Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 1/15/19 #56

Hour 1

Macit says he’ll marry Pelin, but only on paper. It won’t be a “real” marriage and as soon as things at the company improve he’s sure she won’t want to go on with it either.

Neriman’s avoiding her dad and skipping breakfast. Gulter’s all of a sudden sympathetic and knows Neriman and Macit love each other. She even seems excited that Neriman accepted his marriage proposal. But helping her convince Faiz they really love each other? Nope. She’s on her own there.

Sahika hasn’t left for work. She tells Gulter it’s her day off and vows to herself in the mirror that her mom will never find out.

Inci calls Feyza from the hospital. Macit agreed to marry Pelin. They’ll talk about the details once Kerim’s out of the hospital.

Feyza passes on the news to Pelin, who’s like “OK. Whatever,” because her “love” for Macit and her happiness are now something else.

Faiz finally realizes Neriman’s not coming down to breakfast. Gulter says she’s just too embarrassed to look him in the face.

When Faiz goes to the kitchen, Sahika asks Gulter what she thinks she’s doing. Let them solve their problems on their own. She gets up and says she’s going for a walk.

Zehra shows up for another shift at Kader’s. Today it’s “iron the shirts and don’t leave marks, scrub the carpets twice each, bake me a cake I’m hungry.” Asli tells her Kader’s only been like this since she broke her leg. I wish she’d told Zehra the truth, but considering Zehra’s supposed to be making food….

At the studio, Cihan’s moping while Sinasi and Fahriye arrange furniture. He gripes at Fahriye for wanting to see how Neriman’s doing–she’ll come over when she can.

Zehra tells Asli to go rest already. Kader whines that Asli makes so many excuses not to spend time with her. Then she tells Asli to bring one of the already-ironed shirts so she can inspect it. (Hold me back!)

Rüya gets to the studio with boxes full of posters, flyers, etc. She was thinking they could put them in the stores. Fahriye wants to go over to check on Neriman. Which is fine, right? (Personally, I think they should leave at least one person there to answer the phone or greet visitors, but whatever.)

Sahika shows up and she and Fahriye are both like “Why are you acting weird?” Sahika decides she just can’t deal with Fahriye right now.

Macit finally decides to call Neriman. Her phone rings on Faiz’s desk and he sees Macit’s name and puts it right back down.

 He practically runs out of the house, ignoring Neriman and Fahriye.

Neriman’s in tears. She wants to get her dad’s trust back, but she doesn’t know how. And she wants him to understand that her love for Macit is real. She’s sure if he saw them together he’d believe her.

Fahriye hands over her phone and tells Neriman to call and tell him to come over NOW to help fight for their love. She can’t keep sneaking out of the house like this.

Kader is still kadering. Ismail makes the mistake of saying Zehra’s soup tastes good. Kader says it sucks and tells Zehra to bring her cheese and olives.

Macit parks down the street and Neriman meets him there. She explains that her dad took the phone he gave her and she wants everyone to know about them and he…says it needs to wait because he’s got problems at the company.

The studio peeps are passing out fliers. Sahika encourages an older man to come check it out–she’s sure he knows lots of songs. (KITTY!)

Cihan says he’s surprised after what happened yesterday that she can be out here like this. BTW he asked the cops and Nihat’s going straight to prison. What happened between them anyway?

Seriously? Sahika’s not going to tell him. Whatever he can imagine probably covers it and if he has a problem with that, then she’s not right for him.

Cihan complains about her always “threatening” to leave him, but he’s never going to leave her.

OK, it sounds like Macit’s ready to tell Neriman about Pelin, but she thinks he’s talking about THEIR wedding and says she’s going to need more time to convince her dad. So he says NOTHING.

Cemal comes over with a check for the studio. The other businesses took up a collection for them. Cihan gives him a tour.

Macit ignores Ösgür, who’s really doing an outstanding job of trying to cheer his friend up. His dad had a heart attack at the same age and he bounced back right away. He’s had experience with failing companies and they can fix it.

Macit’s remembering what Neriman said about her dad needing time and he pops up out of his seat with “I have to talk to her!”

Macit’s out in front of Neriman’s house when his mom calls to tell him Kerim’s doing much better and he got so excited when she told him about the wedding!

Macit drives off.

Pelin’s picking up her dress…that she ordered a LONG time ago. The sales associate suggests she try the dress on to make sure it still fits.

Pelin comes out of the dressing room and I’m suddenly wondering if there’s just one “not gonna happen” wedding dress that gets passed around for scenes like this. Strapless, sleeveless, fishtail hemline? There’s nothing wrong with it, I just expected more from Pelin? More everything–more volume, more bling, maybe “Sucks 2bu Neriman” embroidered on a giant train?

Another of the sales associates hands Pelin her phone. She tells her mom she’s picking up her dress.

Kerim makes it home. He ignores a call from Figen, complains about the bland hospital food, praises Macit for deciding to get married.

Neriman begs Gulter to help her–she and Macit don’t want to hide their relationship anymore. She’s sure Gulter is the only one who can convince her dad.

Kerim calls Figen back. She went on vacation so she wouldn’t have to deal with everyone’s questions. She really needs to see him, though.

Inci catches the tail end of the conversation and says Macit’s getting married and they’re going to put all the bad stuff behind them. Right?

Zehra’s suffering the aftereffects of another day with Kader. She does NOT want Sinasi finding out about this.

Gulter wants some company, but Zehra’s legs hurt too much. She asks Gulter to come over to hers and Nezahat will fix them tea.

Inci asks Macit if he’s told Neriman yet. Poor girl, she’s so young, but she needs to stop fantasizing about him.

Macit tells her never to talk about Neriman again.

Gulter gets a feel of Zehra’s tired arm muscles and they talk about how much they suffer for their kids–including Neriman. Zhera’s sure if Neriman asked Gulter for help, Gulter would go running to help. (*snort*)

The Demirhan family come over to start talking about the marriage from hell. They’ve done their part and dropped the charges. Selim suggests they put off talking about the wedding until Kerim is better, but he says he’s fine and they can talk about it tonight. He’s been waiting for years to have Pelin as a daughter in-law and that has nothing to do with the company. (Careful there, your nose is growing.)

Pelin says she has no problem with this, and they’ll do what Kerim wants.

Macit just sits there glaring at her and Inci has to be the one to say it’s fine, then. They can do it now.

Neriman’s passing by the new studio and stops to talk to Sinasi. He gives her a flyer to take to Faiz. And he hopes he’ll see her at the inauguration party tonight.

He’s sorry to ask again, but Fahriye’s been so worried–is everything OK at home? Neriman insists it is.

Rüya gets there just as Neriman is heading out the front gate. Sinasi says his mom’s waiting for them to come over and have tea. They’d better not keep Sultana Zehra waiting.

Away from the parents, Macit tells Pelin he’s only doing this for his family–not for her. She’d better not ever forget it. She’s sure she never will.

Gulter comes to Neriman’s room to say she’s decided she’ll help. But she has to meet Macit first so she’ll be able to talk to Faiz about him.

At work, Macit can’t concentrate. Ösgür knows it’s about Pelin and the wedding–Duygu mentioned it. He thinks it’s awful. And he doesn’t think Macit should rush to tell Neriman, but Macit feels like he needs to. He hates that he’s going to break her heart, but he’s going to tell her next time he sees her. And if she loves him, she’ll understand.

The f-! Oh, good, Ösgür tells him no woman would understand something like that.

Neriman texts Macit asking if they can see each other today.

Hour 2

Cihan calls to ask Sahika out after the party. She’s coming to the party, but going out after…they’ll see.

Cemal comes over and Cihan complains no one takes him seriously. Cemal offers his advice on chicks…”Women are smarter.”

Cihan: “Tell me something I don’t know!”

Nezahat goes out with Asím. He seems to be scoring some points telling firefighter stories, but then he compliments her smile and suddenly she really needs to leave.

Asím’s going to the party tonight, so he figures they’ll run into each other there.

Sahika’s looking for Selim to sign some paperwork, but his assistant says he’s not in. No one is–not Macit, Figen, Kerim. She says Pelin can sign it…

But Pelin tells Sahika she works too much. She should take a day off.


Another one of the employees says Pelin seems happy today.

Macit shows up at the café, where Neriman and Gulter are already waiting. Gulter puts the screws to him immediately. She’s not into all this modern crap about people getting engaged right away and it’s all kind of informal and then they break up and act like there were never any plans. If he’s serious about it, he needs to ask Neriman’s father for his blessing.

Feyza’s meeting with the wedding planners about the engagement party tonight. There’s going to be cake. Somehow, I don’t think that makes up for the company. Duygu wishes she’d just call it off already.

Gulter gives Neriman and Macit a few minutes alone together. No, Macit doesn’t mention marrying Pelin.

At tea with Zehra, Rüya compliments her pastries and promises her Sinasi’s bringing that diploma home.

Macit sounds like he might, maybe be getting close to telling Neriman about Pelin…but Gulter says it’s time to go.

Nezahat’s cleaning the floor in the living room and stops to rest. Kader complains. Nezahat doesn’t know how Asli can stand it. Asli says she just ignores her.

Nezahat tells Asli about this guy she’s met, who seems pretty nice.

Emre gets home with three giant skeins of whatever passes for Pound of Love in Turkey. In blue. So she can knit something for the baby. Who WILL be a boy. (I’m just gonna give a big ” NO” to this entire scene, ’cause it’s wrong upon wrong upon wrong.)

How the hell did Kerim get out of the house to see Figen? Uh, to see Figen and break up with her. “Please don’t let this affect us at the company.” Wow…that’s…wow.

Wait, what? Pelin says the dress is her dress for the engagement party, not the wedding. She’s got it on a mannequin in her office. Duygu asks her to please not do this. And once again, Sahika strikes out at getting Pelin’s signature on some paperwork.

And then Pelin changes her mind, because she realizes a white dress and “Macit and I are getting married” is something Sahika’s going to pass on. Sahika even asks to make sure she heard correctly.

Fahriye’s glad Gulter met Macit. She lends her phone to Neriman to call him. And does he tell her about Pelin? No! He asks her if she would love him no matter what. (I’m gonna need Ösgür to give him another reality check.) Gulter comes upstairs and Neriman hangs up.

Nezahat’s finishing up at Kader’s house. Asli’s stressing about the baby. Emre’s been insisting the baby is a boy and Asli’s afraid if it’s a girl he’s just going to get more cruel. Nezahat’s sure when the baby arrives, Emre will love them no matter what. (You have met Emre, right?) She reminds Asli about the party at the studio tonight.

Duygu and Ösgür are talking in Pelin’s office. Ösgür says Macit has surprised him again. Duygu can’t imagine Macit giving Neriman up to marry Pelin. Ösgür says if it were him, he’d go against everyone to marry who he loves.

Well, that’s what Pelin is doing.

Then his argument is invalid. Maybe he doesn’t understand love. He could never fall in love like that. And well, he’d rather love like himself. And she can help him figure out what that means.

Gulter comes to talk to Faiz about Neriman. Macit’s a nice boy. She’s met him. She just wanted to tell him. The boy seems very serious and he and Neriman want to get married. He’s respectful, a gentleman, she really likes him. Neriman wouldn’t do anything to hurt Faiz and she can see Macit has good intentions. She tells him to think about it and maybe later he’ll want to meet Macit too.

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