La Sultana Tuesday 1/1/19 #40

Kösem’s room

Yazemin’s still not talking. It looks like the poison’s about to do her in when Bülbül comes in whining about how she’s just a poor innocent girl who happens to be the sultan’s favorite.

Kösem doesn’t believe she’s innocent and she can’t believe Bülbül would lie to her to her face. He swears she’s done nothing and keeps begging Kösem not to let Yazemin die.

She motions to Eycan to give her the antidote and tells Bülbül once she figures out who all is betraying the sultan, they’re all gonna die.

Kösem and Eycan file out the door. Cennet stops to tell Yazemin not to tell anyone about this…although, if she did, no one would believe her.


Davut Pasha catches up to Dilruba in the stables. He’s heard about her engagement, but he’s been in love with her since he saw her eyes.

Dilruba forbids him from saying that again.


Mehmed has fallen for the woman Osman brought home from the slave market. Kösem gave her a new name, but it’s going to take me a while to figure out what it is.

Cennet’s thinking about retirement, but Kösem doesn’t seem inclined to let her retire just now.


Ahmed introduces Mustafá to his princes–Osman, Mehmed, Murat, Kasim, Bayeceto..and Ibrahim, the baby, isn’t there. Osman says he’s always wanted to visit him.

Mustafá’s hallucination is lurking behind the boys.

Ahmed says they’re all going to the mosque tomorrow to pray. And of course he’s not going to excuse Mustafá–people need to see him with Ahmed.

Favorites’ alcove

Yazemin pulls herself together. Bülbül gives her the last vial of poison to put in Ahmed’s medicine. He won’t let her off the hook.

Hümaşa comes in and tells Bülbül to wait outside.

Halime’s room

Dilruba tells her mom she doesn’t think it’s such a good idea to marry Halil Pasha. Maybe she should marry Davut Pasha.

Halime doesn’t like the idea of that. She’s heard he’s cruel and has a lot of enemies.

And don’t they also have a lot of enemies? He put his life in danger to help her.

Well, it’s too late. Halil’s going to get permission from Ahmed to marry her.


The hallucination tells Mustafá as soon as any of those boys ascends the throne they’ll have him killed. Mustafá starts telling it off, telling it to go.

When Menekşe comes in, the other boys are also staring in the same direction. She tells them Mustafá’s tired and needs to rest now.

Favorites’ alcove

Hümaşa starts searching Yazemin and finds the little vial in her hands. She backhands her and calls her a traitor. Yazemin says “Safiye made me do it” which, as far as excuses go is pretty valid.

Hümaşa grabs her by the hair and says she only has ONE task and that’s stealing the Sultan’s heart and keeping him away from Kösem. No more trying to poison him!


Angela sees Osman walking by and stops him to thank him from saving her from that cruel man.

From the balcony, Kösem and Eycan see them talking. They both think Osman’s in love. Kösem wants her prepared to visit Osman tonight. (And for a second there, I thought “Aw, that’s sweet!” but then there’s the whole slavery thing plus the fact that she’s his mother and yeah, it’s creepy.)


Hümaşa’s angry that Bülbül lied to her. She’s told Yazemin and now she’s telling him–it’s over. She’s not letting anyone hurt the sultan.


Osman gets his night with Angela and she’s bummed that he’s rejecting her. He says it’s not that he doesn’t like her…but he can’t tell her what it is. It’s nothing to do with her, he just…can’t. He sends her back to the harem.

Ayşe watches Angela leave and goes to Mehmed. She saw Meleksima leaving Osman’s room and now she’s part of Osman’s harem and she can never be Mehmed’s.

Ahmed’s balcony

Yazemin has finished the painting of Ahmed and Kösem.

Ahmed notices the bruise on her neck and asks what happened. Yazemin tells him Kösem had her locked up and she almost died.

Osman’s room

Mehmed confronts Osman about Meleksima coming to his room. Osman says their mom sent her and nothing happened, but Mehmed’s already convinced that Osman only wanted her because he knew Mehmed did. (Wow. We really missed a lot of drama with Ahmed and Mustafá being so far apart in age.)

Ahmed’s balcony

Ahmed summons Cennet and yells at her for letting Kösem beat up on Yazemin. Cennet says it was for his own good–they don’t know Yazemin. She could be a spy.

Ahmed’s not having it. If this happens one more time in his harem, Cennet won’t just be fired. He’ll have her executed. He sends her to go get Kösem.

Old Palace

Hümaşa confronts Safiye. She knows everything now. She’s made a mistake trusting Safiye–she’s more venemous than a snake.

Safiye says what’s written is written–Ahmed’s time is over and it’s time for Iskender to take the throne.

IF Ahmed dies of natural causes THEN she’ll do what she can to help Iskender take the throne. That’s how it’s gonna be.

Osman’s room

Mehmed complains about Osman having taken “everything” from him since they were kids–first his mom, now Meleksima. Osman’s just angry that he has a different mother.

They start beating on each other and Kösem has to come in and bust it up.


Melicki has a thing for Iskender, but he’s got someone else in his heart.

Eycan says Kösem warned her and she didn’t want to listen. She has to quit dreaming about Iskender.

Osman’s room

Kösem says Meleksima is Osman’s. In a few years Mehmed will have his own harem. Osman is innocent.

Mehmed’s angry that Osman’s “always” innocent. He storms out of Osman’s room.

Kösem’s angry at Osman for hitting his brother.

“He provoked me! I couldn’t control myself!”

Kösem doesn’t want this happening again. Osman can’t hit his brothers.

Ahmed’s room

Haci catches Kösem on her way out of Osman’s room and says Ahmed’s looking for her.

Ahmed starts right in on Kösem locking Yazemin up and interrogating her. Cennet told him everything. He doesn’t think this is about security concerns, he thinks Kösem just can’t stand Ahmed having other women around him. He gets it, but she needs to learn when to back off. He sends her to her room.

Kösem’s room

Kösem’s angry with Cennet for confirming everything Yazemin said to Ahmed. Before, she would have denied it–what’s changed.

Cennet already told her. She’s tired. She begs Kösem to free her from this job and hands over her seal.

Kösem takes the seal, but she doesn’t say anything. Cennet slinks out of the room before Kösem can change her mind.


Haci orders two (probably inept) guards to get rid of Yazemin without anyone seeing them do it.


Dilruba asked Davud to meet her. Does he really want her to be his wife? She has only one dream–Mustafá ascending the throne as he deserves. So Davut has to swear he’ll fight for the same thing.

No prob. Davut will fight for Mustafá and for her.

Old Palace

I don’t know why Kösem bothered to visit Safiye if all Safiye’s gonna do is gloat about how it’s all falling apart now. She accuses Kösem of being afraid another woman will take Ahmed from her.

Kösem says that’s not gonna happen, and it’s especially not gonna happen with Yazemin. She’s left them.

Safiye says Kösem really didn’t investigate Yazemin, did she? Does she know where Yazemin is from? Who her parents are? If she had a sister? That poor woman Kösem sentenced to death is her sister.


Two guys are in the stables cutting away at the straps on a saddle. When Yazemin comes in, one of the guys warns her that Kösem knows Safiye’s the one who sent her and she needs to make a run for it. He tells her to take this horse and someone will be waiting for her at the private garden.

Kösem comes running up to Haci at a bridge and asks how long ago Yazemin left. She hopes they can find her ’cause Safiye said Yazemin’s her sister. They send the Ağas off to bring her back.

But she’s going too fast. Her body’s on a stretcher in front of some cabin. Kösem tells Haci to check for a scar on her leg. It appears there is one.

For no apparent reason, Iskender shows up.

Zülfikar’s place

Zülfikar brought Ahmed home for lunch and a chat. He wants to talk about Iskender.

Hümaşa gives him a panicked look.

Zülfikar says Iskender can’t stay in the palace.


Iskender wants to know if Kösem had anything to do with this, so he can protect her. Haci pulls him away to give him the official story, but Iskender hears her calling Yazemin her sister.

Zülfikar’s place

Doesn’t Ahmed think Iskender should serve the nation in a different way? There are so many places that need order in Anatolia. If they could send someone trustworthy….

Hümaşa says Ahmed’s security is more important than anything else. And it’s hard to find people to trust. She thinks Iskender should stay.

Ahmed wants to talk more about it later.


Kösem tells Iskender to destroy her himself…Sultana Safiye. She wants Iskender to kill her.

Ahmed gets home and sees Yazemin’s body in the infirmary. Haci says it’s like Iskender said–an accident.

Ahmed asks Cennet what she knows.

Cennet says she just found out.

Iskender comes out to Ahmed’s balcony and remembers Kösem asking him to kill Safiye.

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