La Sultana Monday 1/7/19 #44

What shenanigans are these?

Kösem asked to speak to the Puffy Hat guys to tell them the bad news–Ahmed’s condition has gotten worse. They need to be prepared.

Haci hands over Ahmed’s last request. He wants the oldest and wisest prince to ascend the throne in case he dies. Kösem agrees with his decision.

Zülfikar asks what seniority and wisdom means–Osman or Mustafá?

Kösem says Osman deserves the throne, but they need a new system to end fratricide. So she thinks Mustafá needs to be the one to ascend the throne.

Ahmed’s room

Kösem admits to Zülfikar that Ahmed died in her arms yesterday.

When the soldiers come to give their condolences tomorrow, they need to have Mustafá on the throne so everyone can see there’s a new order.

Zülfikar doesn’t think now is the time.

Kösem tells him not to worry. Mustafá won’t last long as sultan.


He’s the oldest, but he’s not the right one. He can’t take on the responsibilities of a sultan because he’s lost his mind.

WHAT? When Halime becomes Sultana Madre, she won’t have mercy on anyone.

Which is why Kösem needs his help. There’s something he needs to do at the coronation.

Halime’s room

Halime’s surprised to see Kösem there.

Then she’ll be even more surprised when she hears what Kösem has to say.

Halime congratulates Kösem for staying married.

Kösem asks if Halime still wants Mustafá to ascend the throne. And no, this is not a test.

Halime apologizes. She seems to have realized Ahmed is dead or about to be.

Kösem hasn’t told the kids. One word from her and she can ignore tradition and put Mustafá on the throne. But she has conditions–the princes won’t be harmed and Kösem can stay at the palace with them.

Halime says she owes Kösem big time and she promises the princes and she will live in peace at the palace.

Kösem says she knows everyone here has a tendency toward betrayal, so she’s warning Halime right now that if anything happens to her kids, Mustafá and Dilruba will be dead before the moon can light their path.

Family Meeting

Kösem meets with Cennet, the kids, and her servants. From now on, her life belongs to them and to the empire. What she does, she does for their safety.

The kids know something’s up and mommy’s scaring them.

Kösem tells them their father has died.

Old Palace

Zülfikar knows he’s not welcome there, but it’s his duty to inform Safiye that she finally got what she wanted. Ahmed has died.

Hümaşa doesn’t believe him at first.

Safiye’s upset that Iskender can’t ascend to the throne. It’s as if Ahmed planned this.

Zülfikar leaves, I’m thinking because in another second he would have said some very ungentlemanly words.

Hümaşa knows damn well it’s Safiye’s fault Ahmed is dead.


He didn’t think his dad was going to die for a while yet. Osman’s the age his father is when he ascended the throne. So, OK. He’s ready. Tomorrow he’ll take the throne and he’ll never let Kösem down.

Kösem says he will ascend the throne one day, but it won’t be tomorrow.

Osman jumps to the conclusion that Mehmed is taking the throne. He really wasn’t expecting her to say his uncle Mustafá would be taking the throne. He gets kinda tacky about it, saying the throne should be his and his uncle’s sick in the head.

So he knew?

Osman wants to know why he’s not taking the throne. Is it because she doesn’t trust him not to kill his brothers? Does she really think he would do that?

No, she doesn’t. She’s trying to change the customs and this is a precaution.

Osman just wants to know, if Mehmed were the oldest, what decision would she be taking? Not that he’s going to believe her answer.

Osman wanders over to his father’s balcony, looks at the empty bed, and stews.

The next day, Mehmed catches up to Osman and Cennet, asking if Osman’s running away. He admits that he’s happy Osman isn’t taking the throne, so he won’t kill their brothers.

Osman swears he would never do that. Mustafá ascending the throne doesn’t change anything–the throne is his and “La Sultana Kösem” took it away from him. One day, he’ll claim it.

Mehmed noticed she’s not “Mom” anymore.

The sultan is dead, long live the sultan

One of the religious guys makes the announcement that Ahmed is dead. And the traditional succession is not being followed. From now on, it won’t be the oldest son, but the oldest of the dynasty who takes the throne.

So, today the throne goes to Ahmed’s brother, Mustafá.

Mustafá’s hesitant to walk out the big double doors. His hallucination is also in attendance.

The first thing Mustafá wants to do is run out to the coffin and make sure Ahmed is in there.

In the Tower of Justice, Halime begs Allah to help her son. She swears she gave Mustafá his medicine.

Mustafá seems to calm down when he sees Ahmed’s face. Davud herds him back to the throne. Dilruba’s like “I told you we could trust him.”

Menekşe and four guards grab Mehmed–he’s been exiled.

Osman complains to Omer that Kösem turned against him. But Mustafá won’t be on the throne forever. He’s sick–Osman’s seen it.

Zülfikar approaches Osman.

Kösem tells Halime she’s Sultana Madre now. Once Halime assures her that she knows what her job is, Kösem starts to leave the tower.

But Halime wasn’t done–Kösem is to go to the Old Palace. It’s tradition. Their deal? It’s over.

Cennet warns Halime to call this off before it gets ugly.

Kösem can’t blame Halime for staying true to her nature, but she made a mistake. She rejected the opportunity Kösem was offering.

Halime asks who she thinks she is. Does she think she gets to decide who sits on the Ottoman throne?

Dilruba gloats that the princes aren’t hers–she’s lost all control.

You think? She helped Osman escape and no one but her knows where he is. He’ll come back to take what’s his.

Oh, they knew that. Mehmed told Davud. They’ll find him wherever he is.

Osman’s surprised that his escape was engineered by Kösem, but Omer and Zülfikar confirm it. She wants him away from the palace for a while. Both for the safety of his brothers and his own safety.

But their party just got outflanked by a bunch of soldiers and Davud. Mustafá wants beloved Prince Osman to come back to the palace.

Osman refuses.

Well then, they’d have to kill Zülfikar and Omer for helping him escape. Or he can hand over his sword and come quietly.

Zülfikar asks when Davud got bought. Halime’s using him like a doll.

Davud respects him, but his respect and his patience have limits.

Osman puts his sword away, so Zülfikar does too.

Haci tells Kösem Mehmed has been exiled and they’re taking her prince. And how did they find out about Osman? How did Mehmed know?

Cennet says she warned Kösem, she begged her. She told Halime everything and Osman will be sacrificed.

Not if Kösem has anything to say about it! She tells Haci to go to Halil Pasha. He’ll know what to do.

Kösem starts heading off to do her thing and Cennet trails in her wake.

Mehmed’s banging on the door to his room, demanding to be let out. Instead, the door opens so Osman can get shoved in. “This is what happens for not letting me take the throne!” (Come on, bros! Pull it together!)

So many hats

I don’t know who’s who or what side they’re on or even what group is yelling at what other group. So what we’ve got is Halil Pasha saying “our” princes have been taken prisoner and Sultana Kösem has been banished to the Old Palace.

I think the general sentiment from the soldiers is that they’re not gonna stand for that kind of bullshit.

Mustafá comes staggering outside and yells at the Ağas and Pashas that he won’t kill anyone, but please don’t kill him. (This poor guy.) He runs off and everyone kind of looks at each other.

Davud tries to act like the Emperor’s wearing clothes and says they all heard him–no one’s getting killed.

Kösem’s room

Kösem tells Melecki she doesn’t have much choice but to go to the Old Palace, or it’ll be worse for her sons.

Haci comes in and says he’s rounded up the Pashas and they’ll do what they can to protect the princes. The Janissaries and Sepahis are waiting out back.

Kösem asks Haci and Cennet to take care of the harem while she’s gone. And she wants to know everything that happens.

Cennet says Halime is bound to get rid of them sooner or later.

Hey, isn’t that what Cennet wanted? Retirement? Well, here’s her chance.

Mustafá’s room

Mustafá comes running into Ahmed’s old room telling his mom that everyone wants to kill him. Halime promises no one can hurt him while she’s here.

Davud Pasha comes in, panicking–the Janissaires and Sipahis, religious leaders, pashas, they’re ALL on Kösem’s side.

Dilruba says they knew this would happen. They can’t let anyone threaten her brother’s reign.

So what does Davud Pasha suggest?

He says they should just wait. Kösem’s exile and the capture of the princes is enough.

And they’re waiting for what? For Kösem to come back and claim the throne?

Davud says she can threaten all she wants, but they have the princes and they can kill them whenever they want.

Dilruba’s not looking so pleased with her husband now.

Old Palace

Safiye’s gloating as she welcomes Kösem.


Halime really thinks she’s pulled this off. Bülbül, Cennet, and Haci are brought before her and Halime asks Cennet for the seal so she can give it to Menekşe.

Next, she announces it’s now her turn to be in charge, so anyone who still serves Kösem is getting their head cut off.

Old Palace

Safiye can’t believe Kösem trusted Halime. Bad decision.

Kösem says she’ll go back to the palace with her sons.

Riiiiight. Safiye thought the same thing, but it’s been years.

Yeah, but Kösem’s not here for betraying the dynasty.

Safiye calls her a failure. The fate of her sons is now in Halime’s hands. Everyone should have to feel the pain they caused. Safiye lost two children because of Kösem and now Kösem will feel the same.


Zülfikar finds Hümaşa waiting in their room for him. She’s angry that Mustafá’s on the throne and Kösem handed everything over to Halime. They could all be dead tomorrow!

Zülfikar says they’ve taken precautions. There are soldiers outside and the Ağas in the harem are loyal to Kösem.

She sure hopes so, or they’ll be paying the price.


Safiye comes over for a visit. She tells Halime these rooms are like a fireball. Being Sultana Madre means living with pain in your heart.

Oh, she’s ready for that, after everything Safiye’s dished out. So what does Safiye want?

Safiye says Iskender was never treated the way he deserved. His body should at least be moved to lie at the side of his father’s. In Hagia Sofia.

Halime’s like “Seriously? After all you put me through?”

Safiye says Halime can understand her better than anyone, since she’s a mother who lost children.

But she felt Mahmud’s death because of Safiye. Her fear for Mustafá’s life is because of Safiye. And NOW she remembers that Halime’s a mother?!

“One day, you’ll understand.”

Halime picks up a bigass book so she’s not just ignoring Safiye now, she’s ignoring her in favor of a bigass book.

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