Rey David Thursday 12/27/18 #26

Introduction and Disclaimer

Just a friendly reminder that these mini-caps might be completely worthless for trying to figure out what’s going on or being said in every.single.scene. I work from my limited memory and I tend to paint with a roller (seriously, “broad strokes” is an understatement.) Scenes are almost never written in the order of the program, though I’m trying to keep events chunked by commercial breaks or plot line. Sometimes I am taking notes and don’t pay attention to exactly who did what.

Tirsa gets a haircut

Betsabé comforts Tirsa and tells her she’s not going anywhere. Tirsa’s place is with Mefiboset. Betsabé says she is no one to judge. Betsabé thinks she’s made bigger mistakes than Tirsa. Besides, Tirsa did what she did for Mefiboset. That makes Tirsa better than a lot of people walking around the palace. Betsabé offers to shave Tirsa’s head. I have no idea what that is all about. I tried doing some searching and only discovered that in the Bible Rizpah was the mother of Mefi so what the hell show???

Dramatic head shaving ensues.

Dramatic Nathan prays.

RPC Day 2

Amnón rapes Tamar.

Betsabé accidentally cuts Tirsa’s head.

Natán stumbles.

Betsabé runs to David’s bedroom. Is Tamar back? Betsabé said she heard screaming. Surely it was Tamar. David thinks she’s imagining things Tamar is still with Amnón.

Amnón calls Tamar a prostitute. He says she makes him sick and throws her out of his room. Asshole.

Tamar walks the halls and wails. Absalón finds her. She confesses she’s no longer “pure.” She tells Absalón that Amnón forced her.

Mical is losing it

Mical gets out of the tub. She thinks she sees Alat and screams. Paltiel comes in and grabs the woman. It’s not Alat. He tells Mical she’s going crazy.


David finds out what Amnón did. Absalón asks David if Amnón is really the guy that should be leading Israel. Amnón needs to pay for what he’s done. Absalón demands that David have Amnón put to death.
In the streets Jonadab confronts Amnón. He’s like “DUDE!! What did you do??” Poor Jonadab cooked up the plan so Amnón could confess his feelings to Tamar, not rape her. That’s his sister! Amnón corrects him “half sister.” Jonadab says David will never forgive Amnón. Amnón says none of this is his fault. And you know what? He says it wasn’t even that good. Forget punching him in the throat. I am imagining even worse tortures. The soldiers come after Amnón and capture him.


Absalón won’t let up. He wants Amnón killed AND he wants to do it himself. David tells him to calm down. David is the king and he’ll handle it. Absalón continues to rant. David has the guards drag him to his room with instructions to not let him anywhere near the throne room.

In town, Tirsa and her shaved head run into Siba. She says he’ll never be able to call her a prostitute again.

At the palace Tamar is still crying. She feels guilty. Who will love her or marry her now that she is no longer pure? She cries that Husaí (as he was spelled today) will never look her in the eye. Betsabé tells Tamar she is the VICTIM (and by the way, when people say dumb-ass shit like “why didn’t she fight back/harder?” it’s called victim blaming. Don’t EVER blame a woman for being attacked and raped.) Betsabé says Husaí will understand. Still, Tamar wonders if maybe she encouraged it. Betsabé shuts that talk all the way down. This is Amnón’s fault. There are no excuses for what he did. Betsabé opens up about her adultery. She tells Tamar that God healed her wounds, He will heal Tirsa’s as well.

Amnón arrives for his judgement. He leads with “So I guess Tamar came running to you, but I was seduced I tell you!” Asshole.

David yells at Amnón for deceiving him. He told David he was sick and to send Tamar. David had so many plans for Amnón and he ruined them all! Dude, is this really what you are going to focus on?

Amnón claims he is so, so arrepentido (sorry.) David tells him to save it. Is his arrepentimiento (remorse) going to bring back his sister’s honor? The family is disgraced. According to the laws of Moses, David has to order Amnón’s death. Amnón starts yelling. David is going to kill him?! Well, look at your own self, Dad! You wanted a woman so you ordered her husband killed! If you are such a stickler for the law then why are you and Betsabé still alive after committing adultery. David tells Amnón that God has already punished them for their sins. David’s mistakes don’t justify Amnón’s. David declares that Amnón is not worthy of being king. He orders Amnón to be desterrado (exiled) from the palace, the army and David’s life. Amnón will take care of sheep and live as a servant.

Absalón Reacts

When Absalón finds out that Amnón was not sentenced to death, he is not happy. David reminds him that he is king and he decides how the law is carried out. Absalón accuses his father of protecting Amnón yet again. It’s why they are in this mess. David always favored Amnón. All of this is David’s fault. Absalón storms out. Ahitophel tells David not to worry, that Absalón is just upset. David wonders what will become of his family. Ahitophel looked mighty sneaky to me….

Tirsa has a suitor

Tirsa is coming back from the market. Joab offers to help her with the big basket she’s carrying. She’s agitated. She swears it’s light and she doesn’t need help. Joab says ok then. Tirsa seems to realize that he really was just offering to help. She thanks him for the offer. Joab tells her that he admires her courage and all that she did for Mefi. He tells her she has all his respect. *sniff* Aw! I always liked this guy anyway, this was like…glitter. #teamjoab.

Tamar’s guilt

Tamar is about to kill herself when Husaí comes in and stops her.

Natán’s Verdict

David is thinking about Nathan’s prophecy about the death of his son and another son bringing evil upon them. Natán interrupts his musings. David says all of Natán’s prophecies are coming true. David’s family is destroyed. Natán tells David he has to be just. David needs to be just as good a leader to his family as he is to Israel. David wonders if he failed by not sentencing Amnón to death. Natán tells him yes, he failed. If the king doesn’t stick to the law, how can he expect anyone else to? David argues that Amnón is his son. He first-born son! Natán reminds him that David has other sons. He tells him to care for Absalón and show him he loves him. He tells David to care for Tamar. David remembers when he was a soldier. He faced so many dangers, but now he’s more afraid than ever. Natán tells him to get in touch with the boy that God anointed king. David doesn’t know where that boy is.

Some time later

Absalón talks to Ahitophel. He wonders if Amnón has learned anything. Ahitophel really doubts it. Absalón worries that David will soften and let Amnón back. Absalón is not going to let that happen. Absalón is planning a banquet for the esquila (shearing.) Ahitophel is sure Amnón could not resist an invite to that party. Absalón and Ahitophel plan to bring Amnón to Jerusalem.

Husaí brings a white rose to Tamar. Time has not healed her wounds. Husaí wants her to start living again. Tamar says the worst part of all of this is that she will never be able to marry the man she loves. I swear Husaí was going in for a kiss before she runs away.

Amnón is a crappy shepherd. Jonadab thinks it’s better than being dead. Amnón still blames Tamar…so no…dude has learned nothing. Jonadab tells Amnón that Absalón asked David to invite Amnón to the banquet. Amnón is happy.

David tells Absalón that his forgiving his brother has lightened the weight on his heart. David thinks the part will be reason for much happiness.

Amnón arrives at the party. He sees Absalón. Absalón swallows his disgust and hugs his brother. He tells him he’ll have a great time. They both agree that this is not the time for bitterness. Amnón goes off to be Amnón.

Tamar catches up to Absalón. How could he invite Amnón? Absalom swears Amnón will never hurt her again. Amnón is going to pay for what he did…with his LIFE!

Thanks for reading!

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Gracias, Sara.

I kept waiting for someone to say Amnón’s life shouldn’t be “ruined” over one mistake. I’m probably watching the news too much.