La Sultana Wednesday 1/2/19 #41

Ahmed’s room

He heard his Grand Vizier wants to marry Dilruba.

Yep, Halime thinks it’s about time she started a family and the Vizier is loyal to Ahmed and to the throne.

Ahmed’s OK with it, but he wants to talk to Dilruba first.

Halime assures him she’ll be happy if Ahmed says “yes.”


Bülbül’s packing her off to the Old Palace, but not without a fight. She runs off to Osman’s room and shouts from the hallway that it’s her and she needs help.

Osman comes out of his room before Bülbül can drag her off and she throws herself at his feet begging him to let her stay here. They’re taking her back to the slave market!

Bülbül says that’s not true! She’s going to the Old Palace on Cennet’s orders.

Really? Well he needs to go tell Cennet that Meleksima is under his protection. Why was she even being take anywhere without asking him first? Does his mom know about this?

Bülbül doesn’t know. Osman dismisses him.


Kösem looks at Yazemin’s painting. She’s upset that Safiye manipulated her into killing her own sister.

Kösem finds Iskender outside Ahmed’s room

Safiye seems to be in Iskender’s room, smelling his cloak.

Iskender thought Kösem was just speaking in anger. Does she really want him to kill Safiye?

Yep. She’s a traitor. She put her eyes on the throne again. They have to stop her. He needs to do his job and protect them. And if he doesn’t, she will. He’s really the only one he trusts.

Safiye finds a drawing of Kösem in Iskender’s papers. The guard she brought with her says they need to head back.


Osman leaves his room with Meleksima. Mehmed is lurking nearby watching.

Kösem tells Cennet that Safiye’s trying to start a war again, just when Cennet is trying to abandon her.

Cennet says she tried to explain, but Kösem wouldn’t listen to her.

Kösem has never questioned her loyalty, but it’s weird that Cennet just wants to quit and she doesn’t believe it’s that Cennet’s tired.

Cennet insists that’s all it is. She’s tired and she wants to start her own family.

Kösem’s willing to let her go and let her get married when the time is right, but that’s not now. She hands Cennet back the seal of harem treasurer.

Bülbül brings Safiye her coffee. She thinks it’s time Iskender found out who he is. Zülfikar is determined to get him out of the palace. She didn’t get a chance to talk to Iskender, but she saw something…if anyone found out, he’d lose his head. He had a portrait of Kösem. Her son is in love with her enemy.


Zülfikar comes by for a visit. He complains about how they wouldn’t have gone so long without seeing each other if Mehmed hadn’t insisted on going down a bad road.

Mehmed has one of the guards bring Zülfikar a chair.

Zülfikar wants to talk to him about the rumor that someone’s going after the throne. Who’s his source?

Old Palace

Safiye needs Iskender to know who he is NOW before all hell breaks loose. And they need to remove his obstacles. They need to get rid of Zülfikar.

Bülbül’s like…Hümaşa’s not going to forgive that.

Safiye says she’ll get over it and find someone else. (Oh…you think there’s an acceptable substitute for Zülfikar? Aren’t you cute.) There are plenty of other men out there for Hümaşa, but they only have one prince.


The older boys are whacking at each other with padded sticks while Ahmed and Iskender lounge under a canopy. Ahmed asks what’s bothering Iskender.

He says Kösem is convinced that Safiye is trying to take Ahmed’s throne.

Ahmed tells him to do whatever he has to do to reassure Kösem.

And then the two teenagers stop practicing and start fighting in earnest. Ahmed gets up and separates them.


Zülfikar wants to know what Mehmed is after.

Isn’t it obvious? He wants the guards to go away. If he was going to escape, he wouldn’t have come back.

Zülfikar can’t remove the guards, but he can let Mehmed go on supervised trips to the city.

Mehmed sends Zülfikar to his favorite bar with his ring.

He’s got 99 problems and princes are 2 of them

Apparently there was something that happened at Jannisary HQ, that Mehmed had their support, but it should have been Osman ’cause he’s older. Neither of them brings up Meleksima. Ahmed basically says “no more punching your brother” and sends them both to their rooms.


A bunch of guys are in one room celebrating Dilruba and Davut’s union. In another room, Davut and Dilruba are praying along with them.

Old Palace

Iskender finds Gurbuz Ağa waiting for him. He knows what Iskender’s going to do, so the place is empty and Safiye is in her room.


Zülfikar comes in looking for Bekir. He shows him Mehmed’s ring and asks where he got the info he gave Mehmed.

He heard it from his friend Abbas Ağa, who serves Sultana Safiye.

When Zülfikar gets up to leave, so do four guys who came in after him. Zülfikar’s like “Oh, are we doing this? I haven’t practiced in a while.

Old Palace

Iskender’s got the garrote ready….


Halime tries to get Dilruba excited about planning her wedding, but Dilruba needs a word alone first.

Surprise, mom, the wedding is off ’cause I’m already married!


Zülfikar’s holding his own, but Davut Pasha comes in on the end of the fight and helps. He was just coming in to say “hi” is all. Zülfikar doesn’t know who those guys were.

Old Palace

Iskender can’t do it. He’s walking out when Safiye says she supposes Kösem wanted him to kill her. But he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t kill his mother.

The what, now?


Halime’s both shocked and angry and disappointed and who knows what all else. She slaps Dilruba for getting married without the sultan’s permission. She accuses Dilruba of not caring about her brother’s future.

Sure she does. And Kösem’s got complete control over Halil Pasha, so they can’t trust him. Davud is different–he’s smart, brave, brilliant, and he doesn’t serve anyone. He’s loyal only to Dilruba.

Halime complains they don’t know enough about him.

Well, Dilruba trusts his feelings. So she got to marry the man she wanted and Halime’s got the ally she always wanted.

Old Palace

Iskender is sure Safiye is lying.

She reminds him about the amulet he wears all the time. She didn’t believe it at first, but Selahattin said he also had the birthmark on his shoulder.

How long has she known?

Safiye says she’s known since she was in Maiden’s Tower. She didn’t tell him to protect him. They were both looking for each other and fate had already brought them together.

Iskender’s completely freaked out and walks out of her room.


Halime visits Davud to yell at him for marrying Dilruba. He swears he’s 100% on their side. He’ll fight until Mustafá is on the throne.

“How do I know I can trust you after you married my daughter in secret?”

He offers to kill himself if she has any doubts about him. Seriously, one word from her and he’ll slit his own throat.

Halime takes a pass. (I’m just horrible enough to think she didn’t want to deal with the blood stains on her dress.)

Zülfikar’s place

Davud Pasha told Hümaşa that Zülfikar got into a fight with some guys at a bar?

Zülfikar says he was following up on Mehmed’s information and he found out that it came from Abbas Ağa, one of Safiye’s servants. And it’s obvious to him that’s who those guys were.

Wait, he thinks her mom sent those guys?

If it wasn’t her, then it was Hümaşa. And since that’s not possible….


Iskender tells Kösem he couldn’t kill Safiye. She’s the mother of a sultan, no matter what she’s done. He could never kill a sultana.

Kösem says he’s the one who agreed to do this.

Well, he changed his mind. He swore an oath of loyalty to the sultan and he won’t break it.

Kösem says he swore to her too and he did break that oath.

Old Palace

Hümaşa wants the truth from Safiye–did she order Zülfikar killed?

Safiye says she doesn’t know what Hümaşa’s talking about.

Hümaşa says he came home last night wounded and he thinks Safiye had something to do with it.

Safiye says she had nothing to do with it and they’ve got bigger problems than Hümaşa’s husband…Iskender knows everything.

Ahmed’s room

Ahmed hasn’t caught up on the gossip yet. He wants to know what Dilruba thinks about marrying Halil Pasha.

Dilruba wants to know what he thinks. She’ll do whatever he says. She’s not sure she has the guts to tell him what’s in her heart.

Ahmed wants to know.

Dilruba says there’s someone else she wants to marry…Davud Pasha.

“Seriously?” Ahmed doesn’t even know how they might have met.

Dilruba says they met a few times when she went riding with the princes.

Ahmed’s ready to tell her what he thinks, but his ulcer from hell is acting up again. He tells her not to worry, but has her leave.


Zülfikar tells Kösem she was right. Safiye’s trying to get rid of Ahmed and put someone on the throne she can control.

That’s pretty much what Kösem was afraid of, but who does she want on the throne? Mustafá or Osman? Who’s she going to try this time.

Neither of them. She has someone else now. Iskender. Zülfikar can’t carry this load alone, so he’d rather they come up with a solution together. Iskender is Safiye’s son. He’s a prince.

Old Palace

Safiye’s still visiting with Hümaşa when Iskender arrives to see her. He seems a little surprised to see Hümaşa there and it looks like he’s trying to parse her facial expression.


How could Iskender be a prince?!

Zülfikar says it’s true, but Iskender doesn’t know yet. Safiye, Hümaşa, and Bülbül are the ones who know. And he can explain it all, but he’d really like them to come up with a plan first. That’s why he wanted to send Iskender away from the palace–at least until they can get rid of Safiye.

Old Palace

Hümaşa calls Iskender “brother” and tries to take his hand, but he backs away.

Safiye asks Hümaşa to leave them alone.

Iskender understands that she didn’t know before. But it’s been 11 years since she was at Maiden’s Tower. He can’t understand how she could do this to him.

Safiye says she was afraid of losing him again. They broke the law to save him from the executioners. They were told he had died. But then they found him and she had to hide her happiness. Does he know how difficult it is to be so far from someone when you’re so close? All she wanted was to hug him, but she couldn’t have him near her. Her son. Her lion. Her prince.

Safiye grabs him and starts kissing his face.

And Iskender just stands there looking confused.

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2 years ago

Thanks Kat!

“Oh…you think there’s an acceptable substitute for Zülfikar? Aren’t you cute.”

So true.