El Gran Estreno de Atrapada Monday 1/21/19 #1

Who are these people?
  • Mariana – a thief
  • Sebastián – Mariana’s mentor
  • Pablo – the older of Mariana’s two brothers
  • Luis – the younger of Mariana’s two brothers
  • Ernesto – a rich guy selling an expensive necklace
  • Inspector – investigating Sebastián for theft
  • Carlos Alberto Herrera – head of a crime family
  • Amelia – Carlos Alberto’s wife
  • Brenda – Carllos Alberto’s daughter
  • Daniela Vargas – head of a crime family
  • Felipe Vargas – Daniela’s older son
  • Alexander Vargas – aka “The Beast,” Daniela’s younger son
  • Aurora Vargas – Alexander’s wife
  • Francisco Peña – director of Marketing for Vargas Tequila Group
What happened?

In a hotel room, a collector examines a necklace that once belonged to Porfirio Diaz’s second wife. Once he determines it’s authentic, he agrees to return the following day with cash. The current owner of the necklace celebrates with the woman who put the sale together. She drugs his champagne, steals the necklace, and sneaks out on a room service cart.

Unfortunately, the buyer comes back almost immediately to complete the sale, because he has somewhere else he needs to be. He sends his men after the woman and her accomplice–the room service guy.

The two thieves get to the roof and jump down with the aid of some discarded bed sheets. Talk about “don’t try this at home.”

Sebastián aka Room Service Guy, doesn’t look like he survived the fall, but the woman gets him up and hobbling around.

The woman, Mariana, meets with the director of the boarding school her brothers attend. Pablo, the elder, tried to escape with Luis, the younger. Pablo’s basically bitter that Mariana sent them to school instead of letting them live with her, but Mariana says she has to…travel…for business.

There’s a police inspector breathing down Sebastián’s neck, but the thefts have the same MO–clean thefts, different locations, no guns, no injuries, no surveillance footage, just a woman who disappears without leaving a trace. He’s apparently caught Sebastián before, but Sebastián’s cleaned up his act now.

Mariana thinks it’s time for her to quit. She’s worried about getting caught–what would happen to her brothers?

Flashback: Sebastián met Mariana when she was a pre-teen, stealing wallets and fighting older boys to hold on to what she stole. He brought Mariana to his house, gave her food, and made a deal with her.

He doesn’t think it’s time to quit yet. She doesn’t have enough money yet to disappear without a trace–which puts him at risk. So he wants to pull one last job, stealing an Aztec mask.

Time passes.

The owner of the mask, Carlos Alberto, shows it off to some friends at a party. His English tutor, “Caroline” didn’t realize they had cancelled. He invites her to join the party.

His daughter interrupts them to ask him to come to the stable. One of their people was killed. He had his entire cargo stolen. He’s assuming the Vargas family did this.

Caroline tries to leave, but she lets the hosts talk her into staying.

Flashback: Sebastián teaches Mariana about walking with good posture, walking in heels, dancing the tango, art appreciation. And his rules–no violence, no weapons, they try not to hurt anybody. And they’ll only rob the rich, the stupidly rich, the disgustingly rich, the ones rotting with money. And they’ll only steal outside the city. And Mariana’s rule is that she’s not going to sleep with any of their marks.

Caroline finally leaves and Ernesto from the necklace theft recognizes her.

Sebastián suggests Mariana go visit when Amelia and Brenda are out at a charity event.

Mariana says it won’t be that easy–they’re at war with the Vargas family and Carlos Alberto has beefed up security.

Sebastián talks about creating a distraction.

On the day of the attempt, Carlos Alberto unexpectedly shows up to pick up Caroline. He drives her out to the woods where Brenda emerges from another car with Mariana’s brothers. Carlos Alberto walks her over to three freshly-dug graves.

He says she’s good, but not as good as she thinks. Someone recognized her at the party.

In desperation, Mariana says she can help him take down the Vargas’. He doesn’t think she can fool them for two days.

Well, she fooled him for three months…plus his kids, his daughter-in-law, his wife, his mother. He knows just how good she is at her job. She’s more useful to him alive.

Carlos Alberto tells Brenda to take the boys back. As long as Mariana does what she promised, nothing will happen to her brothers.

Mariana and Sebastián start studying the Vargas family. Carlos Alberto Herrera and Edgardo Vargas were in business together as arms dealers. Now Edgardo’s widow Daniela runs the business. Her son Alexander is known as “The Beast.” He’s a killer. His wife is Aurora Vargas. They’ve been married three years, no kids. Her family owns distilleries that now belong to the Vargas’

The eldest is Felipe Vargas. He’s getting out of prison soon after taking the blame for a massacre his brother committed.

Sebastián doesn’t think this is the best way to get Mariana’s brothers back, but he got her into this mess, so yes, he’ll help.

Mariana’s latest alter-ego complains loudly on her cell phone about being stood up for a tennis date.

Luckily, Francisco, who just happens to work for the Vargas family, also got stood up. So he and “Luz” play a game. He hands over his business card and tells her to call him in a few days for the revenge match or dinner.

Felipe gets out of prison. Alexander brought a couple of sex workers with him to welcome Felipe, but Felipe just wants to get home. Just to show what an ass “Alex” is, he keeps telling the women to go and then pays them by throwing a bunch of money on the ground.

At the house, Daniela’s glad to have Felipe back.

Aurora is refusing to go to dinner because Alexander didn’t come home last night and someone saw him with a woman at a hotel. If he doesn’t sleep at home tonight, she’s gone. He says they’ve gotta have dinner with his mom or she knows what will happen. He whines that he doesn’t like it when they fight. (Uh, ok, then maybe not be a jerk?)

At dinner, Felipe hears about the family’s tequila business. He suggests they just dump the arms business and go all out making tequila.

Hahahahaha, no. Daniela says their clients like dealing with classy people (i.e., not the Herreras).

“Luz Quintero” meets the Vargas family at a party she and Francisco organized to introduce Don Edgardo Tequila. Alexander hits on her. Felipe checks her out, but he’s not gross about it. Daniela and Aurora are somewhat hostile.

Mariana sees a man at the bar with a scar on the side of his face. She remembers that man killing everyone in her parents’ restaurant before torching the place. Her mom had shoved Mariana and her brothers into a closet to hide.

Marina starts following the man as he walks away from the bar. When she’s far away enough from the party, she tosses her shot glass. Wouldn’t want that getting in the way of a little revenge killing.

What did people say?
  • Decimonónico – from the 19th century; the collection of artwork Carlos Alberto says he has

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