Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 1/8/19 #51

Hour 1

Sinasi tells Rüya about the day Cihan’s mom left. She sent him to school and put Fahriye down for a nap and just walked out and never came back. So the “joke” is that Cihan’s waiting for her to come back before he goes back to school. He’s been calling Sinasi “apprentice” since he got into university. Cihan and Zehra both want Sinasi to be a teacher, but Sinasi doesn’t know what he wants.

Neriman walks by as Rüya’s getting into her car and waits until she’s gone to walk down the street. She says Sinasi’s “friend” sure comes by a lot. He says she’s more than a friend. If that annoys Neriman, the she shouldn’t look at Rüya.

Neriman laughs and wishes him a good day.

Sahika sits at her desk, thinking about the day she left Nihat. She snuck out of bed, got into his safe, gathered up some papers, and burned them before walking out.

Someone drops off a package for her. She’s hoping it’s from Cihan, but instead it’s a bunch of waxy-looking black roses from her “old friend and new enemy” Nihat.

Pelin, Macit, Ösgür, and Duygu are having what’s becoming a typical meeting of the “company” they’re allegedly running. Macit and Duygu laugh at the idea of Pelin modeling. Macit says the collection just doesn’t “go” with her. Pelin tells Macit the woman he has in mind as a model doesn’t exist.

Ösgür tries to break the tension by talking about going to dinner tonight and Pelin tells Macit he can bring Neriman. But it would be too late for her, wouldn’t it? She’s wondering if Macit actually has a girlfriend at all.

Neriman gets to Arcaoglu, leaves the stuffed grape leaves on Sahika’s desk, and then heads for Macit’s office. While she’s waiting for Burcu to announce her, she hears Pelin’s voice talking about dinner, so she just walks right into his office.

At least Duygu says she’s happy to see her. Neriman gives Macit the “I was just visiting Sahika and stopped by to say hello to you” excuse. He thinks it’s good she did.

Pelin finally suggests they go to her office and leave the two lovebirds alone, since they can only see each other during work hours.

Macit tells Neriman Pelin invited them to dinner and he accepted on her behalf. So they’re going, right? No answer from Neriman.

As the others are leaving the office Pelin looks down at the bag in Neriman’s hand and asks what she’s got there? Dolma! Well…isn’t she a strange creature. Just FYI, when she comes to dinner tonight, she doesn’t need to bring anything. Macit practically shuts the door in her face.

Now Neriman tells him she can’t go out tonight. She’s not allowed. It was hard enough for her to come over today.

Macit gripes that she has no problem having tea with Sinasi. And she’s allowed to go out at night to look for Sinasi.

Zehra is desperate to know how Asli is doing, but she doesn’t want to go over to Kader’s herself and risk Kader getting angry and taking it out on Asli. Zehra and Gulter decide Nezahat should go.

Nezahat passes. She’s not putting her body on the line for her sister!

Macit continues his temper tantrum, demanding an answer, telling her she can come over whenever she wants, but not with…food in a bag.

Neriman gets it. He’s embarrassed of her. She walks out of his office, runs into Sahika, and gives her a teary hug.

Nezahat comes out of her room ready to go visit Kader’s. She warns Zehra and Gulter not to say a word!

Sahika brings Neriman to her desk. After a while she asks how Neriman is. She says she’s OK. And Sahika?

Sahika says there’s nothing new. She sees Selim in the hallway and tells him the files he wanted are on his desk. Neriman tries to leave, but Selim wants to talk to her about that conversation they had. Pelin walks by, stops for a minute, and keeps on walking.

Selim says he feels like he had a stone lifted off him.

Uh huh, well Neriman says he buried her mother under that stone. Anyway, she doesn’t hate him, but she doesn’t have any reason to love him. She walks out and Sahika gives Selim an apologetic smile before sitting down behind her desk, alone except for the mother lode of dolma.

Macit finally decides to get the hell out of his office and chase Neriman down. He sees Sahika, but she says Neriman just left. Macit gets outside in time to see the taxi drive away.

He chases the taxi through traffic and cuts it off to get the driver to stop. Then he tells the driver this is none of his business and asks Neriman to get out. Please. (Um. No.)

She does. He goes with “I didn’t mean to say that” instead of “I’m sorry” and Neriman says she thinks they’ve made a mistake. So he just leaves her there in the middle of the road and drives off.

As Nezahat approaches Kader’s, she asks Allah to let her get through this without strangling her.

Emre and Asli are just getting back from court, where Asli dropped the charges and said she’s in love with her husband and blah blah blah. The tool thinks she actually meant that stuff, but Asli says the only thing “real” about them is the baby.

Nezahat rings the doorbell and Asli opens it. She tells Nezahat nothing has changed around here and brings her inside to greet Kader.

Kader flips out and tells Emre to get Nezahat out of the house. Asli keeps screaming at him to leave Nezahat alone, but he shoves her out of the house and shuts the door. He’s still holding the possibility of pressing charges on Zehra over Asli’s head.

Pelin and Duygu are ready to go out. On their way, Pelin keeps bringing up Neriman in front of her mother. She’s gloating that Macit’s ashamed of her for bringing stuffed grape leaves to the office. She invited her to dinner, but she doubts Neriman will show up.

At her house, Neriman’s insisting to Fahriye that she’s not going to dinner. So apparently what we witnessed earlier was just a fight and not a breakup? They both keep going on and on about “oh, the grape leaves!” Neriman thinks Macit’s ashamed of her, but Fahriye thinks he’s jealous–talking about how Neriman could see Sinasi anytime she wants to. He just doesn’t understand life in this neighborhood.

But Fahriye’s “writing it” Macit’s going to come over to this house. He can’t live without Neriman.

First, though, he texts to say he’s sorry. Fahriye has to prod Neriman into answering. “I love you.”

I guess all’s right in the world again.

Cihan’s waiting at the bus stop for Sahika. She doesn’t like this–she thinks they should just let things flow.

Well, when she’s no longer in danger from Nihat he’ll let things flow.

Sahika asks if he realizes he can’t protect her from Nihat.

He still follows her away from the bus stop.

Inci tells Macit that way before she was married to his father, she was in love with someone else. They loved each other, but they weren’t meant to be together. They hurt each other. She tells him women never forget these things and men only remember them when it’s convenient.

Macit tells her it’s too late–he’s in love with Neriman and he never wants to tell his kids this kind of story. The only thing he agrees with her about is that love is the only happiness in life.

Hour 2

Cihan still feels bad about “dragging” Sinasi into his troubles. Sinasi tells him to cut it out. He figures the two of them can work with Rüya.

Cihan keeps bugging Sinasi about still having feelings for Neriman. Sinasi says it’s like a fracture that heals, but it still bothers you when it’s really cold.

As they’re leaving Osman’s they run into two other guys who say they heard Cihan had some trouble earlier. If he needs any help….

Sinasi loves living in this neighborhood. (Where everybody knows your name, and outsiders always regret they came….)

Duygu skipped out on dinner had Pelin drop her off for a “date” with her dad.

Damnit, Macit, just DRIVE the car! He’s calling Ösgür, who is also running late for dinner.

Gulter asks if any of the girls heard about that fight this morning. No? Cihan threw a punch at a guy.

Sahika says Sinasi probably joined in. What? Those guys love to fight.

Gulter feels so sorry for that man who got dragged through the street.

Sahika says she’s right. It’s such a shame.

When Gulter goes into the kitchen, Neriman and Fahriye are like “Damn, Sahika! What gives?!”

Sahika says she didn’t ask for any help and she doesn’t need any help and if everyone always repaid a favor with a favor, no one would cut the neck of the cow that gives us milk to drink.

Fahriye says, “Even an entire lifetime wouldn’t be enough to understand Sahika’s attitude.” I think I know some people who would agree 🙂

Sahika runs up to the bedroom, remembering giving Cihan a kiss on the cheek and thanking him.

Ösgür calls Pelin and says he can’t make it to dinner. Now she’s annoyed she dropped Duygu off. She hopes Macit’s not going to let her down too.

Selim asks Duygu how things are going at home.

Well, how could they be going well if he’s not living there? Is he really not ever going to come back? She’s sure he could convince her mother….

Nope, Selim’s done convincing anyone of anything, except Neriman–he’s never going to stop trying to get her to accept what he took from her mother.

Seriously, Macit, I hate the way you drive!

Neriman listens in on Fahriye talking to Faiz about Cihan. She pouts that he never talks to anyone about his problems and he acts like he’s so laid back. Faiz says it’s ok if she trades what she sees for what she feels, but it’s not a good idea to only see with the eyes of the heart.

Yeah, neither of us get it.

Sinasi gets home and Nezahat’s waiting for him on the stairs. He’s afraid to ask her what’s going on and she’s afraid to tell him.

I don’t understand their conversation about mistakes and never asking questions until Nezahat gets to the part where she tells him not to be afraid to ask and says he’s the only one of them who can be happy.

Just how far away is this restaurant? Pelin’s still driving. Her friend who was there says neither of the boys have shown up and she and her party are about to leave.

Neriman and Fahriye are whispering back and forth about Macit while the TV broadcasts a speech from the Prime Minister. Blah blah blah, East and West, something something Europe, and Neriman’s worried because she still hasn’t heard from Macit. If he were to show up she’d throw her arms around him and beg him never to leave again.

Fahriye wishes she could meet someone so she could be even more miserable. (Fahriye, not Neriman.)

They think Cihan’s knocking on the front door, but it’s Macit. Fahriye shuts the door in his face…then she grabs Neriman and shoves her out the door. She’ll take care of things here.

Macit just came by to tell Neriman he loves her. She hugs him until she realizes someone might see them…and then she decides she doesn’t care.

Inside, Gulter sees Fahriye hanging around in the foyer and gets curious. Fahriye sits her down to tell her something.

Macit’s picking up Neriman tomorrow after work. And then a repeat of the whole “don’t let go” stuff.

Fahriye pretends she can smell gas coming from the kitchen to sneak Neriman back inside. She has Neriman pretend she was upstairs. It’s not very convincing, but I think sometimes Gulter would rather not know what they’re up to.

They run upstairs to gossip. Sahika’s already in bed and glares at them when they come in giggling.

Zehra’s still worried about Asli. Nezahat’s tired of telling her the same thing over and over–Kader treats Asli like a servant. They already knew that.

Sinasi agrees that he’s also worried about Asli and thinks they should make time to go over to Kader’s and check on her.

Zehra runs downstairs to answer the door while Nezahat tells Sinasi not to go over there.

Rüya comes over. She gives Zehra the formal hand-kissing. Ooh, Zehra likes her!

Rüya has some contracts for Sinasi to sign and if they hurry she can book another event. He invites her out for breakfast.

Zehra moves abruptly when Sinasi shuts the door and she nearly falls down the stairs. Nezahat laughs that it’s almost like Kader did.

Asli’s sleeping on the floor in Emre’s room. He tries…well, hell, I’ll call it what it is…he tries raping her again using their marriage as justification but she makes it clear she’s not here as his wife. She’s just his mother’s servant.

He goes out to the living room and complains to his mother that Asli’s not even here for him. He never should have listened to her! He’s tired of this!

Feyza wants Pelin to take a box of her dad’s stuff over to his office, but Duygu ends up agreeing to do it. She was going over there anyway, to see her dad. Pelin still teases her about Ösgür being in the office today. Feyza asks Pelin if there’s really something going on between Duygu and Ösgür, but Pelin doesn’t know.

Macit texts Neriman “Today you’re with me.”

Neriman texts back “I’m always with you.”

Sahika walks by the café, not stopping, and looking away. Which, surprise!, doesn’t mean Cihan can’t see her. He follows her and they bicker. She can’t help smiling when he accuses her of secretly wanting him.

Sinasi. Rüya. Ducks. She talks about saving money for her dream–her own recording studio. Nothing big. She wants music flowing out of the windows, and a big garden where people can sit and listen, and anyone from the neighborhood can come to play and learn, and she wants to support all kinds of musicians. Whaddayouknow, that’s Sinasi’s dream too.

Pelin and Duygu show up at the office. Pelin avoids her dad and goes to Macit’s office so he can mock her about getting a good night’s sleep last night.

Duygu tells her dad she misses him at home. He says Duygu’s the only one who loves him. But he wants to earn Pelin’s love again.

Well, the only thing Pelin seems to want is Macit, and nobody can give her that.

Faiz is polishing his collection of prayer beads. He gives Neriman a set with red stones and tells Neriman it was her mother’s favorite color.

She wishes she had met her mother and had some more memories of her.

Faiz says she’s the most beautiful memento of her mother. If she ever wants to know who she really is, all she has to ldo is look at who loves her.

Duygu bumps into Ösgür on her way out of the office. He asks her out for dinner and Duygu agrees. He seems surprised.

Ösgür bursts into Macit’s office to tell him something important….

Sahika gets another package. It’s a creepy clown mask with blood tears running down its face and a note that says “Some tears are real.” Sahika wipes some off and grosses herself out.

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