La Sultana Tuesday 1/15/19 #50


Osman announces to the soldiers that Sigismund has bowed to his power and is begging for peace. He gives them all the credit. So they’re going back to Istanbul. And Huseyin Pasha has been fired. Dilaver Pasha is being promoted to Grand Vizier.

The guys actually look happy with him.

I don’t understand why, but Omer tells Osman the soldiers have been angry at him since he killed Mehmed and he thinks Kösem is behind it.

Osman gripes about them not being “real” soldiers and he’s gonna finish them off.

Omer warns him not to let any of them find out.

Old Palace

Halime complains to Kösem that Osman’s coming back with more soldiers. They should have taken care of him already! What’s Kösem going to do when he orders her to go to the palace? He’ll have them both strangled and thrown into the sea.

Kösem says she’s not going. She’s going to show Osman that he’s made a mistake.

Halime reminds Kösem that if she goes down, they all do.

When Halime leaves, she tells Haci and Eycan to have her watched.


Hümaşa thanks Osman for letting Safiye be buried next to her brother Mehmed. He says whatever else happened, she was a Sultana and her honor is his honor.

She heard Kösem and Halime are getting exiled.

Osman wants them away from the capital. He blames Kösem for the Janissaries’ behavior. If not for her, he’d be in Vienna.

Hümaşa says they’re going to have to get rid of Kösem.

Osman doesn’t reply.

Zülfikar shows up and Hümaşa tries to leave, but Osman tells her to stay. Whatever happened, Zülfikar doesn’t deserve to be divorced. And it’s not happening until he says so. They’d better patch up their differences, because he’s leaving them in charge of the capital while he goes on pilgrimage.

Old Palace

Kösem’s annoyed that now she has to worry about Hümaşa on top of Omer Effendi. Haci heard from Cennet that the exile was Hümaşa’s idea. Kösem knows she’s trying to get back at her for Iskender and Safiye, but she’s not going to let her.


Zülfikar doesn’t think a pilgrimage right now is the best idea, but Osman’s really going to Damascus to raise an army. He wants to replace the Janissaries and get rid of all the traitors and rebels.

Old Palace

Ali, the current head of the Janissaries, visits Kösem. She tells him Osman wants to exile her and her children, so he’d better get ready. The storm is coming.


So. Guns exist now. And the Janissaries are skeet shooting to learn how to use them. One guy putting gunpowder in his rifle looks over at a couple of women hanging out under a canopy.

Smirky guy brings Osman the news that there’s been an accident. Baby Omer got shot by mistake (really?) and killed.

At least Osman’s comforting Meleksima, so he’s not a COMPLETE jerk. Cennet says the baby was in his crib and she doesn’t know how it happened. Smirky guy comes in to whisper to Osman and he leaves.


Halime’s furious that Dilruba set this up. It was Davud’s idea, wasn’t it? Sure, she said they had to get rid of Kösem, but killing a child?

Dilruba says it’s all fair game to get Mustafá freed. Halime said they would have no mercy….

Well, now Halime thinks Dilruba’s playing with fire and they’re all going to burn.

Dilruba tells her not to worry–Osman will blame Kösem and she’ll die.


The soldier has been killed. Zülfikar’s fine with Omer jumping to the conclusion that the shooting wasn’t accidental and this guy was killed so he couldn’t talk. But he objects to Omer blaming Kösem. She’d never hurt a prince, especially not a child.

Old Palace

Dilruba doesn’t see what Halime is so worried about. Davud planned the whole thing and they’re in no danger.

Halime says the problem is Kösem–everyone else might believe Kösem did this, but how will they convince Kösem? She’ll suspect them and come after them.

Dilruba says Kösem has been ignoring them since she got rid of Safiye and her son. It’s time for them to take charge.

Kösem walks in right then and blames them for the shooting.


Omer will not let up. Kösem was supposed to be exiled tomorrow and the prince was killed today, so obviously it was her.

Zülfikar says that would make Halime equally suspect.

Well, maybe it was both of them! After all, the prince’s death benefits them…but mostly Kösem.

Zülfikar wants to investigate, but Osman says he’ll take care of it himself.

Old Palace

Kösem has pretty much guessed Halime and Dilruba did this so that Osman would blame her. So their alliance is over. They’re fixin’ to find out what she’s capable of.


Osman goes to Murat’s room.

It’s the middle of the night, but Murat isn’t sleeping. I don’t know if he’s slept since he saw Mehmed murdered. He’s sitting there with his wooden sword making the most menacing face he can, which isn’t saying much because he’s cute and tiny.

Osman asks if Murat’s afraid of him.

Nope. Tiny Murat and his giant wooden sword aren’t afraid of anything. (Subtext: so don’t be getting any ideas.)

Osman looks over and sees Murat’s younger brothers sleeping.

Osman says he’s afraid. He’s afraid of turning into a cruel and bloody sultan.

“Aren’t you already?” Score one for Murat. Osman flees the room.


The Janissaries are assembled outside the Old Palace. They don’t agree with Kösem being exiled. Osman does his usual ranting about who they think they are while reaching back for his sword and all of them whip their swords out too.

Kösem comes outside and gives Osman her condolences. Of course, since he’s convinced she did it he gets all incensed about her hypocrisy. She invites him inside to talk, but heaven forbid he bother trying that.


Smirky guy comes to Meleksima’s room to tell Cennet that Akila’s about to give birth. Did he seriously have to say that right in front of her?

Old Palace

Kösem asks why Osman’s being so easily convinced of things. Can’t he tell he’s been lied to?

Osman says he’d kill her right now if he had proof.

She tells him to go for it, if he hates her so much. But she wants him to know that even though he killed Mehmed, she’s never thought about doing him harm.

He whines that everyone’s got swords drawn and they’re ready to kill him. If she was sincere, she’d obey his orders and leave the capital.

“You still don’t get it, do you? If I leave the capital I’m leaving the road clear for all the traitors.”

Osman says they’ll all be punished, don’t worry.

She begs him to reconsider, if he has any affection left in his heart for her.

“It would be different if you said that without the Janissaries here.”


Cennet greets Osman with the good news–Allah must not want him to be sad because Akile just gave birth to twins. They have a prince and a sultana.

Osman goes in to see her all grumpy and still she’s trying to cheer him up after she just had twins. Meleksima’s watching from the doorway.

Janissary HQ

Cranky loudmouth guy is working for Davud. Davud warns him that Osman’s taking a bunch of treasure on this “pilgrimage” and he’s sure it’s to hire another army. He’s going all-mercenary. Plus he’s moving the capital to Egypt. He wants to get rid of the Janissaries.

(Um, OK, seems basically true, but why do I not trust Davud?)

Loudmouth guy is Mansur Ağa. Davud thinks they need to act immediately.

Mansur’s down with that. It’s about time Osman learned who he was dealing with.


Kösem gets the same intel from Halil Pasha. Osman is putting together a mercenary army from Anatolia and Syria. He’s taking the treasure with him, and probably the princes too.

Kösem says he’s surrounded by people who want to destroy him and the Ottoman Empire. They’ll have to get rid of all of them.

She hands Halil Pasha a list. She wants their heads. But first, they should meet with Esad Effendi and find out what the punishment should be for traitors. And then they need to get up a committee to go to Osman and keep him from leaving Istanbul.


Hümaşa tells Zülfikar to guard Osman with his life. Zülfikar thinks they need to call the whole thing off, but Omer  Effendi says their window of opportunity is closing and they have to do it now.

Ahmed comes out of his room to say goodbye to Hümaşa and put the princes in Omer’s care. He and Zülfikar head out to the campground in Uskudar. (Or “campground in Uskudar.”)

Janissary HQ

Mansur Ağa gets the guys all riled up about being replaced.

Ali says Mansur’s right, but at the same time, the Sultan is innocent. People who are trying to start a revolution are turning the sultan against them. People like Omer Effendi and Dilaver Pasha. They need to find those traitors and get rid of them. After that, the Sultan won’t go anywhere.

Ali’s going to the Sheikh al-Islam first. Uh, but the dudes are already streaming out the gate.

Davud tells Kilindir Ağa that not even Kösem will be able to stop them.

The Sheikh al-Islam’s

Akile comes to say goodbye to her dad. Osman’s going on pilgrimage and she’s going with him.

He tries to forbid her from leaving, but she says her place is with Osman.

They hear the Janissaries outside shouting.

Esad comes out to the hallway to meet with Ali and Mansur. They explain that they don’t want the Sultan going to go recruit a new army and they want permission to kill those who are trying to get him to go down the wrong path. Ali hands over the list. Esad looks alarmed.

Omer sees the Janissaries assembled outside Esad’s (?) shouting and throwing things at the windows. He puts his hood up and leaves.


Osman’s upset that Omer and Dilaver (the new Grand Vizier) aren’t there yet.

Dilaver runs in, telling Osman that the Janissaries found out what’s happening and they’re sacking the city. He barely got out.


Cennet’s alarmed to see Omer. He says the rebels have attacked “our” palace. (OK, I don’t think he’s in the habit of using the royal “we” so did I miss the part where we went from him and Cennet flirting to him and Cennet getting married?)

She says she warned him not to cross Kösem!

He whines that they’re after his head. She needs to talk to Kösem or this is going to end badly.


Osman sees the fires in various parts of the city. He can’t figure out how the Janissaries found out what was really going on. Zülfikar says there are spies everywhere.

So the Janissaries are sacking the city and what’s worse is the Sheikh al-islam issued an execution order for Dilaver, Omer, and Suleyman (smirky?).

Zülfikar says they’ve gotta go back or this is going to get out of control.

Old Palace

An Ağa or a Pasha brings Kösem the news. Ali can’t stop the rebellion and the soldiers are starting to attack people.

Kösem wants to know who’s in charge. They have to keep it from reaching the palace. What about the princes?

Well, Osman didn’t take them, so Kösem’s people haven’t done anything, but he sent a message. If it becomes necessary, their men will save the princes.


Cennet comes to the room where the princes are and tells them to jump in some laundry baskets–she’s gotta get them out of here and take them to their mom at the Old Palace.

Murat tries to refuse. Bülbül comes in and asks Cennet what she’s doing there.

Cennet grabs him by the robes and says she’ll kill him if he tries to stop her. She’s doing this to protect the princes.


Cennet and Bülbül, and I mean just the two of them, have gotten the princes out of the palace. She leaves Bülbül to defend them while she goes to tell Kösem.

Bülbül warns her to be careful–if they find out she’s the wife of Omer Effendi they’ll yank her eyes out. (Aha!)


Osman gets back to the palace and promises no one’s getting handed over to the rebels.

Zülfikar gives orders for the palace guards not to let the traitors in.

Suleyman says the princes have been “kidnapped.”  Cennet took them.

Osman blames Omer for letting them get taken.

Omer says he thought the princes were behind him and he couldn’t get to the palace in time? And he never thought Cennet would betray them. (When will you people learn that Cennet is on Cennet’s side.)

Osman wants everyone looking for the princes, including searching the Old Palace. And since he’s sure this is Kösem’s doing, he wants her brought here


Kösem and Cennet get back to the tavern and the boys aren’t there. Haci says it looks like the rebels were there. Cennet assures her Bülbül would never leave the princes alone.

Kösem orders Haci to find them.


The boys, minus Bülbül, are in a storage room. They can hear people shouting outside, but Murat tells them no one can hurt them as long as he’s here.

May 19 1622, Second day of the rebellion

Esad Effendi tells Osman that Akile and the twins are at his place, safe.

Osman asks Esad and the others who have come to intercede for the Janissaries what they want from him.

Esad hands over the list of people the Janissaries and “the people” want killed for ending the peace.

And if he doesn’t accept? Will they try to kill him?

No, but when the community and the Janissaries want something, they tend to get it. Esad begs him to end the rebellion before they lose the city. He should accept or it will be too late.

Osman rips up the list. Who would dare put demands on him? He says he’s going to end Esad and then the rest of them. He’s not handing anyone over.

Osman orders Zülfikar to lock Esad Effendi up in a room until the mob has gone.

Esad begs him not to do this.

Then he should do his job and tell them what they’ve asked for won’t happen. He’s the Sultan! Everyone has to obey him! (Good luck with that?)

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