La Sultana Friday 1/4/19 #43


Ahmed meets with the puffy hat guys. He says there’s gonna be a big wedding between his sister…and Davud Pasha. (Woo hoo! Party time!)

The grand vizier’s not looking too happy about this.

Second opinion

Isaac Effendi has found the source of Ahmed’s stomach pains (it’s the family, keep them away) and he can cure it with a medicine he gives to Kösem. All he says is that it’s made of different “licores” (liquors).

But it’s a lie! Ahmed told Isaac Effendi to lie to Kösem. He needs her to be in a good mood.

Isaac gives Ahmed a different bottle of stuff that will at least help with the pain. He wishes he could do more, but this is all he has.

Ahmed grumpily tells him to leave.

Halime’s room

Menekşe tells Dilruba her wedding with Davud has been announced. Halime’s face: “Whatever.”


Zülfikar’s taking the news that there’s no cure for what ails Ahmed pretty hard. (Why is no one telling him to get his wife to ask her mother WTF the poison was?)

Ahmed starts giving him the “after I’m gone” instructions–protect his sons and Kösem and don’t let the boys fight among themselves.

Zülfikar’s like “This is bullshit! You’re too young!”

Ahmed says it’s Allah’s will. And he has one more favor to ask. He’s made a decision about Iskender….


The soldiers come by to take Iskender to the palace. Mehmed: “You should’ve listened to me when you had the chance!”

At the palace, Iskender and Zülfikar enter Ahmed’s room. Ahmed accepts that Iskender is innocent. He’s decided to pardon him…but he can’t keep living in Istanbul. He’s going to go be Governor of Mora. Zülfikar will escort him there.

Iskender says he’ll do whatever Ahmed tells him to and he’ll always be loyal.

Ahmed says loyalty is all he ever wanted from Iskender.

On the way out of Ahmed’s room, Iskender runs into Kösem. He tells her he’s not going to be killed and he’s been named Governor of Mora.

He had already told Kösem he was leaving town, so why did she still turn him in?

Because he didn’t tell her the truth and she thought he was already planning to join his mother and betray them.

Iskender says he’d never do that. He thinks the truth is that she wanted revenge on Safiye for her sister. She’d be happy now if Ahmed had killed him.

Kösem says she only did what anyone would have done for the sultan and the dynasty. She’ll never trust his mother.

Iskender says she’s talking to a prince now and she’d better learn her place.

Sibling rivalry

Osman’s admiring Ahmed’s new horses when Mehmed joins him (and Meleksima) and says he talked to his mother about Osman governing a district. Mom said it’s sooooo not gonna happen.

Osman says she promised him otherwise.

Old Palace

Iskender visits Safiye and Hümaşa. He’s been pardoned, but he’s here to say goodbye.

Safiye says Ahmed exiled him. Hümaşa says it won’t be for long. They’ll find a solution and bring him home.

Safiye wants one last hug to keep her going.

Ahmed’s room

He tries to be all lovey with Kösem, but she’s not having it. Safiye must be celebrating that Iskender’s not dead.

Ahmed says Iskender’s not going to turn against him.

She keeps on talking about Iskender not being trustworthy and wanting to take, maybe not the throne, but something else Ahmed values.

He knows. He remembers Haci handing him the sketch of Kösem.

Kösem swears she’d never give her heart to anyone else.

Ahmed says he’d suspect himself before he’d suspect her. But as far as Iskender, he is going to pay for his betrayal and disloyalty.


Iskender and Zülfikar are walking along a path in the forest. Zülfikar’s still surprised at the whole “prince” thing.

Yep, Iskender has changed, but what hasn’t changed is his loyalty to Zülfikar and the sultan.

Zülfikar’s sorry if he broke Iskender’s heart for what he found out recently. Really, he’s sorry.

Iskender’s heart isn’t broken. He grins at Zülfikar before taking a few steps ahead and finding an open pit. So, this is his grave, then? Ahmed ordered Zülfikar to kill him?

He kneels obediently at the edge as Zülfikar says that Ahmed ordered his execution.

Safiye’s got a bad feeling. She hopes they’ll get word soon that Iskender made it safely to his destination.

Zülfikar says he blesses Iskender before wrapping the rope around his neck.

Later that evening, Bülbül brings a cloth-wrapped package in to Safiye from Ahmed. She recognizes Iskender’s clothes and drops her coffee cup. The amulet was wrapped in the bundle too. (No amulet was ever going to be strong enough to save Iskender from Safiye’s ambitions.)

Zülfikar has to break it to Hümaşa that he killed Iskender. She starts hitting him and saying it was his fault.


Mustafá gets hauled into Ahmed’s room, yelling the whole way down the hallway that his fleet is waiting. He keeps screaming at Ahmed to let him go.

Instead, Ahmed slaps him. Mustafá seems to come back to himself. He begs Ahmed to help him.


Safiye’s blaming Hümaşa for Iskender being dead. Because she told Zülfikar. Safiye will always see her as Iskender’s killer.


Ahmed asks Mustafá what’s happening.

Before he can answer, Halime comes in.

Mustafá says he’s afraid Ahmed will send someone to kill him again. Sure, he gave his word, but words mean nothing. He can’t sleep. He sees shadows, he hears voices, and every night he’s convinced that someone’s coming in to kill him. He wants to leave.

Everybody’s crying–Ahmed, Mustafá, Kösem, Halime. Not Haci. Ahmed’s upset that he did this to Mustafá.


Ahmed brings Kösem into his room where a bunch of guys, including Haci, are already praying. He says Kösem is free now.

Say what?

This is their wedding.

Ahmed motions for someone to come in with some badass silver and emerald earrings for her.

“You are my beloved, my Sultana. My most precious treasure here and in eternity.”

Time passes

Kösem wakes up in bed alone. Ahmed’s lying on the floor in front of the balcony. She gets him to wake up, but she wants to call the doctor.

He’d rather go to the secret garden, where he saw her for the first time, kissed her for the first time, he wants to end his life there.

Kösem says he’s going to get better. Isaac Effendi found the cure.

He still wants to go.

They hobble down there by themselves and Ahmed falls in the snow. He says their dreams hurt. He couldn’t make them come true. The princes, the empire, he entrusts it all to her.

And then he dies.

He’s back in his bed when Kösem writes something and uses Ahmed’s ring to seal it. She hands it to Cennet, saying she has to do this so her princes will be safe.

Kösem loads up on bling as she voiceovers that it was permitted to kill one’s brothers. Until now, that’s what the law said. That’s how it always was. It’s the same for all princes. They had two paths: the throne, or death.

We see a clip of Osman petting a horse and Mehmed glaring at him.

So every prince grew up afraid of the executioners, afraid of death. That’s why her sons distanced themselves. That’s how the seed of hate was planted. Every child’s last breath depended on ascending to the throne. All the consequences were bloody. Hearts were hurt, souls were left desolate.

Mustafá is curled up in his mother’s lap.

The absolute power of a sultan represented a mother’s tears. A mother’s pained cry at having to bid her children farewell. One last look, one last caress, one last hug, and the last breath.

I am Kösem and this is my mandato (command). Today is a new day. An old practice comes to its end. From now on fear changes to peace, hate to love, and sadness into happiness.

Féretros (coffins) of princes who didn’t ascend won’t leave this palace any more. The cries of mothers whose hearts break won’t be heard any more.

I am Kösem and this is my command.

The shedding of blood will end. Brothers will not kill each other. I’m opening a new path and I will lead.

This is my command. I will keep my word, as I promised our sultan. I won’t abuse his confidence. I’ll protect our princes, our sultanas, and this great empire.

I am Sultana Kösem. Everyone should know that I’m no longer married to Sultan Ahmed, but to an entire empire.

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