La Sultana Friday 12/28/18 #39

Harem exit

Menekşe hurries to gather up the basket while Dilruba tells the Ağas to go. She whispers to Pasha Whatsisname not to ask her any questions and just help.


Ahmed shows Kösem the sketches Yazemin drew. She says they’re incomplete–she’s not in them. But yeah, Yazemin is talented. She should draw the two of them together.

Ahmed likes the idea. He sends Yazemin back to the harem. She’s already making faces at Kösem.

Kösem heard that Ahmed has freed Mustafá. She’s glad. He was feeling so guilty it wouldn’t even let him sleep. She was worried he’d get sick.

Hümaşa asks Iskender to protect Yazemin. She’s worried Kösem might hurt her.

OK, first of all, no one’s going to hurt one of the sultan’s lovers (well, sure, except for all the times they went after Kösem) and second, Kösem’s not going to fight with some common concubine over the sultan.

She’s just saying, if anything happens to Yazemin he’s going to answer for it.

Zülfikar bursts into the room and we’re totally thinking the same thing–this is the second time he’s walked in on the two of them talking alone. Hümaşa asks what he’s doing there. Zülfikar returns the question.

Bodies in the Bosphorus

Seriously, why is no one monitoring this little stretch of shoreline where Kösem nearly got killed? And now Pasha Whoever rolls the incriminating laundry basket into the water and says he’ll be on his way if Dilruba doesn’t need anything else. (Well, there’s this one Hatun who keeps burning my toast….)

Dilruba’s surprised Pasha Davud isn’t asking any questions. Doesn’t he want to know who that was.

Nope. Doesn’t matter. She must have pissed Dilruba off and for that she deserved to die. No one’s worth more than Dilruba. Dilruba’s looking at him like potential husband material.


Yeah, Zülfikar’s definitely suspecting an affair between his wife and her secret brother. What’s he supposed to think when he’s always running into them alone together and she’s always talking about him and he’s seen the way she looks at him. (Dude, we all look at Iskender like that, it’s nothing to worry about.)

Hümaşa says he’s insulting her and it breaks her heart.

Fine, Hümaşa won’t tell him what’s going on, Iskender will!

Hümaşa gets in his way and refuses to let him leave the room. When she can get him to quiet down, she says Iskender’s her brother. And thus his brother too.

Dilruba tells Halime that the dead servant is swimming with the fishes. Menekşe’s worried about someone looking for her. Halime says they’ll say she sent her to the old palace.

But what if Mustafá talks? He’s been so strange lately!

Halime says he won’t say anything to anybody and neither will any of them. No one knows anything.

Menekşe says there’s one person who does. Dilruba admits Davud Pasha found out what they were up to–but he helped instead of turning them in.

Zülfikar’s confused–Iskender’s a prince?

Hümaşa says she’s been keeping the secret all this time–if she’d told anyone, they would have cut off his head. Zülfikar can’t tell anyone. For her. And for Iskender.

Kösem’s looking through Yazemin’s book of sketches in the favorites alcove. Some of the drawings seem familiar to her. They remind her of where she came from.

In Ahmed’s room, Yazemin sneaks out of bed to poison his medicine.

The following day, Ahmed and Kösem pose for their portrait, but he’s ready to call it quits early.

Kösem takes a look at the painting and tells Yazemin she’s very talented. She picks up the sketch book and asks about the drawing of the silos. Yazemin says it’s just a sketch. She doesn’t actually know that place.

Iskender comes outside to tell Kösem that Mehmed G wants to talk to her about something important.

Ahmed is scooping out every last bit of medicine from the container and he’s feeling worse instead of better.


Osman’s teacher/advisor is working for Safiye. He’s also flirting with Cennet as part of her plan. She wants Kösem isolated and if anyone won’t turn their backs on her, they’ll pay.

Mehmed’s place

Mehmed invites Kösem to have a seat in his courtyard and explains that because of their common past, he doesn’t feel right keeping quiet about something he heard.

Someone’s planning to overthrow Ahmed and put one of the princes on the throne. (Well, it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise ever.)

Slave market

The slaver’s extolling the beauty of the women he’s trying to sell. One woman asks him for water and he snaps at her that now’s not the time.

Osman and Omer are in the crowd.

The woman collapses and the buyers start saying she’s going to die if none of them buy her.

The slaver starts kicking her and telling her to get up and that’s about enough for Osman. He rushes onto the platform, shoves the slaver away, and asks for water for her while the buyers are like “Hey, is that prince Osman?”


Halime’s mixing up some magic. Something to calm Osman down. To improve his mood.

Dilruba doesn’t see what’s wrong with his mood. He just needs some fresh air.

Out of nowhere, Halime asks why Dilruba doesn’t go to the stables. She hasn’t seen her horse in ages. Halil Pasha’s waiting for her there, so they can talk and get to know each other.

Slave market

The slaver’s complaining that she’s faking–all those women are like that. He starts kicking her again and Osman punches the guy out. He’s suddenly surrounded by a ring of armed men keeping everyone away from him.

Osman asks the woman what her name is and says he’s not going to hurt her. “Angela” (With a g as in “angle” not “angel.”)

Well, she’s coming with Osman. The guards start clearing everyone out of his way.


Dilruba feeds her horse apples. Halil Pasha comes up to ask if her mom’s told her about their union.

Their union?

Well, yeah, her mom thinks he’s worthy of being married to her.

Dilruba doesn’t think he should be so confident. He might offend Allah.

Davud Pasha sees them talking.


Kösem wants to visit Ahmed, but the guards say he’s not available right now.

She sees Zülfikar and says she’s heard some disturbing things from Mehmed G.

The physician can’t figure out why the medication isn’t working. Ahmed says his stomach hurts even more now.

Zülfikar says he’ll talk to Mehmed himself and find out where he heard what he heard.

The physician comes out of Ahmed’s room and Kösem’s antennae are up. He says Ahmed just has a cold, but she’s like “Nu uh, we were together this morning.” She barges into his room and Zülfikar stands outside with a worried look on his face.


Dilruba says she doesn’t know much about Halil, except that he’s loyal to Kösem.

Halil says he’s loyal to all the sultanas.

Well, she’s not like the others. If he marries her he won’t just be loyal to her, he’ll be married to her for life. With his whole heart and soul.

Davud Pasha approaches and says he was looking for Halil. He’s needed in the throne room.


Kösem’s nagging Ahmed about being sick. He blames the weather.

Kösem thinks he’s looking pale.

Ahmed brushes it off. He asks why she was looking for him in the first place.

Kösem tells him Zülfikar’s following up on it, but Mehmed G had some disturbing news for her.

In the hallway, Hümaşa’s worried about the gossip she just heard from Zülfikar, but she doesn’t know anything. Does he really think she’d do anything to hurt her nephew?

Ahmed thinks Mehmed’s lying and trying to get a pardon.

Well, it won’t hurt them to be cautious. Kösem says she’s going to be watching what he eats, drinks, how he dresses, who she sees, where she goes.

Ahmed smiles–doesn’t she do that already? He’ll have to get rid of all his cooks and all his soldiers.

Hey, Kösem knows that as much as she tries to keep everything under control, some things get past her. Yazemin comes to mind.

Hümaşa asks Bülbül–and she’s only gonna ask him once–Yazemin. Did she come here to hurt Ahmed?

Bülbül says that’s impossible.

She heard a rumor. Someone’s planning to kill the sultan. Everyone’s saying it. Does this have anything to do with her mother so they can stop it.

Bülbül says Safiye learned her lesson. He’s sure she won’t go looking for more problems. (Oh yeah. That’s convincing.)

Halil has just found out the sultan didn’t ask for him.

Davud’s sorry. That’s what he heard. He’s sorry he interrupted the conversation Halil was having with Sultana Dilruba.

Halil brags that he’s going to marry her.

Davud congratulates him, but he’s surprised Kösem would allow that.

Osman comes to Kösem’s room so she can scold him for leaving the palace again.

He says he was just out for a walk…and there was this girl at the bazaar and she was being mistreated so he brought her home. If it’s OK with Kösem, he wants her to say.

Kösem grumbles that if that’s what her león wants.

Osman starts kissing her hands, saying she’s beautiful and kind and the best sultana!

Kösem laughs and calls him crazy.

Old Palace

Iskender’s leaving after a visit with Safiye when Zülfikar confronts him. Iskender doesn’t see what the problem is–Safiye’s still in prison, he comes to see her when he can, and they talk.

Zülfikar says she’s a traitor to the throne. What could he possibly talk to her about.

Iskender gets in his face and says he’s the head of Ahmed’s Janissaries and Zülfikar should be careful how he talks to him.

Zülfikar says he doesn’t want to see Iskender there again.

Then Zülfikar visits Safiye. He’s heard some rumors that someone’s planning to overthrow Ahmed.

She tells him not to listen to rumors. He’s not suspecting her, is he?

Given the past….

Safiye says that’s all in the past now. And who would she put on the throne anyway? What prince? Who would listen to her? Who would follow her now?

“Iskender. Prince Iskender.”

Safiye realizes Hümaşa must have told him.

Zülfikar objects to Safiye trying to drag Hümaşa down with her. She’s not like Safiye. She knows how to be loyal to his majesty.

Safiye tells him to keep to his place.

If she doesn’t quit trying to put Iskender on the throne she’ll lose him all over again.

Alone, Safiye cries angrily and mutters Hümaşa’s name.


Ahmed’s sleeping with Kösem tonight. The pain in his stomach wakes him up and he STILL thinks he can sit there saying “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Kösem calls out to the guards and tells them to bring the doctor.

When Zülfikar gets to his room, Hümaşa’s waiting up for him. He admits he was at the old palace, talking to her mother, warning her not to hurt the sultan.

So, she knows Hümaşa told him about Iskender, then. Why did he do this? She could have talked to Safiye herself.

Zülfikar says it was his duty. He swore loyalty to the sultan, but he loves Iskender like a son.

The physician says Ahmed has had stomach pains for a few weeks. “3” Haci chimes in.

Kösem’s angry he didn’t tell her, but those were Ahmed’s orders.

The physician was sure he’d be recovered by now, but for some reason he’s not.

Kösem tells them to keep this between them. No one can know. Not even the princes.

Kösem reminds Haci of the timeline–three weeks ago is right when Mustafá was released and when Yazemin showed up. Coincidence?

Haci thinks it could be.

But Mehmed was talking about Halime trying to marry off her daughter. There’s a plan here and she’s going to find out what it is.

Cennet has Eycan drag Yazemin to Kösem’s room. Cennet pours something in her mouth and says it’s a poison. If she talks, they’ll give her the antidote, but if she won’t talk, she’ll drown on her own blood.

Kösem wants to know who she is and who brought her to the palace. She wants to know everything from the beginning.

Old Palace

Hümaşa asks Safiye if she’s angry.

She’s already had to save her son from the executioners once and now Hümaşa has put her back in the same place again.


Yazemin swears she’s innocent and Hümaşa brought her here.

Cennet asks if she came to kill the Sultan.

She keeps screaming that she’s one of the favorites and this is against the law.

Yazemin’s gasping for breath and they’re all telling her to spill it already.

Old Palace

Hümaşa says Zülfikar won’t rat them out. She’s the guarantee. If Safiye hurts him, Hümaşa will never forgive her.

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