La Sultana Tuesday 1/8/19 #45


Safiye and Hümaşa are having Iskender’s body dug up, but Halime didn’t give permission, so they’re doing it in secret in the middle of the day.

Mustafá’s room

Mustafá’s just hanging out in his room, alone, marveling at the thought that he can do whatever he wants now.

Halime doesn’t contradict him, but she makes a face. Anyway, his brother’s harem have all been moved to the old palace, so they’re organizing a new harem for Mustafá and she’s already got a girl picked out for him for tonight.

Mustafá’s really not into that (I mean, seriously, the last time a stranger came into his room, he killed her) but Halime says he has to have children so no one will try to take the throne from him.

Mustafá flips out and tells the Ağas at the door to take his mother to the dungeons, immediately!

But he was just kidding.

Halime tells him to quit playing and remember she’s his mother. He’d better not humiliate her in public ever again.


The digger says Iskender’s grave is empty. Safiye and Hümaşa start wondering if he’s alive.


Zülfikar meets Iskender who is…surprise!…not dead.

We get a replay of Zülfikar strangling Iskender and whispering to him to keep breathing. He’d made arrangements to get him out of his grave later.

Zülfikar tells Iskender to make a run for it. Forget who he is. No one but Zülfikar knows he’s still alive and they never will. Safiye and Hümaşa were devastated when they heard about his death.

Iskender says they’re used to feeling sorrow.

Zülfikar keeps on him about getting out and making a normal life for himself somewhere. Iskender says he will.

Old Palace?

Kösem’s carriage pulls up outside and a guard announces her arrival. Across the street an assassin lurks with a bow.

Mehmed is out there waiting to give his condolences and offer his help if she needs it.

Yeah, she doesn’t need any “help” from a traitor.

The guy across the street keeps aiming the arrow, looking for a clean shot.

Mehmed says he never betrayed Ahmed, he just fought for what he deserved, like Kösem will. He offers his hand again.

Kösem turns and goes into the building and the assassin loses his opportunity.

Two Princes

(points if you thought of the Spin Doctors song)

It’s lunch time in Osman and Mehmed’s room. Osman takes out the guy with the tray and the guy guarding the door and Mehmed actually has to ask what he’s doing.

“Tell them I escaped.” (And that puts Mehmed 1 ahead in the “Who Deserves To Be Sultan More” contest.)

Secret Council

Kösem meets with the guys. She does a great imitation of Ahmed, complete with manspreading.

Halil Pasha and another guy with a hat tell her they’ve taken every precaution and the princes are safe.

Like she’s supposed to chill when she’s away from her kids. They all need to get ready–they’ll reveal Mustafá’s mental state and then during the first official ceremony, they’ll depose him and put Osman on the throne

Mustafá’s room

Davud Pasha tells Halime and Mustafá about Osman’s escape attempt. They caught him, though, and now they’re bringing him into Mustafá’s room.


Kösem exits the building and is heading for her carriage when the jerk across the street finally lets an arrow fly. Her servant sees it, shoves Kösem out of the way, and Gurbuz Ağa ends up taking it in the chest.


Osman loses points now because he just can’t keep his mouth shut! He says the throne should be his and he’s going to get it back and blah blah blah.

Mustafá asks Davud what the punishment is for a prince who tries to escape. Death? Then, go for it.

Mustafá gets annoyed when the Ağas don’t immediately jump to follow his orders. One of them said the rules have changed–they can’t kill princes anymore. Davud challenges the guy, saying he’s disobeying a direct order of the Sultan’s.

Mustafá has a seizure.

Next time we see him, he’s lying in his bed and the doctors are doing their thing. Dilruba comes in, annoyed that their troubles are never going to end.

Halime says this is how Allah wanted it. She needs to be patient.

Dilruba checks to make sure Mustafá’s not listening before she tells Halime and Davud that Kösem escaped her assassination attempt and Gurbuz Ağa died instead.

Halime says they have to tie Kösem’s hands or she’ll make things impossible.


Zülfikar visits Safiye and Hümaşa. They tell him about the missing body and ask where Iskender is.

Zülfikar says he’s alive and she’ll never find out where he is. He’s already gone far away.

Iskender’s down at the docks, listening to a couple of workers gossiping about Mustafá and the scene he made at the coronation. He hadn’t realized Ahmed was dead.

Safiye keeps demanding to know where he is. The rules have changed! The oldest and wisest heir gets the throne. He deserves it!

Zülfikar can’t believe she’s actually sitting here trying to plot how to appropriate the throne instead of being happy about this good news.

Safiye says it’s the only way Iskender can live. She tells Hümaşa to convince him. Hümaşa tells her to go back to the Old Palace.

Unlike her mother, Hümaşa is glad Zülfikar saved her brother. But is he really not going to tell her where he is?

Zülfikar says it’s better that way and Hümaşa nods her agreement.

Harem entrance

Kösem has been forbidden entry unless Halime allows her.

“Then tell her I’m here and I’m not leaving until I’ve seen my kids!”

In Halime’s room, she’s demanding that Cennet and Haci produce evidence that Kösem planned Osman’s latest escape attempt. She goes on and on about how everyone depends on her son and they should be loyal to him and “I’M THE SULTANA MADRE” and if they don’t shape up, she’ll have them thrown in the dungeon at Yedikule (the place Şahin and Mehmed were) and confiscate all their belongings.

Haci says he doesn’t know how much longer he might live, but if it means he has to betray Kösem, he’d rather die in a dungeon. (So, take that!)

Menekşe shows up to tell Halime that Kösem’s here to see her. But first Halime wants to know if Cennet thinks the same way Haci does.

Cennet’s face: “So…very…tired….”


Iskender stops to take one last look at Istanbul before boarding a ship.


Kösem starts right off accusing them of trying to kill her.

Halime accuses Kösem of giving Osman the order to escape.

Kösem’s confused about what’s going on here.

Halime brings Cennet in to ask who gave Osman the order to escape. Cennet apologizes to Kösem before saying she ordered it and she ordered the other princes to also.

Kösem can definitely tell something is going on here, but she’s not sure what.

Halime tells the Agas to throw Kösem in the tower.


Omer tells Osman they’re locking Kösem up in Maiden’s Tower. Obviously they’re going to use every trick they have against them.

Also, he’s heard that the new law saying the oldest male of the dynasty gets the throne was written by Kösem.


Haci and Kösem are both being taken away. Cennett stands off to the side looking upset as Haci calls her a traitor. (I have a feeling she’s planning something, but I don’t know what.)


Iskender stops Safiye and Bülbül’s carriage. He was going to leave, but when he heard Ahmed was dead, he changed his mind. Istanbul has always been his home. His family is here.

Safiye agrees, but they need to find a safe place to hide him.

Bülbül has an idea.


Cennet complains to Omer about the ugly look Kösem gave her. He says she did what she had to do and now she needs to stay in the palace and look out for the princes, especially Osman.

Cennet says they’re walking through fire. Halime is “crazy” and she’ll do anything.

Omer confidently says they’ll stop her.

Mustafá’s room?

The Grand Vizier and one of the other guys from the secret council tell Halime she can’t just be chucking people in dungeons on the word of their servants. Nobody’s gonna stand for this, especially not if it’s Sultana Kösem. If she doesn’t set Kösem and Osman free, shit’s gonna get real. (My words, not his.)

Halime just sits there with a creepy smile on her face while Davud Pasha tells them to watch it–this is the Sultana Madre they’re talking to.

Harem entrance

So, Halime folded. Kösem’s not going to the tower and Osman’s going to go back to his room. Kösem seems a little thrown off. She orders a doubling of the guards around the palace and Zülfikar tells her not to worry–they’re not going to let anything happen to the princes.

Mustafá’s room

Halime whines that no one’s obeying their orders! Dilruba whines that everyone’s on Kösem’s side!

Davud’s like “We’ll just get rid of them, then.”

But no, because who would they replace them with? Halime says this has to be done carefully.

Osman’s room

He’s not back for a second before he starts trying to think of a way out of this. He tells Mehmed this is all happening because their mother wrote up orders that the oldest prince would inherit the throne and used their father’s seal.

Mehmed is sure they’re just lying, trying to discredit her.

Osman sure hopes so.


Bülbül runs into Cennet. He just saw Haci and heard he’s been relieved of his duties. What goes around comes around.

Cennet says Bülbül’s not exactly innocent. Where was he today? He was with Safiye–what are they planning?

Bülbül’s more interested in what Cennet’s planning and why she’s the only one keeping her job while everyone else is being exiled.


Eycan comes to Kösem’s room (old palace? New palace? Who knows!) with a bunch of other women from the harem. They’ve all been exiled, except for Cennet, who gave Eycan a note.

Basically, Cennet’s sorry she has to lie about Kösem, but someone needs to stay in the palace to care for the princes. She promises to guard them with her life.

Kösem tells Haci to figure out where to put everybody. She shows him Cennet’s letter. She doesn’t know if it’s a trap, but she wants to trust her this time.

Kösem says they have to be ready to move before Halime kicks everyone out. He needs to send men to watch every corner and they have to make sure everyone knows the throne is in the hands of a “madman” They can use them as witnesses when the time comes. And after that, Osman will take the throne.


Iskender’s hiding out. Hümaşa’s glad he’s alive and she won’t make the mistake of telling Zülfikar he’s here. Let him think Iskender left.

So, what does he want to do now?

Iskender says he never would have betrayed Ahmed or Kösem and they still sentenced him to death.

Hümaşa says that was all Kösem’s doing. Ahmed would have forgiven him.

Well, Kösem thought he was a danger to her children, but he’s been loyal and protected her. That’s over. Now he’ll take what belongs to him–the throne. Is Hümaşa with him or against him?

She says she’s with him, of course.

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2 years ago

Thanks Kat!

“… complete with manspreading.”

HAHAHAHA! Yes! I noticed that too.

I’m not liking this Bad Iskender turn but I guess it had to happen because they really did throw him under the bus.

I’m pretty sure I dislike Dilruba the most. She has major RBF.