La Sultana Wednesday 1/9/19 #46

Old Palace

Safiye and Hümaşa are already planning to keep Iskender’s presence in Istanbul a secret from Zülfikar. They’ll be more careful this time. They’ll wait years if they have to, but Iskender will take the throne. Obviously the fact that he’s still alive means Allah wants him to be sultan. (Riiiiight….)

Time Passes

Mustafá’s now being haunted by a vision of Osman, screaming at him about stealing the throne. He’s all over the place, hidden in a crowd that’s there for some event or other.

Davud and his lackey had just decided they needed to get him out of there, but Mustafá sees Osman heading for him with a sword and runs into the crowd.

Shopping Sultana Showdown

Kösem and her entourage run into Dilruba and hers. While Kösem explains she’s been waiting for Dilruba since she can no longer talk to Halime, Dilruba’s guards are very quietly dragged off behind her.

Yeah, Dilruba has nothing to talk to Kösem about. She’s about to walk off when a whole lot more soldiers and guards surround them both.

Kösem tells her not to be afraid–she has a deal for her. Tomorrow at the council meeting Osman will take the throne. Dilruba and her family won’t make any objections. And in exchange, Kösem will let them live.

One way or another, they’ll depose her desquiciado (deranged) brother. Kösem’s just trying to avoid bloodshed. So Dilruba had better convince her mom and her husband.

Dilruba refuses and reminds Kösem they have her sons. She tries to leave again, but the soldiers are blocking her path.

Kösem’s not letting her leave until they settle this.

The problem is, Halime’s never going to give up Mustafá for Diruba.

Kösem’s not worried about her. She wants Davud Pasha. And he would do anything for Dilruba.

Now Dilruba wants to talk, but Kösem turns and walks off.

Runaway Sultan

Davud Pasha and his hench track Mustafá down in the market. Davud tells Mustafá to control himself and gets him up to standing. Zülfikar’s in the crowd, watching.

Old Palace

Halime stops by to visit Safiye and ask for help getting rid of Kösem.

Safiye could be down with that…but what would she get in return?

Halime would set her up in a palace of her own with lots of servants and she can relive her glory days.

The only problem is Safiye’s not a killer.

Halime says all she needs is for Kösem not to leave the Old Palace tonight.

Two Princes…the other Two Princes

Mehmed finds Iskender at a tavern. Everybody’s talking about Mustafá and saying he’s gone “crazy.”

Iskender says there’s no smoke without a fire. He figures this will make things easier.

Mehmed says he’s found some guys to help. He’s busting out of his “prison” tonight. They’ll head for the Caucasus and put together an army of Georgians and Kazakhs.

Old Palace

Hümaşa tells Safiye that Kösem’s ready to burn the boats–Zülfikar told her. She’s ready to dethrone Mustafá tomorrow.

Safiye’s not so sure after Halime’s visit. She wants to get rid of Kösem tonight. It’s easy enough to guess her intention.

Hümaşa at least has the decency to seem horrified at the thought that Halime will send executioners to the princes.

Safiye says she doesn’t want Mustafá to have competition, but she doesn’t know Iskender’s alive.

“So do we let them do it?”

Yep. And then they’ll get rid of Mustafá and put Iskender on the throne.

Davud’s room

He thinks it’s a little strange that Dilruba hasn’t come back from shopping.

Zülfikar stops by to say “they” are keeping Dilruba as their guest for a while. State dignitaries and the royal army both think Mustafá lacks the ability to govern. Prince Osman will be taking the throne tomorrow. And if Davud stays on “their” side, he might be reunited with his wife tomorrow.

And if not, he’ll never see his wife again.

Davud has Zülfikar seized by the guards outside his room. He asks where Dilruba is.

Nope, not telling. It’ll all get settled tomorrow.

Davud has Zülfikar sent to the dungeon.


Davud gives Halime the bad news and says he’s trying to get Zülfikar to talk.

Halime is seriously in tears. I guess Kösem underestimated how much Halime does love her daughter?

She tells Davud to keep pressing Zülfikar.

Which he will, but what if he can’t get anywhere?

Halime says if they take so much as one step back, they’ll undo everything. That’s why they have to get rid of the princes tonight.

Davud’s upset that they’ll kill Dilruba.

Halime says they don’t have any other option.

Ooh, Davud is not on board with this.

Halime says they’re gonna get killed anyway.

It’s about to get messy

Kösem’s telling Melecki that it’s all over tonight. She’ll be reunited with her sons and they’ll get to go back home.

Except some dude locked the door from the outside. Aww, and he tied up Haci.

In her carriage, some guard gloats to Safiye that it’s all under control. She’s looking forward to the entire Old Palace waking up to Kösem’s tears.

Cennet’s about to get her throat slit when Bülbül interrupts and knocks out the guard. She’s so damn happy she hugs him.

Bülbül tells her to cut it out! Yes, he knows Halime’s gonna kill the princes and that is not a guilt he wants to carry around.

Safiye tells Iskender to be patient. Once the storm passes, it’s his turn.

Iskender says they can’t do anything without soldiers. Mehmed’s getting out tonight and they’re going to the Caucasus to recruit an army.

Safiye doesn’t trust Mehmed. She tells Iskender to only trust the family.

Well, they’ve already made a deal.

Safiye reminds him he’s a member of the Ottoman dynasty. He doesn’t need the help of a servant.

Hümaşa comes in and tells Kösem to do something–Halime has ordered the death of all the princes. Kösem grudgingly thanks Hümaşa.

Zülfikar’s not talking. When Osman takes the throne tomorrow no one’s getting killed. Not even Mustafá or Davud or Dilruba.

Davud says they won’t have anyone to take the throne.

Zülfikar’s sure Kösem must be here by now and the Janissaries are at the door.

Mehmed gets out and meets Iskender at the tavern. But Iskender has changed his mind. His roots and his family are here and he doesn’t want to live away from them again.

Ok, well, if he ever needs help, Mehmed will be there for him. He avoids the soldiers who just walked in and sneaks out the back way.

Safiye walks by Kösem’s room and gets upset at the open doors. She gripes at the guy who was supposed to be taking care of things, but she moves on.

Bülbül meets Kösem at the harem entrance and says they’ve searched everywhere for the princes and can’t find them. She runs into the palace followed by a bunch of soldiers.

The princes are all in one room together. The three oldest (and the youngest one is barely big enough) look like they’re ready to take on the executioners on behalf of the other three.

Kösem gets to Mustafá’s room and asks where her princes are.

Halime says she’s too late. Does Kösem understand now how painful it is to feel the life of your child is in danger?

Kösem says she did everything she could to protect Mustafá and this is how Halime repays her?

Halime complains they kept Mustafá locked in for years and now her sons are dying in the same place.

As Kösem goes running for the Crystal Pavilion, Halime calls out to her that it’s too late.

In the dungeon, Zülfikar’s muttering about the princes. Hümaşa tells him to forget it–there’s nothing they can do for the princes. Kösem’s the only one who can save them.

Zülfikar says Davud’s on his way to the palace to kill everyone.

Kösem comes around the corner and sees Davud exiting Mustafá’s old room. She’s horrified, thinking the princes are dead. She marches down the hallway, promising to kill Davud with her own hands. Haci tries to keep her from going inside, but she throws the doors open and there they all are. Davud saved them at the last minute.

Kösem tells the executioners to GTFO.

Davud tells Haci the princes are safe…so where’s Dilruba?

Haci tells him to be patient.

Kösem swears to the boys that no one will touch them again. They walk out of the room.

Kösem goes back to the Sultan’s room and all Halime’s got is “You’re in trouble for using state soldiers for this! You won’t get away with it!”

Nope, Halime’s the one who won’t get away with the sin she wanted to commit.

The princes come marching in. Well, except for the baby.

Kösem rats out Davud for saving her sons. He loves Dilruba more than Halime.

Mustafá’s confused.

Before Halime can explain, Kösem tells the guards to put Halime in the dungeon and lock up Mustafá. And I really am upset that Mustafá keeps having to suffer for all this, but I blame Halime. And she promised him he’d never get locked up again.

Davud sees Halime and says he did what he had to do to save Dilruba. He made a deal with Kösem and no one’s getting hurt. Halime’s not buying that.

Family meeting

The princes have been locked up for three months. Kösem blames that on Halime, for not keeping her word.

Kösem, however, did keep her word to Ahmed. She protected the state and she protected his princes. Osman and Mehmed glare at each other.

But the drama’s over now. And the one who will ascend the throne is Osman.

He looks like he wasn’t expecting that.

Kösem motions for him to sit at the foot of the bed. The bowing starts (can we not exempt the person holding the baby? I mean, for safety reasons). Mehmed is the very last one to bow.


Osman is announced as Sultan and comes out to sit on the throne, but the soldiers are confused and complaining. They want someone to explain what happened.

That falls to the religious guy–Mustafá is alive, but he renounced the throne for the good of the state, due to his poor health. Sultan Osman will take his place on the throne.

In the Tower of Justice, Mehmed complains to Kösem that he’s the one who should take the throne.

Well, if Allah wills it, he’ll be Sultan one day. He’s still in the line of succession. But now is not the time to discuss that.

Mehmed says it IS the right time. What if they run into the same problem?

One of the smaller princes asks what happens if Osman orders them killed. Another one says Osman loves them and he would never. Kösem agrees. They shouldn’t suspect Osman. He’d do anything to keep them safe.

Davud rescues Dilruba from her storage room and says her mom and brother are fine.

“And did you kill the princes?”

Davud says he did what he could, but there was no other way to save her. He exchanged the princes for her. Mustafá’s been dethroned.

Cennet comes to fetch Halime. Kösem has made a decision about her. She won’t be killed, but she’s headed for the Old Palace. Mustafá’s getting locked up in the Crystal Pavillion again. And Menekşe had her belongings confiscated and was thrown out of the harem.

Sultan Osman tells his girlfriend the nightmare is over. He’s on the throne and the two of them will never be separated. They’ll have a bunch of kids, like they imagined.

Haci stands there trying to be unobtrusive, but Kösem’s waiting to talk to Osman.

In Iskender’s room, Safiye complains that they’re announcing that Osman has ascended the throne. Kösem changed her destiny once again. If only someone hadn’t helped her last night, they could be hearing the announcement of the deaths of her princes. She knows Hümaşa talked.

Hümaşa admits it. She didn’t want her brother coming to the throne covered in blood. They’re just kids. And she’s sure Iskender agrees, right Iskender?

Iskender says there’s no way to gain the throne peacefully. What was Hümaşa thinking? Does she still think they’ll hand over the throne on a silver platter? There has to be blood.

Hümaşa looks like she’s waiting for he to say he’s kidding.

Osman’s room

Kösem says he’s no longer a prince. Now he’s a sultan and she’ll always be there for him.

He says her presence always strengthens him, but he’s worried about the rumor he heard–that she’s the one who wrote the decree saying the eldest of the dynasty should ascend to the throne. Is it true?

Kösem says she had to do what was best for “us.”

Osman doesn’t feel like he was included. He thinks she thought he’d have the other princes killed. They were locked up for three months. He and his brothers paid for her mistake and now it’s her turn–she’s going back to the Old Palace where she belongs.

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