La Sultana Thursday 1/10/19 #47

Family Feud?

Hümaşa had no idea Iskender would feel that way–they’re just kids!

Well, he was a kid too and no one felt sorry for him.

Safiye says anything is fair game to get Iskender on the throne.

Hümaşa looks like she’d rather tell them both off, but she asks what their next move is.

Safiye says it’s turning Osman and Kösem against each other. I guess they’re not up on all the latest gossip. Hümaşa doesn’t think it will be that easy–Osman thinks of her as a mother and he’s still young.

Safiye says they can wait. Until Osman becomes a father. When he has a prince they’ll be able to convince him to commit fratricide.

Hümaşa looks over at Iskender again and he blinks at her. (I still feel like he could take her aside later and say “Wow, I had no idea mom was this bad!”)

Osman’s room

Kösem doesn’t get it. How could Osman think she didn’t trust him to rule if she just spent the last three months trying to put him on the throne?

He says that’s what hurts most. She left him at the mercy of others to get what should have been his instead of just trusting him not to kill his brothers.

Kösem says she didn’t doubt him and she wasn’t mocking him.

Osman says if she wanted to change the laws she should have just told him. He would have done anything for her. Instead she wrote up a false decree.

So his brothers can live in the palace, but she only gets to visit.

Voiceover–Time Passes

Go back to Allah.

Go back to the women and children who have been entrusted to you by Allah.

A visit from the Sultana

I guess what she meant by that was hang out with the people. She visits a family in Melecki’s old neighborhood, has some soup, and the people love her.

Iskender’s in the crowd and she notices him and tries to follow–but everyone in the crowd wants to touch her and it slows down her progress.


Osman’s got himself a prince. He and Meleksima are proud. Cennet’s thrilled. Osman asks her to assemble the family–he wants them all at the baptism.

Old Palace

Halime’s watching out the window for Kösem to come back. Safiye says she’s probably out doing charity to sway the public.

Halime gloats that they’ll see what she does when she has no power. She’ll die mired in poverty.

Dilruba brings them news–Kösem will meet with the council tomorrow.

Zülfikar in his pajamas

Kösem visits to ask if Iskender’s still alive, now that she thinks she’s seen him. As much as I love Zülfikar, he should never play poker.


I swear this Ağa is the same one who “locked” Kösem in her room and still Safiye kept him on? He’s been following Iskender and he doesn’t think she’s going to be happy about what he saw. He was following Kösem and he might have been discovered.


He tells Kösem it must be a look-alike.

Kösem is willing to accept that, but if it was then why did he run away from her?

Zülfikar says he’ll check things out if it makes her feel better.

Kösem complains that Halime and Safiye are conspiring again, so Zülfikar says this must be a trick of theirs to make her nervous.

When Hümaşa joins them, Kösem says she was just asking Zülfikar his advice on some charity work she’s doing.

Zülfikar backs up her story. (Two can play that “I’m not telling” game.)


Safiye visits his place to scold him for following Kösem. If she saw him, it’s all ruined.

Iskender says there’s no way she could have seen him. It was dark. He was really far away from her in the crowd.

Bülbül agrees–if Kösem had seen him she would have told the Sultan already.

Safiye talks to Bülbül as if Iskender isn’t even there, saying he probably went to see her more than once. She asks Iskender if Kösem is his greatest weakness.  He’s playing with fire. If he wants the throne he needs to forget she exists.

Iskender asks her when he’ll be able to take the throne. He sounds like a spoiled child, whining about being a prince and being tired of living like a fugitive.

Safiye says their patience will be rewarded.

Hümaşa comes in, panicking. Zülfikar was following her. Kösem came to see him last night. He knows! But how?

Safiye goes back to scolding Iskender.

He grudgingly admits she might have seen him, but she won’t be sure.

Safiye says if Zülfikar’s following Hümaşa around it’s because he knows Iskender is still around.


Kösem has coffee with Osman. He named the baby after his teacher–Omer. Kösem starts talking about how you can’t consentir (spoil) “people like him” too much or they get arrogant and try to hurt you.

Osman’s convinced no one can weaken his rule. She seems satisfied when he says anyone who tries will be repaid by his sword.

He wanted to get her opinion on taking Mehmed with him when he leads the army in spring.

Kösem thinks he’d know better than she would. She doesn’t want him leaving for war. It’s too soon!

Osman says she still looks at him like a child.

No, he’s the sultan. But as his mother it’s her job to worry.

She’s not much better

Hümaşa tries to be all casual, asking about Zülfikar’s visit to the palace, but he turns around and asks her where Iskender is.

First she pretends she has no idea what he’s talking about. Then she just gets pissed off and asks why he wants to know. To tell Kösem? To turn him over to the Sultan? She’s already made the mistake once and she won’t make it again. She’s never going to tell him!

Secret Council

Kösem meets with her guys to convince them that Osman shouldn’t go off to war and Safiye and Halime are trying to kill off all her children and then kill her. His teacher, Omer, is definitely going to get him to kill his brothers now that he has a son. (It sounds kind of paranoid when she says it like that.)

Their meeting gets crashed by none other than Sultan Osman. Oops.

Granny told him about the meeting. She’s gloating with Halime and Dilruba about how much it’s going to hurt Kösem to lose her children.

Dilruba’s not so quick to celebrate.

Osman screams at them about having a secret council meeting and says they’re not fit to be on HIS council. The Grand Vizier objects that he’s innocent and Osman reaches back for a sword and just up and stabs the guy. Then he’s all “Mom, come with me.”

Kösem’s defense is a little weak–she never DID anything against him, she’s just trying to protect his reign. From everyone. From all the traitors he sees and the ones he doesn’t see. From the ones who are trying to isolate him to take the throne from him. She swears on her children she’d never betray him.

Osman tells her to go say goodbye to the kids. She’s never going to see them again.

Osman tells Haci he’s no longer welcome in the palace. He’s going to Egypt and all his belongings are being confiscated.

Outside the harem, Haci gives Kösem the news. She’s sure he’ll be back.

He doesn’t care about that as much as caring that she and the princes are OK *significant glare at Cennet*

Kösem wishes him luck.

Osman meets with Omer to ask if he’s done the right thing. They swore they didn’t betray him.

Omer thinks they need to discuss it with the council. You can never be sure of what’s said, so they should take precautions. He has a prince now, but as long as the oldest male of the dynasty becomes Sultan, he’ll never be able to claim the throne. He thinks they have to change the law so his son will inherit the throne.

Old Palace

Kösem goes to confront Safiye for ratting her out to Osman. She asks who Safiye’s working for this time–Halime? Someone else?

Safiye says she just wanted Osman to see who Kösem really was.

“Iskender’s alive, isn’t he?”

Safiye whines that he’s dead and it’s Kösem’s fault.

She hopes so, or Safiye’s going to suffer his loss again.

Not-secret council

Omer delivers Osman’s decision–the throne will once again pass from father to son, as it did before.

One of the Pashas complains that this isn’t what Ahmed wanted. Is Osman ignoring what his father wanted.

Osman listens to them all arguing and walks out to show them the actual decree. He rips it up and says he’s going old school rules. If anyone objects, they’ll be executed.

In the crowd, Mehmed hears him and gulps.


An Ağa brings Ayşe a note from her mother. Osman ordered Mehmed killed, so he needs to go hide with the Janissaries. Ayşe’s not doing anything until she verifies this note came from her mother. (Yeah, something’s fishy.)

The Ağa who brought the note kills the servant Ayşe sent and hides the body.

Some of the secret council meet at Zülfikar’s place. Halil Pasha says Omer’s been waiting for this chance for a long time.

Zulfikar says he’ll get his. For now, they should tell Kösem. He’ll send word later.

Ayşe’s waiting with Mehmed. He’s panicking, but she refuses to let him leave until they’ve gotten word from their mother.

Mehmed demands she get him out of here now.

The suspicious Ağa grins as Ayşe tells Mehmed to follow her. He goes right to Osman’s room to tell him Mehmed “escaped” the palace.

Osman tells the Ağa to have him found and brought back.

A couple of Janissaries meet with Zülfikar and Kösem. Mehmed’s with them–as per Kösem’s orders.

Yep, Kösem didn’t give those orders. Zülfikar knows it’s a trap.

He and Kösem go to Jannisary HQ. She can’t believe he fell for it! Didn’t she tell him never to trust anyone?

Zülfikar says Mehmed’s going to be declared a rebel now.

Kösem says they’re going back to the palace now, but Mehmed insists Osman’s going to kill him.

If he doesn’t go back, no one can save  him.

Before they can leave, Osman arrives.

Kösem tells Osman Mehmed is innocent. Someone sent him a note, allegedly from her, saying Osman was going to have him executed. It’s all a ploy to have Osman kill Mehmed.

Osman gives a signal to have Mehmed carried out, but the head of the Jannisaries reminds him that Mehmed has taken refuge with them. He can only leave of his own free will.

Osman reaches for a sword, but so do a lot of the Janissaries. The leader reminds him this is what the law says.

Osman whines about them forgetting their oath. Omer immediately backs him up, saying they’re now bandits with no discipline. They’ll all have to be beheaded.

Ooh, Zülfikar’s face! Be afraid, Omer!

One of guys up front with a minor speaking role says they’re the heart of the empire. How can he call them bandits?!

Osman says anyone who raises his sword to the sultan is a bandit. He wants the prince now or heads will roll.

The soldiers start moving forward and Zülfikar asks the head guy not to do this. Why are they raising their swords to the Sultan.

The prince took refuge. They can’t hand him over!

Kösem tells them all to lower their weapons and they ALL do, including the guys Osman brought with him. She says she has faith in Osman. The prince was deceived. The sultan won’t be deceived. He won’t kill his brother. Isn’t that so?

Osman makes a grumpy face and then says no “innocent” prince will die.

Kösem tells Mehmed a prince’s place is with the Sultan. She hugs him and whispers to him to trust his brother. (I feel like that’s asking a LOT.)


Zülfikar finds him and he can tell Iskender’s after the throne now. He asks Iskender to come with him, but they’re immediately surrounded by soldiers.

Iskender refuses to go anywhere.

Zülfikar says it’s a mistake to go after his mother’s dreams instead of following his orders. He’s never going to ascend to the throne.

Iskender says he spared Zülfikar’s life once and now they’re even (What?). The next time they see each other, one of them is dying.

Old Palace

Kösem power walks over to Esad Effendi to ask what’s up.

He says the sultan came to see him today and he wants to kill Prince Mehmed. He wants permission, but Esad wouldn’t give it. He’s stubborn, though. She needs to hurry and save the prince.

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