La Sultana Friday 1/11/19 #48


By the time he gets home, Hümaşa has already heard from the Hatun that Zülfikar shook down that he’s found Iskender.

Zülfikar complains that her mother’s soldiers showed up to save him.

Um, no, those were Hümaşa’s guys. And why bother trying to capture him now when he’s the one who pardoned his life in the first place?

Because Iskender’s not the sweet innocent ingénue he used to know. Now he’s embriagado (drunk) with power too.

Well, he’s a prince. He has a right to the throne.

So you’re gonna go kill the princes. depose Osman, and put Iskender on the throne?

“Why not?” Osman is young and Iskender isn’t. He’s brave, intelligent, and he could be a powerful ruler like his ancestors. Hümaşa begs Zülfikar to help them put Iskender on the throne without bloodshed. (Sorry, Zülfikar. You married her.)


Kösem catches up to Osman outside to tell him she heard about him trying to get permission to kill his brother.

Well, right, he said he wouldn’t kill an “innocent” prince. But Mehmed’s not innocent and neither is she. He knows she wants to have him deposed like she did Mustafá and put Mehmed on the throne. But he won’t let her do that!

Kösem tells him not to do anything he’s going to regret later. Wouldn’t the Janissaries have had him killed if that was true?

He takes that as an admission of guilt.

She reminds him she raised him, nursed him, protected him with her life. Who’s betraying who here?

Osman says betrayal is keeping the throne away from someone who deserves it, making your own secret council, “making” someone do something they never would have done. (Why do we keep putting guys in charge of this empire?)

Osman heads inside, leaving Kösem outside with her sorrow and potential heart attack.

On the balcony, Omer tells Osman he’s got permission from the council to kill Mehmed. Osman takes the scroll.

Kösem comes to see Omer, to complain that he’s been poisoning Osman. She needs him to stop Osman from killing Mehmed.

Omer says he doesn’t have permission. But sure, he’ll talk to him.

Cennet comes running in to tell Kösem that Osman DOES have permission and he’s going to execute Mehmed.

She goes running out of the room and Omer scolds Cennet.

Osman gets a haircut  and ponders the council’s decision that Mehmed is a rebel and needs to be killed.

An Ağa comes by to fetch Mehmed, saying he doesn’t know why the Sultan wants to see him.

Zülfikar and Kösem are trying the old secret door into the palace. The Janissaries are on their way.

Old Palace

Halime complains about the winter being bitter.

Safiye says maybe it’s a sign of the end of Kösem.

Halime did hear that Osman got permission to kill his brother.

Safiye gloats about the people Kösem has lost, but there’s nothing like losing a son. A mother dies when she loses one of her sons. (Seriously, Halime, you’re just gonna let her go on like that and not say anything?)


There’s another wall up now in front of the one that leads to the secret passage. Kösem bangs on it, screaming.

Mehmed comes to Osman’s council room. Osman has him sit down, which is a little confusing.

Mehmed starts to cry, asking if Osman is going to kill him. He promised he’d never turn his back!

Osman hugs him and says he kept his promise, but Mehmed didn’t. Jackass doesn’t even have the guts to stay in the room while Mehmed’s being murdered. He just sends in a bunch of executioners while he listens at the window without looking.

When Mehmed can’t get Osman to stop it, he says his last wish is that Osman’s sultanate goes to crap because he’s nothing but a traitor and a murderer.

Osman looks up to find one of the younger brothers watching.

The Jannisaries have made it to the palace and they’re demanding the doors be opened. (Who is this one creep off to the side? I think he’s somebody’s spy, but I’m not sure whose.)

Mehmed’s already laid out on a stretcher.

Kösem and Zülfikar arrive after the crowd has started moving in. The soldiers stand aside to let Kösem pass through. She sobs and screams at Mehmed to wake up.


Eleven days after I killed my brother, it started to snow and it’s been snowing for weeks. It’s a winter so intense that it feels like the sky crashed to earth. The silhouette of my city disappeared. My heart melts like ice in fire.

Some people say I caused this, that it’s my punishment for the sin I committed. For continuing the tradition of fratricide which had ended. For reviving a fire than had gone out. They say Allah cursed me and this is my punishment.

Maybe they’re right.  Allah tested me with this storm.


Kösem stands before two of them. Osman comes to join her. They don’t tell us whose they are.


Bülbül says he’s never seen a winter like this. The Bosphorus is frozen. Boats can’t get to port. Streets are closed. Carriages can’t move. Everyone’s hungry and there are no provisions. Everyone’s anxious because they don’t know when it’s going to end.

Iskender knows. He’s been out in the city and people haven’t just raided stores, but also houses.

Safiye prays they won’t go hungry. Soon it will be spring and Osman will lead a campaign. He’ll never return.

Hümaşa comes into wherever this is with Zülfikar. She says he’s one of the cool kids now.


Osman whines that Kösem also thinks the snow is his fault for killing his brother. But isn’t it also her fault for turning his brother against him? This is her sin. “You left me no other choice, mom.” (Oh, you just keep telling yourself that.)

Kösem says she doesn’t consider herself his mother anymore. He’s no longer her son. He’s walking the road he chose alone. If he ever touches her kids, if he does what he did to Mehmed, she’ll kill him with her own hands. She walks out.

Team Iskender

Zülfikar grins when Iskender complains that he told him the next time they met someone would have to die…and here he is, saying he’ll help?

“Hey, you set those terms, not me.” Mehmed has died and he has to do what’s best for the continuity of the state.

Not that he hasn’t already been kind of gross, but Iskender is completely unattractive now–spouting his mom’s crap about how he’ll ascend the throne sooner or later and all his enemies will suffer and the ones who are on his side will be rewarded. And then he holds his hand out for Zülfikar to kiss.

“I’m glad you chose the correct path.” (*puke*)


Osman and his wind-chapped cheeks go out into the city where there’s a woman trying to keep people fed. He’s absent all his royal trappings and she doesn’t do Instagram, so she has no idea who she just pulled a knife on. He says he just wants to help, so she tells him to help her get this older man up and take him to Sultana Kösem’s shelter. She’ll help. No one else does. Sultan Osman should come out and see his people suffering.

“Maybe he does?”

Yeah, right. He doesn’t care about them. They’re all paying the price for his cruelty.


Some guy’s in a boarded up storeroom. Kösem calls him somethingorother Effendi. She blames him for her lack of sleep. She hears her son’s voice all the time. She lost him and it’s this guy’s fault. Osman used his approval to kill Mehmed.

He swears he’s innocent. Omer Effendi threatened him and he didn’t have a choice.

Oh, Omer’s time will come. And Safiye’s and Halime’s and Dilruba’s and Davud’s. Even Suleyman (spy guy?). Everyone’s going to pay for what they did, but he’s first.

Her men wait for her to walk out before slitting his throat.


Mystery woman thanks Osman for his help.

He asks if she’s not afraid of how dangerous it can be to help people.

Well, she is, but Allah’s fury is what she fears most. She couldn’t be comfortable in her house while others were dying of cold. She says she’ll go get them some soup. It will do them well.

He sneaks out while she’s waiting in line.


Osman tells the Sheik Al-Islam he’s opening the palace’s stores to the public and the nobles should also help.

The Sheik jumps in to complain about people being out of control. They’re looting and killing…the end is near!

Osman brings up the rumors that executing Mehmed caused this. The wise men should be keeping the people from believing things like that.

He says he’ll do what he can, but even he warned Osman about the danger.

There’s a knock at the door and the woman Osman met earlier comes in to tell her dad it’s time for his medicine. The Sheik introduces her as Akile.

Old Palace

Haci’s back! It took him a while with the weather, but he’s back. And he hopes Osman will let him stay.

Kösem doesn’t care if Osman doesn’t like it. She needs him here.

Haci gives his condolences about Mehmed. He couldn’t believe it.

Davud asks Halime if Iskender is really still alive.

Well, Kösem seems to think so.

Dilruba thinks it could be an attempt to turn them against Safiye.

Then why not come up with a more believable story? She doesn’t think Kösem’s lying. And Safiye’s planning something.

Davud says the argument is pointless–they have to find out if Iskender’s alive or not. He’ll take care of finding out.


Osman tells Omer he couldn’t get the Sheik on his side. Omer says they need him–he comes from a respectable family. If they get him, they get the wise men and everyone’s vision of Osman will change. And they need support before the campaign.

Osman’s already got an idea about that…he can marry Akile and they’ll be family. (Now why does Omer not look happy about this idea?)


The Sheik can’t give Osman his opinion about a marriage with Akile as a father. But as the Sheik Al-Islam he doesn’t think it’s appropriate. It goes against tradition.

Osman, the little snot, says he’s giving the Sheik an opportunity to be a member of his family and he’s rejecting it?!

It’s not that, but it’s his duty to remind him of the tradition.

Well, Osman has already made the decision–when the winter is over, he’ll marry Akile.

OK, but if he wants to marry a free woman, he needs HER consent at the very least.

Old Palace

Halime chats with Kösem about Iskender. Kösem admits they haven’t found him, but if Safiye hears they’re looking, she’ll probably get him out of there and they’ll never see him again. (Sounds like a plan.) Once Osman heads out for his campaign, they’ll make their move.


Osman comes to visit Akile and asks her not to tell anyone who he is. He made a decision and he needs to know her opinion…he wants to marry her.

She’s surprised. They just met and he’s offering her the honor of marrying her.

Osman says Allah wanted them to meet for a reason. So, will she give him her hand?


Osman and Akile get married.

Osman heads off to war wearing a gong.

Secret councils again

Safiye assembles some dudes to tell them she found her son and Allah saved him after Ahmed ordered him executed.

For serious?

Safiye says sometimes truth is like a miracle. (Or a Zülfikar.)


Iskender pulls Kösem into a dark corner to tell her everything that’s happened to him is her fault and as long as he’s alive he’ll make sure she keeps losing. “Which is why I wanted you killed.”

He vows to kill all her sons when he comes to the throne.

Maybe he’ll get what he wanted, but he’s never going to have her.


Bülbül thinks it might have been a mistake to tell Asad Effendi about the prince. He’s one of Kösem’s peeps.

Safiye says he’s experienced. He’ll have realized Osman’s time is over. And he’ll want a strong leader.

Bülbül hopes so and he hopes that strong leader will be Iskender and that Safiye will return to the palace as Sultana Madre.

Safiye is completely unsurprised when the carriage stops. Bülbül gets out and sees Davud Pasha and his men heading for the carriage.

Now Safiye looks less than confident. Davud says she’s coming with them and she actually looks like a mere mortal, shuffling to get out of that carriage in her long gown. He says she’ll be his guest for a while, until she tells him where Iskender is.

Davud walks her to the other carriage stopped on the road. Dilruba will let her go free if she tells them where Iskender is.

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