Entre Dos Amores Monday 1/14/19 #55

Hour 1

Duygu can tell that Pelin only wants to marry Macit for revenge.

Oh yeah, well…Duygu had better watch out, because Ösgür’s the kind of guy who could fall for someone else.

Kader kaders. Emre and his dad both tell her to back off Asli–she’s pregnant! (OK, but I don’t see either of you jumping to cook dinner, bake a cake, and soak the glasses.) Kader brings up Emre moving out and his dad doesn’t see how he can with the salary he’s pulling in. Kader sees Asli peeking in and smirks at her.

Feyza and Selim come by to visit Kerim. The machines start beeping. Selim says he didn’t want this to happen.

At the studio, Cihan, Sinasi, and Rüya are putting together IKEA furniture. Because some things are universal. Rüya has a couple of famous singers lined up to record Sinasi’s songs. They chat about his songs being good publicity for the school and how much his mother wants the school and wants him to graduate. Rüya agrees with her.

Cihan’s busy thinking about Sahika and shocks himself on the lamp he’s putting together.

In the hospital’s swanky cafeteria, Selim says they don’t want the public to find out what happened. He’ll back off on the legal action against Kerim if Macit marries Pelin. He doesn’t want to? Well, she’ll have to find a way to convince him. And he wants an answer by tomorrow.

Feyza looks like she’s gloating when she says she hopes Inci’s husband feels better.

Gulter comes over to visit Zehra and finds out Nezahat has a date lined up. Gulter lets slip that Neriman’s on her way to leaving home…uh, she means, Neriman’s old enough to get married.

Emre tells Asli to forget about living in their own house. His salary isn’t enough for that. And she’d better not talk to her brother about this! He reminds her that he’s taking the baby once they’re born and she’ll never see them again.

Asli starts having pains again and tells Emre to get away from her.

Inci tells Macit that it was his father who caused the business to go bankrupt. Selim already knows. Macit’s the head of the family now and there’s a way to resolve everything–marry Pelin.

Sahika hasn’t left for work yet when the mail guy drops off  an envelope for her. It’s full of what I’d characterize as boudoir shots where the raciest element is that the sheets are red satin.

Nihat’s ringtone is tacky. Or maybe I just hate him. Sahika calls to tell him to leave her alone. He says he’s got more photos and he might have to leave copies at every house in the neighborhood. If she doesn’t see him tonight she’ll never get the photos back. (And even if she does? How many backup copies does he have?)

Emre comes over to Zehra’s house with Asli. Which puts a major damper on any conversation. Zehra worries about Asli wearing herself out taking care of Kader. If Asli won’t come home, Zehra suggests she and Nezahat take turns taking care of Kader. Emre objects but Sinasi’s like “You wouldn’t let her work too much in her condition, right?”

Hurricane Fahriye descends on Faiz’s office and tells him she CAN’T go to WORK dressed like this! What’s going to happen with her CAREER as an Assistant to the Director?!

Faiz is like “You need money?”

NO! She needs Neriman! Girls can’t shop alone–they have to try things on and ask how they look and OK, she could take Cihan, but what does he know about clothes?!

Faiz agrees Neriman can go with her as long as they don’t take too long.

Fahriye’s SO grateful, she grabs his chair, turns it around and kisses him on the forehead.

Pelin’s all dressed up, expecting a proposal from Macit today.

Feyza wants to understand what Pelin’s up to.

Well, it wouldn’t be true to say she has no feelings for Macit…but what she’s really got is a deep desire to make Neriman suffer.

Faiz has coffee with Cemal before stopping by the new studio to give Sinasi a pep talk.

Everybody at Arcaoglu is freaking out about what’s going to happen now. The phones haven’t stopped ringing all morning.

Macit tells everyone to get back to work.

In Pelin’s office, she’s worrying about what to say to a client who wants to cancel their order.

Macit wants her to tell her family she doesn’t want to marry him.

Oh, but Pelin insists she does.

The nosy neighbors are over at Zehra’s again. Nezahat’s heading out for her date.

Neriman and Fahriye meet Macit. He brought Neriman a new cell phone. And she brought him the answer to his question–yes, she wants to marry him. (There’s a lot of that going around.)

Although, her dad’s against it. And she won’t let Macit talk to him.

He says nothing about having to marry Pelin.

Fahriye finally can’t take watching them making eyes at each other and says they have to go.

Hour 2

Gulter and Zehra run into each other at the butcher shop. Cemal encourages them to stop by for tea. Zehra’s been gossiping with her about Nezahat’s date. And now she tells her that she and Nezahat have volunteered to go take care of Kader so Asli doesn’t have to do so much while she’s pregnant.

Kader doesn’t want them coming over…until Emre tells her to think of it as Zehra and Nezahat waiting on her while she does nothing.

Inci’s getting things ready so she can take time off work. Feyza stops by to threaten Inci. She was so sorry to see the list of Inci and Kerim’s belongings…but it’s no big, Feyza will buy them herself so they don’t go to strangers. It all depends on Macit.

Cihan’s in shopping hell. Sinasi comes by, amazed they’re still shopping. Fahriye thinks what she’s picked is too expensive, but Cihan’s going to buy all of it, right?

While they go up to the register, Sinasi tells Neriman he saw Faiz earlier. Is something wrong at home? Neriman snaps at him that everything’s fine.

Asím tells Nezahat about him, his job, his daughter (Menekşe), and tells Nezahat if she’s interested in someone else, she should tell him now. His wife married him thinking she’d forget the guy she loved and it didn’t work out that way. Nezahat says it’s late and she’s gotta go.

Sinasi, Cihan, and the shopping bags take the lead while Fahriye and Neriman walk behind them and talk.

Neriman’s all grouchy because she thinks something is going on with Macit. She and Macit send mushy texts back and forth.

Sahika meets with Nihat. She’s trying to look brave. She asks him for the photos and he slaps her and hands her off to his henches.

Zehra shows up at Kader’s to cook dinner. Her husband looks horrified as Kader gives her a list of what to cook, then sends Asli into the kitchen to show her where everything is.

Ismail tells her to quit embarrassing the poor woman, so Kader cries that she’s only there for her daughter and no one cares about meeeeeeeee!

Rüya listens to Sinasi playing and says he’s really talented.

Macit wants Neriman to meet him, but she can’t get out of the house. Fahriye tells her not to answer him yet. They’ll go visit Sinasi and Cihan and maybe they’ll need something.

Nihat’s got Sahika tied up and tied to a chair in some warehouse. What the hell does he think he’s going to do? His main hench needs to talk to him about something important.

While the other two henches are talking to each other, Sahika reaches into her boot for her phone.

She texts Cihan, “I need your help. It’s Nihat.”

Zehra gets home exhausted, complaining about Kader’s non-stop requests and criticism of everything. She doesn’t want to hear about food!

But she does want to know about Nezahat’s date.

Nezahat’s like “he’s ok.”

Zehra’s already blowing that up way bigger in her mind than it really is.

Fahriye drags Sinasi to Neriman’s house for her jailbreak. She complains about the endless work at the studio. Gulter’s not going to give her permission to go!

She calls Faiz and he says Neriman can’t go out.

Oh. Too bad. There’s Sinasi waiting for them and everything. There’s just so much work getting the school ready.

So now Faiz says “don’t come home late.” (Whatever that means.)

When they get to the studio, Rüya’s trying to put together a music stand. Tricky little devils.

Fahriye makes a big deal about sending Neriman to her house to get some things she forgot.

Two cars full of cops roll up outside Nihat’s warehouse and rather calmly arrest Nihat and his henches. Nihat vows revenge on Cihan.

The cops want Sahika to come with them. Cihan gets her untied and she thanks him. What would she do without him? Cihan jokes that he knows she’d be happy if he died.

Neriman meets Macit at his favorite overlook. He just had to tell her he’s never going to let go of her hand because he forgot to say it earlier. (Really? That’s all you’re going to say?) He drops Neriman off close to her house.

When she gets home, Gulter tells her that Sahika came home in a bad mood and didn’t want to talk to anybody. And Faiz keeps asking if Neriman’s home yet.

Neriman goes to his office to tell him she didn’t want to hurt him, but she does love Macit. Didn’t her mother want her to marry a man who made her happy? Like she did? Would he have abandoned her? Because that’s what he’s asking her to do.

And then her secret cell phone becomes not so secret. He’s guessing she went to see him and he bought her that phone. He takes the phone and kicks her out of his office.

Upstairs, Neriman cries and asks why everything has to be so difficult.

Macit gets to work and sees a guy with a box full of files. He says Selim’s lawyers asked for them.

Two women whisper behind his back that the partnership is over and Kerim’s definitely out–but no one’s told them who will be their boss now.

Pelin’s not in her office and Selim hasn’t arrived either.

At the hospital, Inci remembers Kerim telling her they’re bankrupt.

Macit zooms up to the hospital doors and parks right outside. Because you can do that when you’re rich?

Inci remembers Selim telling her to find a way to convince Macit to marry Pelin.

Macit asks if she’s heard what happened at the company.

“I warned you, but you didn’t want to listen. And this is just beginning. Soon they’ll take the house and your car.”

Then for extra effect she throws in the idea that his dad’s heart won’t be able to take it if anything happens. And she’s tired. The only way out of this is to marry Pelin. He has to act like an “adult” and make a decision. (Because screwing up so badly your kid has to bail you out is sooooo adult?)

Macit finally says he’ll marry Pelin.

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