Entre Dos Amores Friday 12/21/18 #43


Macit and Neriman’s hug goes on. She knows something’s wrong, but he says as long as she holds him like that nothing will happen.

Macit says he and Neriman just have to be strong, to defend themselves from the others. Yeah, his family hates her, but her family doesn’t know about him. And when everyone finds out their only support will be each others’ hands. He wants to trust the owner of those hands.

No prob. She’d never abandon him.

Macit tells her to trust him and no one else.

Well, Neriman’s gotta go. Macit tells her not to listen to, uh–

His mom? It’s hard to talk or to be quiet around her. She’s like a wild wind.

If only she knew the winds blowing against him.


Sinasi won’t answer Pelin’s question, so she just barrels on with he loves Neriman and she loves Macit and she knew they’d come to an agreement.

Sinasi wants no part of whatever Pelin is cooking up. Around here when you love someone, you want to see them happy with someone else and not unhappy with you. He tells her to just back off already.

Pelin says he’ll be bitter and angry like her one day and she’ll be waiting for him.

Sinasi warns her one last time to leave Neriman alone. He’ll show no mercy to any one who hurts her.

Sinasi’s walking near the water when Rüya calls him. He doesn’t answer her and she asks if he’s OK.

He hangs up and continues his mopey inner monologue about not asking nightingales for love and drowning.


Inci tries to antagonize Neriman, having her start her drawing over. Unless she’s too tired.

Nope. She can do what she likes and believes in without getting tired.

Inci hopes she uses that patience. She’s going to need it.

 Neriman thinks it’s about love. You can be infinitely patient with what you love.

And when her patience runs out, Inci will take care of things. (Neriman makes a face like she wonders if Inci’s talking about Macit.


At the café, Cihan’s boss is giving him a hard time about exaggerating his wound. Gulter says he really ought to be resting. Cemal accidentally gives Cihan another day off.


Sahika shares the gossip with Onur. Pelin and Macit got into an argument, Pelin left, she came back even angrier.

Onur warns her to stay out of it. He doesn’t know who’s protecting her, but he’s starting to get tired of her.

Selim asks Sahika to come to his office. She smiles and tells Onur she’ll be more careful–no one’s job is assured.

Selim hands over some files Onur was asking for. Sahika tells him Neriman was happy he came over to her house. Oh yeah, she lives with Neriman. She’s Faiz’s niece. Anyway, Neriman just wanted him to know.

Selim wants to know what else Neriman said.

Um…that if her father hadn’t been there she would have taken her uncle’s hand right away.

Back at her desk, Sahika ignores a call from Cihan.

He’s outside Arcaoglu and he’s annoyed Macit showed up to work.

Cihan tells Macit he was just here to visit Sahika, but she’s busy. So he’ll go now.

“Without making a scene?”

Cihan swallows his ‘tude and thanks Macit for getting them out of there the other night and taking them home. He’d like to wash the car seat so it’s not all bloody.

Macit says he doesn’t need to.

Pelin comes to Macit’s office to taunt him about Neriman and her lies.

Macit’s done believing Pelin. He’s ready to believe whatever Neriman says.

Pelin keeps on talking about how he’s trusting Neriman the way she trusted him and when he wants to come back to Pelin she’s going to enjoy turning him away.

Onur comes in and Pelin tells him to give Macit his address in Paris before Defne creates another earthquake.

Macit’s pissed that Onur told Pelin about Defne and kicks him out of his office. (Uh, could Onur maybe tell the rest of us?)

Music studio

Sinasi goes to the studio and tells Rüya he had some family problems. He’s not OK, but he thinks he should be. He’s tired of trying to please everyone.

Rüya is almost finished going over the last song Sinasi completed. He hands her a new one for her to review.


At the studio, Neriman shows Inci the new sketch. She looks at it, says it’s better, and says Neriman can go.

But when Neriman gets to the door, Inci asks if Macit told her she’s his first love. He always does the same thing. She’d better be careful or she’ll suffer. Macit’s had the same relationship over and over–he starts out enthusiastic and then it ends. They’re tired of paying the price for the hearts he’s broken.

Neriman says there are things you can’t avoid.

Like her parents? They must have thought the same way, but then her mother ended up in a life where she didn’t belong. Losing everything she had must have been difficult.

She died in the arms of the man she loved, she lived in love, she died in love too. That’s why her mother was never sorry, but it’s too bad her family was blind to her love. What mother wouldn’t want her child to be happy in this life? Her mother died in the place where she belonged.

Inci says her dad’s been the only one to tell the story. Maybe her mother’s version would be different from what she’s heard from the rest of the family. It sounds like a fairy tale to her. Inci answers her cell phone with Neriman standing right there in her office.


Zehra comes to visit Gulter. She needs a favor–she needs some money.

Zehra hasn’t been able to pay the rent this month. Gulter’s sure they can solve the problem. She’ll get her check in another week.

Zehra says a week is too long. And she’d be embarrassed to have Gulter ask Faiz.

Gulter says that’s how things work–today for you, tomorrow for us. She gave Neriman money for clothes to go to her art classes twice a week.

Yeah, Zehra noticed she was dressing up nice and doing her hair and makeup.

Gulter’s like “Seriously? Whether you have money or not, you’re always throwing punches.” She goes off to talk to Faiz.

Faiz gives Gulter the money and tells her to put it in her purse and tell Zehra she forgot she had it so Zehra won’t be embarrassed.

Music studio

Nihat’s hench is still striking out. Nihat wants the guy she was with.

Cihan walks in on Nihat yelling at the hench and the hench walks out without looking at Cihan.

Cihan and Nihat end up chatting about their love lives.

Sinasi gets paid for his second song. Cihan says they should go have dinner, and Sinasi invites Rüya along.

Sammiches by Osman

Cihan and Sinasi take Rüya to Osman’s food stand. It reminds her of where she grew up in Ankara with her sister Olcay. She’s still there, she’s married, and she has two daughters.

Cihan asks Sinasi when it’s their turn. Her sister already has two kids–they’re running behind. And it’s all because Sinasi was waiting for Neriman.


Sinasi says he’s not waiting for anyone. That’s over.

Fahriye calls Cihan to tell him there’s no electricity at the house. She’s going over to Neriman’s. Cihan excuses himself to go see what’s wrong. He hands Sinasi the check.

Rüya asks if he needs to leave, but he’d rather stay with her. Their hands touch and their eyes meet over the sammich.


Fahriye gets to Neriman’s and complains that it’s freezing out there. Neriman suggests to Gulter that they have salep…and then she and Fahriye head upstairs and leave Gulter to make it.

Cihan runs into Sahika on his way home. He asks if she’s not taking his calls and complains that he took a taxi to her job. She asks if he’s expecting her to pay the fare.

Cihan grabs Sahika’s arm and says he’s going to say something and he wants her to listen.

When she glares at him and gets up in his face, he decides he doesn’t have anything to say.

Sahika says the exterior might change, but what’s inside is the same. When she first saw him she knew he was just like everyone else.

Cihan says she has no idea what trouble she just got into. Sure Cihan, whatever.

Rüya liked the sandwich place. She asks if Sinasi misses the past.

Nope, the present is more valuable than tomorrow or yesterday.

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