La Mujer del Vendaval #119

The Air Is Thick With Plotting

Octavia pays for her potion, smiling contentedly all the while.

Alba asks Selma isn’t she moving too fast, but Selma says no, its just that Amadeo is like all the mens, afraid of settling down, but she knows he really loves her and if Alba, his best friend, tells him its normal to be nervous, and that Selma is the right choice for him, he’ll jump right in. Alba reluctantly agrees to talk to Amadeo about it.

Amadeo calls and speaks with Sagrario. First she asks why Alba come home all rumpled and torn up, but he doesn’t have much of an explanation for that. Then when he wants to come talk things over tomorrow, she tells him he can’t , cause they’re going to ML’s presentation at the Toscana.

Als wants Marcela to buy herself a pretty dress for the party, but she reminds him she’s got the dress she wore when they first met. He remembers. Guess she doesn’t need a new dress after all (ok this should be a major turning point for him, what kind of gold digger tells you she doesn’t need to go shopping? C’mon Al)

Toscana Time

ML shows up at the front desk, trailed by a gal carrying all her many shopping bags, and orders the gal at the front desk to helper take the stuff up to the room. Just then, she sees Nisa, squeals and ostentatious cheek kissing ensue. ML simply must have Nisa’s help getting ready for her presentation. Where’s it gonna be? Right here baby! Nisa still has the giant teddy bear Cuchi gave her and the girls carry it around with them as they talk.

ML tells her amigi bout the brouhaha when Luc found out about the presentation. When Nisa exclaims how furious her dad must’ve been ML says honey your dad lives in a constant state of furious (which is actually pretty perceptive).

Anyway Nisa’s happy for ML and happy ML is there so she can help Nisa with her torn between two lovers problems. Its just that Cuchi is sooo sweet, she squeezes the bear, but then so’s Cami with his serenading and cleaning bathrooms and all. Cami is hiding behind a housekeeping cart and listening and looks furious. ML on the other hand thinks the whole thing is a big joke and goes to get a massage.

Nisa coos to the bear till Cami comes up behind her and surprises her. He asks about the bear and she tells him ML gave it to her when she came for her presentation. Sure she did.


Dubious and Devious

Oct tells Mauro that now that Luc knows about the presentation, he’s furious and will surely do something drastic to ruin everything. Its all going perfectly for Oct’s plan. Mauro worries that if they make ML mad she’ll tell on them. Oct lies and says she’s given up on her plan to kill ML, but surely if other people ruin the presentation, it can’t be Oct’s fault. Mauro leaves reassured. Oct fondles the potion bottle and coos that killing ML would be crazy.


There’s A Disgusting Rat Running Around The Ranch

Creepy Old Man Severo is getting around pretty good now, and he’s skulking around. leaving his room to spy on the main house. Mateo’s lawyer comes to tell the fam that after the second investigation he’s sure that the shot July heard in the town square is the one that killed Mike! They now have proof to clear Mateo. Severo listening outside swears he’ll prevent it somehow.
Also the doc from the clinic is here to see Severo, so he has to hobble back to his room double time.

The doc looks and says Severo looks well rested (huh, guess he must not be sweaty from all the hopping around he’s doing) The doc does some reflex tests and Severo holds out pretty good till finally he he can’t stop his foot from moving. Everybody but the doc looks more scared than happy, especially Severo. The doc says this is a good sign, looks like Severo’s gonna recover. Great, says Marcela, you can take him away with you now then. Um, no. The clinic still doesn’t have room, nor does the one in San Jacinto, and to get him int to a prison hospital takes a court order we don’t have. Marcela and the fam don’t want him recovering there, so he can kill them all. Which, Severo thinks, doesn’t sound like a bad idea. The doc says they can bring Severo to his office for some tests maybe he can get Severo off their hands. Marcela says the sooner Severo is outta there the better, and everybody seems to agree with her, even Severo thinks he’d like to go to town and get some fresh air. Alba looks like she’s appalled this is her father.


Twisted Love Triangle

Lencho is upset for several reasons when Oct tells him about ML’s event and also, his dad’s gonna be there. Oct uses the, Al asked me to do it and I can’t refuse him anything, I’m all he has, excuse. Oct doesn’t want him to go as ML’s date, but he also can’t go as her date or Mauro’s date since his dad will be there.

Lencho is really not thrilled his dad will be there, he doesn’t know how he’ll face him. Oct talks him into going to the event and playing it cool. Lencho lets himself be persuaded because whatever “it” is Oct sure has it.


High Blood Pressure Lifestyle

Luc rants that something must be done, we can’t let Marcela get away with this. He will not allow it!


Cuchi and Gordo’s Clubhouse

Cuchi throws a tantrum that “his” girlfriend is “cheating on him with that cowboy” Gordo calms him down and then in parallel scenes, Gordo and Lencho talk Cuchi and Cami out of breaking their rival’s faces and then teach them how to sabotage their rival’s seductions.

Gordo has an extra side plan, though, when Nisa gets fed up with the two idiots and tired of their games, Gordo will step in and get the girl. He has an evil laugh, and Cuchi brainlessly laughs along with.

Cami starts it off when he and Lencho sneak in to Nisa’s room and sprinkle something all over her giant bear. Then Gordo talks Cuchi in to going to the event to impress Nisa. (I wonder if they have tuxes with board shorts)


Who Wears The Pants?

Al wants to go out and instruct the workers himself, but Marcela wants to go with. They argue till Alba comes in to talk to Marcela about Selma’s request for help putting the shackles on Amadeo. Al escapes, alone.

Marcela sees right through Selma’s plan and can’t believe 1. Selma’s nerve. and 2. that Alba’s actually considering helping her. Then Alba tells about Cris coming to vacay in SBP so he can see for himself if Alba loves Amadeo. Alba still feels things for Cris, lots of things, (if one of them isn’t irritation, I’m gonna lose faith in Alba ) but she’s afraid if she asks Amadeo to help her drive Cris away, she’ll just end up more confused.

Rosa announces the arrival of the The San Bartolo Tiger, and in he comes to offer his services as fake boyfriend for the event tomorrow.

Marcela leaves them alone to talk. Alba really doesn’t want to get him in trouble with Selma, but Amadeo assures her that Selma understands. Plus, he’s even bought a fancy new suit so he’ll fit in with the fancy people and Cris can’t look down his nose at him. Alba thanks him for always being there when she needs him and for being so sweet, and Amadeo moves closer while eagerly looking into her eyes.

Al is giving instructions to one of the farm hands. They’re going to plant some new crops and he doesn’t need Marcela’s or Mateo’s input. The worker isn’t sure about all this, but Al is.

Mauro kisses Inez as they’re leaving work. Lencho sees and yells at Mauro’s back an attaboy.


Lower, Lower

Maria Laura is enjoying her massage too much and keeps urging the masseuse to massage lower down her lower back till he rebels and walks out in a huff just as Octavia walks in with a very special glass of champagne just for ML. (ok, but why is the masseuse not wearing a shirt?) To celebrate her upcoming success. Oct urges her to drink it up, and it’ll put ML right to sleep. Oct won’t be joining her in a drink, she’s got a meeting, and doesn’t stay to make sure ML does drink it so she doesn’t see ML smell the glass, notice the bubbles and think its spoiled and spit out the one sip she tastes. ML then orders down to room service for a beer and a tequila shot.

Not knowing the failure of her plan, Oct instructs Sandra at the desk not to disturb ML.


Deadly Sabotage

Nisa embraces and kisses her giant teddy till she gets a funny look on her face and sneezes. Soon she’s coughing and sneezing uncontrollably as she answers Cami’s knock on the door and keeps sneezing. Cami ineffectually pats her on the back as she says it smells like pepper and she’s allergic to pepper and stops breathing

Timo arrives a day ahead of schedule, to Oct’s dismay. She tries to fend off his advances, she wants to be all business and he’s relentless in his romantic pursuit.


All The Good Ones Are Taken

Alba has a dream wherein she’s searching till she finds Amadeo and then they’re happily arm in arm till Selma comes in dressed in a wedding dress and asks why Alba took him from her. Selma drags a still smiling Amadeo out. Then Alba sees Cris and tells him he’s the one she loves and hugs him, but Nuria comes in and demands her husband back, leaving Alba all alone.


Like Talking To A Brick Wall

Al reminisces, in his head various scenes of Marcela professing her love for him play. In real time she tries to reassure him that their visit to the Toscana will go well, maybe his folks will even come to their senses and offer him his job back.

Is that what she wants?

She just wants him to be happy and if his job’ll make him happy then great. He turns away from her to sleep, but she cuddles up behind him and hugs him.

Hospital Guilt

Camilo impatiently waits for news of Nisa. The nurse says Nisa could’a died. It’s a good thing he brought her in so quickly. Nisa comes out looking perfectly well and thanks Cami for being her hero. He’ll settle for being her only love.


Hoisted By Her Own Petard

Oct convinces Timo to go with her to a loud club so she won’t have to talk to him

He’s trying to talk to her anyway. He’s asking her to marry him but she can’t hear and thinks he’s asking her to dance so she says yes. So, he takes her hand and slides a ring on, to Oct’s horror.

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