La Mujer del Vendaval #121

Al’s talkin to his exes about his wife’s charms, but when he sees her with Emiliano he has what has become his typical reaction.

Meanwhile Emil is telling Marcela what all Al said to him their last manly discussion. Marcela is surprised and angry to hear that she’s no longer allowed to have friends or see her doctor alone and goes to argue with Al about it in front of everybody.

Emil goes and gets involved in the argument

Now Val understands why Oct wanted Emil there.

Al walks off with his predatory female entourage.

Al’s parents are watching the whole thing, and they’re now hopeful that this marriage won’t last long.

Val updates Oct on all she knows of Al and Marcela’s deteriorating relationship. Oct is pleased about all of it.

Nisa and her parents fail to communicate. They don’t want to talk about what she wants to talk about, namely Cami and why are they even at an event for ML when she’s related to the person they hate.

So then Nisa goes to talk to Gordo. Can he please keep Cuchi out of her hair?

Nope, Gordo can’t control a love crazy Cuchi, its impossible. (like controlling a hyperactive seven year old) So then Nisa has to dodge Cuchi’s kisses and pretend its her parents she doesn’t want to see her with him.

Amadeo notices that Cris is watching Alba and also that Nuria is sticking pretty close to Cris and keeping an eye on him. Amadeo offers Alba his protection. He draws her close to his chest and rests her head gently on his shoulder to show her how he’s gonna protect her. Then he gives her a gentle kiss, because Cris is watching and they want him to get the message. (smoove move Amadeo)

Cris does not get the message, and Nuria asks him how he can still be after a girl in love with someone else. Cris refuses to believe she is, because he doesn’t want to. Nuria hits bottom and finally accepts that their relationship is over. (I’ll believe it when I see it) Alba asks Amadeo how serious he is about Selma and he’s about to tell her how it really is with them but Sagrario has also noticed that Amadeo kissed Alba and come over to ask about it. Amadeo is ready to jump in with both feet and tells Sagrario that their dating but Alba has the guilt because of his other gf and says they’re actually not. Well if you’re not dating then no mo kisses, says Sagrario and warns Amado to respect her daughter. He assures her he will.

Lencho is pretty morose, Mauro tries to cheer him up but Lencho doesn’t want to be at a party for his ex gf thrown by his current squeeze and attended by his dad.

Marcela tries to talk to Al and mend things between them, but first he’s rude to her and when she reminds him they were supposed to show his folks a united front, he blames her for his bad behavior. When she insists that his jealousy is misplaced and she only loves him, he angry kisses her in front of everyone.

Marcela isn’t feeling the love now and tells him to go back with his little friends.

Val remarks its too bad Sil and Luc left before that kiss.

Cami pours the rest of that drink down Maria Laura but she doesn’t seem less out of it because of it. He’s worried and asks if she needs a doctor, but she insists she just needs the bathroom.

After a while when she doesn’t come out or answer when he calls for her, Cami goes in the bathroom and finds her passed out on the floor.

He puts her in the bathtub and showers her with cold water till she wakes up enough to yell at him.

Now of course she has to get all dolled up again and she sends Cami to find somebody to help her with that while she tries to wakerself up. She still thinks this is some kind of bizarre reaction to stage fright(!?)

Marcela’s loved ones are wondering what’s taking ML so long to show up, and btw what was up with that kiss and why is Al over there with those other women? Marcela doesn’t want to talk about it.

Val and Silvana meet up, Sil assumes Marcela invited Val and Val lets her. Sil warns Val away from her husband and Val says don’t worry I’m already interested in somebody else. (I think Val knows if Sil knew that it was a choice between Alessandro and Luc, Sil would tell her to take Luc with her blessing. And she’s enjoying playing with Sil. Cause she’s mean. )

Eulogio and July had so much fun today that he forgot he was supposed to send all the local color performers to ML’s presentation. Don T calls to find out where the entertainment is and Eulogio has to make up an excuse about the driver getting drunk and couldn’t drive. Timo is left without the performers he promised Oct, till he remembers he has a son. After much arguing back and forth and some fatherly persuading, Lencho reluctantly agrees to perform for ML. Then Timo tells Lencho that Oct said yes when Timo popped the big question. Urk.

Luc approaches Val, but she tells him to keep his distance, Sil already is suspicious. He’s not dissuaded, he still thinks she feels for him like he “feels” for her. and tells her he’s staying in Huatulco so they can be together. Um, no she’s gonna stay in SBP Also Nestor is watching their tete a tete and comes over to interrupt in a not at all creepy manner. (seriously, I like Nestor, but what was that?)

Cami comes back with the stylist and ML is socked out on the bed. Cami getser up and they start trying to getter ready but ML is swaying all over the place. Cami leaves to find his gf at the event and ML shakes off the gal trying to comb her hair and heads to the bathroom to change into some dry clothes. This is her big night and she’s gonna make it to her presentation if it kills her. (even drugged out of her mind, ML is still ridiculous sexxy. That must be a pretty set part of her character *rolls eyes* )

Inez and Mauro convo. Inez feels bad about inviting the exes who are all over Al. (well you didn’t make him ignore his wife in favor of the exes. That’s all on him.)

Oct sees Mauro and Inez looking less than miserable for half a second and comes over to interrupt and threaten Ines’s job. Oct doesn’t really intend to do anything though, she just wanted to talk to Mauro alone and ask for advice on how to get out of her stupid engagement to Timo. Mauro counsels her not to try to break up with Timo, it might hurt his feelings, and just think of all the things he could tell about her and her plans if he got mad at her! Uh oh here he comes.

Timo comes over with good news and bad news, the talent from SBP aren’t coming, but Lencho here’ll fill in.

Lencho looks pretty rough, he’s hoping the engagement was a joke, but with Timo standing right there Oct has to tellim that its real. Lencho feels sick.

Oct tries to explain how it happened, Timo butts in with his romantic nonsense and Lencho can’t hide his upset any more. He says it isn’t right and runs off.

Timo attributes it to jealousy of having to share his dad with a new stepmother. Lencho will just have to get over it.

Cris wants to speak to Alba. Alone. Marce tries to run interference for her but Alba says she can handle it. so Marcela leaves them to it. Alba tries to tell Cris she has a boyfriend now, but Cris thinks its just a ploy to scare him off. Alba insists its not a ploy, Amadeo is quite a fellow, he can make her see stars in the daytime!

Oct catches Marcela alone to ask what’s wrong between her and Al. Marcela can’t tell her because she herself doesn’t know.

Oct says its because of the loan I gave him to pay off El V isn’t it?


He didn’t tell you?

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1 year ago

Gracias, stealth! I feel like I’m cheating, reading this before I’ve watched the episode…and now I think I’ll be watching with one hand over my eyes.

I guess that pharmacist has never been to SBP. What was the stuff Timo gave her and Nisa at his house? Pulque? If that’s what Maria Laura’s used to drinking maybe she’s built up an immunity!

1 year ago

Al and his ranting is getting old. I’m starting not to want him with Marcella. Or maybe I already started. I don’t know.