La Sultana Thursday 1/17/19 #52


Cennet can’t believe Omer would turn on his own wife!

Dilruba says they’re all just trying to survive. And if she wants to live, she’ll have to tell them where Osman is.

Cennet says she doesn’t know. But Kösem’s closer than a shadow and she’s going to burn them all like dogs. I feel like that lost something in translation. Dilruba almost cracks, but she tells Cennet to talk.

“Kill me if you want, but you won’t get a word out of me. I don’t talk to rats.”

Dilruba tells her to go, then.

And when Cennet’s in the middle of the street, she screams to the looters milling about that she’s a traitor, Omer Effendi’s wife, she’s helping the Sultan!

The last we see of Cennet is a Janissary lifting a sword behind her.

Hiding place

Zülfikar tells Osman he talked to the Janissaries and most of the guys in charge are not comfortable with this situation. He thinks Osman will have no trouble getting them to obey, for love of the state. Plus, Zülfikar’s going to get the money together to pay them so they’ll make the right decision.

Osman wishes he’d listened to Zülfikar and not Omer Effendi. It’s how he ended up in this situation.

Well, there’s always a light after the darkness. They know who their enemies are now.

Old Palace

Huseyin Pasha tells Kösem they’ve looked for the boys everywhere and haven’t found them. But there’s no bad news either. As long as they have the Sultan on their side they won’t dare hurt the princes.

Kösem says the anger is over and they’re on the same side. She wants Huseyin to go to the Puerto del Ağa and protect Osman.

Haci comes running in to tell Kösem that the rebels attacked Cennet last night. La despedazaron (They tore her to pieces).

Kösem hopes Allah will save her soul.

Wherever Halime’s hanging out

Dilruba tells Halime they haven’t found Osman and Cennet wouldn’t tell them where he is. So she got what she deserved. They gave her to the rebels.

Halime tells her to quit acting like she’s the law! Halime’s trying to make an agreement with Kösem and she’s not helping!

Dilruba says they’re never on the same side. And once she finds out the princes are dead, she’ll hate them.


She did what she had to do. Kösem’s not a sultana and she won’t have any more princes. When this is over Dilruba’s going to sell her as a slave.

Halime raises her hand to slap Dilruba, but holds herself back. She says Kösem was right…Dilruba’s gone crazy! She’s been blinded by her fury, her jealousy, and her arrogance. Kösem has Osman and she’ll put him on the throne as soon as she knows what Dilruba has done.

Dilruba says she doesn’t have to know. Just let her think they’re alive. They’ll get what they want and then they’ll deal with her.

Halime’s face: “I’m so screwed!”

Old Palace

Kösem wonders why Cennet was out in the street at that hour. Haci says she got a message from someone, but they don’t know who.

Wherever Halime is hanging out

Zülfikar and Ali and a big ‘ol chest that better have some serious coin in it show up to meet with the rebels.

Halime, Dilruba, Davud, Davud’s hench…they’re all watching from the balcony.

The leader of the rebels says they want to end this rebellion, but they have conditions.

Mansur says Osman’s against them and they can’t trust him.

Rebel leader asks who they’re supposed to trust, a sultan who’s crazy?

Mansur says Sultan Mustafá took refuge with them and Osman wasn’t even capable of confronting them.

Ali says Osman’s not afraid of anyone…he took refuge in El Puerto del Ağa. He would never break his word.

Zülfikar confirms that Osman’s at El Puerto del Ağa and that proves he trusts them.

Mansur says Osman will have his place on their sword of justice…and then he stabs Ali in the chest. And some other jerk stabs Zülfikar in the gut.

Zülfikar keeps fighting and getting stabbed. He takes off his turban, his vision swimming, and dies.

And now someone screams that Mansur is a traitor.

Mansur says Osman did it first. And he always tortures them, and now he wants them on his side? All the Janissaries serve Sultan Mustafá. They’re going to the Puerto del Ağa to get Sultan Osman.

A small group doesn’t join them.

Halime feels sorry for Zülfikar. Dilruba doesn’t. and she doesn’t think they should feel sorry for anyone because no one feels sorry for Mustafá. Halime says Dilruba’s on a one-way road. She’ll pray for them.

Puerto del Ağa

Davud and his team show up for Osman. The five men standing guard outside get stabbed.

Hümaşa tells Osman they have to leave now, but it’s already too late.

Davud comes in, mocking “little” Osman for thinking he could escape. Mansur tells “little” Osman his reign is over.

Hümaşa calls them traitors. They’ll all be beheaded, including Mustafá.

Davud steps back to let Mansur shove Hümaşa and Meleksima out of the way.

Osman keeps screaming about being the Sultan.

Outside, the Janissaries and the people are screaming, calling him a traitor. And Osman keeps shouting about being Sultan.

Old Palace

Someone brings Kösem the news that Zülfikar and Ali have been killed. They’ve found Osman and they’re taking him to HQ to bow to Mustafá. He asks her what to do.


Minus his fancy robes, Osman’s being paraded through the crowd while they throw food at him.

Akile wants to do something, but Hümaşa says they’re too angry…right now Akile needs to go back to her father’s palace and protect her prince.

Janissary HQ

Kösem walks into the courtyard and sees Zülfikar’s body on a stretcher. She looks up to the balcony and sees Halime and Dilruba watching. If this were a different kind of show, Kösem and Halime would now grab swords and fight. And it would be epic.

Instead, Kösem goes up to talk to Halime and Dilruba, who are blaming her for all this because she had Mustafá locked up. And then she wanted to bring down Osman…so if she wants him and the princes to live, she’ll have to talk to the soldiers loyal to her and tell them to bow to Mustafá.

Dilruba goads her–doesn’t she want to see her sons? She’d better hurry up and accept.

Mansur and his guys come in with Osman. Kösem runs out to greet him and unties his hands.

Osman tells her it’s over.

She says her soldiers will protect him. He needs to be strong. Kösem asks one of the Agas to take him to a mosque where no one would dare touch him. Shifty eyes from Davud, Mansur, and that other guy.

Osman notices Zülfikar and Ali on their stretchers.

Kösem screams at them that they’d better not dare touch the Sultan.

Halil Pasha and Esad Effendi push through a crowd that includes Hümaşa and Meleksima to get inside.

It’s Mansur, Davud, and that other guy vs. Esad, Halil, and the leader of the rebels. Mansur and Davud whine that they don’t like how things went either, but they couldn’t control the crowd.

Kösem turns around and says they have to forget what happened and figure out where they’re going from here. The new Sultan will still have to share part of the imperial treasure.

Esad Effendi’s confused.

Kösem declares Mustafá is now their Sultan. Halime’s up there smirking like she doesn’t realize this means Kösem has way more power than she ever will. Kösem says that’s what the law says. And then it looks like she and Haci walk out.

Hümaşa calls out to Kösem. Meleksima asks what’s going to happen. 

Kösem promised no one would hurt Osman, and they won’t.

Hümaşa asks about Zülfikar and Kösem gestures with her head to the guys bringing out the stretcher.

Inside, the soldiers are all chanting for Mustafá while he stands there with his mom just grinning at everything. Halime says he’s appointed Davud Pasha Grand Vizier. There’s no reaction from Mustafá, like he didn’t even hear her.


Wherever they’ve brought the body, Hümaşa forgives Zülfikar and hopes he can rest in peace.

Janissary HQ

The rebel guy asks if Osman has been killed. Now the Janissaries are all arguing again. Davud comes out to the balcony to ask what’s going on and the rebel guy says they all swore they’d be faithful to Sultan Mustafá, but they’ll never agree to murdering Sultan Osman.

Davud says it’s Friday, so this is the Friday plegaria (prayer, plea). Osman’s alive.

They want to see him.

Someone brings Osman out and after a few seconds Davud says there he is–they can all see Prince Osman is alive.

Osman: “Prince?”

From the back of the crowd someone shouts “Long live Sultan Osman.”

It’s Mustafá…so, um, what do you do when your sworn sultan is screaming “Long live some other guy” are you supposed to join in or what’s the deal?

A couple of soldiers come out to fetch Mustafá and drag him back inside.

Osman tells them to look at who they’ve put on the throne. They’ve ended an era. This “lunatic” will destroy the empire, the Janissaries, everything. They’ll regret it forever.

Seriously, just how much are these guys getting paid, ’cause Mansur yells “We don’t accept you as Sultan” and a whole bunch of other guys echo him. It’s like half of them down there are 45 supporters.

The one with the handlebar mustache says they don’t accept Osman’s execution either.

Osman gives it another try–if they don’t want him getting executed he’ll end up getting locked up in Mustafá’s rooms.

There’s another outburst of “We don’t care!” and “We don’t accept you, Sultan Osman.” To which I say “Then quit calling him Sultan.”

Osman asks forgiveness if he was cruel to them. Life happens. Yesterday he was sultan, today he’s despojado (dispossessed). Yesterday he had riches. Today all he has are a few coins.


Kösem and Haci have found the burned out shack. Kösem walks in and comes back out crying. Haci tells her she still has a son. She has to get on her feet for Osman or the traitors will kill him. They have to save him. The traitors will pay–Halime, Dilruba, Davud–they’ll get them all one by one. But they have to go. She has to get up.

Still crying, Kösem goes back to the carriage.

Esad Effendi’s

Akile’s worried about what will happen to Osman. Her dad can’t make any promises and thinks all they can do is pray.

Hümaşa comes in to take the baby prince. Because, safety. Akile doesn’t look convinced.

Janissary HQ

Davud comes in with four soldiers to kill Osman. Osman keeps them from pulling the rope around his neck and calls for help.

A couple of guys do come in to tell Davud to back off, because if Osman dies the guys downstairs are going to flip out.

Davud claims it’s a direct order from Sultan Mustafá. (Um, no. The only direct order he’s given has been to prepare his boat and I don’t see anybody doing that.)

Osman tells the two guys trying to keep him alive that they can’t leave him alone. One goes so far as to say that once order is re-established, he’ll be Sultan again.

Halime wanders in, asking why he’s still alive. Osman didn’t even have mercy on his brother. If he gets out of here alive, he’ll kill them all.

Davud gives the order again and one of the Ağas defending Osman says if they have to, they’ll spill blood, but they won’t let their SULTAN get hurt.

Mustafá’s in another room taking a nap. Halime and Davud come back and tell Dilruba Osman’s still alive. Halime blames their failure on Dilruba–Kösem’s going to put Osman back on the throne.

Davud says they can’t turn back. They should take Mustafá to the palace to pay the enthronement tribute.

Dilruba doesn’t see how he can do it in his condition. The medicine doesn’t work anymore.

Davud says they’ll tie him up (to the throne?). Nobody’s objecting.


Kösem blames herself for the death of the princes. For not protecting them. She should have gotten them out of the palace when she could.

The carriage suddenly stops…for Bülbül. He says it’s like the end of the world out there! He almost didn’t get the princes hidden. Yeah, they’re alive.

Bülbül woke up before the coughing stopped. He tried to beat the door down with his trusty branch and then decided to just kick it in. So, Bülbül, the action hero, got the princes out of the fire before they all burned to a crisp. They’re waiting at an inn.

Haci grabs Bülbül, who immediately objects to being hugged.

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2 years ago

Thanks Kat!

“It’s like half of them down there are 45 supporters.”

Right? Geez. Mustafa is totalmente loquito for coco puffs and these guys are still screaming “Long live Mustafa!” I was hoping Osman would just turn to Davud and be like “Yeah… Screw it. Y’all made your bed now rule from it. I’m out.”

2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Mustafa is so pitiable. He’s a victim of the system and shenanigans.