Entre Dos Amores Thursday 1/3/19 #48

On the walk home (KITTY!) Neriman complains about Sinasi looking like he was ready to get violent. She doesn’t think Macit would ever do that. He’s so “different.”

Sahika says as “different” as they are, they’ve got something in common–they’re men. And when a woman’s involved, men tend to revert to cavemen. (Well, given the guys she knows….)

Macit tells Sinasi to behave like a man and quit bothering Neriman. Leave her alone!

Cihan holds Sinasi back when he tries to attack Macit.

Neriman and Sahika are still walking when Macit’s car races by. Sahika gloats.

Ismail tells Zehra that Emre’s really sorry. Kader says they’re here to get Asli, but hey, if she doesn’t want to go.

Ismail tries again–this is how the kids are going to learn about marriage and family.

Zehra says that’s not how they learn. Has he forgotten that Emre tried to drag Asli through the streets?

Asli’s starting to worry her mom will make her go, but Nezahat tells her not to worry.

Kader’s still angry about the girls accusing Emre.

Ismail says they should start over. He’s very sorry about what happened and he hopes Asli will forgive him.

Kader says for her son’s sake ASLI can come ask THEM for forgiveness.

Zehra calls for Asli. Kader’s got her hand out and tells Asli to kiss their hands and let’s go.

Asli shakes her head and Zehra asks her to show Ismail and Kader the exit, she can’t get up right now.

Kader gives Ismail an “I told you so!” look.

Back at home, Neriman’s short with Gulter. Sahika says she was just jealous it wasn’t her birthday.

Gulter consoles Sahika about her wound and Sahika’s like “Really? It’ll heal? Aren’t you wise.”

Zehra thinks it was stupid of her to let them in in the first place. Kader screams about them being indecent and how he should tell Emre how much trouble they had bringing Asli home. Kader says they’ve been nothing but trouble to her beautiful son.

The hair-pulling and shoving starts, but Kader’s closest to the top of the stairs and in all her fury, she loses her footing. She falls in slow-mo, still screaming when she gets to the bottom. What?! I’m not laughing. This is tragic. It’s a good thing Kader hurts so bad she thinks she’s dying. What?! If she can still feel anything, that’s a good sign, right?

Pelin’s trying to get hold of Onur. She tells Duygu he crossed a line.

Oh, so he finally told her he’s in love with her?

Pelin wonders when Duygu grew up. Anyway nobody’s paying any attention to her and that just proves how successful Neriman has been. She whines that she really values Macit, but he’s off with Neriman.

Duygu disagrees–she’s adding worth to Macit by going after him in the first place. She needs to quit over-dramatizing everything!

Sinasi gets home just as Kader’s being put in an ambulance. The neighbors have all gathered and are trying to say there was a fight, because Zehra’s “She lost her balance and fell down the stairs” just isn’t interesting enough. Meanwhile, Kader’s screaming that she was pushed and they’re trying to kill her.

And once again, the opinionated neighbors turn this into Asli’s problem. She should take care of her mother in-law while she recovers. Not at the hospital, because she’s pregnant, but once she gets home.

Macit’s planning to do something today that Inci doesn’t like. He assures her it’s going to be OK and he’s doing it for love.

On his way to the car, he texts Neriman good morning and says he’ll see her after class.

“Did you miss me?”

“A lot.”

Gulter wonders why Neriman’s been so happy lately. She’d better not be planning anything with Macit. Her dad would never allow it! And Macit could never be seen with her–she doesn’t belong to that society crowd.

Gulter’s worried about Neriman and Sahika both. She asks if Sahika told her how she cut her hand. Nope, and Neriman can’t say anything to her without her taking it the wrong way.

Fahriye shows up at the house and Faiz gets to the door first. He asks about her birthday and Neriman gives her one of those “go along with it” looks.

Fahriye’s dad calls…to tell her he got married. And he’s staying in Libya for a while. Fahriye desperately tells the others this is good news, right? Then she starts sobbing and asks Neriman why they’re so alone. Gulter and Faiz retreat to his office.

Faiz says Fahriye and Cihan are used to it…but Gulter should keep giving Fahriye the love and attention she needs.

Sahika’s walking past the store again, but she sets her jaw and walks by without saying a word. (KITTY!) Cihan mutters after her “Don’t go.”

Pelin’s still bitter about Neriman, but she’s off to work, and Neriman can have her dad and Macit.

Duygu comes in and Pelin gives her all the credit for telling her to stop. They’ll get sick of each other eventually and Pelin will be waiting.

Duygu tells her mom Pelin scares her. Mom agrees. (But she’s never done anything about it! She’s encouraged Pelin!)

Fahriye cries to Neriman that she and Cihan have been abandoned. Neriman begs her not to act like her father’s dead.

Fahriye sobs that the only time they know he’s alive is once a month when he sends them money. Doesn’t she have the greatest dad ever? They see the money, but not him.

Macit shows up to work and asks Sahika to call Onur, but Onur isn’t at work. He’s not picking up his cell phone either.

Kerim comes to Macit’s office to complain about not being able to have a show. The designer can’t work because they don’t have fabrics. Macit shows him the contract he signed with Ösgür and says they’ll have them in two weeks.

Pelin interrupts and Kerim invites her in, since this is business talk. Kerim wants to know more about Ösgür’s company and Pelin claims she’s left all the info on Kerim’s desk. They seem like a solid company.

Kerim asks what’s going on with  Onur. He left a letter of resignation with HR and Kerim has already signed it.

Macit asks Pelin what happened yesterday after he left. She’s the last person Onur talked to before he left.

Pelin says she told Onur she was in love with someone else. Which isn’t news, but Onur being in love with her was.

Inci’s on her way out of the house when Feyza calls to ask if they can have coffee. Inci invites her to the studio.

Fahriye realizes it’s a class day for Neriman, but Neriman’s not going to leave her like this. Fahriye says her future’s already ruined–Neriman should go save hers. And say “hi” to Macit for her.

Neriman says if she’s going, Fahriye’s coming with her–to class and to see Macit.

Kader has been released from the hospital…with a fractured leg. Zehra’s worried that Kader is blaming her.

Ismail and Emre are trying to make her comfortable, but Kader is Kader. She nearly died! This is all Asli’s fault! She’ll spend her best years in bed! She tried to make up with Zehra, but Zehra wouldn’t listen. And Asli didn’t do anything to keep her from falling.

Emre splits when Ismail brings Kader her pain pills.

Zehra’s worried, but Nezahat can’t quit giggling about Kader falling down the entire flight of stairs.

She and Sinasi are giggling about it when Rüya calls to ask Sinasi to meet her somewhere.

Gulter’s glad Neriman’s taking Fahriye to class. She brags to Faiz about it and he gets all grumpy and says Neriman would never leave anyone behind. But no, he doesn’t mean Sinasi.

Asli feels guilty about poor injured Kader. She, Nezahat, and Zehra all hear someone banging on the front door. Of course it’s Emre. He says they’re going to pay for leaving his mother confined to bed (YOU SHOULD BE THANKING THEM!) and the whole neighborhood will know what murderers live in this house.

Fahriye’s excited at the thought of hanging out with Macit, but she’s not sure it should be a surprise to him.

Figen brings Macit some financial reports and tells him Kerim has already assigned her to Onur’s vacant post.

Kerim wants Figen to keep a close eye on things. She reminds him that he has to make Macit marry Pelin.

Kerim sees Pelin in the hallway and begs her not to let Macit make a mistake.

Pelin says she’s been trying and now it’s Macit’s turn to do something for himself. She’s no longer with Macit, Now Neriman is, so maybe he should be talking to Neriman.

Rüya wanted to talk about last night. He looked so uncomfortable when Neriman saw her with him. She could see his pain. She doesn’t want to make things worse for him. If he still has a chance with her, he shouldn’t lose it.

Sinasi says he’ll tell her about him, Neriman, and Macit and she can decide whether she wants to be part of this story or not.

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