Entre Dos Amores Friday 1/4/19 #49

Feyza comes to the studio. She wants Inci to talk to Macit…to tell him to stay away from Pelin. (But he’s not…oh, never mind.) She’s tired of watching Pelin suffer. She doesn’t want Macit anywhere near her daughter.

Fahriye’s nervous about not having been in a studio before and awkwardly wishes the artists sketching on the front lawn good luck.

Sinasi tells Rüya “the story” and finishes up with “Neriman didn’t leave because of you and you leaving isn’t going to get her to come back.” Rüya just doesn’t want to se him suffer over Neriman. Well, Sinasi’s not making any promises, but there’s a significant hand-holding.

Fahriye’s weirded out by the random stuff in the front room. Feyza’s leaving when she hears Fahriye ask Neriman “What’s this?” and she just HAS to go in there and tell Neriman she’s a social climber just like her dad.

Macit arrives in time to hear it. Inci walks Feyza to the door and says Neriman takes painting classes–just so there’s no confusion. Macit gets Neriman the hell out of there…

Leaving Fahriye behind to babble at Inci that art’s really complicated…which she just realized being in her studio…so good luck!

She runs out front to catch Neriman and Macit. Neriman calls Fahriye her best friend, confidante, past, present, childhood. “But you can just call me Fahriye.”

Fahriye insists on a parallel introduction and Neriman says Macit is her heart, irreplaceable, her best phrases, her best painting, her love.

Macit’s totally thrilled to meet Fahriye and insists they’re going to go wherever Fahriye wants.

Figen is moving her stuff into Onur’s office. Sahika didn’t realize Onur was gone. Duygu shows up looking for Pelin in Onur’s office and Sahika tells her Onur’s gone. Ösgür comes in and nearly runs into Duygu. And Pelin calls to say she’s waiting for Duygu.

Gulter comes to Ahmed’s bakery and hears from one of the nosy neighbors that there was an ambulance at Zehra’s last night.

I can’t with these women, bugging Asli about taking care of her mother in-law. I don’t think either one of them would last five minutes dealing with Kader. Gulter comes in with Nezahat and Zehra sends Asli to go make tea.

Welcome to Piknik Park. Which appears to be something like…a petting zoo? Yeah, I’m leaving those chickens alone. And the turkeys. There’s also a duck pond.

Asli couldn’t take it anymore. She’s walking back to Kader’s house. In her house slippers. Tell me again why we have to let the neighbors in and listen to their judgmental babbling? We get a replay in Asli’s memory of the low-lights of her relationship with Emre and his family. That walking waste of space Emre frickin’ gloats when he opens the front door and finds Asli there.

Two more singers want to use Sinasi’s songs. Nihat brings in the contracts and leaves them with Sinasi and Rüya while he goes out to talk to his hench.

Rüya tells Sinasi there’s no rush and starts reading over the contract.

Hench went back to the restaurant and somehow just now he found Cemal’s business card “with” the money they left to pay for the meal? He’s going to go check it out.

Sinasi’s headed home and he’s taking the contracts with him to review.

In her desperate desire to reach the TV remote, Kader nearly falls off the couch. Asli’s there in time to pick it up…and get her another pillow…and make her a coffee.

Fahriye’s feeding the ducks and tells the other two to go wander on their own. But they’d better not forget her!

Pelin tells Duygu that they’re not just getting fabric from Ösgür, they have a partnership. Ösgür’s now attached to Arcaoglu Tekstil and to Istanbul. Pelin asks if he’s got a girlfriend, but Ösgür says chicks don’t like his style. They want you to do stuff for them and he doesn’t like to. Duygu has a sudden burning need to talk to her dad. Ösgür talks about going out later…well, all of them. And then when she’s gone, he tells Pelin he’s totally going to win over Duygu.

Sahika brought Selim some contracts to sign. He asks her how Neriman is doing and asks her to bring Neriman by his office the next time she’s there. Sahika asks if she can replace that picture frame she broke, but Selim says it’s less cluttered this way. She heard him making a reservation at a restaurant–Selim asks her to take charge of that. A reservation for…more than one.

Macit. Neriman. Ducks. He doesn’t know how to express this love…he kisses her hair. OK, we get it, you’re in love–every time they get all smushy like this I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

And once again, Fahriye interrupts and there’s no kiss. She jokes that she should just take off, but now Macit wants to take them both to meet a very special friend of his.

Sinasi gets home, sees Nezahat’s face, and asks what’s happening. Upstairs, Zehra and Gulter are looking stricken. Nezahat says Asli left. Zehra tells him not to bother going over there. Asli’s never coming back. Gulter says her conscience would have bothered her if she didn’t go and if he drags her back, she won’t really be here. She’s sure once Asli’s conscience is clear, she’ll be back.

Macit misses a meeting. Which leaves Pelin in charge.

Sinasi’s friend is a horse, isn’t he? The guy who opens the gate for them says Señor Dogan is probably with Señora Nasli. And indeed they are. Dogan’s getting a brushing while Nasli hangs out.

Macit drops Neriman and Fahriye off near, but not at, the house. Fahriye thanks him for all the fun she had today. He tells her it was a pleasure. ‘Cause he’s classy like that.

Neriman thanks Macit for…loving her and making her believe in love.

He says she’d better go or he’ll hold her and lever let her go.

Fahriye has to admit, Macit’s not just good looking, he’s also sweet.

Gulter lets them in, but what with Asli leaving she really has no idea whether they’re late or not. She explains about Kader’s fall–

“She deserved it!” Fahriye interrupts.

Sahika’s walking past the water store. Cihan sets a bottle in her path. He’s still trying to get her to date him, but Sahika says they wouldn’t have a happy ending and walks off.

Sahika thinks Asli is stupid. Why should she take pity on someone heartless? What kind of place is this?

Fahriye says this is just the way it is. When Sahika walks out, Fahriye says Sahika’s so sad about Asli she doesn’t even know it yet.

Kader complains that what Asli cooked was too greasy. And she wants dessert.

Asli doesn’t think that’s a good idea at this hour–

Cue whining from Kader and accusing Asli of ruining her entire life. Emre, feeling all smug, gives Asli a little wink and a head tilt like “Just ignore her.”

Kader starts in on Emre, telling him not to spoil Asli and declaring Asli won’t get any rest until she can get out of bed again. She starts hollering for Asli and makes Asli help her to the bathroom.

Neriman doesn’t think Inci’s going to be very happy to see her tomorrow. Fahriye admits she found her scary. But Pelin’s mom?! If she lived in this neighborhood she’d be Kader’s BFF. (Truth!)

Neriman says Macit is different. As if he doesn’t belong in his world.

Fahriye doesn’t think Neriman fits in hers. But when the two of them are together all anyone can see is love.

Fahriye despairs of ever finding love.

Neriman’s sure there’s a guy out there, waiting for the chance to meet her.

Fahriye tells her to tell him to hurry up already!

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