La Sultana Thursday 12/27/18 #38


Kösem’s heading out of her room with the kids when Osman arrives. He hopes she’s not disappointed–he was with Lala Omer Effendi. Kösem calls him “mi león” and says she could never be disappointed in him. Mehmed seems a little jealous.

Hümaşa’s married to Zülfikar. Life is not fair.

Ahmed’s taking medicinal cocktails. Iskender’s now Has Odabaşi. Mustafá refuses to leave his mansion and threw out the guards who were sent to fetch him.

At least Ahmed’s having a taster check out the drink first, but I still don’t like it. Ahmed sends Iskender to go get Mustafá.

Outside, the kids stand in their neat little line waiting for Kösem. Osman’s wondering where one of his brothers is, but Murat (third in line) says he’s not even their brother. Kösem says it doesn’t matter if they have different mothers, they all have the same blood. Mehmed agrees–Osman is the son of Mahfiruz, but he’s still their brother. Osman looks uncomfortable.

Mustafá’s mansion

Halime’s still alive and kicking. She wants to know what’s got Mustafá and Dilruba so scared. No one can hurt them on a holiday.

Dilruba insists on going to find out what happened before she lets Mustafá go anywhere.

Iskender arrives. He explains that Ahmed wants everyone there for a celebration in the garden.

Sounds innocent enough to Halima.

Garden Party

Halime and the kids show up, but Mustafá looks like the cracking of a twig could spook him. Dilruba thanks Ahmed for letting Mustafá out today.

Kösem wishes Zülfikar and Hümaşa happiness. Good thing Hasan’s not here to see her happy with another man. And Hümaşa sure did hurry right back to Istanbul to get engaged after Hasan died.

Hümaşa says that’s all in the past.


Halime and Dilruba are still planning to put Mustafá on the throne, but Dilruba’s running out of patience. Halime says they need to gather power and they can only do that through Dilruba. She needs to marry the most powerful guy on the council.

Haci tells Kösem that Osman went to the old palace. Dun, dun, dun!

Old Palace

Safiye’s trying to turn Osman against Kösem. Sure, a satisfied wolf doesn’t attack a sheep, but eventually it gets hungry.

Then it’s a good thing she’s not a wolf and he’s not a sheep.

Safiye thinks it’s obvious something is happening to Ahmed and if he should happen to die, it’s obvious whose side Kösem would take. Osman’s not even her blood….


Ahmed’s leaving the palace again. Kösem’s in charge while he’s away.

He’s worried about Mustafá. He thought he’d see his little brother today, but he didn’t recognize him at all. There’s a wall between them. He looked at Ahmed as if he were a stranger. And Ahmed knows it’s his fault.

Kösem doesn’t want him feeling guilty. Everyone was howling for blood and Ahmed saved him. That’s why he’s locked up–to protect him.

Ahmed can see him in his dreams, begging to be let out.

Osman’s working on something that looks like calligraphy. Kösem calls him her artist prince.

And anyway, what did he talk to Safiye about? Kösem reminds him Safiye’s a traitor who only wants to take advantage of him.

Osman says she’s already paid the price for the crime she committed years ago. What could she do?

Kösem says Safiye could be on her deathbed and she’d still be trying to hurt them. (And she’d look fabulous doing it too.)

Hümaşa wants Iskender to deliver a gift to Ahmed while they’re out hunting. One of the servants will give him the gift personally.

Zülfikar seems suspicious when he sees Iskender and Hümaşa talking alone. Hümaşa has no problem telling him Iskender’s going to deliver a gift to Ahmed for her.

Iskender meets the servant and asks her to hand over the present already, he’s in a hurry.  Of course “the present” is Yazemin.


Ahmed’s about to shoot Bambi when a soldier noisily rides up and says they’ve captured Mehmed Giray. Conveniently one of the older boys asks for clarification and Omer says Mehmed’s in charge of the Crimea, but he’s been on the run for a while because he started a war over the throne when Ahmed didn’t want him to. (I guess the uncle was really hanging in there.)

Mehmed asks forgiveness.

Ahmed gives us some more details. He sprung Şahin from prison and then fought his uncle for the throne.

Yeah, Mehmed knows. He was on his way to ask forgiveness.

Ahmed knows, because he got a letter of apology that said Mehmed wanted to come to the palace. Ahmed’s all about mercy for his subjects, so one of the soldiers cuts off the head of the guy next to Mehmed. Ahmed owed him for saving Kösem’s life. Now they’re even.

He has the guys take Mehmed to the dungeon. Osman and Mehmed look disturbed. (I can’t tell which one’s which unless they’re standing next to each other so I can see who’s taller.)

Old Palace

Kösem stops by to visit Safiye and tell her to stay away from her son, Osman.

Safiye snottily says Kösem didn’t give birth to him.

Well, she did save him from Safiye’s executioners. She raised him, she nursed him. No matter what anyone says, Osman is her son.

Safiye complains that Kösem wants everyone to obey her (and you don’t?) and wants everyone to like her (now that’s just petty). She’s got all the Agas under her control. Anyone disobeys and they die. Like Murat Pasha. Safiye knows Kösem’s the one who gave the order to Nasuh to kill him.

And we see in a flashback that it’s true. Murat went against Kösem and Nasuh poisoned him and talked him to death.

Nasuh was Kösem’s right hand. She had apparently promised her daughter Ayşe in marriage to Nasuh from the time she was three, but all his crimes came to light and they found out about all the bribes he accepted and he had to die.

Kösem agrees, it doesn’t matter who does it, anyone who betrays the sultan will be punished.

Safiye says Kösem’s good at cutting ties. One day she’ll cut her ties with Osman. What would happen if she had to choose between Osman and Mehmed? Could she really be on Osman’s side and go against her blood?

Kösem tells Safiye again to stay away from her sons–especially Osman.


Yazemin is delivered to Ahmed’s tent. (*grumble* *hiss*)


Kösem heard about the concubine. Iskender says she was a gift from Hümaşa and Hümaşa asked him to deliver her personally.

Well, then Kösem thinks Iskender really oughtta be there. What do they know about her? What if she tries to hurt Ahmed?

But why would Hümaşa do that?

Uh, because she’s Safiye’s daughter? Kösem doesn’t trust them and neither should he. He should be thinking about how to protect the sultan. And the princes! She might try to hurt them.

Iskender says Kösem’s exaggerating. (Dude, she’s a mom. You don’t say that to a worried mom. Why is his head still attached?) He sent his best guys with the sultan and the princes.


Yeah. They did it. And in the morning Ahmed wakes up alone and Yazemin’s across the room sketching him. He asks where she learned to sketch and she says she’s Venetian and lived at a monastery for years.

Ahmed calls the Ağas and asks them to bring the art supplies their painters use.

Old Palace

Bülbül reports to Safiye that Yazemin had The Sex with Ahmed and he really seems to like her.

Great! Now they can start poisoning him little by little, like they did to her son Mehmed. She gives him a little vial to give Yazemin.

Bülbül knows he’s been having stomach pains and he’s been hiding them from everyone, including Kösem. They can use the concoction the doctor has been making for him.

Safiye warns Bülbül that Hümaşa can’t know about this. She needs to keep thinking Yazemin is competition for Kösem. If she knew the truth, she’d never allow it. She loves her nephew too much.


Ahmed gets home. Haci brings his medicine on a tray. Ahmed’s quiet too long and Haci takes advantage and says he thinks they really ought to tell Kösem. Ahmed refuses because he knows it’s minor and there’s no reason to worry her. (*fist bump* of solidarity for everyone who just got reminded of their spouse.)


Halime butters up Halil Pasha before saying the best way to keep his job is to be married into the dynasty. And Sultana Dilruba’s ready for marriage.

Mustafá’s mansion

Ahmed comes to visit…or does he? He tells Mustafá not to be afraid. All the kids are curious about him. Especially Osman.

Mustafá says there are too many princes and sultanas and he can’t tell who’s who. (We feel your pain, bro.)

Ahmed says he’ll get to know them soon. He doesn’t want Mustafá separated from his family anymore. He’s free now. Ahmed knows Mustafá has hated him all these years, but he was trying to protect him from everyone, including Ahmed himself. He hugs Mustafá and says it’s over. His captivity is over.

Mustafá does NOT seem comfortable with any of this.


In her room, Kösem’s breastfeeding one of the two babies. In her gown and her tiara. I don’t think the gown would catch on as a trend, but maybe the tiara.

She asks Cennet what she knows about the woman Hümaşa sent.

Cennet says they really don’t know anything about her, but why worry? The Sultan only has eyes for her.

Kösem’s not worried about that, it’s just that they don’t know her and Hümaşa sent her in secret. What happens if she betrays them?

Mustafá didn’t used to get announced when he passed by the harem, but he does now. Halime greets him wearing a gorgeous green dress. All the concubines get to witness his reunion with his mom and sister. (Although, I’m sure some of them were thinking “Move it along, already!”)

Kösem asks Hümaşa about the woman she sent Ahmed. Hümaşa says she’s pleasant, beautiful, smart, educated. Hümaşa thought she’d be a good present for Ahmed. That’s not a problem, right?

Nope. Not as long as she’s a loyal subject of the sultan’s.

Hümaşa’s sure she is, considering the came back from hunting together. And he sent her to the favorites when they got back. Kösem’s smile just gets wider.

Menekşe’s freaking out. Mustafá killed a concubine because he thought she was an assassin. Halime comforts him, but Menekşe doesn’t know what to do. Do they tell everybody she attacked him?

Oh hell no. that would be the end of them! No one can find out!

Dilruba tells Menekşe to help her get rid of the body. Nothing happened tonight, got it?

In the morning, Halime checks on Mustafá again. She tells him he can’t say anything about what happened yesterday. Everything is going to be fine and they’ll be happy like they were before.

Mustafá says it’s not his fault. Pinhan told him to do it. He gets up and shoves his hallucination.

Dilruba comes out the harem exit with Menekşe and some servants and a large basket of laundry.

Some Pasha’s out there trying to hit on her while she’s trying to keep an eye on the servants. She tells them to be careful–there’s valuable stuff in there.

So of course, they drop the basket.

He rushes over to help, but they’ve all seen the body by then. He stares at Dilruba in horror and she just stares back at him like nothing happened.

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