Tenías Que Ser Tú Tuesday 1/15/19 #2

I just figured out that they’re starting this five minutes early. Or maybe it’s just me.

Who are these people?
  • Nena (short for “Maria Elena”) – Marisa’s mom, she has a history of gambling and she’s not super responsible with money
  • Tino – Marbella’s godson, runs the snack shack in front of the school
  • Paulina – the redhead
What happened?

Ezequiel  doesn’t want any of “those people” in his house.

There doesn’t seem to have been any aftermath from the playground incident, but Marisa’s still freaked out about Nicole getting into a car with a stranger. She forbids Nicole from ever speaking to him again.

Marbella gets why Marisa freaked out–Miky’s a stranger.

Marcelo shows up at Marisa’s house with flowers and an offer to help her with manly things, since her CV said she was single. Marisa manages to keep Marcelo and Nicole from seeing each other.

Tino comes over as Bruno’s leaving. There’s scowling. There’s more when Ezequiel comes downstairs and sees Tino. He wants him OUT!

Tino, Jeny, and Miky convince Marbella to go over and apologize. Instead she tells Ezequiel their problems shouldn’t affect the kids. He rants and ends up singing “I’m single!” over and over after he tells her he’s going to go find a woman who loves him and does want to marry him.

Nicole has one last birthday wish–she wants to ride to school with her cousins. Marisa hesitates, but Nena and Lorenza try to convince her it’s a good idea.

Marisa tries to call Miky, but he’s not answering. He’s busy arguing with Jeny about not moving in together juuuuust now because of the failed wedding. Jeny catches him saving Marisa’s number under “vieja loca.”

When Miky does answer, he refuses to take Nicole because he doesn’t want to deal with Marisa. He’s not a fan of “overprotective” parents

Bruno is really, really, really trying to thank Lesly for her tutoring help by taking her on a date. Tino does not take kindly to this.

In the morning Nicole’s still begging Marisa to let her take the “Mikymóvil” to school and Miky’s even offering to help her now that she’s spilling paperwork all over the driveway and forgetting Nicole’s lunch and having to give Jaqui cash for groceries. But no. Because reasons.

Marisa hits a taxi and I nearly hit the driver for saying “Of course, it would be a woman!” Miky shows up, since Marisa’s car is blocking the van, yells at the taxi driver, and hugs Marisa and Nicole because the taxi driver really upset them. Bruno and Lucy convince Marisa to let Miky take Nicole to school today. She forgets her lunch in Marisa’s car. Miky tells her to call him if she needs anything.

Marisa’s late for work again. And Lorenza points out that having the car in the garage is going to make it difficult to show houses. She’s hugging Marisa when Marcelo comes in and explains about the accident. Marcelo’s all “don’t worry, everything’s gonna be OK.” (Damn…so many galanes.)

Did I mention that this is the third time Marbella has left Ezequiel at the altar? Well, it was. And Ezequiel has blocked her on Facebook, which hurts. Deeply.

Miky tells Jeny about his eventful morning and she’s got her antennae up.

Marcelo offers to help Marisa with the car and getting a loaner. She’s seriously trying to keep some distance between them. He hasn’t stopped thinking about her since “that summer.” He says he looked for her, but Marisa didn’t think she was that hard to find.

Tadeo’s car is missing. He gets Brayan all riled up about needing to do something or the next thing that could go missing is a gardener! Lorenza sold it to help with the bills.

Marisa takes a taxi to the school. She’s early, so she checks out Miky’s van ’cause, you know. Safety. He takes advantage of her leaning in to see the floor and says it all looks good from “back here.” And yes, he does have a fire extinguisher. And a permit. He does a little striptease to show off his safety jacket which is no longer orange, ’cause orange is out, but is eye-searing yellow. Marisa tries not to laugh.

Bruno’s trying to get one of Lesly’s coveted tutoring spots. The two mean girls are not happy with this because Pau (the one with red hair) thinks she’s got dibs on Bruno. She makes sure to mention to Tino that his girlfriend is SO NICE she’s practically giving Bruno tutoring for free.

Tadeo has assembled the neighbors. He’s trying to get everybody to chip in for security cameras. He got three quotes and he’s sending everyone home with copies to review.

Lesly knows Bruno has a crush on her, but she needs the money. They haven’t come to any agreement yet. She’s annoyed that Tino doesn’t get that her dad doesn’t have the money to send her to university.

For no apparent reason, Jeny shows up at Lorenza’s and witnesses Miky and Marisa not flirting. Nope, nope, definitely no undercurrent of romance as they discuss paying for the next 2-3 weeks’ rides to school.

What did people say?
  • Deschavetado – “crazy”; how Tino describes Ezequiel
  • Tratar como chancla – treat badly, scold; how Miky says Marisa treated him
  • Confianzuda – forward, too friendly; how Marisa describes Miky
  • Ya llégale – get going, get a move on; what Miky tells the taxi driver to do
  • Pasaste de panzazo – barely passed, passed by the skin of his teeth; how Lesly says Bruno did on his exam
  • Fraccionamiento – residential development; what Tadeo calls the community where they live
  • Balagardos – bums, louts, lazy people; who Tadeo assumes have stolen his car
  • Marbella’s wearing an evil eye charm.
  • I looked for the song that played when Marcelo and Marisa were in his office, but other than the title being “Solamente Tú” I couldn’t find anything else.
  • Miky’s last stop on his route is Marisa’s/Lorenza’s.

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Thanks, Kat!

“Damn…so many galanes.”

Word. There’s got to be something wrong with Marcelo, but dang he seems like a viable option too….