Tenías Que Ser Tú Friday 1/18/19 #5

What happened?

Despite Marcelo’s admission, Marisa says she came here to be with Miky. He and her daughter are the most important people in her life. Marcelo doesn’t argue. He gives her a cell phone–not as a personal gift, as a loan from the company.

Miky thinks Jeny’s trying to get a proposal out of him, but she’s seriously done. He’s had his chances and she’s tired of waiting.

In the middle of Jeny’s sobbing in front of her house, Lesly and Tino walk up, still arguing about Bruno. Tino breaks up with Lesly, which Jeny thinks is just fine.

Marisa gets home all nervous and admits to her mom (after a lot of interruptions) that Marcelo is Nicole’s dad. She was about to tell him, back then, that she was pregnant, but Marcelo said he was engaged. And now she finds out he’s not married. She’s worried about Marcelo wanting to take Nicole away from her. Nena thinks having him show up again is great.

Tadeo admits to Lorenza that he gambled the money away. Nena made him do it!

Lorenza goes next door to confront Nena who doesn’t deny that they went to the track, but says she didn’t make Tadeo do anything. Lorenzo insists Nena pay her back. Marisa says they’ll figure something out.

Miky tells his mom that Jeny broke up with him.

Ezequiel finds out about Jeny and Lesly’s breakups. Miky comes over in the morning to try to talk to Jeny, but she’s not interested.

Nena’s still complaining about last night, but she agrees she’ll figure out a way to pay Tadeo back. She tries to change the subject to Marcelo, but Marisa doesn’t want to talk about it.

In the Mikymóvil the younger set are figuring out what to do with the picture Nicole’s assuming is of her dad. The take a picture with Nicole’s phone, but should they post it online? With what caption?

The other big conversation is Bruno’s shiner. The mean girls make some snide remarks about “those people from that kind of neighborhood” and Miky says they’re talking about him. But regardless of neighborhood, flirting with a girl who already has a boyfriend will get you kicked out.

Nena comes over to apologize to Tadeo and tell him to pack up all the valuables. No, they’re not gonna sell them, they’re gonna pawn ’em!

Lesly tries to apologize to Tino before school, but he makes that tired analogy about not letting anyone pedal his bicycle and Lesly says she’s not a bicycle and she’s not his.

Lorenza’s still grouchy when she and Marisa get to work, but she cheers up at the sight of a big flower arrangement on Marisa’s desk. Unfortunately, it’s not from Tadeo, it’s from Marcelo. For Marisa. Lorenza says she’d better start doing a better job of convincing him she wants nothing to do with him because this bouquet doesn’t exactly say “I never want to see you again.”

Brayan apparently asked Jaqui out and then stood her up. He’s trying again, but what she’s really excited about is the ad at the bottom of the newspaper page about casting for a reality show.

Miky catches up to Jeny on her way out of the house and proposes. She doesn’t want him doing it just because she said she was breaking up with him, but he swears he means it. So she says “yes.” *facepalm*

Whatever the kids did, Nicole’s cell phone keeps going off. I think the teacher’s trying to get them to multiply numbers on a spreadsheet? Like “Column C = Column A * Column B.” Nicole’s so determined to not give up her phone that she runs out of the classroom.

Miky stops by Marisa’s office to have coffee–at her request. She and Lorenza lay on the “Miky and Marisa are a couple” sauce way thick. Marcelo’s kind of being a jerk to Miky, but it’s pretty low-key.

When they go for coffee Marisa asks Miky to drive Nicole for the rest of the month, which is no problem for him. And then she starts asking about the job–is that all he does?

Hey, he thinks it’s plenty! His dad used to drive a taxi and he brought in a lot of money, but he also died of a heart attack. Miky decided it was best to take it easy. Driving the van makes him enough to pay for maintenance, pay for the house, and he doesn’t usually have a lot left over, but he also usually doesn’t come up short. He doesn’t have any intention of doing more…although he is saving up to buy his mom and industrial oven for baking cakes.

Plus he’s the forward and team captain for Real Mandril.

Well, Marisa needs him to come by the office whenever he has a chance and play boyfriend in front of Marcelo. Miky thinks it’s funny they “met” about nine years ago. That’s almost like him and Jeny–and now he’s marrying her.

Marisa gets called to the school because of Nicole and her phone shenanigans. She locked herself in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out until Marisa arrived. She explains she was waiting for a reply from her dad after she put his picture on “Feis”.

We finally get to see the picture and it’s a hot guy in swim trunks. But it’s not Nicole’s dad, it’s Marisa’s. He left Nena and they never heard from him again. So Marisa knows it’s possible to grow up without a dad. And Nicole’s got so much other social support…

Nicole really wants a dad, like “everyone else”. She thinks Marisa’s wrong not to let her know her dad.

Lesly tries to talk to Tino after school and tells him she’s not going to be getting that money for tutoring Bruno after all. But doesn’t he realize she needs it. Tino has a totally defeatist (or realistic) attitude that only rich people get to have a good future and study. Lesly hates him saying that–if she ever becomes someone important, she’s going to make a change.

Tino mocks her, asking if she’s going to be secretary of education or something.

And now Lesly sinks to his level, saying that if he’s happy with his little snack cart here she feels sorry for him.

Their argument scared away Tino’s waiting customers.

Marcelo quizzes Lorenza about Miky and Lorenza slips up and says Nicole doesn’t know who her dad is…uh, doesn’t know Miky’s her dad…she tries to take everything back. Marcelo will settle for the name of the school.

Tadeo sold Lorenza’s tablet, Luci’s TV and game console, and Bruno’s TV. But he paid off half the credit card. *facepalm*

Jeny and Miky tell their families they’re getting married. Ezequiel comes over and makes a fuss about Miky needing to ask for Jeny’s hand. He emphasizes that he just doesn’t want Miky to mess around with her like SOMEONE who shall remain nameless.

Marisa gets defensive with Nena about having a right to have a picture of her dad. Nena agrees–just like Nicole has a right to know where her dad is. This thing with the picture was just the beginning. Nicole’s not going to stop until she finds out about Marcelo. Marisa just doesn’t want anything to change. Nena says he’s never going to forgive her for not telling him he has a daughter.

Nicole heard. Her dad doesn’t even know she exists?

What did people say?
  • Bajoneado – low, down; how Miky feels after Jeny breaks up with him
  • Tirando la onda – flirting; what Miky says Bruno is doing with Lesly
  • Echando los perros – flirting; what Miky says Marcelo is doing with Marisa
  • Aguarnos la fiesta – ruin the party for us; what Marbella says Ezequiel is trying to do
  • The song playing when Marisa gets home from her meeting with Marcelo is Me Estás Matando by Silvana Estrada and Daniel.

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Thanks for that song info!

I’m really enjoying this show and your recaps.

I assume from the opening credits that Brayan and Jacqui are end game. I hope that’s true because I like them together.