Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 1/16/19 #57

Hour 1

Kerim’s back from breaking up with Figen and he promises Inci there will never be anything again in his life that will be a secret from her. He’s ready to be a good husband and a good father.

Neriman notices Sahika staring. Sahika says she’s not, but…has Neriman talked to Macit today?

Faiz emerges from wherever and tells Neriman that Macit can come over for coffee and to ” talk about things.” Which doesn’t mean he’s forgiven her.

Neriman thanks Gulter for meeting Macit.

Sahika asks if she really met Macit Arcaoglu. And Neriman has talked to him about marriage? No, she’s not insinuating anything…she hopes they’ll be very happy and everything will go as Neriman says.

Pelin’s swishing around her engagement party in her white dress. She mentions to Inci that Macit hasn’t shown up yet.

He’s at that bar where he went with Ösgür earlier. Inci calls him and tells him to hurry up and get there. She tells Feyza that he’s stuck in traffic.

It’s party time at the studio. When Fahriye sees Neriman she pulls her aside to get the latest Macit gossip. Fahriye wants to carry Neriman’s charola de compromiso (engagement tray; to present the engagement rings).

Emre and Asli are supposed to be going to the party, but Kader tells Emre pregnant women shouldn’t go out at night or be in crowds where someone might push them and hurt the baby.

Zehra’s all over the place. First she’s nearly in tears because she’s so proud of Sinasi, then she’s all snotty about how nice that Rüya girl is and she actually seems to like Sinasi so maybe THIS TIME he won’t get hurt.

Ösgür joins Macit at the bar and tells him he’s the only one who can resolve this. Or he could just sit here and keep drinking.

Cihan and Sahika flirt while Nezahat watches. Asím notices her awkwardness when he tries to talk to her, so he guesses that means she’s nervous about someone seeing them alone together. They could always make it official if her feelings are more clear? Nezahat, still watching Cihan, says her intentions toward Asím are serious.

Cihan passes by, looking for Sinasi. He assumes the look on Nezahat’s face is because she’s tired.

Cemal tries to flirt with Gulter with cake. But she turns him down–she doesn’t want to gain weight.

Neriman congratulates Sinasi again and Rüya’s like “Yeah, we ALL worked hard on this.”

Emre has decided he wants to find out the sex of the baby, who is going to be a boy. Because he says so. He’s pissed off that Asli’s “fighting” with him.

Sahika’s watching Neriman when Gulter comes over to ask what’s going on. She’s been quiet since they left the house and Gulter noticed she was hinting at things during dinner. Sahika’s annoyed that Gulter is worried about Neriman.

Now Neriman comes over and asks why she’s fighting with Gulter. This isn’t the right place for her anger. What’s going on?

Sahika says she’s fine, but Neriman won’t be after she hears what Sahika has to say.

Not that Sahika exactly “says” anything, she just hints and then seems annoyed that Neriman’s not picking up on it. Her love is a lie. Macit’s engaged to Pelin. They’re making their engagement official tonight. She can call Macit…or not, since he’s probably mid-ceremony right now.

What I don’t get is why Neriman believes her at this point. She’s sobbing out in the front yard. Sinasi sees her and comes downstairs.

Macit is driving somewhere, the party at the Demirhans’ is slowly dying, Duygu calls Ösgür who tells her to prepare for the worst.

Sinasi tries to talk to Neriman, but she can’t stop crying. Macit pulls up and says he has to tell her something important.

Neriman just asks him if it’s true. Is he marrying Pelin? Is Sahika telling the truth?

He says it’s true, but–

She’s done with him and his lies and she wants him to leave. Sinasi backs her up. And then he lets her sob on his shoulder.

And Macit’s on the road again.

The party guests are drifting away, since it looks to them like the engagement’s been called off. Feyza hisses to Inci that this was Macit’s last chance. Inci still thinks Macit’s on the way.

Rüya sees Sinasi comforting a crying Neriman. So does Fahriye. She asks Sahika what she said to Neriman.

Sahika asks if she doesn’t have anything better to do? She tells Fahriye it’s her fault Neriman is upset. She’s the one who made her believe in all those dreams.

Faiz and Gulter collect Sahika so they can leave. Sinasi pretends Neriman was giving him suggestions about the garden.

Macit pulls over somewhere that’s not the Demirhan house to wipe the tears off his face.

Faiz thinks something’s going on with Neriman, but she says she’s just tired. She goes upstairs to cry in peace.

Gulter asks Sahika what happened and she snaps. Why can’t she just be happy that Neriman found the love of her life and Sinasi opened his school. And don’t worry about her (Sahika) because no one else does.

The hardcore partiers are still waiting around. Pelin thinks she should announce to everybody that nothing’s happening tonight. (But the table’s full of canapés!)

Suddenly everyone’s attention is drawn to the back door. Macit finally showed up. I think if he really worked at it, he could seem even less enthusiastic than he already does. Inci moves to get the engagement ceremony started.

Neriman decides it’s time to take the infinity necklace off. Sahika comes upstairs. She says she just found out. And at least it ended now instead of later when it would hurt more. And hey, she didn’t really think Macit would marry her, did she? Sahika tried to tell her not to fall for him!

Kerim puts the rings joined by a red ribbon on Macit and Pelin. It’s got a romantic symbolism, but I’m thinking it’s about the length of the leash Pelin plans to keep Macit on. He just stands there looking like it’s the worst night of his life–and none of these people seem to notice or care.

Meanwhile Neriman cries herself to sleep.

Hour 2

Macit fires Sahika.

Gulter convinces Faiz that Neriman’s bored in the house and he needs to give back her phone and let her go back to the studio.

Ooh, Nezahat’s texting the fireman! Zehra’s pissed that she can’t get Nezahat’s attention until she finds out she’s texting with Asím. Hey, can she help it if she wants one of her daughters to be happy?

Nezahat’s upset that she can’t come to the doctor with Asli or Kader will complain.

Rüya’s on her way out of the office. She leaves Fahriye in charge of the studio and tells her to add the names and contact info of everyone who calls asking about lessons to their database.

Macit complains to Ösgür that Sahika told Neriman what was going on. Dude, you get that that’s not the real problem, right? And that she worked in the same office with you and Pelin? And that Pelin was never going to keep her mouth shut about this?

Then he complains Neriman wouldn’t listen to him and when he called, her phone was off.

Ösgür votes for Macit explaining everything to Neriman. He and Duygu head out to lunch with a pouty Macit telling them to enjoy their time together, because everything can change in an instant.

Fahriye’s heard the story now, but she doesn’t believe it. (I kind of want her to track down Macit and tie him to a chair and question him.) And now Neriman’s all “When will I forget him!”

Fahriye says Sahika’s right–this is her fault for encouraging Neriman. Neriman says she couldn’t have known. No one who saw them together could have doubted their love.

Aha! So maybe Neriman needs to talk to Macit one last time. This couldn’t have happened overnight. Maybe they’re making him get married. “No, wait, don’t listen to me! You shouldn’t have listened to me in the first place! I’m gonna shut up now. Do you want some tea?” (Find a BFF who treats you like Fahriye treats Neriman.)

Neriman heads out the door and runs into Sinasi in the garden. She thanks him for covering for her and he’s all “Rich people, amirite?” Of course he’s not trying to get her to say she was wrong. He’s not like Macit! And he’s not happy that something bad happened.

Zehra’s at Kader’s. Kader still insists on Asli being the one to help her up because Zehra will just break her other leg. (Go for it.) Kader’s knitting something in blue for the baby, because he WILL be a boy and thus needs knitted things in blue because patriarchy. I may have embellished.

Duygu’s been waiting for Ösgür to finish up some work, since no one else works around here. Actually Pelin’s complaining that she had asked Sahika to do some stuff but Macit fired her.

Ösgür agrees with her getting fired for not keeping her mouth shut about the wedding. Duygu points out that Macit just did what Pelin wanted without being asked–they all know Pelin didn’t like Sahika.

Sahika stalks off to Macit’s office and Ösgür tells Duygu that Pelin’s ambition terrifies him. He’s glad Duygu’s not like her.

Neriman goes to Inci’s studio and remembers Macit bringing her roses. She picks up her stuff. Inci never wants to see her again. She tried to warn her…

Yes, yes, everybody tried to warn her. But it’s over now and neither Inci nor her son will ever see her again. Her aunt was right…a bride must be up to the level of the groom’s family and they’ve always known that Pelin was the right one for Inci’s family.

Neriman thanks Inci for the lessons before heading out. She stops for one last look back at the studio.

Another board meeting, another phone call and meeting with Neriman that’s more important to Macit than the company.

Rüya has good news for Sinasi–Sibel Can wants to record two of his songs that she heard and four total.

Macit shows up at the place by the water. He says nothing between him and Neriman was a lie and he’s not going to lie to her now.

OK, but nothing he says is going to change anything. How’s he going to explain the ring on his finer? She thought she’d ask him why he’s marrying Pelin, but she thinks that’s beside the point now. If his future with her was already planned out, what was Neriman’s place? Did she ever have one? Why did he make her fall in love with him?

Macit says he tried to tell her, but he didn’t want to lose her, but she had a right to know.

Neriman says if they’d at least ended it with him looking her in the eye, she could remember him as someone who once said he loved her. She puts her infinity necklace in the hand with the engagement ring on it. “Give it to your new love.”

Pelin watches Neriman walk away from Macit and smiles.

At the house, Faiz has finally decided he wants to know about Neriman’s suitor. Gulter lets slip that his family has a big company and Sahika works there.

Pelin catches up to Neriman to demand her congratulations. Did she really believe Macit loved her? Who does she think she is? She’s a shame for their family. (I’m getting very bad ideas watching the cars pass by behind Pelin.) I tune out the rest of Pelin’s hateful ranting. (I also really, really want Neriman to tell Selim she changed her mind about the inheritance.)

Sahika and her box of work stuff get to the café. She pouts to Cihan that she got fired.

Cihan says the first time is always difficult. And then you get used to it. The world is cruel. She’ll have lots of different bosses she’ll have to deal with until she becomes her own boss. So get that look off her face.


Cihan uses a plushie she had in her box to illustrate…you pretend this is your boss and you’ve gotta look in his eyes and see if he’s fixin’ to fire you and if he is, you say “I quit! I’ve had enough of this!”

But…if things are more complicated you’ve gotta be more dramatic. Like this “Boss, you’re a jerk! I don’t care and I’m quitting!” And you smack him a few times.

Sahika’s amused, but she says that’s not how she did it. Why does this always happen to poor people?

Cihan says money’s just a little part of people’s lives. And life sucks with money or without.

Sahika thinks her true destiny is to be alone. She picks up her box and heads on home.

The baby’s healthy and yes there was a penis visible on the ultrasound. (What? Genetalia is not destiny.)

Asli’s like “Yes, Emre, the baby is HEALTHY.” (Ableism!)

Emre’s all “My son! My son! My son!” *sigh*

Zehra calls Nezahat. Baby. Boy. Healthy. She’s with Asím, who says babies always bring happiness (and sleeplessness….)

So, has she made a decision about “them” yet?

Um, yeah…and it’s yes.

He asks her to repeat herself.

Yes, she accepts his proposal. And he’s celebrating in the café. He swears he’ll make her happy.

Sinasi and Rüya end up at the same café to celebrate that Sibel Can wants to record four of his songs. He sees Nezahat with Asím and starts to flip out. Rüya has to convince him to talk to Nezahat first…and no, not right now!

Figen didn’t realize breaking up with Kerim meant getting fired. He’s already lined up another job for her with the same salary. He never wants to see her again.

So he’s getting rid of his dirty business and going back home. What’s supposed to happen with her?

“You knew I was married. You knew we’d have to end it sometime.”

Oh, he’s not getting out of this so easily. She says. As she and her leopard-print pleather pants take their leave.

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