La Mujer del Vendaval #120

Octavia realizes what she’s done, but she can’t take it back…well, she could try, but it’s so loud in the club that what Timo hears is that she’s been expecting this (as opposed to “not expecting this”) and she wants to leave because she’s uncomfortable (as opposed to wanting to take him somewhere more comfortable).

Cami’s surprised that he’s not going to have to pay a ransom to get Nisa out of the hospital. Her insurance paid for everything. She doesn’t want her parents finding out, though (three letters for you, Nisa: E O B). Cami wasn’t planning on saying anything to them, but he does want to talk to Maria Laura for giving Nisa a contaminated bear. Is Nisa sure she didn’t do it on purpose?

Octavia does some tequila shots before going back to the hotel. Timo escorts her to her room and waits for his kiss. Octavia makes it quick and then runs into her room.

Party day is here and so are the tables and chairs and stuff. Octavia doesn’t think they should bother setting up….

But here comes ML, and gets a “What are you doing here?! You should be…resting.” Nope, Maria Laura wants to supervise the setup.

Rosa’s pouty that she’s not going to the party and she has to cancel her Sunday plans ’cause the others don’t know when they’re getting back.

Amadeo shows up and Al and Marcela make it to the living room with their bags. Marcela still hasn’t decided between the blue dress and a purple one, but Alba says purple. Severo watches them all leaving from the back door.

Maria Laura tells Octavia that the champagne tasted gross and she’d rather have tequila. Octavia points out the room and as ML walks in, she thinks she’ll have to try again, but no way is ML getting out of here alive! (Is it wrong that I’m kinda hoping she succeeds?)

Rosa brushes Severo’s hair to get him ready for his appointment at the clinic. She explains to the cute cop that if Severo’s back later today then they can go on their date on Sunday, but if not then they can’t. They go out to show the paramedics in and Severo gets up and takes that folder out from under the mattress, stuffing it under his t-shirt.

We get an event setup montage.

Timo meets up with Lencho and tells him he HAS to go to the event, partly to show Maria Laura that he’s succeeding too and partly because Timo has big news for him and he won’t do it without booze. Therefore, party.

As soon as Severo’s alone at the clinic, he starts to work his way out of bed so he can stuff the folder under the mattress.

Nora is surprised to find Cristian in his office on a Saturday. He’s trying to get ahead on his work so he can take that vacation. He didn’t realize there was an event for Maria Laura’s calendar. The wheels start turning….

Since Timo’s out of the office, July suggests she and Eulogio go on a field trip and figure out what to tell Timo about July’s fake boyfriend. They have lunch at a scenic overlook.

Setup is done and it’s time for Maria Laura to go get ready. Octavia will send up a…tea…for her…nerves, but ML has to promise to drink it. Nisa swears she’ll make sure ML does.

Inés tells Silvana about inviting Al’s exes to the party. She knows she was just following orders, but she’s not sure she did the right thing and she wanted Silvana to know. Silvana figures now she’s going to have to make an appearance at the party.

Severo is spending the night at the clinic, since it’s too late to take him back home.

ML’s trying to tell the hair and makeup people how to do their jobs. And she won’t drink the tea because it smells bad. She sends Nisa off to go get ready.

Luciano tells Silvana he was just checking out the event space. She thinks they should leave, but when they turn around Al’s arriving with Marcela. Luciano starts in on Al being here at all, much less with that shameless woman.

Marcela calmly says they were invited and neither she nor her family have done anything to be ashamed of. Al backs her up. But hey, if it would be easier…he starts to leave and Silvana quietly says they don’t need to have a scene.

As Nisa’s going to her room to change she runs into Cuchi and Gordo. Gordo says her dad invited her to this party and said he could bring someone, so Cuchi’s his +1. Nisa tries to get them to leave, but they won’t. They head into the party while Nisa tries to think of a way out of this.

Severo waits until the clinic gets quiet…gets to the door of his room with the help of the rolling IV pole, and then half-walks across the lobby to the exit.

Maria Laura is starting to drink the tea and she’s getting drowsy. She complains that she can’t see herself clearly in the mirror. Octavia says she should plan to make her entrance after everybody else has arrived and she’ll send up an energy drink to perk ML up.

The Vendaval crew have staked a claim on a table. None of them are happy to see Timo there. When he says he’s opening the event, Al asks If they want it to be a failure. He tries kissing the ladies’ hands, but they’re all like “Hell no!” He won’t leave until Marcela gets up like she’s ready to fight him.

And now she’s just hoping no one else shows up to ruing their evening…

Let the parade of exes begin. “Fefi” drags Al away from the table. Two more women join him at the bar. Silvana recognizes the first ex. Luciano pretends he doesn’t know why they’re there.

Severo gets copies made of the stuff in the folder and then manages to convey that he also wants a pen. While the salesperson goes in the back, he sneaks out.

Marcela’s ready to go over to the bar and bust up the reunion when Cristian arrives.

In the lobby, Nisa’s explaining the situation to Inés and asks her to lock Camilo in a room so he and Cuchi don’t see each other. But how? What? Do they even know each other.

Hm. Now that she thinks about it, they probably don’t know each other. And if she ignores them both all night….

Inés approves of the plan, for now! She warns Nisa the guys will figure it out eventually.

Cristian shares his plans for vacationing in San Bartolo. Sagrario says he’s welcome at the house. Amadeo keeps hugging Alba.

Marcela goes over to the bar and says she needs to steal HER HUSBAND away. The sneering starts. “THAT’s your wife?” They all start asking how she snagged the most eligible bachelor, blah blah blah. The only objection Al makes is that they’re asking questions and not letting her answer. Marcela tries to get him back to the table, but he wants to hang out with his friends.

They walk past Silvana and Luciano and she asks him if he’s enjoying this. “Like a kid at the circus.”

Cuchi’s looking around for Cami and finds him as soon as he walks in. Gordo and Lencho try to tell the other two to act cool, which isn’t really working. Octavia gives Camilo a layered drink that she tells him to go take to Maria Laura and make sure she drinks all of it.

Severo watches July and Eulogio come home from their date and decide to go back out again for chiles rellenos.

Nuria arrives and Amadeo makes a big deal out of talking about how dudes should stick to their wives at events, right? Marcela’s fussing about Al going off with his exes, but she’s not gonna act like the jealous psycho wife. She’s gonna teach him what it looks like to trust your spouse.

Emi and Valeria arrive. Valeria makes sure to say it was her close personal friend Octavia who invited them. Marcela’s about to trash talk Al’s exes, but she pulls herself together and tells Emi she needs to ask about her eyes…except no, not really. She wants to know what he and Al talked about the other day.

In Maria Laura’s room, Camilo tries to get her to drink the drink Octavia sent up.

Severo sneaks into July’s (Really? Through the window? With only half his body?) and pulls a little baggie of bullets out from the mattress in the guest room. He thought bubbles that these are for Mateo.

Back at the party, Amadeo takes Alba over to the bar to get a drink. Octavia comes over and asks where Marcela and Al are. Sagrario says Marcela’s talking to Emi and Al got dragged off by his exes. Sagrario asks if Maria Laura’s ready. Yep, nearly…and Octavia’s sure tonight will be unforgettable.

Off in their little alcove, the exes tell Al Marcela’s pretty, but…rustic. Al gets all poetic about how she’s unpredictable and she can kill you with a look and revive you with a smile and you never know what she’s going to come out with next.

Or who, says one of the exes, pointing out Marcela and Emi.

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stealth cacophony
2 years ago

Ok the will she won’t she of poisoning Maria Laura is too stressful, I wanna focus on how cute Eulogio and July were together. Eulogio with the scenic overlook picnic and the bike ride is making me forget all the mean strong arm stuff he’s been doing for Don T.