La Sultana Thursday 1/3/19 #42


Kösem’s checking out the family tree. Haci remembers little prince Yaya, who died the same day as the other 18 of his brothers.

Well, news flash, Haci–he’s not dead.

But Haci was at the funeral!

Kösem says Safiye smuggled him to safety and now she’s trying to put him back on the throne.

Haci says there’s no way…but who is he? Where is he?


Iskender’s place

Kösem visits, which he was not expecting. She asks him who he was thinking about when he told Melicki he had someone else in his heart.

Iskender says he was just trying to keep her away.

Kösem thinks maybe he’s the one who needs to be away. She wants him to leave the palace and go on a secret mission.

He thinks this is a punishment for not killing Safiye.

Nope. She pulls out the sketch of her that wasn’t completely hidden under a book and says that’s why.

Hümaşa and Zülfikar’s

The servant Hümaşa left to keep an eye on Zülfikar says he’s fine. But she does think Hümaşa should know that Kösem visited earlier and she looked really freaked out when she left.


Kösem gets on his case for having a sketch of her. He could be killed for that. And she wouldn’t be let off the hook either. Does he have no sense of self-preservation? And what about her?!

Iskender says he would never do anything to hurt her.

She knows, but if he stays he’s in danger. He needs to get out. Talk to the sultan. Ask for an assignment somewhere else.

Iskender says he’ll talk to the Sultan and be gone soon. It was Kösem keeping him here. And also looking for his family. And now he knows there’s no hope he’ll ever find them.

Kösem gets into the carriage with Haci and says Iskender already knows he’s a prince.

Hümaşa and Zülfikar’s

Zülfikar says Kösem was just coming by to check on him because she heard he was injured.

Hümaşa calls BS on that–he told Kösem about Iskender, didn’t he?

Zülfikar says her mother already tried to kill him once and she’ll probably try again. Someone needed to know what was going on. Kösem needed to know to keep the sultan safe.

Hümaşa’s pissed off–Kösem’s probably told everyone by now.

Zülfikar is sure she won’t. She’ll keep her word. And they’ll send Iskender somewhere else.

Hümaşa says promises are just words. Her mom was right–she made a mistake telling him.

Ahmed’s room

Kösem does a slow and glittery walk down to Ahmed’s room. The physician pops out of his room saying he was just about to send her a message.

Old Palace

Hümaşa comes to tell Safiye that Zülfikar told Kösem about Iskender. Ahmed may already know.

“Are you happy now?!” She says Hümaşa has burned their prince with her own hands.

Ahmed’s room

The physician has knocked Ahmed out because they couldn’t do anything for his pain. He still doesn’t know how a stomach ache could get this bad. They’ll do everything they can, but if his condition doesn’t change he won’t last longer than one or two weeks.

Zülfikar and Hümaşa’s

She spent the night at her momma’s. She’s pissed off about losing her brother.

Zülfikar says he’ll be fine.

Oh, right, like Kösem’s not going to do anything.

Ahmed’s room

Kösem says he’s going to be more careful about what he eats and drinks. Ahmed thinks they should tell Iskender, but Kösem sends everyone out of the room.

She tells Ahmed Iskender will be brought to him by the soldiers. She found out he’s Safiye’s son. Zülfikar told her. He didn’t know what to do.

Ahmed says it’s impossible. He’s been with Ahmed for years.

She didn’t believe it either, but she looked at the archives. He’s the 3-year-old prince who was declared dead.


Safiye rushes over, hoping she’s not too late, and tells him they have to leave.

Uh, not without an explanation.


Safiye has known for years and she wants Iskender on the throne. She brought Yazemin…she might even be responsible for his illness. What if he’s being poisoned slowly like his father was.

Ahmed’s having a little trouble processing all this information.


Safiye says Kösem knows he’s a prince.

He says she showed up last night telling him to ask the sultan to let him leave the city.

Safiye says it’s a trap. Ahmed thinks he can get rid of Iskender without anyone finding out. They have to go.


The port. There’s a boat waiting for him to take him somewhere safe, where no one can find him. She tells him to pack quickly.

Halime’s room

Halime’s upset at Menekşe for letting Mustafá go out without his “medicine.”

Well, she tried and he’s rebellious. (Here’s another one who’s probably wishing she could retire.)

Osman stops by to talk about Tío Mustafá.


Iskender has dutifully packed, but as he and Safiye head out Haci, Davud and an entire chorus line of soldiers surround them right outside his door.


Osman tells Halime he and Mustafá were out walking and Mustafá started throwing coins in a fountain. When Osman asked why, Mustafá said he was feeding the fish. He thinks something’s wrong.

Dilruba gets testy–what does he expect when the executioners were constantly coming for him on Ahmed’s orders? (Don’t even start with me! You didn’t help that one bit!)

Halime tells her to hush and tells Osman that Mustafá has a tough time adjusting to not being locked up. She’s begging him, as a mother, not to tell anyone.

He hasn’t and he wouldn’t. He just feels sorry for his uncle and thinks they need to do something to help him.

Halime says she’s giving him medicine, but he needs their love and concern and in time he’ll be well. (Seriously, Dilruba’s face needs to shut up.)


Two guards pull Iskender out of Safiye’s grasp. She starts yelling that he’s a prince, which seems like a monumentally bad idea.

Haci hands Safiye off to some of the guards, asking them to take her back to the old palace.


Out in the hallway, Kösem begs the physician to find a way to cure Ahmed, but he says he’s done everything he can. There’s this Jewish doctor, though, Isaac Effendi….

“You’re seriously just telling me this now?!”

Well, they were keeping things quiet.

She tells him to get the doctor, bring him, and they’ll tell him after he’s inside the palace.

Inside Ahmed’s room, he says he heard about Zülfikar’s injury. And he’s guessing it was an attempt to keep him from telling Ahmed about Iskender.

Zülfikar thinks so.

And Hümaşa already knew.

Zülfikar says she hasn’t betrayed him. She’s never taken part in the alliances against him, and neither has he.

Old Palace

Hümaşa goes to her mother’s to find out why Iskender didn’t make it to the port.

No, wait, my question first–did she seriously get hauled back to the Old Palace all upset about Iskender getting killed and THEN put that tiara on? Because I don’t know if I think that’s the most tacky-ass thing ever or if she deserves mad props for always trying to look good even when her entire world is falling apart.

Distraught, nearly-sobbing Safiye says they’ve taken her prince. She looks up at Hümaşa with her eyes glittering like the jewels in her tiara and says they have to do something. They’re going to kill her son!


Zülfikar’s angry that Kösem had Iskender brought in. This isn’t what they agreed to!

Yes, but Iskender already knew, which made him a danger to the sultan.

Hümaşa and Safiye’s carriage pulls up outside the harem entrance, but Safiye is still not allowed to enter. Heh. She tells  Hümaşa to get in there and save her brother.

Davud Pasha comes in with Iskender being escorted in by two soldiers, who I’m sure know that he could take them both out without breaking a sweat and if he’s here it’s because he wants to be.

Davud starts to mention Safiye, but Ahmed tells him to talk to the hand.

He checks Iskender’s shoulder and sees the birthmark.

In the hallway, Kösem tells Hümaşa it’s over. There’s nothing she can do to fix it.

Hümaşa insists Ahmed will listen to her. They were going to send Iskender away and they all would have been happy.

Kösem says this world isn’t somewhere where everyone can be happy.

The fact that Iskender was with Safiye when they found him makes Ahmed think he was joining forces with her.

Iskender says that’s not it. He hasn’t known who he was for years and the truth was staring him in the face. He just found out like Ahmed did.

Uh huh, and he tried to escape.

Iskender says he did, but it was because he didn’t know what to do or what to think. He just wanted to go somewhere far from here.

Ahmed says you can’t escape your fate.

The next time we see Ahmed, he’s alone. Hümaşa comes to see him. She made a mistake. She shouldn’t have hidden him. She begs Ahmed to understand–Iskender’s her brother and she was afraid his life was in danger.

Ahmed says he loves and respects her and she knows that. He never thought this is what he would get in return. She conspired with her mother.

Hümaşa swears she didn’t and Zülfikar is her witness. All she cared about was my brother’s life. (And so you’re still not going to tell him Safiye was poisoning him?)

Ahmed dismisses her, but she keeps talking. She begs him to have compassion–he knows Iskender hasn’t done anything wrong. He’s always been faithful.


Iskender’s very quietly annoyed that even Zülfikar knew. And instead of coming to him, he went to Kösem. He’s saved Kösem’s life so many times and now she suddenly thinks he’s a danger.

Mehmed comes out to greet them, asking what Iskender has done this time.

Zülfikar just says he’s staying here for a while.

Mehmed’s happy to have the company.

Tower of Justice

Kösem and Ahmed are watching Safiye kneeling in front of the doors. She’s vowed not to leave until she talks to Ahmed.

Kösem asks Ahmed what he’s going to do.

Ahmed says Iskender just found out. And he’s never seen him do anything wrong until today. He’s saved Kösem’s life on multiple occasions. He’s a good man, trustworthy, loyal.

Kösem says that was before he found out he’s a prince. She doesn’t know how much they can trust him now, when he was trying to escape with Safiye.

Ahmed says he hasn’t hurt anyone to gain the throne and he doesn’t want that to change.

Kösem says Iskender’s not family. He wasn’t raised that way. He’ll be a danger to their sons. He’s older and stronger than all of them. If he gets the opportunity he won’t show mercy to anyone. What Ahmed decides could change the fate of the throne and of the family.

Ahmed goes downstairs to deal with his grandma. This is the last time he’s going to listen to her. She’s not getting any more chances.

Safiye whines about him not being able to forget what happened in the past. (Dude, it was like, five minutes ago.) That’s why they hid Iskender. She couldn’t send her son to his death without trying to stop it.

Safiye cries pretty and tells him if he needs to take someone’s life, take hers.

“Are you finished?” He turns around and walks back inside. (You had one job, Safiye. One job!)


So…Iskender’s a prince?

Iskender says he doesn’t know who he is.

Mehmed starts talking him into escaping together. Once everyone knows he’s a prince, people will follow him. The Janissaries–he grew up as one of them. Mehmed can also bring in some supporters. They’ll spark the flames of rebellion and Iskender can take the throne of the Ottoman Empire. And Mehmed will take back the throne of the Crimea.

“What throne? What government?” He’s never had that kind of ambition and he never will.

Mehmed grins. That was yesterday, when he was just an employee. Now he’s a prince and if he wants to survive he’s going to need to start dreaming about the throne.

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