El Gran Final de La Sultana Friday 1/18/19 #53

Today’s episode is our Gran Final…of the first season of the show. So while a lot of loose ends will hopefully be tied up, it’s not really over. It’s still pretty tense, though, so let’s see what happens!

Heading for safety

Hümaşa, Akile, the baby prince, and another woman make their way quickly through town. They’re being followed.

Mustafá’s room

It wasn’t so much Mustafá being tied to the throne as Mustafá wearing the kind of jacket the guys who hang out outside his room wear…with the long sleeves…that his mom tied behind his back.

Mustafá’s completely freaked out and doesn’t even want to wear these clothes again. Halime hugs him and says he won’t have to again. She’ll have them prepare a new medicine and he’ll be better.


Bülbül says it was hell out there. If not for Cennet, who knows what would have happened to the princes.

Haci breaks it to Bülbül that Cennet died. She paid for Omer’s sins. They all hope she rests in peace. (Screw that, I hope she has a fabulous afterlife full of wine and hot guys.)

Kösem says they’ll go to see the kids first, then they’ll go get Osman.

Bülbül asks what’s going on with Osman, but we don’t hear the answer.

Janissary HQ

Davud now claims Mustafá ordered Osman to be locked up at Yedikule.

Handlebar mustache guy doesn’t know how he’s supposed to trust them not to kill Osman. They heard he already tried.

Davud gives his word as Grand Vizier. And if that’s not enough one of them can come along (and die).

WTF is it with Davud constantly wanting to call him “little Osman”? He comes to Osman’s room, says he’s getting locked up at Yedikule….

Osman takes one look at Kilindir’s face and says he’s not going anywhere until his mother shows up.

Davud says she’s busy burying his brothers.

Osman’s taking a hayride to the prison. And now Davud has decided the non-traitorous Janissaries aren’t going along after all.

Meleksima comes out of the crowd, reaching for Osman, but she can’t keep up with the cart.

In their hiding place, the boys can hear the shouting. Murat looks out the window and sees Osman’s cart passing by and soldiers calling him a traitor.


I’m suddenly feeling like I want to know more about Hümaşa and why she’s always the one hiring boats. She’s like Sultana of the Seas.

She, Akile, and the other woman board a boat while the two men following them watch.


Kösem and the boys are reunited. Everyone gets kisses, kisses, and more kisses.

Murat tells Kösem he saw Osman going to Yedikule. Why are they doing that? Are they going to kill him?

Kösem says she and Haci need to go to Osman now and Bülbül should take the boys to the Old Palace.


Those two guys who were following Hümaşa and Akile are now three guys. Hümaşa has a dagger, but she never gets to use it. They just want the prince. One guy takes Hümaşa’s dagger like it’s no big deal and the other one holds Akile back while the third one takes the baby.

Old Palace

The boys are back and their sisters are happy to see them. Murat says they’re all fine, but Osman isn’t. Not if their mom doesn’t get there in time.

Bülbül says she will. Trust in her.


Kilindir gets Osman out of the cart as Davud says this is the end for him. Osman says Davud will pay for this before he dies.

In the carriage, Kösem prays for Osman and yells at the driver to go faster.

They take Osman to a room in the tower, I’m guessing, but he refuses to kneel when Davud gives the order and starts fighting back when the soldiers attack him.

Kösem and Haci go running in.

These guys are really insisting on Osman kneeling. He uses them as support to kick at Kilindir. Kilindir punches Osman in the groin and NOW they can get the rope around his neck without him fighting back.

Kösem’s opening every door.

Kilindir lets go of the rope once Osman is dead. Davud cuts off Osman’s ear. They all file out, leaving Osman’s body on the ground.

In the hallway, Kösem sees Davud holding his bloody handkerchief. She tells him he’ll drown in the blood he spilled. He just keeps on walking.

Kösem kneels and pulls the rope from around Osman’s neck.

Mustafá’s room

Davud shows the ear to a pleased Halime. Dilruba’s just kind of “Whatever.”

Osman voiceovers

I was a strong warrior

I was a merciful Sultan

I was Sultan Osman and they took my life.

I was born to rule and I was a good sultan

I was a believer

And they took my life.

My heart stopped

My enemies multiplied

My love cried for my blood

They took my life.

This is the end.

It’s not an honorable end.

The future won’t be good for my subjects,

Because they took my life.


There are five coffins now. Ahmed, Mehmed, Osman, Omer, and the baby?

Eycan says thanks to Bülbül, the princes are safe. Allah let the boys live.

Haci says they’ll deal with the traitors. They’ll pay for their sins, as Kösem ordered.


Davud tells Dilruba he kept his promise–her brother is on the throne. This is the day they’ve been waiting for.

Dilruba never had doubts. She leaned on him for strength in her darkest days.

Davud says he did it all for her.

They start sucking face, but it’s mercifully interrupted by Janissaries, here to collect Davud for killing Osman without permission.

Dilruba demands to know who gave this order. Was it Kösem?

Nope, Sultan Mustafá. And he’s got the scroll to prove it.


There’s a contingent waiting outside for Kösem. They’re ready to get rid of Mustafá and put Murat on the throne.

Kösem won’t have it. They killed Osman to put Mustafá on the throne. It’s dyed red by his blood and she won’t let Murat sit on that bloody throne.


Dilruba comes in crying to Halime that they’ve arrested Davud.

Halime gave the order. She tried to save him, but it is what it is. They’ve got tremendous pressure on them. If she didn’t give them a victim, they’d all die.

Dilruba begs her not to do this. She can’t live without him.

Halime says it’s too late.


The Janissaries bring Davud to the same room where Osman died. Or I’d like to think it’s the same room.

Kösem’s in there waiting for him. She’s got the rope that was used to kill Osman. “It still has my son’s blood on it.” She says he and Dilruba will pay for their sins.

“So you’re going to kill me yourself,” he scoffs.

Oh, please, like she’d ever let his disgusting blood touch her hands. She hands the rope off to one Ağa and tells the guy in charge to make sure he dies slowly. She wants him to scream in pain and beg for his life.

And then she walks out of the room like even watching him die is beneath her.


Bülbül wishes she would stay, but Hümaşa has lost everyone she loved–her mother, Iskender, Zülfikar. All she has here are painful memories. He’s welcome to come with her.

Bülbül says he can’t. He’s staying with Kösem.


Kösem’s getting ready to make an entrance. She’s got a gown and a cloak and a stabby tiara and her big ‘ol earrings.

Bülbül says everything’s ready for the presentation of Prince Murat. He holds out the box with Sultana Hurrem’s ring in it and Kösem adds that to her other bling.

Janissary HQ

Heads roll. Mansur and Kilindir are the last two. Handlebar Mustache Ağa tells them Kösem sends her regards.


Davud isn’t dead yet, but now it’s apparently time for the rope.


Omer’s getting measured for a tunic or something, when some guy walks in, wraps some cloth around his head, and says Kösem sends her regards. And then he stabs him in the head.


Dilruba walks past a servant in slow-mo. The servant calls her name, says Kösem sends her regards, and punches clear through her chest with a sword? Dagger?

She’s already walked around a corner by the time Dilruba looks confused and collapses to the floor.

Halime and Mustafá are having breakfast. Halime seems not to like the taste of her fruit juice. The servant places a small covered dish in front of her, saying Kösem sends her regards.

On the plate there’s a vial and a pill. Halime starts coughing and reaches for them, but they fall on the floor. She collapses.


Kösem tells Murat the future is theirs. He shouldn’t be afraid. Fire won’t burn him and snow won’t freeze him. He’ll never be lost in the storm, because she’s the light who will guide him. She’ll always be with him.

Kösem puts her hand on Murat’s shoulder and then gives him a little nudge forward when the doors in front of them are opened.

I don’t recognize this balcony, but the courtyard is full of people bowing to Murat and Kösem. The soldiers start chanting “Long live Sultana Kösem! Long live Prince Murat!”

Kösem thinks about the beheadings at Janissary HQ, Davud, Omer, Dilruba, Halime…and smiles a very faint smile.

Thank you to everyone who’s been reading and commenting. What did you think of this finale? Did they tie up enough loose ends? Do you still want to watch a second season? Will you be disappointed if we never get the second season?

Talk to us in the comments, or the La Sultana post on the forums.

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2 years ago

Thanks for this and ALL the recaps!

I felt like that was a satisfying ending. I got to see the “bad” guys (for lack of a better term) pay for what they did. It felt enough like an ending that I don’t need to see a second season. What I would like to see is the lead up to this series. Magnificent Century? Sadly I missed it on Netflix.

2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I hope so!