Entre Dos Amores Thursday 12/20/18 #42

My mistake–Pelin was headed to her dad’s office, where she walks in right when he’s saying to Duygu “Neriman is family.” Pelin pouts and whines that Neriman’s here right now, in HER company talking to the only man Pelin’s ever loved. Selim makes uncomfortable faces.

(The set for the “summer house” is a repeat from Amar es Primavera.) Inci comes over and Feyza complains that Neriman destroyed their family.

Macit says he’s lost a million-dollar deal and gone against his dad for Neriman.

If he knew the meeting was that important then why did he text her and tell her to come find him? He sent tons of messages and then disappeared.

Macit asks to see the messages on her phone. “New Macit?” He’s genuinely smiling now. He says they’re going to walk out of this office and he wants her not to let go of his hand.

Burcu (his assistant) starts to apologize, saying “I really couldn’t avoid it….” He walks out with Neriman and says “Me neither.”

The rest of the office notices them walking out, but Pelin and Duygu missed it.

At the studio, Nihat’s hench reports that they found the woman, but she got away. They didn’t get the plate number on the car, but they think it was just someone who happened to be driving by. He thinks there was something going on between her and the guy with her, who the other guy with him stabbed.

Nihat is furious. He tells the hench to get back out there and kill “her” and bring “him” to Nihat. He wants to make that guy beg Nihat to kill him.

Sinasi walks in and hears that last bit.

Cihan’s uncomfortable. And he’s upset that Sahika hasn’t shown up yet.

Nihat tells the hench to get going and asks Sinasi what’s up.

Oh, he just…wanted more work.

Well, that depends on him and his songwriting. And by the way (since he knows Sinasi heard him) Nihat’s worked with all kinds of people and there’s only one kind he can’t stand–the ones who are ungrateful.

He starts talking about all of them, including Cihan, going out to dinner, but Rüya interrupts and Nihat gets a phone call.

Macit and Neriman end up at the random bend in the road with the nice view that he likes. Macit admits he knew Neriman was coming to the office and he wanted her to. She tells him not to be jealous of Sinasi–there’s no reason. He tells her, eventually, that this is the first time he’s been in love with someone. Neriman agrees, it’s the first time she’s been in love with someone too.

Feyza’s going on and on to Inci about how Neriman must have said something to Selim and he’s confused. Pelin and Duygu come in and Pelin starts attacking Inci. Neriman was in Macit’s office. Didn’t Inci say she wasn’t a threat to them. How does she feel about it now, huh? And that ring he bought for Inci so that the first and the last woman he loved could both wear it? He’ll probably buy Neriman an even bigger one. Duygu just stands there looking annoyed and I kind of wish she’d say something, but it’s not like any of them would listen.

Macit takes Neriman parking by the water because he doesn’t want to take her home yet (*cough* ever *cough*). She puts her head on his shoulder and they babble about love.

Rüya tries to sneak a look at Sinasi’s notebook, but he says it’s just some old poems. She wants him to read them to her. “My heart beats like the heart of a wounded bird, like my real life, without revealing the memories we have together, the memories persist. When I think of your sweet smile like a beautiful revelation and in your emerald eyes that lied to me once are still there. Forgetting, relief.” I’m sure that loses something in translation(s).

Neriman gets home late again. Gulter acts like Neriman was staying with Cihan and Fahriye for Faiz’s sake, but she wants to know where Neriman really was.

Sahika finds it amusing. (Tiger sweater!) It’s not easy to keep secrets. Plus she sacudiste (shocked) the entire Arcaoglu company.

Macit gets home. Uh oh, mommy and daddy are both waiting for him. Inci wants him to talk to Pelin.

Fine, he’ll do it tomorrow.

Now it’s Kerim’s turn. He wants an explanation for the disgrace that happened today at the company.

Sahika is dying to know what happened today, but Neriman’s fussing over her sketches.

She hopes Macit’s dad didn’t find out.

Find out? Dude went crazy!

Kerim yells at Macit about not ditching Neriman and daring to walk hand-in-hand with her out the front door. He complains that he didn’t build the company in three days and Macit had better not bring it down with his stupid games.

Sahika doesn’t get what Neriman’s “trying” to do–keep Macit panting after her until his dying breath?

Neriman ignores her and makes a big production out of calling Fahriye and asking how Cihan is doing. He’s fine, but Fahriye wants to know what happened when Neriman went to Macit’s office.

“Um…I can’t tell you right now.”

Gulter comes in to find out where Neriman was. Neriman pretends not to be amused by Sahika handing Gulter a ruler and saying of course she didn’t visit Cihan. What would people say?!

Neriman says she was hanging out with a friend all day.

Gulter demands to know what friend she’s talking about. Sahika silently imitates Gulter while Neriman tries not to laugh. She tells Gulter as soon as Neriman goes to sleep, she’ll tell Gulter the name. Now she imitates Gulter to her face and Gulter gives up on getting any info out of them.

Cihan’s still uncomfortable, but he’s out at Osman’s (the sandwich place by the water) with Sinasi. Aren’t they supposed to be having dinner with Nihat?

Emre comes home fussing about wanting his dad to bring Asli back. Kader tells him not to bother–while he’s here missing his wife, she’s shacking up at her mom’s house with some dude. Emre goes back out of the house again while Kader complains that she won’t have Asli back at her house.

Duygu. Pelin. Coffee. Blah blah blah, it’s all Neriman’s fault, Macit is the only man I’ve ever loved. (I’m distracted by the gown on the dress form in Pelin’s room. Costume? Nightie? Purely decorative?)

Emre comes banging on the door of Zehra’s house, calling for Asli and threatening to break the door down. All three of them go downstairs and when Nezahat opens the door to tell him to leave, Emre starts asking where “that man” is. Nezahat shoves him outside, though she has to go with him and shut the door behind her.

Asli’s sobbing that Emre’s there for her. Outside, Emre’s still asking who the man was and all Nezahat will tell him is to GO AWAY and then Sinasi’s coming in the front gate. I have a feeling things are about to get predictable…but for once Emre actually takes Nezahat’s advice and climbs over the railing and the fence and gets the hell off the property. Nezahat tells Sinasi she had just come outside to see if he was home yet.

Inside, Asli and Zehra have gone back upstairs. Nezahat asks Sinasi if he wants to have some tea with her. I think she’s hoping to distract him.

Macit’s thinking about those mystery text messages and of course he guesses Pelin sent them. He gets an “Aren’t you going to wish me good night?” text from Neriman.

Macit: I won’t. If you sleep you won’t think about me.

Neriman: How egotistical.

Macit: No, it’s love. I love you.

Neriman: Me too.

In the morning, Macit texts Pelin to meet him at work early.

Neriman catches Fahriye on her way out of the house. She asks how Cihan is doing and Fahriye says he’s worse than a fideo (a noodle?) and he has more lives than a cat. And Macit?

They made up.

Sinasi walks by, completely ignoring them both. He heads for the bakery/café and sees a still-pained Cihan setting up tables. Cihan finally thinks he and Sahika are not going to happen. Sinasi tells him to forget her.

What, like he forgot Neriman?

Sinasi swears he totally did. Cihan jokes that if Sahika doesn’t call him today…it’ll be two days that she hasn’t called. They laugh. But Cihan’s leg is still hurting.

Macit’s waiting for Pelin in her office. He tells her that he knows what she did and it wouldn’t even have crossed his mind that she would blow a million-dollar deal with her stupid games. He’s not expecting her to confess or agree she did it, but he wants her to know he knows. After he walks out, Pelin smirks and says he should have thought twice about that.

Pelin comes to Sahika’s desk to ask for Sinasi’s number. She doesn’t have it, but Pelin tells her to get it.

Sinasi’s walking down the street (kitties!) when he gets a call from someone asking if it’s him and if he’s in the ‘hood.

Pelin steps out of her SUV, right in front of him.

Macit catches up to Neriman as she’s going into Inci’s studio. He came all this way for a hug? No, I mean…that’s cool.

Pelin asks if Sinasi still loves Neriman.

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