Entre Dos Amores Monday 1/7/19 #50

Macit gets home and Inci won’t talk to him. He tells her they’re all going to have to get over it.

Neriman calls Macit, but she gets off the phone when Sahika comes in. Sahika shares her life philosophy of love being a curse–she likes to wish it on people and watch them destroy themselves.

Nihat gets to the café, following up on the business card his hench found. I guess that great friendship he had with Cihan is over. Cihan starts beating the crap out of him…just as Sahika and Neriman come around the corner.

Sinasi and Neriman pull Cihan off of Nihat and he tells them this guy stole Sahika’s life. He threatens to kill Nihat with his own hands. Instead Sinasi pulls Nihat up just to throw him down at Sahika’s feet. “Welcome to the neighborhood,” she mumbles.

Cihan grabs Nihat by the hair and tells him to apologize to Sahika. Then he refuses to accept the apology.

Cihan tells Sahika some of “us” have become so crazy we’re not even human anymore. She hugs him.

When Fahriye comes around the corner, she assumes Cihan is upset about their dad getting married and needed comforting.

He actually hadn’t heard about that. And Fahriye is realizing she missed out on something big.

Inci tells Kerim about Feyza no longer wanting Pelin and Macit together. She’s wondering if Feyza could have heard that the company’s going broke, or that Kerim wants to disinherit Macit.

Macit wanders into the dining area and his parents start in on him for ignoring the company and practically handing it over to Pelin. Inci says if he falls in love with someone from such a small world he’ll be paying the price for the rest of his life.

And Kerim, all snarky, tells Macit to listen to his mom ’cause she knows all about relationships like that. She can explain how a seemingly-invincible love can collapse at the first sign of trouble. Maybe he can look to the past and do something about it in the present.

Inci tells Macit not to listen to the stupid things his dad said.

But he’s not. Because if she really did have this great love, it wouldn’t be something stupid, would it?

Pelin’s annoyed that neither Macit nor Sahika has made it to the office. Selim tries to talk to her, but she’s not in the mood to listen. He says there’s no comparison between Pelin, his daughter, and Neriman, his niece. See, that’s the problem she has–she used to be his daughter and Neriman used to be no one.

The vecindario crew are sitting outside the bakery. Sahika knows she’s going to be late, but she agrees to have tea. When Sinasi comes outside with the tea, Macit calls Neriman and hears Sinasi’s voice and the mention of tea. He starts yelling at Neriman for having tea with Sinasi and she suggests they both calm down before they talk about this.

Sahika doesn’t really want to hang out while someone explains to Fahriye what’s going on. But Cihan insists on walking her to the bus and neither Neriman nor Sinasi seems very enthusiastic about telling her.

At the bus stop, Sahika gives Cihan a kiss and he warns her she’d better not or he’ll get spoiled and want them all the time. She warns him that Nihat is not a good person and they should be careful.

Neriman’s interpretation of what happened is that Sinasi risked his career to defend Sahika. (Which isn’t exactly wrong, but why would she think he still wanted to work with a guy that Sahika needed to be defended from?) Cihan comes back to the café with Rüya.

Kader’s being her usual cheerful self. Asli’s talking back more and it annoys Kader. Emre’s letter from the court shows up and he tells Asli she’d better go drop the charges or he’ll tell them her mother tried to kill his mother. (I have a feeling Zehra would tell him to go right ahead.)

Why is everybody still sitting outside the bakery like this? Neriman and Rüya try to be polite, but they still look like they’d like to kick each other. She and Fahriye leave so Rüya can talk business with Sinasi.

She tells him not to sign the contract. AHA! She says he has to get Nihat to change the contract, but Sinasi rips it up, saying Nihat’s in the past. He’s now an unemployed composer.

Hey, she agrees there were some deceptive wording in the contract, but they can fix that.

Sinasi says this is how they deal with deception in this ‘hood. He doesn’t want to talk about Nihat anymore.

Cihan comes back to the table to get back to telling the story.

Emre bumps up his threat, saying if his mom doesn’t get better, he’ll go break Asli’s mom’s leg. Oh, it was an accident? Well so was _. (Dragging her down the street? Hitting her? Raping her?)

Zehra’s moping about Asli leaving the house again. She wants to cry and feel miserable. And she’d like to lose her mind and forget everything. She wonders how Asli is doing in that house, her poor girl.

Macit shows up at work and scolds Pelin for holding the meeting without him. I cannot back him on this play. Pelin’s over Macit’s relationship with Neriman, but if he can’t run the company he’ll have to quit. I can’t back him on that smirk either.

Neriman and Fahriye both agree they don’t dare say a word against Sahika after what happened this morning. But they don’t agree about whether Sinasi and Cihan were right to kick Nihat’s ass. Neriman tells Fahriye about the call from Macit and Fahriye tells her to call him back.

Macit brags to Pelin about the call, but doesn’t answer in time. Fahriye guesses Neriman’s just going to have to go over there.

Nihat and his bruised face demand that the hench find out where Sahika works and where she’s living. He tells his assistant he wants to see Rüya, but she hasn’t come in yet.

Cihan tells Rüya he put Sinasi’s career in danger, but Sinasi says everything that comes from Nihat is trash and trash is not their business. When Nihat’s assistant calls Rüya, she quits.

Gulter gets Neriman and Fahriye to help her stuff grape leaves. And since they said they were going to go see Sahika at work, Gulter figures they should take some with them.

Ösgür visits Macit’s office. He’s got model folders out and he’s looking for someone “different” to be the face of the next collection. Ösgür suggests Pelin and she’s more than happy to do it.

Macit runs into Duygu in the hallway and she asks how it’s going with Neriman. She tells him nothing can go wrong with Neriman–she seems like she’s really strong, but she’s fragile and sensitive.

Neriman and Fahriye seriously object to taking enough stuffed grape leaves “for everyone at the company.” Faiz and Gulter insist.

As Neriman sets off alone, Fahriye tells her to say hi for her…to Sahika this time.

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