Atrapada Tuesday 1/22/19 #2

Who are these people?
  • Dario – Carlos’ son, gambler
  • Noemi – Felipe’s SO, in medical school
  • Rosario – Pablo and Luis’ warden
  • Renata – friend of Amelia’s, mayor running for governor
What happened?

The guy “Luz” was following turned out not to be who she thought he was.

The Herrera family bury Fernando, the guy who got killed in the stables. Alexander drives by in his flashy car and throws a bottle of Don Edgardo out the window.

Dario was supposed to be responsible for delivering the cargo they stole when Fernando was killed, but he whines about Alexander being there and it was an ambush and there was nothing they could do. Carlos puts Brenda in charge of taking care of things.

Mariana visits the columbarium where her parents’ ashes are interred and vows revenge. But a kid lurking in there tries to steal her purse. When Mariana realizes it’s a girl she pulls her cell phone out of the purse and tells her to take the rest.

Felipe’s SO, Noemi, has arrived from wherever and the two of them start making up for lost time. His mom busts them. Heh.

Carlos wants Mariana to bring him the plans for the remodeling at the factory. She insists on seeing her brothers. (Oh, hey, now I recognize Pablo! Enrique on La Jefa del Campeon.) Pablo’s even more bitter and angry than before, complaining that Luz wants them to get old waiting for her to do whatever stuff she can’t tell them about because they’re too young to know.

Sebastián has Mariana tasting tequilas…which she insists on drinking rather than spitting out. She can’t believe she’s doing this while her brothers are locked up.

At Vargas, Luz is proposing that they take advantage of the remodeling of the factory to start doing guided tours, tastings, and have a gift shop where people can buy souvenirs.

Once they decide to go forward with her plan, she has an easy time getting them to agree to let her see the remodeling plans, but they never materialize.

She also takes the opportunity to ask Francisco about a guy with a scar who was at the party. He doesn’t remember seeing anyone like that.

Felipe’s asking for opinions on the engagement ring he’s planning on buying Noemi. Luz scores points by suggesting he buy an engagement ring that goes with the wedding band, since some women like to have them welded together.

Pablo and Luis get out of their shack…yay! So they can get put to work in the stables…not so yay.

While Noemi takes Felipe to lunch, “Luz” starts searching his office. Aurora comes in and she pretends Felipe asked her to wait there. But anyway, she really admires Aurora as an businesswoman and a woman. Aurora seems a little bit won over.

Some wounded guy gets brought into the stables and Pablo decides it’s a good time to make a run for it. They don’t get far with so much security at the ranch.

Felipe takes Luz to a jewelry store to help him pick out Aurora’s engagement ring.

Alexander weasels his way out of a dinner with Aurora to go to a “business dinner” instead.

A business dinner he set up for just himself and Luz. I mean, we don’t really believe Alexander invited four other people who just couldn’t make it.

Amelia’s friend Renata comes over to visit the Herreras. (Squee! Claudette Maillé!)

Alexander apparently can’t read the incredibly bored look on Luz’s face. She’s starting to seem a little too insistent on getting the plans. Alexander’s all “Just work without them! Get creative!” Aurora crashes their dinner.

In Carlos’ office, he and Brenda show Renata their plans for a development that just happens to include the current Vargas tequila factory. They want Renata’s help getting the Vargas’ out. They’re going to show her the “real” remodeling plans so she can deny them the permit.

Renata agrees, as long as there are no more “confrontations” between the two families. She’s running on a zero tolerance for violence platform.

Sebastián comes to the Vargas house to deliver flowers for Aurora. Unfortunately, Alexander forgot that red roses bring back bad memories for her.

On his way out of the house, Sebastián sneaks a powder into the gardener’s water bottle. (For the plants.) He got rid of the gardener by saying some angry woman was shouting for him. And when Daniela comes out and sees the state of her hydrangeas she really IS shouting for him. (At least I think those are hydrangeas. Anyone know?)

Carlos pays off his dead employee’s family to get him to back off on any thoughts of revenge.

Sebastián, in disguise this time, applies for the gardener’s job. He claims one of the other workers told him there was a vacancy, but he won’t tell Daniela who told him. She hires him anyway. He puts a camera in a planter with a clear view into Daniela’s office. (She may be evil, but I admire a woman whose safe is hidden behind her own portrait.)

Dario (Carlos’ son) and Pancho (dead employee’s son) stalk Alexander. Dario suggests they make Alexander suffer before they kill him–the implication being that killing Felipe first will make him suffer.

Mariana sneaks into the office and gets busted by the security guard. She tells him she needed to print out some pictures of large inflatable bottles and she doesn’t have a picture at home. Instead she looks through the party footage for the guy with the scar and prints off his picture.

Rosario comes to collect Pablo. The guys with her take him to a storeroom and one of them decides to pick a fight. When Brenda comes in, he says the kid was misbehaving. She takes the guard’s gun and says that won’t happen again.

The gun goes off, Luis hears it and he starts banging on the door.

The security guard stops Mariana on her way out. He took her advice about putting saline drops in his daughter’s eyes when she had an infection. He thinks she’s a good person. So he really hates to have to do this, but a copy of everything that prints overnight gets sent to him and he has to report to Alexander every morning. So why did she get into the surveillance footage and print off this guy’s face.

Mariana says there’s an explanation for everything.

What did people say?
  • Degustando – tasting; what Mariana’s doing with the various tequilas.
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Autora/ Author

Thanks Kat! I saw Claudette Maille’s name during the opening and let out a squee too. I knew it would make you happy.

stealth cacophony
Autora/ Author

The flowers, they looked like peonies to me.