El Gran Estreno de Tenías Que Ser Tú Monday 1/14/19 #1

OK, this one’s looking cute so far. I make no promises, but I did make notes. FYI, it seemed to start a tiny bit before the hour.

Who are these people?
  • Marisa (Ariadne Diaz) – Lorenza’s cousin, mom to Nicole
    • Nena – Marisa’s mom
    • Jaqui – Marisa’s housekeeper
  • Lorenza (Chantal Andere) – Marisa’s cousin, mom to Bruno and Lucy
    • Tadeo – Lorenza’s husband
  • Marbella – The Bride, Miky’s mom and Tino’s godmother
    • Ramón – Marbella’s dead husband
    • Miky (Andres Palacios) – Marbella’s son
    • Tino – Marbella’s godson, dating Lesly
  • Ezequiel – Marbella’s neighbor and fiancé
    • Jeny (Grettel Valdez)- Ezequiel’s older daughter, dating Miky, masseuse
    • Brayan – Ezequiel’s son, gardener
    • Lesly – Ezequiel’s younger daughter, dating Tino
  • Marcelo – Lorenzo and Marisa’s boss
What happened?

Marisa, Nicole, and Nena move in next to Lorenza and her family. Lorenza got her both the house and a job showing houses.

Marbella and Ezequiel are neighbors who also happen to be getting married. Marbella is very nervous and also very superstitious (or it’s a convenient excuse). A mirror breaks–Strike 1!

Tadeo has been out of work. Marisa and Lucy see Lorenza throwing out his stuff from the balcony. Tadeo was in the seminary before they got married–and they both ignored their moms to do it.

Ezequiel sees Marbella IN HER DRESS before she leaves. Strike 2!

Nicole picks today to be curious about her dad. Tomorrow’s her birthday. She asks for a picture and Marisa lies and says there isn’t one, but she takes one out of her orange box and tears it up.

Ezequiel decides he and Marbella are walking into the church together…and a black cat runs across their path. Strike 3 and we’ve got a runaway bride. Ezequiel breaks up with her.

Like, seriously breaks up with her. He installs a shower curtain rod to extend the backyard fence a few more feet upward so he never has to see her again.

They’ve put trick candles on Nicole’s cake. Jaqui got her a poster signed by Maluma. Nena got her a fancy dress. What she really wants is to meet her dad.

Not gonna happen. Marisa got her a cell phone and it’s just supposed to be used for the two of them to communicate. (LOL…good luck with that).

There’s a cute boy on Miky’s school “bus” run, which also includes Lucy, but Marisa insists on driving Nicole herself. She and Miky nearly hit each other, but stop in time.

Ezequiel’s the school “prefect” where ALL the kids go to school. Bruno has a crush on Lesly.

I officially love Lucy. She’s hemming Nicole’s skirt with a stapler. Nicole’s going to lend Lucy her phone and next thing you know Lucy’s setting up Nicole’s Facebook profile.

Oh, damn. Marisa’s new boss Marcelo is totally Nicole’s dad. Just spit it out already! There was a vacation in Cancún 8 or 9 years ago.

Jeny and Miky were supposed to move in together after the wedding, but Miky’s not going to leave his mom alone now. Jeny’s tired of him putting mom first.

Marisa blows her first showing–she’s two hours late. She also misses picking up Nicole.

Lucy tells Miky what’s going on and he gets the bus kids to sing Las Mañanitas. He tries using her cell phone to call her mom, but it goes to voicemail. Miky’s ok with taking her home once he finds out she lives next to Bruno and Lucy and she’s their cousin.

Brayan meets Jaqui. He offers to drive her somewhere to buy bread.

When the cousins get home, Nicole finds Jaqui’s note on the door. Miky hangs out with her and Lucy. He shares his bad birthday story–he got hit in the nose playing fútbol and couldn’t take a bite out of his cake.

Marisa finds all three of them playing in the park in front of the house. She’s so freaked out about Nicole being on the very top of the playground set she keeps micromanaging Miky until he loses his balance and all three of them fall.

What did people say?
  • Pata de conejo – rabbit’s foot, for luck
  • Carcacha – broken-down car
  • Anaranjada – painted orange
  • La gran cosa – so great, all that and a bag of chips
  • Zacatona – a ‘fraidy-cat
  • Theme song – Me Niego (Reik ft. Ozuna and Wisin)
  • The entrada shows a lot of couple shuffling.

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Autora/ Author

Woo hoo! A Kat summary! What a nice surprise. Thanks!
I enjoyed this first episode so much. I swear it’s like all of my favorites are in the cast… Two from Amores con Trampa (Lesly and Tino.)

This could be good. I thought it was a strong start.