La Sultana Wednesday 12/26/18 #37

Zülfikar’s room

Hümaşa claims she was just coming to check on him. She didn’t realize Iskender was there.

Zülfikar tells her not to worry–he’s fine (except for his broken heart!) and Iskender will be too.

Ahmed’s balcony, morning

Ahmed wants Safiye out of the tower and back at the old palace. But she’s still aislada (isolated? quarantined?) and can’t set foot outside the old palace. (Oh, Ahmed. Have you learned nothing?) She wants a more comfortable prison and that’s what she’ll get.

Team Kösem meeting

While she was kidnapped she heard the guys mentioning Nasuh Ağa. When she heard that Safiye told them how to find her, she put the whole thing together.

Haci’s confused–why did Ahmed order Safiye taken out of Maiden’s Tower?

Because Kösem hasn’t told Ahmed yet. She’s got plans for Nasuh Ağa and for Safiye. They’re going to fall right into their own trap. Cennet: *quizzical head tilt*

Ahmed’s room

Ahmed finally meets with Hasan (Hümaşa’s husband) and asks how things are going in Egypt.

It’s all good. If there were any complaints, Ahmed would have heard them already.

So, what’s Hasan doing here without an invitation?

Well, Derviş wrote him, but then he died….

Ahmed’s already granted Hümaşa’s divorce. Is that why he’s here?

Hasan says there must be some misunderstanding. Hümaşa loves and respects him. Everyone knows they’re happy.

Ahmed’s gonna need to hear that directly from her. If he doesn’t then the divorce will stick.

Zülfikar looks suspicious when Hasan says confidently that he will hear it from Hümaşa.

Kösem’s room

Kösem meets with Nasuh. I’m not sure saying he remembers the day he kidnapped her as if it were yesterday is the best way to start the conversation.

Kösem says he must be regretting that by now, what with his “boss” Safiye having no more power in this palace. Kösem knows everything they’ve done. They’re the ones who had her kidnapped.


Halime’s waiting for Hasan outside Ahmed’s room. Hasan says the divorce is not happening. He and Hümaşa have chains that bind them together. He doesn’t elaborate.

Kösem’s room

OK, look, Nasuh did hang with Safiye, but that ended a long time ago and besides there’s no evidence….

There’s her word. They can go to the Sultan now and see if Nasuh escapes this time.

Nasuh says it’s not necessary–they can settle this between the two of them. They can make a deal.

Kösem wants him to prove his loyalty first by giving her the names of everyone in Safiye’s network and the rest of her treasure.

Old Palace

Safiye’s back and bejeweled again. She’s grateful to Hümaşa for getting her out of prison.

Bülbül is dying to tell Safiye already and Hümaşa agrees. Her brother, the lost prince, is alive. Safiye looks confused.

Ahmed’s room

Ahmed is talking war with Iskender when Zülfikar lets Murat in to drop off the list of names I’m guessing Nasuh gave to Kösem. The last men loyal to Safiye. The guys all look at each other.

Old Palace

Safiye asks if they’re sure this is true. I’m waiting for them to tell her who he is. Hümaşa dances around it a little and then says it’s Iskender.

Safiye remembers talking to him at the tower and her eyes glitter with tears, but they don’t fall down her face. She’s just that good.

Ahmed’s room

Zülfikar takes a look at the list. Murat’s going to go take them all out–he’s already started, actually. And he found the treasure she had hidden at the bazaar.

Iskender says this will show the sultan has no mercy for traitors.

Old Palace

Safiye’s got the screen up to talk to Nasuh. She tries to thank him for helping to get her out of the tower, but he says he’s not worthy. Kösem found out who was still loyal to Safiye and the location of the other treasure.

And he’s the one who told her.

Kösem’s room

She keeps thinking about what Halime said to her. That Hasan Pasha has a way to keep Hümaşa married to him. She doesn’t know if she believes it.

Haci knows him from his time in Egypt and Hasan doesn’t make promises he can’t keep.

Kösem tells him to use that time in Egypt to get Hasan talking and find out what he knows.

Old Palace

Nasuh says Kösem forced him to do it. She found out he was the one who kidnapped her (well, twice at this point). He had to trade Safiye’s power for her freedom. But he’s still totally loyal to her!

Safiye’s not buying that. She screams at him that he’s a traitor and tells him to get out of her sight.

Hümaşa’s secret

Haci visits Hasan’s room. He turns down a glass of wine and says he hopes the divorce won’t put Hasan’s job in jeopardy. He really knows Egypt well.

Oh, that won’t be a problem. Hümaşa’s coming over tonight and they’re going to reconcile.

But they both know Hümaşa won’t give up being in charge.

No, not voluntarily. He’s forcing her to.

Haci looks doubtful. He gives Hasan Kösem’s greetings and offers his help if necessary.

Haci comes to Kösem’s room, looking very pleased with himself.

Bülbül comes to Zülfikar and says he’s worried about Hümaşa. She went to Hasan’s mansion and he’s worried about what might happen. Hasan drinks wine like a fish.

Hümaşa’s searching Hasan’s room for his diary. She doesn’t find it and he won’t let her leave. He won’t be gotten rid of so easily.

Hümaşa offers to give Hasan all her fortune in exchange for the diary.

He can’t do that. He doesn’t have it anymore.

Kösem and Halime are reviewing it while Haci explains that she’s been skimming from the taxes in Egypt and sending it to Safiye.

Hasan says both she and her mother deceived him. If all is revealed, he’ll be blamed. Does she think he’s stupid?

She screams in his face that she wants the diary and Hasan attacks her. He’s done taking her orders.

Zülfikar comes in and throws Hasan on the floor. He threatens to stab him, but instead tells the guards to take Hasan to the dungeon.

In the morning, Hümaşa summons Kösem. Kösem’s ready for her–is she looking for this? She pulls out the diary and says Hasan was very meticulous in noting the amount of bribes and the gold transferred to Safiye.

Hümaşa dares her to go tell Ahmed, but that’s not what Kösem wants.

Hasan gets dragged into Ahmed’s room. Ahmed doesn’t think he deserves forgiveness or pity. Now he’ll find out what it means to raise a hand to a sultana.

Hümaşa comes in, shoots Hasan a dirty look and tells Ahmed they have things they need to talk about.

It’s not Hasan’s fault. It’s her fault for forcing him into it. And she doesn’t want a divorce. She thinks it’s best if she goes back to Egypt with Hasan.

Out in the hallway, Hasan thanks Kösem for saving him.

She hopes things calm down now.

Hasan agrees.

And now Hümaşa has to face Ahmed. Why did she change her mind? Did Hasan threaten her?

Hümaşa says it’s difficult for her to admit, but when she came back after so many years, she was dazzled and made a hasty decision. She’s sorry. Her place is in Egypt.

If that’s what she wants, OK.

Next she talks to Zülfikar. He knows she doesn’t want to go, so why is she doing this?

Hümaşa asks if he can keep a secret. She has to leave because of her biggest weakness–her mother. That’s all she’ll say. But she’d love to stay. Hint, hint.

Safiye’s room

Safiye asks Iskender to visit to thank him for being there for her. He kept her from dying. He never forgot she was a sultana.

She notices the amulet peeking out of his shirt and asks about it.

He says it’s an amulet he’s always had.

Safiye asks him to come by sometimes, so they can talk.

Well, if that’s what she wants, he’ll come by as often as he can. She has to know something, though–he’s completely loyal to the Sultan.

Time passes

Our sweet little curly-haired Mustafá has grown. And he’s still terrified that his brother’s going to kill him any time now. He’s got a hallucination that taunts him about it and tells him to take up his sword and fight.

Two soldiers come in to take him to see Ahmed.

Safiye’s in her room with Hümaşa when Bülbül brings in a concubine he’s named “Yazemin” because it’s Kösem’s favorite flower.

Haci tells Kösem the tables are set up in the garden, but her princes and sultanas are here and want to give her their blessings.

Oh, we’re going to need some introductions here. There’s a procession of 8? kids including 2 babies. I’m guessing the taller boy with brown hair is Osman and the one right after him is Mehmed. Possibly the tallest girl is Melecki?

Bülbül gives Yazemin instructions to be calm when she’s with the sultan…

Safiye explains to Hümaşa that this girl had a tragic past and no memory of who she was. Safiye’s men found her at a monastery in Venice. She’s been trained.

Bülbül tells Yazemin the smallest error could get them all killed.

Hümaşa agrees Safiye has planned everything perfectly, but Kösem has complete control of the harem and no one has spent more than one night with the sultan in years.

Safiye thinks Yazemin is like a burning flame and she won’t be with him just once. Safiye assigns Hümaşa to protect her in the harem.

Safiye says they’ve been waiting for this moment for years. Bülbül says they’re going to get everything back.

Yep, Yazemin is the end of Kösem and the end of Ahmed. And then they’ll put Prince Iskender on the throne.

Oh, wait, I called it wrong. The tallest boy is Mehmed! And he doesn’t know where Osman is, but we do–he’s out practicing his archery skills and complaining to his teacher that his parents haven’t noticed he’s a grown man. He should be governing a district. Isn’t that what the teacher told him?

Well, yes, but Ahmed is the one who has to decide that. It’s best Osman doesn’t say it out loud. Too many princes have lost their lives for ignoring customs.

Cennet comes outside to tell Osman his mom’s here. She stays outside to flirt with Omer, who flirts right back.

I swear, the instructions Hümaşa gives one of the servants are the same ones Safiye gave on Kösem’s first day–give her a room and a bath and get her some new clothes. She has to look dazzling. Hümaşa tells her to enjoy the calm before the storm. Either she’s going to take Ahmed’s breath away or hers will be taken away.

Yazemin says she’s ready.

The servant tells Hümaşa her husband is in his room waiting for her.

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