with Neriman in one of his notebooks. He starts to put it away, but props it up where he can see it instead.

In the morning, Sahika gets ready for work and asks Neriman how her love life is going. Sahika wants nothing to do with love–you need brains to live! She thinks Neriman’s childish not to accept her mother’s inheritance. Without money there’s no love and no life.

Gulter comes in to tell them they’re visiting Zehra tonight. Sahika says she’s got a date, but she won’t say who with.

Cihan comes over to Sinasi’s house. Nezahat opens the door and watches him scratching his head for a while. “Oops, didn’t see you there.” Oh, Nezahat knows.

Sinasi comes downstairs and Nezahat hears them on the front steps talking about Cihan wanting to take Sahika out someplace nice.

Macit meets with Onur and Pelin in his office. Macit and Onur are talking payment schedules, but Pelin’s just thinking about her dad saying he had a responsibility to Neriman.

Macit asks if she’s OK.

If not, what’s he going to do about it? She starts to talk to him, but he takes a call from Neriman. She just wanted to say she missed him. She’s on her way to the studio. He shouldn’t call her there.

Macit agrees.

Kerim’s been listening in and takes Macit into his office with him.

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Thanks Kat!

“I want to revoke their knitting/crochet privilege…”


Kader…what is her deal? Emre’s dad is striking me as not a horrible person. I wish he knew how heinous Kader really was.

Sinasi is not my favorite guy. He still needs to grow, but I’m really worried about his situation with Rüya and Nihat. I’m afraid he’s going to end up trapped in some exploitative contract or something.