Entre Dos Amores Friday 1/11/19 #54

Faiz goes to the studio looking for Neriman. One of the staff confirms that Neriman takes lessons with Inci, but right now neither of them is there. He tries calling Neriman’s phone and has no luck. So now he panics. I’m thinking it’s a good thing he didn’t see the sketches on some of those easels.

In front of the hospital, Neriman decides not to go in with Macit. Pelin accuses her of hurting Macit’s family. Neriman says it’s Pelin who’s doing that. Macit doesn’t love her and she needs to get over it.

Kerim’s in the cardiac ICU. Inci explains to Macit he couldn’t take the news of the bankruptcy.

Fahriye comes over to Neriman’s and Gulter and Faiz are both looking furious. Faiz wants to know where Neriman is and Fahriye’s sure she’s still at the studio. Faiz says her telephone is off.

Neriman gets home and now Faiz demands to know where she was. He knows she’s lying about being at the studio with Inci. He can’t believe she’d dare lie to him while looking at him in the eye. He went to the studio and found out for himself.

Neriman is sorry.

Well, Faiz doesn’t trust or respect her anymore. It’s all over. (Crap. Have we got another one headed for the cardiac unit?) Faiz goes to his office and slams the door.

Neriman begs Faiz to open his office door, but Fahriye tells her to let Faiz rest. Neriman keeps knocking and he opens the door long enough to say that he said what he had to say.

Neriman sticks her hand on the door frame and says there’s something she has to tell him.

Gulter’s upset that this got Faiz is angry at her too. She’s sure Fahriye’s the next one in line for a lecture. But Cihan texts asking her to come to the studio, so her scolding will have to wait.

Neriman starts with “I have a novio…it’s Macit…he proposed.” Gulter’s been listening at the door, but she HAS to come in and get the whole story on this. Marriage? What marriage? It’s impossible. (You’re not helping, Gulter.)

Ösgür shows up at the hospital to hug his bro. Pelin just has to butt in and say they’re all here for him or whatever. Of course he won’t lose his dad! Kerim is strong, right?

Inci agrees. He’ll fight and he’ll get past this.

Faiz turns on Gulter. She knew this was going on?

Um…a little? She doesn’t know anything bad.

Neriman says it’s a serious relationship.

So, he wants to marry her and he proposed on the first date? That makes no sense. How long have they been seeing each other?

Neriman says she really was going to the studio and sometimes she’d see him after, but she didn’t ignore her studies for him. (Ummm….)

From now on, Faiz isn’t letting her go out alone and she has to tell him where she’s going at all times.

Selim’s moving back in with the family. Duygu wonders what’s going on at the hospital. She breaks it to Feyza that Pelin was only faking not caring about Macit.

Well, Kerim’s an embezzler. Selim says they’ll take care of that after the medical crisis has passed.

Feyza can’t believe he cares about the person who stole from him. (Uh, he’s also moving back in with you, so, yeah, he’s a really understanding guy.)

Kerim’s getting out of the ICU, but he still in serious condition. He can’t have any stress or strong emotions.

Neriman calls Macit for an update. She doesn’t tell him that she’s grounded for the rest of her life. Pelin’s glaring at him when he gets off the phone.

Faiz is taking her phone away. No more calls unless he’s right there.

Fahriye gets to the studio. Sinasi has decided to hire her, but Rüya agrees with him making the decision.

Asli gets back to hell after visiting her family. Kader’s eavesdropping when Asli says she doesn’t want to have her baby in this house and falls right off the couch. She complains to Emre that Asli’s trying to separate them.

Pelin’s surprised to find out Kerim’s an embezzler. She doesn’t think Macit knows.

Uh huh. Feyza says she’s glad Pelin’s not into Macit anymore. And now’s a great time to focus on the company.

Pelin remembers Neriman telling her Macit doesn’t love her anymore and misses everything her mom is saying.

Figen gets to the hospital and Inci kicks her out.

Pelin acts like she’s glad her parents are back together, but then she starts laying down the law about what happens now. The public can’t find out (about Kerim?) or they’ll lose confidence in the company. Selim says he won’t forgive Kerim and he won’t keep working with him.

Pelin gets that, but maybe he can hold off? She wants Macit to marry her. It’ll generate optimism and a better position for the company.

Feyza doesn’t like it. Selim asks if she’s still in love with Macit.

Yep. She loves him. (Jerk.)

Sahika’s walking by the water store. Cihan asks her out to dinner.

“What for?”

Cihan starts ranting about her driving him “crazy.”

She tells him not to raise his voice to her. And when she figures out what else he shouldn’t do, she’ll tell him.

Tonight’s dinner…rice with a side of bitter sauce. Sahika’s asking if Neriman didn’t go to the studio today and not catching any of the looks from Gulter and Neriman.

Fahriye comes by and spars with Sahika. She announces she’s got a job at Sinasi’s studio. “Assistant to the Director.” She asks Neriman to come over so she can show her something.

Faiz says Neriman’s not going anywhere. Everybody else looks at each other. Faiz says if Neriman had thought, things wouldn’t have gotten to this point. And if Fahriye becomes her accomplice, her friendship with the family will change.

Fahriye’s poor little broken-hearted face!

Faiz says if their idea of friendship is helping keep secrets, they’re wrong. And then he gets up from the table.

Gulter tells Fahriye she had that coming. Neriman just shakes her head.

Kerim’s awake. And he wants to know how the business is doing, but Macit tells him to chill. He needs to get better soon so they can get him out of here.

Macit remembers the time he fell in the ocean. Kerim remembers him saying he was scared.

Well, he is. But Kerim tells him not to be afraid, he won’t let him fall again.

Neriman asks to borrow Fahriye’s phone. She tells Macit her phone’s broken. He says his dad is better. He wants to get together with Neriman tomorrow, but she’d rather put it off a little. And BTW they’ll only be able to talk on this phone until hers is fixed.

Sahika doesn’t get it. What’s wrong with Macit and Neriman getting married if they love each other?

Faiz tells Gulter not to let Sahika confuse Neriman. He doesn’t want to hear the word “marriage” again!

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