Entre Dos Amores Friday 12/28/18 #46

Macit gets home and asks his mom what she told Neriman.

Well, didn’t he tell her she was his first love? ‘Cause Inci’s heard that before.

Macit says he won’t argue that with her because he’s the one who feels it. She’s gone too far this time, trying to separate them.

“I’m doing it for your own good.”

Macit tells her again to stay out of it. He doesn’t understand her and she doesn’t understand him, since she’s never been in love. (Ouch!)

Pelin’s giggling at her phone. Duygu says it’s Ösgür’s attitude–it’s contagious. Pelin says he’s a friend of Macit’s from America. His mom’s French and his dad’s some famous businessman. Duygu says he doesn’t seem to care about fortunes and all that.

Feyza says not caring about a fortune doesn’t matter, it’s not HAVING one that she considers a problem.

Selim comes by to visit. Feyza kicks the girls out to talk to him alone. Duygu blames Pelin for their dad moving out. Pelin, as usual, blames Neriman.

Macit meets Ösgür at a restaurant. He thinks Macit’s in love and he’s not going to be able to fix things with his head. He has to do something with his heart.

Feyza doesn’t want Selim to come to the house. She blames Neriman too. He says Neriman doesn’t want the inheritance.

Well, what if one day she does?

At Neriman’s Fahriye tells Neriman not to worry, but Sahika tells her she ought to. Pelin was really happy today. She should pray that things stay the way they are instead of going back to the way they were before.

Fahriye has to agree.

Neriman just wants to know why he said she was his first love.

Sahika’s advice is that the last love is always the first love. And hey, people pay a lot of money to hear this in therapy! It doesn’t matter who you’re with, the relationship you’re in is like your first.

Besides, she was with Sinasi before.

“That’s different.”

Macit said his story with her was different from the others. Everyone thinks the last love they have is the first love.

Macit accepts he’s in love with Neriman, but he can’t be with someone who doesn’t love him–she’s always trying to leave. He needs someone who makes him the center of the universe. (My words, not his.) Ösgür hopes he gets over it quickly.

Onur calls and gets pouty when he hears that Macit is with Ösgür. He’ll call back later.

Fahriye and Sahika snack on oranges. Neriman’s just waiting for Macit to call. Sahika says she needs to go after what she wants. Eating is the easiest thing in the world, but it still requires some effort.

And then she chokes on a piece of orange.

Sinasi lurks outside his house until he thinks he can sneak in. Nezahat’s in the kitchen. She tells Sinasi their mom’s calmer now. Asli sneaks downstairs looking for some seeds. The three of them sit on the stairs together giggling about not waking up the sultana and eating pumpkin seeds.

Neriman and Macit both wake up and find no messages from the other.

Faiz wonders why Neriman seems upset lately. Gulter thinks it’s just her age. Sure, Neriman and Sinasi still see each other around the neighborhood, but she thinks their relationship is over.

Sahika comes downstairs on her way to work and Gulter gets one look at her miniskirt and rushes to shove her into the foyer before Faiz can notice. She makes her put on a coat before sending her out the door.

Macit doesn’t join his parents for breakfast. His dad bugs him about bringing in a million-dollar deal. And he’d better hurry up about it or the thing he’ll have to hurry up about will be his wedding.

Sinasi runs into his mom on his way out of the house. She’s still not speaking to him.

He promises he’ll finish school, but he has to work. They need money.

Zehra doesn’t want his dirty money. She’ll accept what he makes with his diploma. He can go spend that money on whoever he’s writing those songs for. (She still thinks it’s Neriman.)

Neriman’s on her way to the studio. Fahriye asks if she’s off to meet Macit. But no, she’s still angry at him. She’s not going to quit going to the studio until Macit decides to abandon her. The dog standing behind them agrees.

Fahriye tells her to go show off her artistic sensibilities! She has no idea what she means, but it sounds good. Fahriye and Neriman go off to do their things and the dog extra gets up and hops away, stage right. (10/10 would hire again.)

Now Sinasi runs into Neriman. She stops for a second, but then starts going on her way without saying anything to them.

Gulter comes over to Cemal’s café and Cihan tries to leave them alone together, but Cemal doesn’t catch on right away…and then he sends Cihan to wash all the windows. Gulter’s just there to pick up something for dessert tonight.

Inci doesn’t look happy to see Neriman at the studio.

Sinasi gets to Nihat’s office. Nihat congratulates him…the four songs he’s written have been a hit and tomorrow he’ll sign contracts with three artists who want to put his songs on their new albums.

Neriman figures Inci’s surprised to see her.

“I forgot you had a lesson today.”

Neriman starts getting set up and Inci tells her to work on something abstract today. And quickly because she’s leaving early.

Sinasi thanks Nihat, but he says Rüya’s the one who really made him shine. Nihat wants to go out tonight, and he wants Cihan to come too. He hands over two envelopes of money. (The fact that there’s not a paper trail bothers me.)

Macit looks at some fabric samples that he’s not happy with. Ösgür comes by to check on Macit…and show off his fabric knowledge. He has a factory in France, so Ösgür can get Macit whatever he wants. But first–lunch.

Neriman’s drawing two people looking away from each other. Inci asks what she would name it. “Loneliness is far from love.”

Duygu comes to Arcaoglu to visit her dad again. The boys comes out of Macit’s office in good moods and everyone heads out to lunch. (Sorry, Selim, she’ll have to visit later.)

Neriman calls Sahika to find out where Macit is.

Um, sure, but he’s with Pelin.

She doesn’t care.

Sinasi has just opened a bank account (I’m guessing) and he calls Cihan to tell him they’re celebrating tonight.

Pelin, Duygu, Macit, Onur, and Ösgür get to their lunch spot. Neriman’s in a cab praying for help.

Pelin’s surprised Macit didn’t know Ösgür’s dad was in the industry. Wasn’t he working as a jeweler in Paris?

Yep. The factory is Ösgür’s. Onur starts to talk about what they should do before signing a contract, but Macit interrupts him to say they should sign the contract now.

Well, Macit brought a copy with him, so if Ösgür’s OK with signing now…. Macit sends the waiters with champagne and glasses away.

Neriman gets to the restaurant.

Ösgür says this contract is a commitment. He needs to think about it.

Macit says that’s impossible. Thinking makes men into cowards. He hands a pen over to Ösgür.

Pelin looks over behind Macit and sees Neriman walking in. She’s there to drag Macit away, but he says he won’t go–she should wait. He takes her hand and says Ösgür’s just gonna sign this contract.

He motions to the waiters with the champagne and walks out with Neriman.

And Pelin storms after them.

And then Onur gets cranky and walks out.

So Macit took Neriman’s hand, but just so she wouldn’t look bad…but he’s not going to make this easy for her.

If he wants to hurt her, he’s done it already.

Macit gets into his car and says he’ll see her later. So Neriman gets into his car. She’ll make him believe in love.

And now Macit’s all happy.

Pelin tells Onur to leave her alone and he says he won’t. He asks her to leave Macit alone. There are other men. He’s here and he loves her. He’s always loved her.

“How dare you?!” She says she’ll forget this, but he’d better not.

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Thanks Kat!

“The fact that there’s not a paper trail bothers me.”

Sheesh. I really do watch these in a mindless way. That never occurred to me, but now I’m bothered, too.

I was really glad this episode ended with Neriman hopping in the car and Macit smiling. If it had ended with her just offering her hand that would have been a horrible cliffhanger considering it’s not airing again until Wednesday.