La Sultana Monday 1/14/19 #49


Kösem’s stressing about the things Iskender said to her. Haci thinks he’s trying to get himself killed.

Eycan delivers a message from Dilruba–she’s got Safiye.

And Safiye’s not talking. Well, not about Iskender, but she thinks Halime is as “crazy” as Mustafá.

Davud gives Safiye until evening prayers to tell them where Iskender is or she dies. Dilruba points out that without her Iskender wouldn’t be able to get to the throne.


Osman’s having trouble with the Janissaries. They’re deserting the army, not following orders, and one of his pashas is being blamed for getting them riled up.


Someone comes in to strangle Safiye. It’s dark, so I can’t tell if it’s Davud himself or one of his underlings. Whoever it is gets their neck snapped by Zülfikar and Safiye survives. (I don’t know how I feel about this.)

Safiye tells Zülfikar and Bülbül that she has to get Iskender out of town now. Zülfikar doesn’t think Safiye should go get him herself–they’d probably follow her. But no one suspects him. (Oh, Zülfikar, you sly thing, I suspect you, baby, and I hope I have good reason to!) Hümaşa got a boat for him and Iskender would be out of town first thing in the morning.

Safiye hesitates…and then says Bülbül will take him. And she orders Zülfikar to protect Iskender with his life.

Zülfikar and Bülbül come to Iskender’s room to tell him his mom’s fine, but he’s in danger. They need to get him out of here.

Iskender blames Kösem, but Zülfikar says now is NOT the time to talk about it.


Osman orders the execution of the Janissaries who were caught deserting the night before. And his order is carried out, even if not everybody looks happy about it.


Hümaşa says goodbye to Iskender at the ship. Zülfikar has packed him a box with his dad’s sword, his funda (sheath) and some other stuff he might like to have while he’s away from the family.

Hümaşa’s touched by Zülfikar’s gesture. He tries to send her back to the palace, but she’s not ready to let go of Iskender yet.

Iskender promises he’ll go raise an army and take back what’s his. (Well…it’s better than sitting around at the inn waiting for everybody else to do things for you.)

Iskender asks Hümaşa to give his goodbyes to Safiye.

Zülfikar’s eyes keep straying to the box. Iskender thanks him for everything, but Zülfikar says he’s just doing what’s best for the dynasty.

Safiye comes to Kösem’s room to gloat that Kösem failed again. Iskender’s gone and she can never touch him again.  Kösem will never be anyone, compared to Safiye. She’ll never be as strong and everyone knows it. They’ve all turned their backs on her–Osman, Cennet, Zülfikar.

Yep, she thought Zülfikar was unbreakable, but he’s not. He betrayed her and helped Iskender escape.

Kösem sighs and says Safiye’s wrong. Zülfikar never betrayed her. And Safiye sent her own son to his death.

On the ship, Iskender opens his mystery box and finds a sword, as advertised, and a bunch of clothes. When he lifts the sword, he triggers the bomb in the bottom of the box.

The ship was barely out of port. Hümaşa hadn’t left yet. She runs screaming to the water and Zülfikar holds her back. Well, um, at least she’s not suspecting Zülfikar? Until she notices his not at all surprised face.

Zülfikar says he was carrying out Ahmed’s last orders.

Hümaşa never wants to see him again. (So…divorce, then?)

Zülfikar just stands there as she gets into her carriage, the ship burning behind him like the wreck of their relationship. (I know. I couldn’t help it.)


I don’t know why they waited until after their compatriots were dead, but now the Janissaries are complaining that those men were innocent and they want justice. The real enemies are the Pashas whispering in Osman’s ear.

That smirky guy smirks. Osman looks like a confused teenager.


Safiye finds Hümaşa in her room crying. That’s all the answer she’s going to get to “Kösem said Iskender was dead and Zülfikar betrayed us! Tell me it’s not true!”

Kösem thanks Zülfikar for doing this, but he says he was just carrying out orders.

And when Osman gets back, it’s his turn–they’ll dethrone him.

Zülfikar says he did this because it was the right thing to do, but Ahmed ordered Zülfikar to protect him, along with the other kids. So he’s quitting.


The loudmouth guy says they’ve been fighting for months, but they’re seeing no results, because the Pashas aren’t honorable.

Osman says that’s what happens when you disobey orders. They’re the ones who are keeping victory from themselves.

Second guy chimes in and says it’s the Pashas’ fault. Winter is coming, there’s no more fighting to do, and they’re ready to go back to Istanbul. Loudmouth guy agrees with him.

And then he asks for Huseyin Pasha’s head for turning them against each other.

“Who are you to tell me what to do?”

Loudmouth guy tells Osman he has until tomorrow to satisfy their demands or he and his pashas will pay the price.


Hümaşa’s blaming herself for trusting Zülfikar and getting him involved. She begs forgiveness.

Safiye tells her not to blame herself for anything else. It’s over. It’s all over. She leaves Hümaşa crying on the floor.

In the hallway, Bülbül wants to know what to do. If she goes back to the old palace they might attack her.

Safiye tells him to go tell Kösem she’s ready to see her. She’s going home.


For once Omer Pasha isn’t goading Osman into behaving like a petulant child and Osman doesn’t want to listen to him. He wants to punish the Janissaries and he doesn’t want anyone going home until this war is won.

King Sigismund sends a message–he wants to talk peace. Osman’s face does not seem to find that agreeable.

Old Palace

Cennet, Bülbül, Haci, and Kösem head for Safiye’s chambers.

She’s waiting for them, contemplating her ring full of poison powder.

When they arrive, the first thing Safiye does is dismiss Bülbül, Haci, and Cennet. (None of whom want to leave ’cause can’t we all sense that we’re about to get some big time drama?)

In the hallway, Haci asks what’s going on, but Bülbül doesn’t know.

Safiye drinks a sip of whatever poisoned beverage she prepared. And now she’s getting all monologue-y:

I, Sultana of Sultanas, Sultana Safiye, by the grace of Allah, have been blessed with a life like no other. In this palace I’ve lived in paradise and in hell. I’ve tasted love and loss. I’ve witnessed death and betrayal. And I have never felt any remorse…

Kösem rolls her eyes.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says about me. I did what I did to be faithful to our glorious dynasty.

(Um, no, you did it for you. Let’s not keep lying about it.)

My fight has continued in the most difficult moments.

Kösem’s face: “Can we move this along? I’ve got a schedule to keep.”

That’s why I wanted my son to rule as he deserved, but I failed.

She’s starting to breathe heavily now, but Kösem’s barely looking at her.

You killed him before I could achieve my dream.

In the hallway Haci suggests they go back inside.

I felt hope at the most difficult moments I had to live. Even when I lost, I felt hope, but you killed my hopes by taking my son. I told you once that only a Sultana who deserved it could wear this ring. It’s yours now.

She holds out the emerald ring that belonged to Hurrem, but she can’t keep her hand up. When it falls into her lap, Kösem can see the poison ring. She calls for the Ağas.

Bülbül and the others come running in. Safiye frees him. Everyone else is calling for help. She falls into Bülbül’s arms as she dies.

Kösem looks irritated.

Hurrem’s ring has fallen to the floor.

The next time we see Kösem, she’s wearing black and holding Hurrem’s ring.


All the Pashas are talking at Osman, and it sounds like they think a peace treaty would be a good idea.

But Osman is stuck back at “Why should I have to sign a peace treaty when I have the infidels blockaded? Just because of a puñado (handful) of rebellious soldiers?”


Hümaşa sobs at her mother’s grave. She’s still not talking to Zülfikar. Bülbül sobs like he’d rather he were dead too.

Haci tells him Kösem will take him back at the palace when he’s ready.

But Bülbül has just buried half his heart. He could never go back to the palace. He’s going to look after Hümaşa, at least for a while.

Old Palace

Halime comes to Kösem’s room in the same kind of black but glittery getup. She had no idea Kösem cared so much about Safiye.

Safiye was her worst enemy. Her father, her sister, and her son all died because of Safiye. And she turned Osman against her.

Halime rolls her eyes. Yes, yes, Kösem respected her despite all that because Safiye brought her here and raised her.

Kösem admits she did admire her. Not for her beauty or grace. She admired how smart and brave she was. If Safiye had been on her side none of this would have happened.

Halime says Safiye was against her, just like Osman is. If she wants, she can give orders and it’s only Osman’s body that will come back. (Oh, I think Osman’s taking care of that pretty well on his own.) He killed Kösem’s son–doesn’t she want him dead? Doesn’t her heart want revenge?

Kösem says he’ll pay with his sultanate, not his life. If Halime tries to kill Osman, she’ll treat it like a personal attack.

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