Atrapada Wednesday 1/23/19 #3

Who are these people?
  • Humberto – guy who works at the casino, who used to be in prison with Felipe
  • Mena – Sebastián’s cop friend
  • Adolfo Sierra – the guy who shot up Mariana’s parents’ restaurant.
What happened?

Marisa tells Vicente the guy in the picture ruined her life. He conned her parents out of money. She doesn’t want the bosses to know. And Vicente’s got no problem keeping it from them.

Pablo’s not dead. Brenda killed Mr. “He was misbehaving.” She hopes it’s clear now that these kids are HERS. She decides when they eat when they sleep, and if anyone has a problem with that, they’re going to end up like the dead guy.

At breakfast, Alexander and Daniela are talking about inventory and stocking new weapons. Felipe’s pissed off that nobody’s taking his suggestion about switching businesses seriously. Daniela tries to put him off, saying a transition would take time.

Felipe’s ready for a change now–he wants to get married and start his own family. Daniela’s insisting on a formal proposal. Isn’t it the least he can do?

Fine. He agrees to a small party on Friday.

Marisa shows Sebastián the photo of the guy with the scar. Unfortunately, that’s all she has.

He’s been trying to get the combination to the safe, but Daniela always stands between the camera and the safe.

Renata comes by to ride horses with Amelia. And BTW her office hasn’t received the plans for the Vargas’ distillery.

Dario tries to get Humberto, who works at the casino and used to be in prison with Felipe, to deliver a message. Um, no.  On the outside you can’t just walk up and talk to a Vargas.

At a meeting of the full board of Vargas, the plans for a visitor’s center are approved. Luz tries to ask again for the plans, but Francisco says they’ll work with what they’ve got.

Alexander thinks Luz is the one who sent roses to Aurora. Felipe sees Alex cornering Luz and takes her to his office to tell her to be patient with his brother, but if he crosses a line Felipe wants to hear about it.

Daniela talks to Alexander about Noemi. She predicts trouble. She wants Alex to talk to Felipe about the Vargas family priorities.

Sebastián gets a cop he knows to pull information on the guy with the scar. His name’s Adolfo Sierra and he died in a shootout last night. Sebastián suggests this is life’s way of telling her to move on.

Alex and Felipe check inventory. Alex shows off all the stuff he stole from the Herreras. He also picks at Felipe about liking Luz. And he admits that their mom thinks Noemi is going to pull Felipe away from the family.

Felipe’s a little put off by all the sudden concern about him. He pulls a gun out of his waistband and shows Alex he still has good aim.

Dario will not let up on Humberto. He’s heard Humberto has missed a lot of work. One more absence and Dario will call his parole officer and say he’s not complying with the terms of his parole and there’s money missing from the till.

Humberto would rather go back to jail than do what Dario’s asking. Dario promises if he does this, his wife and daughter will never want for anything. Dario will take care of them. And if he doesn’t do it…well, Dario will take care of them. Got it?

Daniela knows things are going great between Aurora and Alexander. She thinks it’s about time Aurora gave him more responsibilities so he’ll grow up. As in, have a baby. Alexander thinks it’s too soon? Eh, what would he know! Just get it done.

Sebastián sneaks into the house with the excuse of bringing flowers to the cook and to Señora Vargas. He uses powder and a scanner to get the code for the safe before Alexander catches him. He says he was just dropping off these flowers for the Señora. Alex is more concerned with getting him out of the office than anything else.

Felipe ends up with a meeting at the same time that he was supposed to pick up the engagement ring from the jeweler. He asks Luz if she’d pick it up for him…and pick him up from his meeting so he doesn’t get home late…and stay for the engagement party.

Luz doesn’t think it’s appropriate for her to intrude on a family event, but Felipe insists–she’s part of the distillery and that makes her part of the family.

Humberto gets a call…Felipe will be at a jeweler tomorrow to pick up an engagement ring. Someone who knows his schedule tipped them off.

What Sebastián has are the four numbers in the safe’s passcode, but not the order. Mariana tells him she’s been invited to Felipe’s engagement party. So…how would she get into the safe?

Sebastián thinks the first two numbers are 54 but he’s not sure what order the last two are in–8 and 9. And she only has three tries before it sets off an alarm.

Pablo’s doing sit-ups when Brenda comes in with food for him. I can’t decide if she’s hitting on him or just trying to convince him she’s a good person. She gives him an ankle monitor to wear so he and his brother don’t have to be locked up. But if one of them tries to escape, the other one dies.

Pablo bends over to put the ankle monitor on and yep…she’s checking him out. Gross.

Luz picks up the ring at the jeweler’s and then realizes the car is being followed. The driver’s got a gun, which is no help at all when he stops to pick up Felipe and the guy on the motorcycle opens fire. The driver gets shot, Luz slides over to the driver’s seat, and Felipe jumps in the back.

She hits the motorcycle guy as they pull away from the curb. And Felipe got shot too. Great. So much for the party. He can’t even walk on his own.

Inside the house, everyone’s waiting for Felipe and Noemi is refusing champagne until he gets there. And no, she doesn’t drink tequila.

While Pablo and Luis are out cleaning horse tack, they notice someone arriving at the house. Rosario tells them to focus on their work.

Felipe’s still bleeding. He’s refusing to go to a hospital and he tells Luz to just go upstairs and bring him his other suit.

Daniela has Alex try Felipe’s cell phone again and they hear it going off in the bathroom. He’s still in there with Luz trying to stop the bleeding. Daniela sends Luz out of the room. Felipe insists he’s going to change, go out there, and propose to Noemi and THEN they can talk about this. “You owe me!

Daniela goes back to the dining room with Luz, who didn’t realize she had a bloody handprint on her dress. Alex helps Felipe in and he gets right to the proposing, including getting down on one knee. I swear Alex, Daniela, and Luz are all watching him and hoping he doesn’t pass out.

Noemi notices that Felipe’s looking pale. Luz proposes a toast to the novios and goes over to ooh and aah at Noemi’s ring before leaving the dining room.

Daniela catches up to her and says she’ll never forget what Luz did for her son today.

Noemi comes out of the dining room and Luz heads for the downstairs bathroom. Noemi challenges Daniela–are they going to keep pretending nothing is going on?

Nope, Daniela thinks it’s time Noemi saw for herself…. She takes Noemi up to Felipe’s room where Alex is “trying to stop the bleeding.” Noemi tells him to move, she’s a doctor! It’s not that easy to just cover a bullet wound. Just like their lies. She sends him for alcohol, scissors, and a lighter.

Downstairs, Mariana heads for the office and tries opening the safe.

Noemi takes off her new engagement ring to scrub the blood off her hands.

Sebastian’s keeping an eye on Daniela from outside. When he sees her heading for the office, he goes to a control box outside.

Inside, Mariana gets the safe open and an alarm goes off.

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Thanks Kat!

“Pablo bends over to put the ankle monitor on and yep…she’s checking him out. Gross.”

Ugh. Yes. So gross.