Entre Dos Amores Thursday 1/10/19 #53

Hour 1

Gulter has decided it’s time for her and Sahika to move out, after all the stuff Faiz said to her. He seriously argues that he and Neriman have enough things to be sad about and Gulter shouldn’t add another one. And he only said those things because he cares. Those girls are only leaving this house dressed in white.

He hears Neriman’s voice and Gulter explains she’s in her room with Duygu looking at photos of Nazan and her family. It looks like Nazan and Selim were really close.

OK, Faiz, did you not learn to quit biting people’s heads off? He marches right into Neriman’s room and tells Duygu she shouldn’t have brought the photos and the past is over. Then he sort of throws her out, even though Neriman wants her to stay.

Oh, come on! I’m supposed to think Pelin looks SO DIFFERENT in those photos that they can’t believe it’s her? Macit excuses himself, leaving Kerim and Inci to puff up Pelin’s ego some more.

Neriman tries to interest Faiz in the photos and he says something weird…that Nazan’s family lived in the house they’re in now and that they killed her by telling her she’d lost her family. Her life was more than those photos. Her family hurt her and he lost her, but he’s not going to lose Neriman. He tells her she doesn’t need a photo album to know her mother, she just has to look in her heart.

Neriman knows he’s scared she’ll try to replace him with her mother’s family, but he’s going to have to trust her.

Macit gets Ösgür’s help with something we don’t get to know about yet. Whatever it is, it’s all going to be ready in time. And Macit wants it to be perfect.

The guy Feyza asked for information on the Demirhan family accounts found something odd…. Feyza shows up in Selim’s office and throws the paperwork at him, saying Kerim’s been doing some baaaaad stuff and he needs to wake up and smell the embezzlement. Or whatever.

Macit couldn’t get Neriman on the phone, so he shows up in the neighborhood to pick her up and take her somewhere.

Figen’s flipping out and thinks soon everyone is going to find out what’s going on (financially) but Kerim’s like “I’m Kerim Arcaoglu and I’ll find a way out.”

Duygu meets Ösgür in Pelin’s office to tell him about her visit to Neriman and the stuff Faiz said to her.

When Pelin shows up, she insists Duygu tell her what she’s upset about because “nothing” can bring her down. But she ends up getting pissed off at Faiz for throwing Duygu out of his house. She vows revenge…oh, look, now she’s happy again.

Selim can’t believe what Kerim has done. Feyza says it looks to her like he’s taken all the money out of the company?


Feyza blames Selim for ignoring the company while he was “chasing” after Neriman. She tells Selim he’d better get an explanation out of Kerim.

Zehra and Nezahat hear Sinasi telling Rüya to meet him at the real estate agent’s office. Zehra flips out, thinking he’s buying a house and moving out…or moving in with Rüya without marrying her. He says they’re starting a school and Zehra calms down.

At the house, Sinasi and the real estate agent argue over the price. Fahriye shows up and makes faces at Rüya for talking about her and Sinasi as an “us.” Cihan gets Sinasi and the real estate agent to agree on terms we don’t hear.

Nihat wants to make the whole ‘hood pay for defending Cihan. And for Sahika trusting the neighbors. Non-main hench gets sent to check out the real estate deal.

Asli’s still having pains and Emre freaks out and takes her to the emergency room. Once the doctor says it was a false alarm and Asli needs lots of rest…like in bed doing nothing, he drops the nice guy act and turns back into his usual asshole self.

Selim confronts Kerim and throws both him and Macit out of the company. (Can he do that? Eh, who cares.)

Macit takes Neriman out for tea and she complains about her dad not understanding her. He TOTALLY gets that.

Faiz has coffee with Cemal, drops his saucer, cuts his finger on it, and gets philosophical. And then they head to the mosque for evening prayers.

Neriman talks to Asli for a minute while Emre’s picking up some stuff at the grocery store.

Sinasi and Cihan catch up to Faiz and Cemal after prayers and tell Faiz about the school. And then they try to badger him into teaching. He tells them to get the school going and then he’ll see.

Fahriye badgers Neriman into helping clean up at the new studio.

Feyza and Selim have dinner together so Feyza can keep complaining about everything she thinks he’s done wrong.

Neriman and Fahriye show up at the house with food. Rüya gets all hostile about it.

Hour 2

Kerim tells Inci that Selim knows what he’s been up to. Inci doesn’t want to tell Macit (What? How is that going to work?) and she doesn’t want them to pay the price for what Kerim has done, so he’d better find some solution.

Sahika shows up at the house to help with the cleaning.

Whatever project Ösgür was working on for Macit at a house we haven’t seen before is finished.

Nezahat’s been watching Cihan watch Sahika and getting progressively crankier. Rüya’s similarly cranky about Neriman being there.

Sinasi complains to Neriman about Faiz not seeming happy earlier. Well, she saw Asli and Asli didn’t look like she was doing well. If “family” is so important to him, he should be worrying about Asli.

Macit calls Neriman and hears Cihan in the background saying Sinasi’s name. Now he’s pissed off that  Neriman’s with Sinasi and not him, but he says that’s going to end.

Faiz complains to Gulter that he feels like Neriman is growing away from him. He hopes it’s not too late to protect her.

Cihan drags Sahika into a room to complain that she’s not answering his calls or his texts and he wants to know if they’re together or not. Nezahat hears the yelling, and hears Sahika telling Cihan he’s stupid and unmanly. But that’s apparently how she likes her men, so Nezahat also gets an eyeful of them sucking face.

Fahriye shows up at Neriman’s for breakfast the next morning with simit. Sahika and Fahriye spar verbally. And then Sahika mentions Neriman’s necklace. Neriman lies and says Inci gave it to her. Faiz thinks it looks expensive.

Outside, Fahriye swears she’s gonna kill Sahika one of these days.

Sinasi comes over to Kader’s to visit Asli. It doesn’t prevent Kader or Emre from being their usual selves in any way. Sinasi takes Asli outside to talk to her. Kader’s complaining gets on Emre’s nerves.

Fahriye goes to the café to tell Cihan she wants to get a job. Like Sahika. As an assistant to the director. And she has an idea of where she could work…the new studio.

“And here I thought today could be a perfect day!”

Figen comes to Macit’s office to drop off some files he asked for. She also asks about the meeting they’re supposed to have–Kerim hasn’t shown up yet. Macit snaps at her that he should be there soon. Selim hasn’t shown up either.

Macit calls Neriman, right in front of Pelin, to see where she is so he can go pick her up.

Zehra’s happy Sinasi is going to be a teacher and not a singer. Nezahat’s not even listening–all she can think about is Sahika kissing Cihan. She tells Zehra she’ll meet Asím.

Sinasi comes home with Asli. Zehra’s happy to see her, but she keeps giving Sinasi terrified looks.

When Sinasi talks to Asli alone, he reminds her he’s on her side. He can tell she’s not happy with Emre. He thinks she should divorce Emre and he’ll take care of her and the baby. He doesn’t think she should have to live with someone she doesn’t love. There’s still time for her to get out of this situation.

Asli doesn’t see how she can divorce Emre, but Sinasi tells her she doesn’t have to answer right now, just think about it.

Asli wonders what will happen to the baby. (Uh, it won’t have to grow up around Kader?)

Pelin goes to Neriman’s house and shoves her way past Gulter to tell Faiz she heard about him throwing Duygu out of his house. They’re not interested in Neriman. He should find out what Neriman’s been lying about before he criticizes her family.

Kerim calls Figen. She talked to the lawyers and she knows Selim has pressed charges against him. They’re done. And headed to jail.

Kerim has a heart attack.

Macit takes Neriman to the house where Ösgür was working on his project. Twinkle lights were involved. Also strings of felt hearts and rose petals. And little messages saying he loves her and wants them to be together forever.

Neriman seems like she’s on board with that, so he proposes. Twice when he doesn’t really get an answer the first time. And then his phone starts ringing because it never occurred to him to turn off his phone while he was proposing.

Neriman tells him to answer–it might be important.

Yeah, it’s Inci calling to say Kerim had a heart attack and she needs him right away. They rush out of the house leaving the giant rock dangling.

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