Rey David Wednesday 1/2/19 #29

Introduction and Disclaimer

Just a friendly reminder that these mini-caps might be completely worthless for trying to figure out what’s going on or being said in every.single.scene. I work from my limited memory and I tend to paint with a roller (seriously, “broad strokes” is an understatement.) Scenes are almost never written in the order of the program, though I’m trying to keep events chunked by commercial breaks or plot line. Sometimes I am taking notes and don’t pay attention to exactly who did what.

First Steps

Tamar sees Husaí but wants nothing to do with him. She stayed behind to try and stop Absalón. Husaí just betrayed her father. She runs to Absalón. She’s happy to see him but wishes it was under different circumstances. He says he has to go, but they’ll talk later.

Absalón convenes his advisors. Husaí is brought in. Absalón puts a sword to his throat and questions him. Husaí says he is faithful to whoever God chooses as king and to the people of Israel. Absalón seems happy with that answer and asks Husaí to join the consejo (council.)

Absalón asks Ahitophel what should be next. Ahitophel suggests that Absalón sleep with all David’s concubines that stayed behind as that would be a great show of his power. I’m so skeeved by this idea. Mical interrupts this meeting to slither up to Absalón and proclaim her intention to ally herself with him.

They end up sleeping together. Mical says he reminds her of David when he was young. Absalón says she looks good for her age.

David’s Caravan

David and his supporters trek through the desert. Salomón has a fever that won’t let up.

Tirsa is still mad that Joab wouldn’t let her go after Mefiboset. She asks him to send men to go get him. Joab refuses. Besides Mefiboset is a traitor. Tirsa tells him that’s a lie made up by Siba. Joab kisses Tirsa. He wants to marry her. She’s paid for her mistakes and she only made them so she and Mefiboset could survive. Tirsa smiles.

David prays. God knows that Ahitophel is turning Absalón against his own father. Ahitophel wants his revenge and will not let David live to see tomorrow. He asks God to help Husaí in his task to make Ahitophel’s words seem like locuras (crazy talk.)

God at Work

Ahitophel informs Absalón that the whole town knows Absalón is sleeping with Mical and the concubines. Absalón is eager to get started with Phase Two of Operation Overthrow Dad.

Ahitophel advises that they mount an army of 12,000 men. Ahitophel himself will lead it. They will hunt David down tonight! David and his men are tired, so a surprise attack is in order. The people will be angry at David for putting them in danger. Ahitophel will kill only David. David’s men will end up joining Absalón’s side. According to Ahitophel, David has to die. If not, Absalón will always just be seen as David’s son. Absalón thinks Ahitophel is brilliant, but decides to ask Husaí for his advice.

Husaí says that’s terrible advice. David is probably not even with the people right now. Surely he is hiding with some of his men. David is an experienced warrior and has never lost a battle. Sending such a small army will only result in defeat for Absalón’s men. What they need to do is gather men from every tribe from Dan to Beersheba. The men should number more than grains of sand in the sea. Absalón himself should lead this army. Ahitophel thinks this is a terrible idea! They need to attack now! Don’t wait until tomorrow! That just gives David time to prepare! Absalón likes Husaí’s idea.

Husaí sneaks out to the city and meets a disguised Aviatar (spelled Abiatar today.) Husaí tells Aviatar that David should cross the Jordan and tells Aviatar all the plans Absalón has.

Tamar catches Husaí coming back. He claims he was just looking for Mefiboset. Tamar is angry with Husaí. She’s trying to make Absalón see reason and Husaí is just poisoning her brother’s mind even more.

Mefi is sleeping in the streets and dreaming of dancing with Raquel.

The next day Husaí informs Absalón that a huge army has been mustered. Husaí says that if Absalón kills a hero like David, that will make him even more temible (fearsome.)

Absalón pep talks his men. He is sure then can destroy David’s army. David has a weakness and that’s the he listens to his heart, a fatal error for a soldier. Everyone marches out sure of their victory. Husaí looks sick to his stomach. Natán and Aviatar assure him that the message was delivered to David.


Paltiel is not happy about Mical sleeping with Absalón. What did he expect her to do? He aligned with Absalón and so did she. Did she think she was going to give up palace life to be with him, a mere soldier? She was born to be the wife of a king. Paltiel cynically observes that is doesn’t matter to her who that is. Paltiel threatens her. She dares him to lay one finger on her and see what Absalón does.

David’s people cross the Jordan. Once they cross some dude brings them provisions and promises to help David if he needs anything. Living in the desert is hard.


Betsabé is suffering because David is suffering. He doesn’t want to have to fight his own son. Josías comes in. They’ve found Alat. Alat is terrified. Betsabé assures Alat that she won’t be harm. Betsabé want them to bring food and drink for Alat. She asks them to let go of Alat. Josías is afraid she’ll run. Betsabé is sure Alat is not going to run.

Betsabé has been looking for Alat all this time. She wanted to thank Alat for saving her baby. Betsabé brings Salomón over to show Alat how strong and healthy he became. He is alive thanks to Alat. Alat is overwhelmed with emotion. Betsabé knows she’s innocent? Of course she does. Betsabé knows Mical. God put Alat in Betsabé’s path again so she could thank her personally.


David is going to split the army into three troops. Joab, Itai and Abisai will lead them. David also plans to fight. Joab and Itai beg him to stay behind. They need him alive. David agrees and asks them not to hurt Absalón.

Absalón and his men are surprised and the battle begins. Jonadab is surprised to see Raquel fighting. She is there to help David. Jonadab thinks battle is not place for women. Raquel looks to be doing pretty well, so I’m going to ignore him.

Lots of slow mo battling.

Joab and Paltiel start fighting. Paltiel get the upper hand and things do not look good for Joab!

Thanks for reading!

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