La Sultana Wednesday 1/16/19 #51

Old Palace

Kösem’s not eating and it worries Eycan. But the princes are still missing and Haci says they’ve looked everywhere.


Bülbül doesn’t know where they are either and he’s frantically begging for Allah’s help.

Kilindir Ağa sees a group of boys in turbans and cloaks and tells them he’ll take them to their mother. Murat doesn’t trust him (neither do I, since I can never remember whose side all these Ağas are on!) but he follows him.

Bülbül spots the five of them.


Osman watches the city burn. Zülfikar says the rebels are on their way to the palace. The guards are prepared, but it won’t do much good. They’re going to get in.

Osman complains that they can’t. They can’t kill a sultan! Zülfikar and Hümaşa exchange a glance.

Zülfikar says he’s never seen anything like this. They have to prepare for the worst.

Osman asks his advice. Zülfikar looks over at Hümaşa…

She tells Osman to give them what they want before things get worse. Omer is listening from around the corner.

Osman watches from a balcony as the not terribly impressive crowd of soldiers shove their way into the space around his council room. Again, he asks Zülfikar what to do.

Get them to go back to HQ, get people to go back to their homes, and THEN deal with them.

Old Palace

Hacicomes to Kösem’s room with a guy sent by Bülbül–Kilindir Ağa has the boys.

Kösem knows that means Dilruba.


Dilruba tells Kilindir Ağa he’ll be compensated for capturing the princes. Murat tells her to take them to their mother now, or heads will roll.

Dilruba gets up in his face and says his mother’s time is over and so is his brother’s. They’re all going to die and no one will come save them.


Mansur Ağa leads a small group in to find Mustafá, but the way to his rooms are blocked with both a wall AND a gate, so they’ll have to find some other way in.


Dilruba leaves Kilindir in charge of the princes. Bülbül hides behind a bush and plots.


Pieces of the ceiling in his room are coming down. Mansur comes down a rope from the enlarged hole and tells Mustafá his mother sent him.

Mustafá asks for water. He drinks it happily.

Mansur says they want him to rule.

Mustafá’s like “Cool, whatever you want!” Dude’s got his bottle of water and he doesn’t care!


Well, so much for handing over Omer. He made a run for it. Osman’s pissed off.

Zülfikar comes in to tell Osman that some of the rebels made it to Mustafá’s room and they’re all shouting for Sultan Mustafá.

Osman tells him to give the rebels what they want.


Wherever Kösem’s headed, Halil Pasha joins her and Haci and he doesn’t have good news. The rebels  are trying to put Mustafá on the throne. The Janissaries have been joined by people who hate Osman so much Halil’s even worried they’ll come after Kösem.

Hell no they won’t! She tells Halil to get back out there with a message–if anyone touches Osman they’ll deal with her!


Well, at least they have Dilaver Pasha and Suleymana Ağa to hand over. And Osman has canceled his “pilgrimage.” I can’t tell if that’s angry screaming or satisfied screaming.

The guy making the announcement goes back inside with the few guards who were at that entrance, leaving Dilaver and Suleyman to get beat to death by the crowd. I admit, I found the flying puffy hat mildly amusing.

Ha! And now someone’s got it on top of a staff. Spokesman tells the Janissaries to go home already, they’ve gotten what they wanted. Omer? They have no idea where he is.

Some guy yells at everyone not to believe him, because he’s working for the sultan. The sultan should come out and talk to them!

“Make way for Sultan Mustafá Kahn.” I don’t think this is the sultan they’re asking for but I guess he’ll do?

Mansur walks Mustafá up to the council room while Mustafá just looks around, happily confused. “Sultan again?”

Inside, the guy who was trying to get everyone to leave tells Zülfikar they’ve freed Prince Mustafá. Zülfikar figured they could get away by boat, but the rebels control the port.

Zülfikar tells Osman they acted too late. Hümaşa thinks they should go, but Zülfikar says they’re surrounded. Meleksima grabs Hümaşa’s hand. Hümaşa asks Zülfikar what to do. He says they’ll just have to find a way out.

Old Palace

Kösem wants Dilruba to give back her kids.

Halime says if she lets Mustafá take the throne she can see her kids again.

Dilruba says Kösem’s going to have to tell the Janissaries not to interfere.

Kösem says there’s no way they’d listen–everyone knows about his condition.

Well, too bad. She has no other option. Halime gives her until tomorrow to make up her mind.

Dilruba gloats about Osman not making it out of this revolution alive. Kösem doesn’t think the people are just going to rise up and kill the Sultan.

“There’s a first time for everything.”


Zülfikar leads everyone out the harem gate, but Ali’s waiting there. He explains that they have some bad memories, but this rebellion has never been against Osman. So, yeah, they’re here for him.

Osman says this is all very complicated. He wants to go to Bursa, but Ali says they’d never make it. He has a safe place for them to hide.

Davud’s got Mustafá on the throne. Daybed. Thing. Mansur comes in to complain to Davud that Osman got out.

Mustafá tells them to get his ships ready. They’ll just take off and Osman will never be able to find them.

Mansur makes a face. (Hey, man, you wanted to rebel–deal with the consequences.) Davud mutters “Allah have mercy on us all.”

Old Palace

Haci says Halil and another Pasha are looking for the kids, but they’re still not having any luck.

Ayşe thinks maybe her mom should take Halime’s deal.

Hey, she’s thought about it, but after last time how can she trust Halime to keep her end of the bargain.

Hiding place

Osman’s furious that his people are trying to kill him. Hümaşa blames Kösem. Zülfikar says there’s no way Kösem would do something like this.

Old Palace

Cennet delivers a message from Ali Ağa–he’s got the prince in a secure location. “The Port of the Ağa.” I don’t know what the significance of that is but Kösem, Haci, and Ayşe all look at each other.


Halime’s pacing and stressing out. Dilruba brings Mustafá in and he apparently doesn’t recognize anybody.

Halime keeps telling him to look at her and remember and he eventually calls her “Mother.”

Hiding place

Kösem shows up and Hümaşa starts in on how dare she and blah blah blah. Kösem says she didn’t betray anyone. Now can she please speak to the sultan alone?

Janissary HQ?

Mustafá shows up with Halime dragging on his arm, trying to keep him calm. Mansur says he hasn’t found Osman and Halime insists they have to find him before Kösem does or they won’t have anything to bargain with.

Hiding place

Kösem asks Osman if he remembers how Mehmed always treated him like an enemy. He always thought Kösem loved Osman more. She tried not to have differences between her children and love them all equally.

She could never lie to him. Mehmed was right–she did love Osman more. What can a mother do to the one who takes her child away? Should she get revenge? What? What if the one who killed him is also her son? Where should she direct her hostility?

Osman says she could cry, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t mourn for his brother or feel terrible because he’s the one who did it.

Kösem strokes his hair and says she’s forgiven him. Now he needs to forgive himself.

Osman hugs her.


Omer buys passage or maybe just an escort to get him to Uskudar…and then immediately gets captured.

Esad Effendi’s

Davud meets with Esad Effendi and some other members of the council to ask for support for Mustafá.

None of them are inclined to give it–they already have a sultan.

Davud tells them Mustafá WILL take the throne and the best thing for all of them is for the council to accept that as soon as possible.

Hiding Place

Osman wants to go to Bursa. Kösem tells him to wait–things will calm down. Hümaşa gripes at her, but Kösem says that there was no way to predict this.

Osman asks Kösem what to do.

She tells him to go to the Puerto del Ağa. It’s tradition that the Janissaries protect anyone who goes there for refuge.


Davud tries to strangle Osman’s location out of Omer, but he insists he doesn’t know, he left the palace before Osman did. Davud threatens to cut his throat, but Dilruba tells him not to get his hands dirty. Just give him to the rebels.

Omer keeps begging…he doesn’t know where Osman is…but he could find out!

Cennet gets a message from Omer–he knows she’s still angry at him, but he’ll be waiting for her at the usual place. Tell no one!


Bülbül’s watching as some other guy shows up to tell Kilindir that Mustafá gave the order to kill the princes.

“Does Davud Pasha know?”

Yep, he was right there in the room when Mustafá gave the order. (And how do we know we can believe you?)

The Usual Place

Cennet meets Omer. She upset at him for abandoning the sultan. He swears it was for the sultan’s own good and he has a ship ready to take him to Bursa, so where is he?

Cennet’s not going to tell him. Kösem’s managing the situation now. Why is he insisting she tell him?

Dilruba comes in with some soldiers.


Kilindir’s going to burn the shack with the princes inside. Bülbül tries to whack him with a tree branch, but he’s already set the fire and one of the other guys with him knocks out Bülbül.

Inside, the boys are coughing and crying. (Someone’s gonna pay for this.)

Murat keeps screaming “Mom!”

Kösem wakes up on her couch.

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2 years ago

Thanks Kat!

The downfall of the puffy hat club was indeed amusing.

I really miss Gölge these days.