La Mujer del Vendaval #122

Come Into My Parlor, Dear.

Oct is telling Marcela about the loan she gave Al to pay off the mortgage on El V, by accident of course, and then acts all arrepentida for having spilled the beans, and makes Marcela promise not to tell Al that she told her. But they had a deal that she would loan him the money and they would build a hotel on the land.

Oct spins a tale that together she and Al planned a luxury hotel development on El V as a way to get out from under Luc’s thumb and away from his temper tantrums. That’s why Oct gave Al the money he needed to get the ranch out of hock.

Marcela would never choose to build a hotel on her land. How could Al plan this? Oct asks hasn’t he said anything about it? And Marcela remembers Al suggesting that very thing to her. But he can’t she’d never have agreed to borrow money with that condition. Oct says sorry but he signed the papers. I have them in my office. Maybe Al just wanted to help you and everybody. After all a luxury hotel there would be a really great idea…

Marcela insists she must see the documents, and even though Oct protests, she’s got them all ready to go filled in and safe in her office safe.

Marcela can’t believe he’d do this to her, he knows how she feels about El V, how could he just sign it away like that? Besides it belongs to her, he has no authority to make that kind of deal…unless…

Some People Are Stubborn, Some Are Just Dumb.

Cris just can’t believe Alba could be so deeply involved with Amadeo and tells her he’s coming to SBP to be with her. She’s trying to convince him not to when Amadeo comes up and interrupts and sends Cris away. He’s upset at behaviour he sees as Alba disrespecting him as her novio and giving Cris hopes that he has a chance with her. Alba tries to explain that she’s not doing that at all but Amadeo isn’t listening and stomps off angrily. Then Sagrario wants to know what’s going on.

Cris drags Al away from his girls and asks him what he thinks he’s doing. Then Amadeo comes along and asks Cris what he thinks he’s doing hitting on Amadeo’s gf. Cris scoffs at the idea that Alba would be with Amadeo and Al has to stop Amadeo from lunging at Cris. Al backs Amadeo up as Alba’s choice and tells Cris to stop pursuing her and they leave.

Al returns Amadeo to Alba and tells her to put her “boyfriend” on leash. Alba’s had enough and snaps back that Al should be sticking with his wife, not his old girlfriends, and Sagrario agrees. So Al goes to find his wife.

Just Here To Help

Unless, what? Oct asks innocently, and Marcela finally realizes she’s been talking out loud and shuts up.

Oct offers to tell Al she’s backing out of the deal, she’ll make something up (I bet) Marcela promises again not to tell Al that Oct told her about all this and then promises she’ll pay her back the money she owes her, somehow.

Really Marcela just needs some air she’s going for a walk.

Oct thinks that the campaign to sow distrust is well on its way.

Home Again, Home Again Jiggity Jig

July and Eulogio had such a good time without Timo there to ruin everything. July is sure that Eulogio is really the better man, where would Timo be without him. And she gives him a quick kiss.

Eulogio thanks July for the kiss, but reminds them both that the plan is to get Timo to marry July, so she can live happily ever after. Seems like she forgot for a while but she’s back on task now, and she tosses Eulogio his hat so he can leave.

Nisa’s Ship of Fools

Nisa escapes the clutches of Gordo and Cuchi with the excuse that she hasta check on ML. Then she grabs Cami and drags him out of the room with her for some air. He tells her about ML’s “nervousness” as Inez goes upstairs to check on her.

While she’s with Cami she runs in to Gordo and they tell her they’re both from San BP. Isn’t that great.

Nisa needs to go get some air even more now. Cami goes with her and Gordo and Cuchi seize the moment.

They find Cami’s room, and break in and plant black lacy underwear under his pillow so that Nisa will find them and think he’s cheating on her.


Good Friends

Al runs in to Val, and she tells him Marcela went for a walk, so instead of going to look for her, he invites Val to have a drink with him. He asks her, as a friend, to tell him is Emiliano in love with Marcela she indicates yes but says its not Emil’s fault. Marcela is always coming around and asking for his help and leading him on. Al is glad he has a good friend like Val who will tell him the truth and open his eyes to who Marcela really is.

At Last!

The presentation finally starts, with a lengthy and not entirely appropriate introduction by Don T ‘Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, goils and germs, and persons of indeterminate gender … ‘

The pages of ML’s calendar flash on the screen and then Lencho comes out and sings as ML is slowly lowered from the ceiling in a cloth sling. I can’t tell if that look on Oct’s face is because Lencho is actually really good, or because Maria Laura is still alive.

The sling lowers and ML slides out if it awkwardly, but tries to make it look like its a thing she’s doing on purpose. It might’ve worked if she didn’t pass out on the floor. But she does look fabulous, lying on the floor.

Amadeo tries to run interference with the cameras but there are too many of them.

Everyone clusters around worried, trying to bring her around. Mostly she just moans and shouts incoherently, though she does seem to think she’s having Al’s baby…

They call a doctor, he says they’ve gotta getter to a hospital quick.

Al tries to leave to find Marcela but ML won’t let Lencho and Cami touch her. She must be carried out by Al.

Cami insist to Nisa that he only gave her that energy drink, its not his fault

Alba can’t find Marcela anywhere. Al will find her and meet them at the hospital.

Nuria and Cris speculate how Sil and Luc will react reading about this on the front page of the papers tomorrow.

Lencho is worried about ML, after all she was his first love. Timo is sure it’s drugs after all a woman who would dump a Quinonez can’t be in her right mind. Then they argue some about Timo marrying Oct and it looks like Lencho is actually going to tell his dad why he shouldn’t.

Can’t Catch A Break

As Marcela is pacing on the beach wondering how it all went so wrong, here’s Emiliano with a convenient shoulder to cry on, and she does. She tells him she’s not upset about the exes any more now, she’s got a bigger problem. Al paid off the ranch without telling her and promised in exchange for the money to build a hotel on her land. Almost as if he knew half of the land is his. As she’s explaining her planned surprise gift and the problem is how she can’t even ask Al about what he did because she promised the person who told her she wouldn’t tell him they told, Emil is trying to give Al the benefit of the doubt and offering hope things aren’t as bad as she thinks. Emil offers a comforting hug and just then Al comes out and sees them, of course. Emil reminds Marcela of all the effort Al put into the harvest, so he must care about her and the ranch. When Marcela thanks Emil for the comfort, he kisses her hand, and Al comes rushing over and sucker punches Emil.

That’s it. Not only is Marcela not allowed to be his friend anymore, she’s not going to be his patient either, and if Emil comes to El V Al will beat him up.

Also ML is sick and there’s no presentation, so lets go.

Its Called Multi-Tasking

In the hospital waiting room Oct worries. Mauro comes over to ask what she had to do with all this, but Oct says of course it wasn’t her, she was busily destroying Marcela’s life/marriage instead, with the documents that he helped fill out. Rather than re-assured, Mauro looks horrified/disgusted.

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1 year ago

Gracias, stealth! What a show. I’m sad that Lencho got upstaged by Maria Laura’s big entrance. I have to give the actress props–she goes all in. “Al is glad he has a good friend like Val who will tell him the truth and open his eyes to who Marcela really is.” If I wasn’t so angry at him I’d feel bad at how easily he’s been misled and how awful he’s going to feel when he finds out the truth. Right now I’m just like “Ha! Sucker!” The unmentionables under the pillow of the perfectly-made bed made me laugh. Oh,… Read more »

1 year ago

I think Octavia never cared enough before to find out if Lencho was any good and she was surprised. Didn’t she kind of hand him off to Mauro to deal with?

LOL…I’m picturing ML marrying herself by the end of this because no one else measures up.